Female Anti-Trump Protester Assaults Elderly Man, Gets Pepper Sprayed

Female Anti-Trump Protester Assaults Elderly Man, Gets Pepper Sprayed

There is so much wrong with this set of videos, it’s hard to determine where to start. Perhaps, let me start by clarifying that I feel embarrassed and sorry for everyone who appears in them, for they are all peasants who fight with one another over people who don’t give a hoot about any of them.

This was filmed at a pro Trump rally. I’m not a supporter of Donald “I suck Jew cock 24/7 and love it” Trump, but seeing white, entitled females supporting anti-white racism, while expecting an arbitrary pussy pass because they have a cunt, trumps all Trump’s ass kissers.

In Janesville, Wisconsin, a 15 year old girl infiltrated a pro-Trump rally as a “goddamn communist nigger lover” as someone calls her in a video, but an unthinkable happened.

She was holding a sign that implied “down with white supremacy” and attempting to get the crowd to chant “Black Lives Matter“. An old man in the crowd however outchanted her with “All Lives Matter” and she didn’t take well to it.

So she baited the crowd to white-knight for her with a false claim that the man had groped her chest. However no one took her bait, so she went for pussy pass round 2 – assaulting the guy believing he wouldn’t retaliate because she’s a woman.

Well, it appears that he indeed didn’t. But somebody else did. The somebody else pulled out a can of pepper spray and maced the bitch with a bukkake dose of justice on the face, instantly denying her pussy pass.

But of course, in pussy whipped America, you can’t deny a woman her pussy pass and not face consequences. So the mainstream press is now having a raging hard on reporting that she had been touched inappropriately and pushed the would-be rapist in retaliation. I kid you not, check it out.

Here’s the video showing the bitch get pepper sprayed:

The aftermath of pepper spray bukkake shows her saying sarcastically that she deserved it. This is where the guy wearing the American flag (seriously?) says “God damn communist nigger lover, get out of here“:

This is the best video of the lot, but also the longest. It shows what happened before and after the altercation, shows the old man never groped her and that she was the aggressor and the instigator of violence:


Janesville PD issued a statement:

We reviews this video as well as many others and we did not find evidence of a sexual assault. The video does not support evidence of a sexual assault. It does support that a punch was delivered by the 15 yr old.

We have referred to Juvenile authorities the 15 year old female for disorderly conduct charges. It could’ve been an assault charge but Mr Crandall didn’t want to pursue those charges. There are no charges regarding Mr. Crandall. He committed no crime.

In other words, she’s gets the pussy pass, but now she’s encouraged by knowing that she can falsely accuse any man of sexual assault and get away with it if there is evidence. If there is no evidence, the man would be charged with rape.

Author: Acneska

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175 thoughts on “Female Anti-Trump Protester Assaults Elderly Man, Gets Pepper Sprayed”

    1. Even though he’s a fraud and perhaps doing so to destroy republican party, but we sure need some solution to racism and Islamist settlement in USA! Obama seemed to boost the racism and Islamism in USA. He may have done some good things, but other things got worst.. I think he is a good president so far, but during his time racism boosted to new levels. Now Blacks are getting more ghetto and want way more than ever, and Whites are getting more rednecked than ever!

      1. @redapple123, what did Obama do for the US that is good? You have 17 trillion dollar debts, one of his election promises was to “shut down Guantanamo Bay” LOL I didn’t agree with that though because where are you supposed to put those in there? Into the super-max prisons? I’m only asking because I am not an American and I really don’t know of any good that came from his presidency. Was Obama-care a good thing?

        1. @tas tiger, He hasn’t really done anything that is exceptionally good or bad.. He is a pretty neutral president for the most part. And even though people say the US is $17 trillion debt, only about $5 trillion is foreign debt. The rest is debt with other federal agencies. It’s kind of like the left hand owing the right hand… And since the US uses a fiat currency, we strive on debt. Our money isn’t backed by anything except for the word of the government. And to be honest, creating debt isn’t doing anything except putting dollar bills into foreign and private sectors, in turn making their way back into the pockets of civilians and the people who work in those sectors. And Obama care is good and bad depending on who you are and what class your in. Of course you will have people who take advantage of it, just like you would have people that take advantage of any government program no matter what it is, but it does help the people who truly needed healthcare and couldn’t afford it before. It’s just a step into the free healthcare direction. Someone had to get the ball rolling considering we are one of the only developed countries that doesn’t have free healthcare. But the bad is the raise in taxes on all the working people in the nation which naturally made Obama fairly unpopular. But it is what it is. He hasn’t been as bad as some people make him out to be, and he hasn’t been as great as other make him seem.

