Finnish Schoolboy Gets Culturally Enriched with a Dose of Diversity

Finnish Schoolboy Gets Culturally Enriched with a Dose of Diversity

Meanwhile in Europe, Jewess Barbara Lerner Spectre drools over cultural enrichment of native European kids.

In Finland, a schoolboy was culturally enriched when a pack of immigrants ganged up on him and bullied him around. The only plus side I can think of is that hopefully that’s one European on whom none of the Zionists enforced -isms, like liberalism, multiculturalism or feminism, will have no effect.

Author: Acneska

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      1. If he did that they’d all be screaming racism but it’s ok when these fuckers rape, maim and pillage for the sake of diversity. I would like to see them take their country back and drive the scourge into the fucking sea, off a cliff.

        1. In the military I’ve been to Somalia and all I met over there were pieces of shit niggers! Both parents and children act like their direct decendants, godamn apes! Such pieces of human debris,they teach nothing but hate and violence to their young towards all outsiders and have nothing but disdain for everyone else that isn’t in their little monkey shit rubbish nigger club! Now mind you I have nothing at all against black folks,many are my good close friends, and they all feel the same way. Niggers make other good blacks look bad, they cast a negative light over them. Just like white trash, those fuckers make other hard worken whites look bad as well. I’m sure all of you bestgorians know exactly what I’m laying down.

          1. You are forgetting the fact that your black friends may be comming from the same place and were slowly integrated in your society.
            Not every black or white man has the same social ablilitys (may have a lack of such) but the most important factor is the environment.

    1. The victim is constantly trying to de-escalate by telling the bully to chill out and that he has no beef with him. Because the bully is talking to him in a low voice, his words cannot be discerned, except he starts with calling the victim a cry baby, a coward and other typical bully things.

      The phone holding invader kid is egging on the bully, telling him to slap the victim and also complaining how the video will be too long and boring because there is no violence (?action?) in it. At the end when apparently some other people are trying to intervene, the camera holding little shit tries to stop it by saying that it’s a fight between the two (the victim and the main bully) and that the others are only recording it and not doing ?anything?.

      It should also be known that the camera fucker is also speaking some words in Somali in the beginning half of the video. The main bully and the camera asshole are clearly 2nd generation Somalis (also known as Pikies of Africa and many many more even less flattering terms). They are the least integrated immigrant community in Finland and cause the most problems both in absolute and relative (per capita) terms.

      Any sane parents will move heaven and earth to get their kids in a school with as few of these little shits as possible. The very worst elementary schools in Helsinki are now over 50% Somali and I really pity the Finnish children who have to attend those.

      Unfortunately these schools are in districts with lots of lower class, fully or partially unemployed, or lower working class Finnish families, who don’t have the financial means to relocate to get their kids in better schools. The Socialists and Greens who run Helsinki City Council tend to live in different districts and can freely push their multiculturalist agenda without having their own kids exposed to these hell holes of schools. Even though freedom of speech is higly valued in this site, I would not dare to write what I would like to do with the multicult maniacs who happily feed the nationalist voting Finnish kids to these wolves. I hope you all understand it wouldn’t be anything nice.

      1. Wow there are that much Somalis in Finland? I have never been there before but I would picture Finland to be the whitest of white countries. Learn something new everyday I guess. Thanks for your input and for the translation as well.

        1. One of the problems is we don’t know exactly how many there are, because ethnic population statistics are ?conveniently? not kept. From the official statistics we know that thare are approximately 17,000 that have both parents born in Somalia, but no idea how many mulattoes with one Somalia born parent or whose both parents are born in Finland (first Somalis came in 1990 and many of them are already grand parents due to their much lower child bearing age compared to Finns).

          They are heavily concentrated in Helsinki and a few other large cities such as Turku and inside these cities they are further concentrated in certain suburbs. Also, official statistics tell us that women listed as born to both Somali parents have a total birth rate of nearly 250% of Finnish mothers. So for a school to see over 50% Somali children, the district needs only about 20% Somalis living in the general population, which is true in several school districts in Eastern Helsinki.

          Fortunately it’s a very localised problem at the moment, but that doesn’t help the schools in question that are lagging far behind other schools in safety, security and most importantly in learning results. Finland usually tops the international PISA education system evaluations in effectiveness and before the immigration catastrophe, results were also very consistent accross different schools. Sweden also used to score at the top 5 in PISA, but has fallen off in recent years due to much heavier African and Middle Eastern immigrant influx.

