Fight Between Guy with Machete and Guy with Trash Can in New York

Fight Between Guy with Machete and Guy with Trash Can in New York

This happened yesterday in Manhattan’s Upper West Side in New York City, NY. A weird breed of a sane cell phone owner who holds the camera rotated properly for videotaping, captured a weird fight between a guy with a machete and a guy with a trash can.

Looks like the machete guy could be Asian. I don’t have much reliable info on the incident, but because the Asian guy’s skin is too white, he can’t play the black card, so I can already see him getting arrested as a matter of normal policing in politically correct countries.

Props to Best Gore member @Refuse2Renig for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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141 thoughts on “Fight Between Guy with Machete and Guy with Trash Can in New York”

      1. They did fight like girls, yes.
        The black dude was going easy, he was just toying around. However this guy has the strength of a chimp, he could easily have knocked out the Asian guy, or broken his car door.
        The Asian guy was smaller and didn’t have the reach, he was just flailing around.

        By all means, defend yourself if attacked, but it’s best not to persevere a fight like this one, which will only realistically end in stalemate at best (for the Asian guy).

        IMO, the smart guy, is the guy who just says “You’re a dickhead” to the other, and walks away from the fight. It’s not worth it if the car gets battered, as that is what would happen if (in the slim chance) the black dude was losing.

          1. Respect.
            I was not implying Asians are automatically weaker than blacks. I was just comparing two specific individuals, and analysing their chances based on size and observed behaviour.

            In fact, within my group of friends, the strongest and fittest and agile guys at our competitive sports are 5’7″ Chinese guys from Malaysia. Height isn’t everything, agreed and these guys would be aggressive

        1. i hope u dont beleive that shit. lol sometimes its tough listening to the retards on here lmao. the black dude tried. he was just as un coordinated as the other guy.

          but he was pushing the shit on like a typical nigger. i did notice that.

          if u have a bladed weapon would be wise to not bash it on pavement.

        1. A machete is a terrible weapon for self defense. It sounds good in theory. But when shit goes down, most sane, rational people will not be willing to chop another person to death. A bat is much better. The thought of bashing someone doesn’t mess with the psyche nearly as much.

      1. @thedre

        Yeah, lol. I may like a bottle or 2 in the evening but alas the day must be worked and a wage collected in order to keep the liquid flowing. A twist in my(forced)sobriety.

        As for the black guy in the footage he looks like a Jester henceforth he shall be called “Golly Jester, the black molester“.

          1. @thedre

            “a “Golly Jester” ??? W.T.F ? lol”.

            I used it has a play on words to take full advantage of both British and American/Canadian vocabulary.

            Golly in American and Canadian usage is used to express mild surprise and/or wonder whereas in Britain Golly is informal shorthand for Golliwog.

            It makes sense then that since he was dressed like a Jester, caused mild surprise to the Asian guy by chimping out on him and was also a huge fucking Golliwog that he be referred to as a Golly Jester instead of the usual Jolly Jester that Medieval courts would have been used to.

            Anyhow, I am starting my wine journey now Dre so hopefully you will see some gems from me within the next hour or so.

      1. Roit, you are a riot! Easy to spit bravado shit from the comfort of your litter strewn crib. Yeah, you would have this and that and would have could have don’t work in the field with violent BLM NYC apes.

        1. Dude! I have been in blade fight once. Have you? Wanna see the trophy on my arm and forehead? Agreed, some knowledge of self defence and close combat is needed and I have it. And everyone should have it too. Anyway, why the hell am I giving it so imp? Fuck it!

    1. That was actually funny. I actually got a good laugh outta that. WHY would you throw the katan?! Other than the fact that you can tell the white-er lookin guy doesn’t want to really fight but wants to look threatening and doesn’t know how to fight either since he just kept getting left and right hooked back and forth hahaha, normally don’t laugh on this site. But THAT was funny.

      1. True. That’s the worst machete fight ever. Fact is you get only one swing with the machete and if you miss you get overpowered. The decal in the back of the car looks likes the Puerto Rico flag. So maybe the guys not Asian.

    2. 1. Too bad that nigger did not get chopped-up, most likely, this chimpanzee brained excuse for a human was the instigator.

      2. The female looks Asian, but not the male (white t-shirt)…

      3. There is a P.Rican flag inside the car (blue triangle)

      4. The vehicle has out-of-state license plate

      5. Machete as a weapon, the carrier is most likely Hispanic, but he sucked ass at swinging it. Also the wpn was missing the/a security strap (rope), so it will never get “lost, drop.”

      6. Did he leave that big ass knife there, for the police to scoop it up and get as much evidence as possible? Probably not, but these two idiots…gave us a lame show

      ~Sigh~ again, Jesus! I so wanted that nigger to get sliced and open-up real good. What a FAIL of a video and machete “fight”

  1. Mark, did you fall out of bed this morning brother, lol. A nice early start my man! 🙂 Looks like these dudes are bringing there Machete skills from their small Southern Island Homes, to the U.S.