        2. @tas tiger….. Hell no obummacare isn’t a good thing. Well wait, it was for 10 million welfare cases but in turn is screwed over 100 million out of their health insurance.

          The piece of shit president has divided this country more than it was during our civil war.

          The piece of shit president is importing unvetted muslimes into my country wholesale. The only people that are ok with that are other muslimes and the faggish limp wristed liberal twats.

          The piece of shit president created, funded & armed isis & al-quada. It gave the ok for Iran, the world’s number 1 terrorist state the ok to have nukes.

          No, obumma hasn’t been good for the US whatsoever. He is a muslime piece of shit that needs to be exterminated along with anyone that supports him.

      2. He (Obama), is an awful president. First, he apologized to every country in the world for the U.S. Talk about a pussy. Second, he basically supports black super-racism against whites. Finally, he destroyed the country with regulations and laws. Now, as for Trump, I am an avid supporter. I understand he is controversial but for once in a long time someone is finally standing up and saying ?Fuck political correctness, fuck stupidity, and fuck the government,” sentiments most people in America feel like myself. Personally, I believe based on my knowledge as a banker, and after attending a FDIC meeting, if Trump looses the election the next four years will be Furgason on steroids. Please note that I am not a racist in any way, and I do not support racism, but black people in particularly need to tone down the racial slurs, frankly they are making race relations much worse between whites and blacks. Just an observation. Anyway feel free to reply, I love having these debates!

        1. @dinomm you know what’s gonna happen if Trump wins the election? The next four years will be Ferguson on steroids. Trump plays his role of anti-establishment troll well, but at the end of the day, he sucks the same dick all other candidates suck, only he rams it right past his tonsils and doesn’t even wet his lips. Trump is establishment’s wet dream, but to create an impression he isn’t, he was trained to play his part the way he does.

    2. Looks like a fucking ugly butch lesbo…with an orange face. Should’ve sprayed that annoying nigger too.” Black lives” belong on the end of a rope hanging from a tree! At least then they cant steal,rape,murder etc

  1. “Thats the face of tolerance right there! There’s the face of tolerance.” Ahahaha!! 😆 But that communist nigger lover trully deserved it, too bad they havent yet invented sulphuric acid spray… Who would want to even grope that tainted waste of oxygen anyways?

    1. It’s both sad and funny at the same time see the menagerie that is occurring today, so glad I never vote as it’s a complete joke. I laughed so hard seeing that pudgy cuntbag get some orange loving, lol. The way I see it, we won’t see anyone who is Anti-Israel vie for US Presidency because that’ll be viewed as an anti-semite.

    2. Nitric acid would be better. When I was splashed by an idiot lab partner in college, it looked like I was attacked with a yellow highlighter. It leaves such a messed up color as well as burning like a mofo…

    1. The police held a press conference saying there was no evidence of sexual assault (after viewing many different videos), the girl was referred to juvenile services for causing a disturbance, and they were still seeking info on the pepper-sprayer. That older man should be thanking his lucky stars for all those videos!

  2. Jesus tittie-fucking Christ…I’m not sure what’s worse, pompous ignorant liberals or pompous ignorant conservatives. I will say, everytime I see these entitled, whiny democrats, I have a strong urge to kick them in the teeth.

    But, Just remember, this is your future generation boys and girls…we are all fucked in the asshole.

    1. America has reach a singularity of bullshit and insanity, were like a dying star will exploded into its different elements. All the hard working good men and women of American can no stand or thrive in this cesspit of “Feminist whores”, “Niggers lovers”, “Black Lives(don’t) matter”, “Liberal yuppies”, “Useless Criminal parasites”, “Open-border traitors” and “Welfare moms”.
      All of the latter I mentioned deserve to have their own separate state where they can moan and whine and cry to EACH OTHER everyday, while producing no wealth or useful service. And when they have to be immersed and drowned in their own bullshit and hypocrisy, begging to come over to “our side of town”, we simply spray them in the face like the unholy bitch in the video… except I think the pepper spray shall be replaced with another liquid… Napalm.

