Drunk Guy in Puerto Rico Double-Tapped by Pavement After Chair Push

Drunk Guy in Puerto Rico Double-Tapped by Pavement After Chair Push

Drunk Guy in Puerto Rico Double-Tapped by Pavement After Chair Push

According to the backinfo I got, this happened in Puerto Rico. The two shirtless guys reportedly spent the night drinking together, but the booze got the best of them both and after a night of being best drinking pals, they ended it by turning on each other.

Prior to the altercation in the video, the guy who got chair-pushed had pulled out a knife on his drinking buddy. That escalated into what we see in the video.

The chairman (props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for that one – well done), originally using the chair as a defense shield, tossed it at the knifeman which knocked his unstable drunk ass down, where he got double tapped by the pavement. The chairman then picked up the knife and appears to stab the knocked out chap with it.

That prompted some local guy to pick up the chair, and assault the leaving chairman with it from the back. Luckily he went down directly under a pharmacy sign… so painkillers are not far away.

Many thanks for the video @natural-selection-2:

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  1. First, the chair gets tossed into the mouth of Gay Dude #1 from close distance, double tapping him and knocking him out.
    Then, the chair gets tossed a second time into the head of Gay Dude #2/homocidal stab attack motha fucker, from a much greater distance and while on the run, also knocking him out

    They have magic chairs in Puerto Rico, I never knew that.

  2. THE FIGHT by bad jonny

    The fight it was fair
    Till he picked up that chair

    What’s coming next?
    Pulling my hair?

    Shit! Hard to breathe
    My throat it doth tear

    He’s sticking the blade in
    Can’t get no air

    No one will help
    They all yell and stare

    We came here as mates
    Two in our pair

    Then he got mad
    Like Gay Grizzly Bear

    Now our friendship is like:
    Nowhere ..

  3. Look-A-These 2 Clowns Go Man, lol. And that Guy talking,,, well he just adds more fun to the video with his vocal expressions, and his calling them/him,,, Cabrrronnn! He keeps that up he gonna give himself a vocal hernia f.f.s. bwa, ha! 😉

  4. He’s a piece of shit, assaulting a man who’s clearly heavily intoxicated and defenseless with a fucking chair is not cool, assaulting anyone who’s drunk in any way is not cool, he’s not man enough for a fair fight. Coward.

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