          1. @red_blue : thanks for the information and translation. Somalis are a shit people with a reputation of violence, thievery and ignorance. It’s too bad they seem to have established themselves in Finland (among other places).

      2. Thanks for the explanation. The victim did well to make the bully look stupid. Should have jaw-jacked him, but probably would’ve got jumped by the bully’s cohorts. Victim needs to invest in a metal lunchbox…the playground equalizer.

      3. It’s because the “migrants” little fucktards should be deported the minute the little sand niggers try to force their violent ways on anyone they think they can subvert. Send the butt fucking little assholes packing. They deserve to live like scum until they can learn some basic respect for the countries that took them in.

          1. That’s a damn good idea. I don’t think a nuke is necessary because they’ll eventually kill each other soon enough. It’s hard to believe in 2016 niggers in Africa still live in dried shit shacks.

    1. hard to tell from the video if they were negros. I just see darkish skin. could have bee pakis or arabs but i think i saw at least one with negro hair.

      also this was so lame. that bully had all his friends backing him up and he was such a pussy. Wish i was there to kick that bully in the face and knock him out. beating up kids is okay if you are protecting another kid right??

  1. Haha! He ran like a little girl. They can talk shit all they want. At least the bullied kid didn’t run like the little bitch doing the bullying. Can someone pass that on? I don’t know why, but it seems very important to me, right this instant, that I clearly convey to that child that I personally classify him as a bitch. If I could have a Skype session or a formal meetup where I dine with him and his parents at a nice restaurant and then play the video for them and stand up to loduly announce how much of a bitch the bully boy is.

  2. Yah Yah, poor black boys run away when they know they’re doing wrong when a white man walks by. Don’t they realize that they live in a country that has had no slavery? What is with the true mentality of our black citizens who still claim racism after 200 years? Huh? Who? Wha? Here in Ontario Canada, specifically Toronto. There is a Black only school. No whites allowed. So who is being racist? I ask if a white Lucy Ann Stanton went into this school would she be pelted and spit on? I want a rich white Torontonian to challenge this segregated school called the Africentric elementary school They teach black history and the roots of their history. What about being a citizen of Canada? What about Canadian history and Canadian freedoms. They are Canadian and we teach this in our schools… as far as I remember and I am 49 yrs old. Heaven forbid that we open a school for Muslim Koran. This really grinds my gears.

    1. Oh By the way, when I said that “They are Canadian and we teach this in our schools?” We teach Black history in grade school right up into high school. It’s a credit anyone can take for their curriculum if they so chose. SO THERE!

      1. Dam is that true? I believe there are already Muslim private schools. But I never heard of a all black school before. There is a lot of African canadians in the city of Toronto so i guess it’s a multicultural thing?

        Maybe this school will actually make a big impact on the black children that attend it. Maybe even house some scholars and very bright minds. Ya never know.

          1. I totally agree. Some years ago I was involved in a project where I had a lot of teacher interaction. I can guarantee I found no difference among the colors teaching me, mentoring me, and helping me achieve the best I could. None. My point is these little fucktards are choosing to be assholes, they choose to be a problem. Report the little assholes, one way trip, no return to any country but the country they came from. Let them rot.

          1. I’m not a fan of apartheid, but South Africa is being destroyed by blacks (ANC thugs) who are unfit to rule a cave much less a nation. Rampent crime, large influxes of criminals from Nigeria and elsewhere. Mandela wasca great man. Zuma is a kafir thug. SA was the jewel of Africa. RIP SA.

  3. I was at an appointment today and I was the only white person there (apart from some of the staff) anyway there was a bunch of very obese, very loud nigger females in the waiting room and gathered outside. I was on a sofa and ended up trapped between two of the woman who had great difficulty getting off the thing. Trouble is they both decided to get off at the same time so they leaned back, leaned forward and stood up. Errm I flew up because the sofa bounced and I ended up on the floor nursing a sore ass and my pride!

    1. Lol @gunkgirl Niggers have made many contributions to humanity. They gave us: Rap music, AIDS, Ebola, Cholera, Drugs, Boko Haram, Ghetto,
      Gang-rape, a new language, pants under their assess, wife-beatings, girlfriend-killings, lice-infested hair weaves, thug life and police murders. 😛

      1. Actually, things like AIDS and Boko Haram were “gifts” from the Jew. You need to quit being such a Jew puppet, cause it’s people like you that enable the Jew to import all this vermin into Europe. The vermin are the effect. The cause is the Jew. The effect will not go away if the cause is fostered.