    1. I blame Obama….If this President were white, he would have already been impeached. The far left is so happy they voted in a black man they can hardly stand it. They give Obama the same treatment you give a Down Syndrome child playing tee-ball. He hits the ball half way to the 3rd baseman who could easily throw him out, but he throws late on purposes, so the little mongoloid can say he got a base hit.

      In case you are slow or I have not made myself clear….Yes, I am comparing Obama to a mongoloid, except I honestly believe there are mongoloids out there that would make a better president. Now before some of you foolish libs jump to Obama?s defense and start calling me a racist, there is no racism intended. Bad policy has no skin color. I do not blame Obama?s failure on his skin color. I blame it on his ideology, his dishonesty, his arrogance and his ignorance

    1. I would like to see their face stripped off flash!! 😀 I sooo WISH!!! Nigger loving future single mother food stamping whorish bitch like her deserves every bit of that pepper spray in her nasty mixed nigger producing pussy..

  3. All this over candidates who are absolutely useless and will promise you the world and then not deliver. This entitled bitch needs to pull the horse sized dildo out of her ass and calm the fuck down.

    Why is it everyone gets so pissed when someone says All Lives Matter. She’s basically saying her life doesn’t matter only black lives…fucking moron.

    1. I would say even the horse sized dildo would refuse to enter her ass…

      “Nope…I’ve been lubed, strapped on and repeatedly shoved in dark holes but this is where I draw the line #blackdildosmatter”

  4. Personally, I think Trump is a stalking horse to get the Clinton bitch into power just as John Kerry was the stalking horse for Bush because a billionaire businessman like Trump did not make his money by letting emotion sway his heart, despite his emotionally expressive political persona.

    Anyhow, to the post. ?goddamn communist nigger lover? though a humorous sentiment and one aptly used against the girl in question who does seem to embody the properties of that sentiment, is never the less a distraction in more ways than one.

    First of all communism is not evil when compared to the excesses of capitalism and the fact that communist countries are often homogeneous in nature, eastern Europe being almost entirely white and China being almost entirely Chinese ect, dispels any connection that communism and nigger loving have in common. Capitalist countries have far more niggers than any communist countries have.

    The second part of the distraction is that they believe, not being niggers and communists, that they are represented by the people they support when history shows that they are not and never will they be because they are worker bees and nothing more.

    I guess everybody wants an hero to swoop in and save them rather than stand up and fight for themselves.

    Still though, a white girl supporting ?black lives matter? when not even black people think that black lives matter(given their propensity towards the murder of each other) does very much fill me with dread. What a fucking world, pass the sick bucket.

    1. @Obil, I agree, he is a gimmick.

      @Acneska, if winning the popularity contest was all that it was about he would only need to gain favour with the white Christians because they are the majority population. The blacks are still a minority in America and also I add hated by every other non black race of voter thus one can easily gain power without the black vote.

      Trump can?t win though, he has just about alienated everyone which proves his ultimate goal was to lose.

        1. Not only that, they don’t give a fuck about their own people, since it doesn’t fit their narrative jumping on whatever bandwagon/flavor of the month. It’s all rather sickening, BLM bullshit, Femicunts and anything else I can’t think of at the moment.

      1. @empty-soul

        I think it’s more about what they perceive will make them win the popularity contest. Mainstream press glorifies blacks and feminists, so to a teenager, sucking Christian cock doesn’t lead to winning the popularity contest. It’ll just get you labelled racist, bigoted and homophobic. But worship and sancrify blacks who commit violence on whites, or serial false rape claimants who landed dozens of innocent men in jail, and you’ll be hailed a hero.

        1. I aggre with everything ye said,they had the gay vote here last year and everyone was for it because they didn’t no any better,you were either a yes we can or a cunt,if you were against the gay aginda then you were a freak,the government put their full backing to the yes vote,and the gays got their way again,dirty bastereds,all the sports stars and working folk were shamed into not speaking there mind by the feminist scum..Ireland is anti gay and anti faggit,the NWO is a fucking joke..

        2. @DeadOhioSky, Acneska, sorry about rambling on and getting my wires crossed, I was drunk again.

          Now sober however, yeah these silly teenagers follow what ever piece of shit cause is the flavour of the month and they do it because it makes them feel important and ?progressive?.

