Female Vendor Kicked in Face for Bothering Some Guy

Female Vendor Kicked in Face for Bothering Some Guy

Female Vendor Kicked in Face for Bothering Some Guy

In an unspecified part of the world, but could be South East Asia, a guy delivered a savage kick to the face of a female vendor.

It looks like she’s possibly selling lottery scratch-offs, or something similar, as it’s quite common seeing people selling those on streets and in various establishments in some countries.

But even though I got to say the execution of the kick was spectacular, it comes across as quite a bit over the top. I don’t know if she maybe said something that irritated the fuck out of the guy, but if she was merely bothering him with sales pitches, that type of response seems unwarranted. It’s not like she stole from him or anything…

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the CCTV video:

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67 thoughts on “Female Vendor Kicked in Face for Bothering Some Guy”

        1. She was just trying to make a living. Only the weakest of the weak will do something like this. This is the same guy who acts tough with his buddies but will take food from a baby when nobody is looking. You never want to find yourself under attack or down in the trenches with your back to the wall with this guy. He will stab you in the back or sell you out.

          A Coward is incapable of exhibiting tolerance, it is the prerogative of the Brave.

      1. Damn! I never seen anything like it. he was really tearing those bogies out like they was lumps of glue or something. They need to rename this video “Filthy virus spreading bogie eating chink”
        What makes it worse is he’s just like normal. I’m ready for any video of hong kong protesters squashed by tanks please

  1. That was vicious but right at the end I caught booger boy and was so turned off and blocked him with my thumb. Slight tummy tumble with swift return and I am A numbah 1 . Proceed to comments and sure as shit you all gotta be talking about it

    I hate you all!

  2. Ok first, my thoughts on the kick was pretty swift and connected right to the Chin,
    Booger Boy, now that’s a sight to see. This MF looked at the boogie woogie on his finger and decided a wipe on the side of his jean was worthy of a spot for later. But wait!, There’s more!

  3. That was… amazing! hilarious! that’s how you treat a fucking woman right there! annoying ugly cunt tought his pussy pass would be accepted. I love how the guy just sits back and nobody gives a fuck about the skank

  4. ugh, what the heck is wrong with people? buncha degenerates. it’s not like she did anything that warranted that kind of response. i mean, it was a little hilarious in execution, but sheesh, at least pull the kick a little?

    *unless she indeed deserved it, in which case, ignore my above comment.

  5. This happened in Thailand.
    It was a misunderstanding from the taxi driver.
    Its between the lottery seller (women) and the taxidriver. The driver told the seller if she sell it overprice, he well report her to the police.
    The seller said “before the police comes, ill be dead. She ment that its gonna take so long before police arrive).
    The taxi driver though the seller said “you´ll be dead before the police comes”
    Then he kicked her on the chest. Later they sorted it out at the police station and the taxi driver apologized to the seller and made som compasation.

    1. Let me correct a tid bits over there for the sake of narration.
      – That’s a van driver.
      – Its quite a custom for them to teasing with the native dialect which in this case. About how “Expensive” the lottery are.
      – The man misheard it and thought the woman cursing him, So without any restrain or any thought about how any human being suppose to behave, Deliver that majestic thrust kick right into her face.
      – The man threat the woman not to go to police or else.
      -The woman did go to the police anyway. And the driver got butt kick right out of the job but not before he giving himself in to the police, Well to the police on the other side of country anyway.

      Conclusion, The woman still fine and dandy, The man got his time in jail for a month or two And everyone in social for once, got something to pissing about. The end.

  6. I Told you 3 times already that i don’t want your cheap Chinese trinkets,,, KICK!!!,,, Ya Cunt!
    Now who’s gonna clean your Egg-Roll Smelling blood clots of my shoes Biatch??

    And while all of this is going-on this Chinese Guy in The Blue Shirt Enjoys His Staple Snot-Lunch,
    Ooops,,, got a crunchy-one,,, Fliiingg!

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