      2. NSAIDS, steroids for asthma, really good surgeons. They make it a point to do better than others by choice. The last medical crisis I had is black. He did a great job on my son, he saved my life. I even got to keep my pierced belly button.
        They make the choice of being fucktards or doing better in their lives.
        It’s clear these little fucks are choosing a path of stupidity.

    2. Jesus if its a comment already about sending people in wild raptures I know it too well that gunkygirl isn’t far
      lol @ gunky tell me what did ya do next to get nursed and kick the shit outta those two who had the fucked up disdainful courage to make you land on the floor.
      gunky I KNOW you’re one smart arse who knows to joke like no other

  4. I swear if this happened to my little kid (11) I would be going to prison. I’m worried about him going to high school next year, he is very tall for his age, and he’s a little chubby. I’m worried that bullies will target him because they may want to ‘fight the big kid’ to get a tough reputation or whatever. He is a lot tougher than he looks though, he has a brown belt at his chosen martial art, so maybe the 5 years of training will be helpful? I have told him if anyone hits you, slaps you etc. you have my permission to smash their head in, unleash your tai jutsu training on their arses, don’t hold back, because I will be on your side, son.

    1. @tas-tiger I know exactly what you mean. My son was in a dilemma similar to that. He didn’t want to say anything for fear of being a tattle tale and was afraid to unleash because he didn’t want to get in trouble by me. I sat he down and gave him permission to kick this kid square in the nuts… and I would deal with the teachers and parents… well, he did… and, I did. No more problem.

      1. @blason, Good one! What worries me the most is the parents of some of the ‘bad’ kids, these parents don’t care about their own kids, let alone a problem I might have with one of them. There is no getting through to them. These kids come from drunken/drugged domestic violence in the home etc. it can turn them into bullies. I don’t really care, they bully my kid, there will be trouble. You have to fight them with what they know, and if that is violence, then so be it.

  5. Finish niggers Finished off a Finished Finish boy!!! Not long ago, this was happening in South Africa when the minority whites (we call them Boers) used to beat the shit out of the indigenous blacks (Bantu). What goes around, comes around.

    1. What you say is very true. I have been watching some documentaries on South Africa and the apartheid. Race will always be an issue regardless of who’s doing the wrong or the right. Anyways I love the fact that you always back up your people AA. It says a lot about you my friend.

      1. @african-angel is awesome. She’s one of the real women of Best Gore – despite being a woman, she’s never spewed any of that feminist bullshit we hear the entitled class spew ad nauseum, and has never joined in the feminist circle jerk clique that is so prominent on BG. But that’s probably because she’s not a single mother, which seems to be a precondition to being an entitle femicunt.

        I agree with @african-angel that the Boer were responsible for a lot of mistreatment of the indigenous population, but they are incomparable with the immigrants to Europe. The Boer were responsible for upgrading South Africa from a backwood dunkhole, to a fairly modern society. The immigrants in Europe however assist nothing to the society’s progress, and if anything, hold it back. The Boer brought a lot of bad, but also a lot of good with them. The immigrants to Europe bring exclusively the bad. No European country that’s overrun by them benefits. They only suffer more than they had without them.

        1. Feminism is believing in equal rights so that makes me a feminist as well as many other members. Feminazis are women that take everything to the extreme and believe a woman is always the victim, can never be wrong and take advantage of the fact that they’re female. The latter is a problem and I don’t believe any frequent female members are like that on this site.

          1. When did feminnazi be a part of this racial thread lol.

            To be honest I haven’t even met one feminnazi in my entire life. Ya there is proud women and I tip my hat off to them. Women should be proud of who they are, as should men. We are all equal in that sense.

          2. Exactly @LF. If standing up for yourself especially to another woman or when it comes to a man beating the shit out of you makes you a feminist then yup, I’ll gladly be one. There are no “feminazis” that are regular commenters on this site. None of these girls act superior. There are girls that aren’t afraid to speak their minds anymore.