          To the nigger however these white girls are just pieces of meat to be used and/or abused. The statistics regarding black on white rape crimes should teach that little bitch all she needs to know about the men she is fighting for but I bet she still explains it away as ?but, but, but, poverty/lack of opportunity made them drag women of the streets and rape them at gun point?.

          That girl will end up a single mother with mixed raced kids or dead unless she grows the fuck up.

          1. Nah, it’s too late for her. Not only does she have an anger problem, she’s the kind who’s got a black step daddy fucking her. But seriously, how does a 15yo girl get to this point so early in life? I’d really like to know.

    2. Right on spot! I have been telling people about this ever since I saw that orange man as republican nominee. He used to be Democrat. He is everything democrats stand for. Perhaps some tax cut, or some other lure made him play this filthy game. He is making all republicans look silly. If it wasn’t for Trump, people didn’t think very good of democratic party this year. Trump and Hillary pulled a nice prank to fool the general public.

  5. That dude was just waiting to use that pepper spray, he didn’t miss a beat. I wish we could’ve seen him shaking that can whispering to himself “go ahead bitch, I’m your huckleberry”

          1. Wow @Chosen, and i have been looking for you everywhere, to take care of business, you know,, ass wipe, Enjoy hiding in an old farmhouse basement you fucker, as people are fucking pissed, and want pay back.

          1. I think he’s that dude that sells hotdogs outside the National Holohoax Museum in Washington DC…
            Kosher hotdogs…of course…

          2. Actually justice, I’m working on buying your entire neighborhood and forcing your bitch ass into slave labor. I hope your shoes are comfy.

        1. You call selling bagels and sucking dicks running a business? Bless your little jewish heart. By the way, your god just sucked my cock and wants to let you know that he beat you to it. Don’t worry, I saved my jizz in a bagel bag for you.

      1. Buck: Well, well, well, they certainly are scraping the bottom of the barrel for cheerleaders these days.
        Tia: What are you doing here?
        Buck: We were just driving by to get some ice cream. Thought you might like to join us.
        Tia: I said I would be home at 10. It’s not even 9!
        Buck: Who said anything about that? I thought you might like to join us for some ice cream. Maybe your Bug here can join us. We can talk about burying the hatchet. You know what a hatchet is, don’t you, Bug?
        Bug: It’s an ax?
        Buck: Sort of, yeah, yeah. I got one in my car if you’d like to see it.
        Bug: I’ll pass.
        Buck: Fair enough. I like to carry it, you never know when you’re going to need it. A situation may come up say for example, someone has been drinking, and about to drive a loved one home, then I’d like to know I have it. Not to kill, no. Just to maim. Take a little off the shoulder. Swish! The elbow. Slash! Shave a little meat off the old kneecap. Fowap! Ooooo! You got both kneecaps? I like to keep mine razor sharp. Sharp enough you can shave with it. Why I’ve been known to circumcise a gnat. You’re not a gnat are you Bug? Wait a minute, bug, gnat. Is there a little similarity? Whoa, I think there is! Ha ha ha. You understand what I’m talking about? I don’t think you do. I’ll be right back. Heh heh heh heh.

          1. Not to forget the 10 seconds to eat the last forskin out of a plastik bag from Walmart while watching Shindlers list, so many trees choose one and do it, dont let the rabbi talk you out of it.. lol fucking Jackal.

    1. @Chosen, but why do you come here, surely there are other sites you can go to, to tell the members off? Don’t generalize and lump us all in the same boat either, you have a mix of people on here who comment, just like yourself. You don’t have to just attack everyone, why would you worry what others say, you know it’s not a Jew loving site, so why do you bother. You know you won’t be changing anybodies mind in a hurry, it’s like you just come here to argue? Also what neighbourhood are you talking about? The one you are buying up? You are talking to people from all over the globe here.

        1. @Obli yeah the word ‘troll’ get thrown around a lot, it has lost its real meaning because everyone who argues with the main bulk of a sites members is called a troll. I don’t think he’s trolling either. He believes in who he is because that’s who he is, how he lives etc. How could he see things/be any different. It must be awful to know that so many people hate Jews and always have! – if you are a Jew. Someone spelled my name Jewdy the other day instead of Judy, I was irrationally upset, lol.

        2. I agree with Obli. I think he has every right to be here as everyone else even if he has Jewish roots and I don’t think Chosen is a troll at all, though he often finds himself in arguments with other members.