    1. @thedre Bro ya know Bins come in handy sometimes when times get rough
      I see an ape going ape shit ……… a lady on the scene and not so hunky dory of a boringly studious man with a long blade but I didn’t see no blood.

      Was the brawl about whose home the garbage should have gone to

  2. I bet black guy crossed the street not giving a fuck about the traffic and Asian guy wasn’t having that shit..happens all the time. There’s a black guy around my neighborhood that actually stops in the middle of the ave to challenge the traffic.

    1. I was being a bitch one day. At the stop light a guy was crossing in the crosswalk in front of me. Lollygagging his way across. I punched it as soon as it turned green. Yup. I tapped him. He looked at me in disbelief. I shrugged and went onward. I shoulda kept going further but I really didn’t think he’d follow me to my work. But he seen where I turned in. I’ll admit I was scared. My manager asked what was up when he came into the store and raised some shit. My manager grabbed something and started for him. The kid quickly changed his direction back out the door.

    1. Totally agree…this shit is mainly due to niggers being niggers mixed with the summers hot hazy humidity of the city,and car owners trying to drive during midday.
      On a sidenote: that Gook fool needs to take 2 week course of machete classes in Brazil. Absolutely embarrassing display of how settle argument with machete. No doubt Brazilians are WAY ahead of us. If this Brazil either that nigger or Gook would ended up missing an arm,an ear,and bleeding to death.
      Really ? …your gonna throw your only weapon like its a stick ? He’s lucky Grape ape dint go fetch and kill him with it.

  3. I would have handled this more maturely.
    Why did the Asian guy just hit his scimitar on the wall and break it? That frustrated move cost him.
    A bit more physical co-ordination would have helped, but many brainy types don’t have it and you can see it from the way he failed to land any punches.

    If I was him, I’d be like:
    “Hey, do “you people” normally eat 6 buckets of fried chicken, 9 chicken nuggets and cola?
    Here. Here is 10 bucks. Treat yourself, keep the change and get the fuck outta my face”

    1. Shit, I wish the Asian guy would have capped the thugs ass when he was being assaulted while in the driver’s seat and clearly trying to leave. He could plead extreme fear of death and justifiable homicide. Oh, but wait, this is liberal NYC and nigga get a pass because BLM.
      Yeah, the APES have conquered the homo sapiens via our mistaken belief that they are human.

  4. I don’t know to whom to cheer because i don’t like both of them.
    I feel black one is righteous here and Asian fucked up. Probably didn’t want to stop on zebra or something(as Asians really love to do) or some other arrogant shit that pisses of black one.

    Nice popcorn time anyways.

    1. vid·e·o·tape
      verb: videotape; 3rd person present: videotapes; past tense: videotaped; past participle: videotaped; gerund or present participle: videotaping
      make a video recording of (an event or broadcast).
      “his arrest was videotaped”

  5. Lmfao. I’m working right there where this happ today. Honestly as soon as that machete was out of his hands. I would have had zero mercy on him. The black dude should’ve smashed the window ripped the door off. Grabbbbed the machete. Flattened THE tires. And possibly beheaded him w one swing. Fair game right. He swung the machete and lost it. Wait because he lost it. If the black dude picks it up and kills him he would be charged w murder?? Prob. Te dude swung that thing TO kill. Anyone who has a machete in there hand Is out to inflict serious damage. We know this first hand.

    1. @kevin
      I would respectfully disagree.
      A lot of the yielding of the machete is just bravado. The Asian guy was not anywhere insane enough to cut off the black guy’s arms. This was just macho posturing. You saw how the Asian guy hit the machete on the wall and broke it, he wasn’t even trying to use it properly, it was just an extension of his anger. Also because he was protecting himself from someone much stronger.

      And for all we know, the black dude could be in the wrong, regarding how the fight started.

      1. Yes I hear you there. My question is because the Asian guy had the machete. Getting it off him and killing him w it, would the black guy get charged.?? I know some laws but this is a tricky one. Idk if I got that machete off him and w tempers flaring and coming here. I think I would’ve had to swing it at him as well. I always think of Brazil or Mexico when I here machete.

  6. in the suspect, he mite be white enough to play that good ole white card(white tendencies) if he has no hint of niggerism or ghetto-ness in him.. that black card only works in the victim scenario. and it depends on the dickhead cop youre dealing with.but dont get me wrong..the justice system and the race population is twisted and one-sided these day. and no, I am not white(thank fucking God)

  7. Fucking nigger starting shit. Fucking things up because niggers cannot behave. The asian was trying to leave and was using a machete to defend him and his girl from a feral pavement ape that just kept coming.

    I would have shot that nigger dead if it pulled that shit with me.

    We do not have feral niggers doing stupid feral nigger shit like this in MY state because we know how to deal with them properly. Fatal dose of lead poisoning, or a rope around the neck and the other end tied form a tree.

  8. Hold up hold the fuck up
    So this asian guy had a weapon he could of used to cut up that dirty nigger like fresh chicken out of the oven but he instead threw his machete, horribly missed and got a beat down by a chimp.

    The gf had more balls than him, even tho she got a pussy pass.


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