          3. what i dont agree with is women in prominent positions in leading countries/governments. having women with their emotional thinking logic is destroying europe. its literally crumbling beacsue of women and their softly softly approaches to situations. its men who have built up civilizations over thousands of years and for women just to jump in the last 20/30 years has caused so much decay. you simply cant grasp that immigrants in huge numbers will destroy europe and there will be bloodshed in the future. all i see is the female politicians with the same rhetoric that they need to be looked after and war is the cause of all their suffering and we must save them. they refuse to see that in the future an even bigger war wil break out. women just dont have logical scientific brains. that area of their brain just doesnt function like a man’s.

        2. @acneska, sure the Boers did brought massive development to South Africa of which many African countries are benefiting from. They have been in Africa since the Jan van Riebeek time i.e. 1652 and they are fully entitled to be called indigenous white South African. Only a few took advantage of their superiority and mistreated some blacks. That’s the reason why apartheid was introduced; barely to protect the interest of the blacks but it turned out to be the worst. The reasons why blacks were mistreated is that the wanted to reap where they did not sow. Up to date, alot of blacks just wander in the streets committing all sorts of crimes.

          1. We don’t need an apartheid, nor do we need slavery (which already existed amongst negroes even before we arrived there, not to mention we did liberate the slaves, whilst slavery is still existent in Africa). What we need is to kick all of the negroes here in Europe back to the continent they can’t develop, get our people out of that underdeveloped shithole, and let the negroes figure out how to combat starvation and develop their countries, just like we did here.

            Doesn’t it sound wonderful?

          2. Agony is thinking and believing that you are a white dude when you are actually an Arab, a sand nigger for that matter! What’s up @theportuguesedude my sand nigger? Moroccans, Algerians and Tunisians are not different from Portuguese only religion and language separates you niggers.

            Doesn?t it sound far much wonderful bitch?

          3. North Africans are far more developed and civilized than sub-saharans. Can’t counter-argument what I just wrote? Yeah, negroes should all be expelled and go back to their wonderful violence, disease and poverty filled continent. Who knows, maybe they’ll join efforts and develop Africa, once and for all.

            It sounds much more delightful, my mud-skinned friend.

          1. I may be an author here but I still have every single right to express myself in the way I wish. My opinions aren’t necessarily that of the other authors, since we are all autonomous and critical thinking individuals. I want the negroes to go back to their big continent so they won’t experience our awful racism, intolerance. Over there is where they belong and where they prosper, where they live at peace amongst their kin, is it not? See, I actually want the best for the negroes.

            Arabs at least built civilizations and invented stuff negroes can only dream of. They may be brainwashed by Islam now, but they have enough capabilities to have a civilized society if they wish. Negroes, on the other hand, stopped in the evolutionary ladder. Your people are way behind whites, asians and arabs. Truth hurts, uh?

        3. Hey @theportuguesedude it’s high time you leave me alone sucker. If you’ve got nothing to do go to hell and scratch your shrink balls and never forget to jerk your tiny dick. Enough is enough. Am right now gathering something to be posted to keep the site running asshole. Just get the sense of humour and fuck off my from my comments. What the hell that have wronged you to be treated like this? Eieesh need a break from you motherfucker

    2. @African Angel,

      Justifying black violence against Finnish people because of how the Boers treated them is a bit like the Jews justifying violence against the Palestinians because of how the Germans treated them.

      We have no idea where the little golliwog came from, he could have come from any number of African countries that were never colonised by ?ebil wite debils? nor had seen slavery.

      What we have here then is simply a story about a new arrival(the immigrant) mistreating the indigenous population of it?s new host country. To use your own analogy then, this black kid is not being influenced by the behaviour of the Boer, he is the Boer for all purposes and intent.

      What goes around, comes around indeed.

        1. Get over it,ye can’t because ye don’t want to,its a crutch to lean on when things don’t go yer way.its the whites fault I have to shave my head because they laugh at my pubic hair on my head,it’s the whites fault I raped everyone lol because a white man made me such his dick for 10cent lol

  6. Little fuckin whimp,If that was my kid and I saw that video he would get 10 times worse off me,in front of the little blacks,then I’d send some druggies to the blacks house to terroris them for few hundred euros,I’d make sure it wouldn’t happen again,white people can be very annoying,Odin.

  7. Not all the Eurpeans are passive like this. In the Balkan nations like Serbia and Greece these Islamic vermin don’t get away with these things. They pound on them. Look at videos from Xrysi Avgi in Athens, and see what we do to these fucks. That’s why they don’t want to stay in Greece besides the fact that there is little opportunity for them. Greeks, Serbs and Russians do not take this shit. They just kick their heads in like they deserve and then they are quiet like sheep. Read up on what happened in Russia when Norway let these vermin cross the Russian border. The Russians almost killed a group of 200 of them. They were even lucky that they were allowed to go to the hospital.?
    Europe take your head out of your ass & wake the fuck up!!!