      1. I’m not attacking everyone, just the lowlife bigots. I come here for entertainment, just like you.

        And I’m not buying any neighborhood. You seriously didn’t get that was a joke?

        1. @Chosen of course I didn’t think you were “buying up the neighbourhood” You did not pick up my sarcasm either. When you start your comments with “you guys” it’s like you mean all of us, ‘us guys’. You should be more specific next time.

      2. @chosen is clearly having a lot of fun at the expense of several other members. (S)he stirs the pot, sure, but who doesn’t. I remember a time when @chosen would add legitimate, intelligent content on posts about death and gore etc… and the next 100 comments were disparaging, sometimes really funny remarks about hook noses, foreskins, large ovens, summer weight loss “camps”… you get the picture. It takes a lot to rattle him/her and honestly, (s)he is just baiting people into these arguments that he enjoys and people usually oblige.
        If the truth were told, @chosen gets more attention here from posting in one article than do the actual needy “attention whores” who have absolutely nothing to say but still jump in on every single post/comment/thread.

  6. Um, the old guy DID instigate the incident. It’s really not hard to see in the third video at around the 1:26 mark. He very clearly pokes her in the chest at least twice with his pamphlet at which point she flips out and demands he stop touching her.

    1. In the theme of equality, if a female poked a male in the chest with a pamphlet, would that not also be grounds for a punch to the face then.?.
      People need to lighten the fuck up, it’s not like the chest was contacted in a sexually motivated manner.
      After watching all 3 videos a couple times, I’m pretty sure the person that sprayed the mace in her face was a female. That should help tell you who was the aggresor in this scenerio was.
      Look for the short lady with the black long sleeve top on in the 3rd video, then see a closer shot of the mace being sprayed by a black sleeved arm in the 1st video.
      Black sleeves matter.

  7. Yeah well listen to this Aussie news headline:

    Trump refuses to rule out nuking Europe, week of condemnation may have damaged his presidential chances.

    hahaha What?! I haven’t had time to read the article but that is the headline word for word.

  8. America is weak and the dogs are at the door,the people are so twisted and fucked,the middle east scum can sense the weakness,they are flooding us with their young fighting males and we are letting it happen,our kids will ask us when we are old,why didn’t ye stand guard and protect our land?and we will say…The feminists didn’t let us…..

  9. Its really funny to see this “protest” and its repercusion!
    In Brazil, people fight in these protest. Theres always a lot of confusion. Police has to interfere with bombs of gas.
    American people are peaceful. Thats cute.

  10. I fucking LOVE IT!!!
    Trump supporter or not…These baboon/yid worshiping, clueless, commie pieces of shit should be ecstatically happy to only get a dose of Tabasco in their eyes…They deserve Los Zetas torture!!!

    I support Trump because he’s the LESSER of four fucking evils!
    PLEASE post more anti-Trump nigger loving, self-hating white folks getting fucked up, or worse…because…
    jew/nigger loving whites are truly the lowest of the low and should be the FIRST to be sacrificed in the interest of humanity…

    1. Nigger loving white people are weak minded, easily swayed, and quick to act on their little feelings and shit. This makes them more dangerous to the U.S. than ISIS or ISIL or Paxil or whoever pops up next.

  11. I don’t get it. People are getting into fights over a politician!? Why? There isn’t a politician on the planet that actually cares about us little people. They didn’t get into the business because they want to advance America to greatness. They want to advance themselves to what they deem as “greatness”. Which means how high up the ladder of lies, corruption, and blackmail can I go? And they don’t get to the point of running for president without having spent years upon years of lying to and cheating the very people who are fighting one another. Unbelievable! You want to make America great? Kill off everyone who isn’t a member of Best Gore. We would still have a variety of people who have different views, and I’m pretty sure this idea will wipe out the “great” politicians!

    1. @deadsnapdragon – although I don’t agree with killing all non-BG members (that would mean all kids, lol), I do agree with the rest of what you said. Just wanted to add, most people mistakenly think politicians are voted in by the little people but I don’t believe that’s always the case, especially at higher levels.

  12. They’re all idiots. Losers who show up at the rallies just looking to stir up trouble. Did someone in the crowd really call her a “nigger lover”? Jesus… I will say that if that guy touched her, it was not in a sexual or hurtful way, and was only incidental. But she clearly meant to hit him in the face.

