Favela Youths Shovel Out Defective Spade from Neighborhood

Favela Youths Shovel Out Defective Spade from Neighborhood

All I can hear is “foi Bolado quem mandou!” meaning “Bolado told us to do it” (accept it!).

Looks to me the favela boss gave express orders to gently remove this gentleman from the neighborhood.

The uprooted bad seed is hit with a spade before hit with rocks and punched.

Hopefully one of his friends was there to help as it seems like he was having a really hard time.

Props to Best Gore member @masterplan for translation of the video:

Zero-Decibels ®

78 thoughts on “Favela Youths Shovel Out Defective Spade from Neighborhood”

  1. i’d never understand…
    if you want to hurt someone with a shovel, then its better to hit with the side of the shovel to cut him like with a machete, instead of just playing djembe with him.
    the handle even give more power than a machete… i m pretty sure you can litteraly behead someone with a shovel

        1. @MohamedBelguessab English please. Gore is Gore however the horrific process of translating your gibberish is terrifying. Were you purposely hiding your comment? Then just hide it in your cranium and keep it to yourself.

          1. Yes you are right and stupid UK ,Germany,France and US etc went to war with Christians in Yugoslavia( Serbia) to save the poor defenceless Moslems so they can chop our heads off in the Western World.

            You will see a lot of repression soon from Euro and US govs once the people turn on them. This is because they know they have fucked up and been sly and everyone will soon know it. I will be happy to machinegun a few of the culprit pollies myself.

          2. Glad to see that you know what’s going on here..

            We are fck’d up madly: Colonized, occupied without weapons and full spectrum psy ops attacks in media is on Serbs right now.

  2. That somehow must be a white man’s fault.

    You can take a monkey out of the jungle, but you simple cannot, ever, take the jungle out of the monkey. Now let’s keep importing them to Europe so we can feel better about ourselves.

  3. Atleast that ever sleepy gently weeping spade did do something which its supposed to do . Can’t blame the bunch of them as they were only gardening him . The uprooted seed had some balls to duck away some nasty hacks which kept coming his way.
    And I thought people climb stairs using steps …but this one used his sorry ass to ascend quite effectively.

    1. He had to be uprooted before something pollinated his dumb ass and he reproduced. I’ve heard they spread like weeds. The Bristol Connecticut Cock Weed comes to mind.

      1. I think this guy’s uprooting makes sense . Getting his dumb ass to get pollinated is one thing but I don’t think reproduction would be possible in his case ; all thanks to the spade work his poop hole has now been left constricted alarmingly . He may have to reform himself, if he ever
        desires to be replanted again in their backyard

  4. Local educated youth and prospects run like chickens after some rotten bread scraps, these could be junior rate members due to the standardised footwear for the local surrounding. Could be a school day for this country’s future but seems to be a day off. Productivity much

      1. Birds do it, bees do it. Even educated fleas do it, let’s do it, let’s insult Arabs. If you ask why, I answer why not? Why should Arabs be immune from mockery and ridicule? Are they not as good as Jews and Polacks? If we can make fun of them, why not Arabs?

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  5. Any time I see group monkey violence like this I find myself hoping for the same thing to befall any one of the perpetrators at some point to see if they like mob violence when it’s turned toward them! There is absolutely no difference between primitive creatures like these and monkeys in the jungles who leao tree to tree screaming at each other and throwing their shit at each other. Well, maybe one major difference I suppose…monkeys in the trees who throw their own feces are far more advanced and intelligent than these yard apes. Monkeys know how to use simple tools whereas the only time you’re going to see a ground ape with tools is after they steal them and try and sell them for crack. Lord knows they sho ain’t gon use em!

    Matter of fact, you know how to starve a nigger?????

    You hide his Welfare check in his work boots.

  6. I was impressed, at first, that one of these niglets used a spade, because a sharpened spade, if there’s not a sub machine gun or a short barreled shotgun available, is near perfect for close quarters combat. The quick upward jab under the chin or the side stroke to the neck will almost always incapacitate your opponent immediately, often taking the head nearly completely off. But alas, I quickly realized that it was just coincidence, like a baboon picking up a stick that happens to be sharp on one end.

  7. Thanks @masterplan great job brother.
    It’s nice to see our members like @blucon @masterplan , just to name a couple, step up to the plate and translating for us. It just makes it that much better when you can put together even the smallest of details cause it makes the story that much more interesting. Good-Job You Guys! 🙂

  8. Couldn’t take my eyes off the shirtless guy in the thumbnail. Beautiful smooth, hairless skin, tightly-muscled, no body fat…fit and trim and young. And just look at the not-too-dark tone of his perfect skin. Yeah, right up my…and likely your…alley.

  9. on to the next favela for this hell cat. at least they threw the shovel at him as they walked off so he has something to battle through the badlands with on his way to the next tar pit

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