Drunk Man Starts Fight with Urn Planter and Loses

Drunk Man Starts Fight with Urn Planter and Loses

Drunk Man Starts Fight with Urn Planter and Loses

In an unknown land at night, a drunk man picks a fight with an outside large urn planter. The inebriated man walks to the sidewalk decoration and topples it over.

The third law is also more generally stated as: “To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction: or the mutual actions of two bodies upon each other are always equal, and directed to contrary parts.”. The attribution of which of the two forces is the action and which is the reaction is arbitrary.

It is alleged the drunkard dies from the fall, although that may not be the case.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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          1. Sphinx my astute diagnosis for this fine upstanding citizen would be acute ethanolic toxicity leading to an atmospheric dropout, possibly followed by gravitationally accelerated hypoxia with concomitant knucklehead trauma to the brain box. In cases such as these, metabolic acidosis secondary to malignant stupidity leading to terminal necrotic plaque formation.

          2. God… I love BG… I mean.. We have doctors, gorensics experts, gaydar operators on staff.. Who the fuk could assk for more…?

            Thank you good doctors… I would’ve lost sleep over this…

        1. It takes too long to load the vid for me..so I’ll talk from my memory of it, and why I came to that conclusion. The timing & sequence of events is the key. If he was merely knocked out his body would have gone limp immediately on contact with the gutter….it didn’t and there was a brief period after contact before his body went rigid ~ not limp. He had a lateral fall which is more damaging in that the the brain stem collides with high velocity into the bony skull that usually protects it. A sign of brain stem trauma – brain stem is responsible for muscle tone ~ heart beat ~ breathing…. when they cease from trauma to that region…that’s all folks.

  1. Ah, Darwinism at it’s finest. There’s not much research to be done regarding location, those white flip-flops and pavement ornaments (clearly Portuguese) gave it away: Brazil. We apologize for this failed attempt at miscegenation. Mind you, most of the Portuguese trade slavers and court counselors were Jews. Remember that.

    I hope he didn’t die; sterilization by a piece of that stone is fine.

  2. Yeah watch out for those urns, they’ll fuck you up. Could’ve been worse though, at least the urn didn’t lead him into a back alley and take advantage of his drunken ass.

  3. oh geez, unfortunate for the man, hilarious for we watchers. then, who among us has not wiped out in a spectacular fashion from time to time. it happens to the best of us. luckily, there aren’t cameras around.

  4. imho… after a facepalm like this on the street, he’s probably sober instantly . just before sleeping for a moment.

    i dont think he died. But well.. we never know, sometime a small shitty fall or a small shitty hit can kill a men, and sometime they survive on some crazy shit.

    some times ago ,my dad smacked the corner of a street, just like him, while drunk, with the back of his head and stay inconscious for like 7 hours until someone find him next morning snorting like a baby with blood coming out of his ears. (still didnt died from that, that was filmed by the security camera of the city , the police showed us the video because they were thinking maybe he get attacked… but that was honestly pretty hilarious to see XD, even tho my dad didnt liked it that much)

  5. little analyse…

    he hit the floor with his chin at 0:17 , before “bump” and fall on his chest. his arms instinctively absorb most of the falling and he hurt mostly on the chest.

    imho after my small analyse frame by frame, i dont think he died, but mostly fall inconscious like if he get an uppercut up his chin. his reaction after and his legs show that he didnt died instantly (for sure).

    i bet 99% he is just inconscious. (tho, maybe someone else get this way and stab him to death while picking his pocket on the way.. brazil brazil)

    1. Thought it was just me….. being in the sticks of Thailand…. SMACK (<—–See what I did there Sphinx?) in the middle of the Golden Triangle.

      Has it been painfully slow like this since the DDOS attacks?

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