    Every one of the presidential candidates is shitty. But now that I think back, I can’t really remember an election in my lifetime where one candidate was clearly a great leader.

    1. I’m surprised that guy’s racist comment hasn’t been spread around the news even more. Not sure if he was a plant or not, but the crowd should have called him out on that. This is one of the main reasons people call Trump supporters racist.

  13. If this is supposed to be an open community, why are the comments and stories attached to gore so racially charged? I thought you all were smart enough not to fall into the racist/prejudice sociocommentary. Please tell me there’s at least one person above the abyss of stupidity that knows not to generalize people

  14. Unbelievable. Makes me sick to my stomach. I can’t hardly believe it sometimes; the smoke screen in front of every bodies face and how caught up they get. Makes me want to move out to the middle of no where. You can almost here the bleating.

    1. Ironically, “the middle of nowhere” is where actual sheep live. Actual sheep, of course, are smarter and of more use than the typical voter caught up in the election circus.

  15. I love reading the comments on mainstream news where Democrat and Republican supporters have even less class than the shiny little turds trotted out before them…seems it’s about a hundred times worse than the professional sport team supporter bullshit.
    What is more pathetic a professional sports fanboy or a political fanboy ?
    Both are quite sensitive IMO.

    1. The real sad thing that it’s often poor people fighting poor people over politicians. Meanwhile, both sides of the political spectrum laugh their asses off, as they both bow to the same master. In the end, the poor people fight over nothing.

      My solution is – if it can’t be awaken, then look after your own best interests and put as much distance between yourself and the sleeping stock as you can.

  16. “a bukkake dose of justice on the face”

    That line is priceless. But for other things, there’s Visa.

    She’s in America and in Wisconsin. She’s lucky she didn’t get shot.

    I don’t hate Jews or blacks but much as I’d rather gouge my chinky eyes out, I root for Trump. I’d rather Trump than Hillary for a lot of reasons too many to list. You all might think ‘she’s from the Philippines, why the fuck would she give a shit about American politics?’ Remember that we sucked and bent down to the American dick since 1900s under the pretense of independence but still under heavy American rule after we lost to the Philippine-American war and from American and Spanish agreement to free Intramuros (the Spanish surrendered Intramuros to the American forces), which is then and still now located on the country’s capital. We have puppet presidents with American puppetmasters, starting from the first Philippine president Emilio Aguinaldo down to Benigno Simeon Aquino III. We have a lot of American military bases in the country (which is honestly a pleasure to view because they look like toy soldiers… I lied. They are hot as the noonday summer sun. Sorry. That’s the remaining teenage hormones raging in my system.) So whoever leader America chooses, it affects us to and so does the rest of the world. To you, voting Americans, your vote doesn’t only affect you nationally, your votes affect lives such as mine as well so choose wisely.

    I might as well say it here though I’d like to expound more on that but I don’t want to make this too long. Anyway, I hope you understand where I am coming from, my beloved SOBs.

    1. @Stacie Jaxx, I hope they get Trump too! He cannot be worse than Obama who is leaving the US with 17 trillion dollars debt, 1 trillion = 1000 billion, how does that even happen? At least Trump seems to be able to make money….Trump will have advisers, I’m sure he’ll pull his head in if he gets elected? Also do you know the story of Hilary Clintons husband Bill? When he was president he got caught having an affair, shamefully his mistress told the world that he inserted a cigar into her vagina them smoked it! haha that along with other sordid details, it made the mistress Monica Lewinsky furious when Bill told the media in a straight out lie “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” yeah he might have got away with it but she kept a dress that he had ejaculated on and it was DNA tested or something like that, it was his jizz! Hilary stayed with him though.

      1. Oh yeah, I certainly have heard of it. Everybody has hahaha I may not know what pop tarts or hot pockets are, but I know of Bill’s act of unfaithfulness. I wasn’t born at the time but my boyfriend told me what he did. I asked my mom about it too and told me about it as well hahaha so I assumed most people who are alive at the time knew about it.

        I’d root for Trump though I despise his character and wits. I actually do despise myself for admitting that I’d root for him but it that’s the truth.

        Sigh… Philippines is going to suck and bend over to an Orange dick from a Black one. So, I guess you can say Orange is the new Black LOOOOL

          1. A lot of people I know are for Trump than Hillary, especially after confirming that email scandal she had. Wikileaks released the emails a few weeks ago. Though Trump has declared bankruptcy four times and admitted that he’d date his own daughter, he’s still the lesser of evils for me.

        1. @Stacie Jaxx, I hope they get Trump just for the headlines! The media in Australia are not on his side, but because of all their one-sided articles it has made many Aussies wonder how the news(Aussie media) can get away with it, Trump is rubbished every day in our news headlines. Oh and the absolute suck-holing whenever Obama is mentioned makes me sick. I bet he pops up in films when he is finished! I bet he cuts a rap album, I really do, he is a ‘celebrity’ president, I’ve never really liked Obama just because mainstream Aussies seem to like him when they know zero about him

          1. I can feel ya, Tas. We rarely hear anything good from Trump and it is maybe caused by two things: a smear campaign or nothing good really comes out from his mouth lol.

            Two global economic recessions and a government shutdown. Some ‘good’ president indeed.

  17. this is exactly what ive been tryong to push down your throats, this way of acting were bitches can cause trouble and not expect retaliation is spreading worldwide in the form of denial of whites having free speeech. see the traitorous white whore in all her glory there an absolute disgrace to her own people who gave her everything and i kid you not even if she was my daughter and i found out she did this i would completely disown her and probably if she was dieing i wouldnt visit her. there is no bigger evil than a traitor to its own people who has protected and gave you everything. see how quick she shut the fuck up when she was showed her rightful place. feminism is the cause of so much decay across the world and this needs eradicating just as much as global terror they are one and the same

  18. That pepper-spray was so orange? It didn’t seem to sting her that badly either, I’ve seen people scream if they get a dose like that and from that close. I’m thinking it must have been one of the weaker ones on the market, I mean it did the job and her glasses saved her eyes a lot too. She is only 15, what a stupid girl she is. Her side-kick the Mexican looking fellow looked nervous, lol. That’s another thing, they were not beaten or hit, can you imagine how a white person would fare in a sea of blacks at a rally like that? A couple of weeks back a black girl causing a nuisance at a Trump rally got pushed out, but she wasn’t hurt at all, she wasn’t molested or injured in any way. I’m not sure how these people can keep their tempers.

    1. trump is another card in causing the coming American race war, the powers that be want a race war so they can install martial law and strip the people of not only their means of defending themselves but what little semblance of freedom they still retain as well.

      1. @Obli, I don’t know much about it really, all I know is it sounds like he wins a lot of states (from what I hear/read in Australia) One of the funny things Trump has said, when Mitt Romney came out and said he doesn’t want Trump as the Republican candidate, well Donald went mad because when Mitt was running for the last election race, Trump gave/earned him (Mitt) a lot of money. (for campaigning) Donald said Mitt would have “got on his knees” lol. he said “it was a race that should have been won” that Mitt should not have lost to Obama. But he did, I don’t think Mitt should be so ungrateful because Trump backed him all the way when it was Mitts turn, but maybe only because Trump is “not a fan of Obama” I think Trump calls Obama Kenyan too, hahaha was he the one who made that name up?

  19. No matter what the rally is the little cunt is 15 and therefore a child and not old enough to vote, get your mouthy bitch ass to school, not the first load she’s taken in the face I’m sure.

    1. You’re spot-on sir! First, it’s important to make the distinction that not many here have yet to make. Trump IS NOT a politician. Weather the Dems planted him as “stink bait” to sway voters away from the GOP or not, the man is not a politician. I do not think he has been planted by the Dems. Not at all. He says what people want to hear and some are afraid to openly admit it or lend support.
      People are so fucking sick and tired of politicians that they just might elect an eccentric billionaire who, in reality, likely has more ties to organized crime than to any Jewish interests.
      **Attn: Important Disclaimer. Any mention of organized crime, mafia or any of its affiliates is mere speculation and should not be assumed as fact. Please don’t whack me!**

      1. Or wash his hands in caustic soda or some other extremely potent alkilinic solution !.
        Also @Omnos. The people/lives, on behalf of whom she exhibits that pathetic modern brand of faux outrage, couldn’t give a flying shite about her and her ilk. They wouldn’t piss on her if she was on fire.
        Deluded past all telling, as we say in my neck of the woods.

  20. Really……15…..wtf does she know????……when the crowd out chanted them by a lot, that is when they should have admitted defeat and gone away with dignity, but no…..at 15 she plays the “he groped me “card……..potential…….”he raped me”……candidate……….

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