    1. Ya boozer I seen that man,I was watching too much YouTube of Europe being over ran and rapes and attacks,I said this can’t be fuckin right,I started looking for news where they were getting there heads kicked in and Europeans fighting back,a pack of scum cowards, a ruthless death squad is what’s needed in Europe,fact.

  8. Also these are kids as well. And we all know how a child’s mentality is, so we can all chill with the racist bullshitery around here lol. There are Africans and there are niggers. Niggers come in all races. Heck I see a lot of Asian wanna be niggers in my travels all the time. I consider them niggers just the same. They act like em, talk like em, walk like em.

    1. I agree with you about the niggers thing, my chinky eyed brother. We have these kids around here who cause nothing but trouble and acting like they’re thugs or, what you said, ‘wannabe niggers.’ Doesn’t really matter which race you’re on, I think. Schoolyard bullshit like this happens a lot.

    2. So what your saying is that there is no difference between a Germany Shepherd dog and a Mongrel mut,it’s in the raring,bull shit,it’s there nature to be like that,I don’t no any Irish niggers,only Irish poor or rich,that’s it.

          1. And there was me thinking white people like to get high and drink and talk shit, fuck Im a nigger,I always new I had an above average dick,I’m heart broken,I’m a nigger,Jesus,African angel,fuck them white pink girly men,open your black ass,I’m coming home…

      1. Thank you my dear goy 😉

        It is great to be back. I am also ecstatic that the BG profile updates have fully taken place! I can now receive notifications and respond every time someone believes that I am a Chosen Jewess beauty from Israel!

  9. Bullying is going to happen no matter what we do. I don’t think this was about race at all. I think this was just kids being kids. We need to teach our kids to stand up for themselves. If that was my kid I’d send him back to school the next day and tell him to chop that kid right in the throat, poke his eyes out then kick him right in the knee cap. You can’t breath you can’t fight, you can’t see you can’t fight and if you can’t walk you can’t fight. That bully will get what’s coming to him. I was bullied when I was a kid, I went home told my dad and he gave me permission to whoop his ass. I went back to school the next day, the kid tried bullying me, I punched his front teeth down his throat, he never bullied me again.

  10. I was led to understand that the Finnish take their ice hockey as seriously as Canadians. Perhaps someone should have thrown the Finnish kid a hockey stick. He wouldn’t be bothered like that again.

  11. We’ve had a similar incident recently over here in Portugal. A restaurant owner was attacked by negroes for refusing to open his restaurant earlier to serve them. It was all filmed. And what is cringe-worthy is to see the mainstream media trying to put a blanket over the situation, claiming the “young innocent boys” suffered racism, since, because they are negroes, they deserve a special treatment.

    These attacks need to occur more often. Maybe they’ll strip to apathy and compassion stricken Europeans out of their foundations.

      1. Cmon guys lets end this racial bickering between the both of ya please? You both are well like and respected authors of BG. I am friends with the both of you and don’t like to see you too bicker about race. I’m Asian so maybe you guys can call me a chink or whatever to release some of your tension. Fyi i could care less bout what you think of me or call me that’s why shoot away lol.

          1. @fightingirish16

            You kill me man lol. The things you say are original. I don’t think that you think before you type sometimes. Either way it over. I just wanted to lighten up everyone mood a little, hence why I said make fun of me. Comprehend that? Lolol

  12. Like the ” Zionists”…
    You all and aspecialy you dont want to learn your lesson…
    Stop blame us in israel beeing murders or curapted like you say all time..
    Europe for last few years started to feel what we feel in day life in our streets , if you have any complaning it can be directed only to goverment that even i never felt belong to….but if my country will fall……you…europe and america will fall down allso and not after long time..
    You dont know what is the word zaionist…. One day when it will be to late for you all then you will understand…

    1. Sorry for asking but I didn’t really understand what you wrote sir. Are you Jewish and saying that if your country falls, so will the rest of the other main countries? Just had to ask since I’m curious as to your response. Thank you in advance.

      1. Dont be sorry for ask..
        I m from isr and not religuse..
        And yes…israel is far from you..but we are the gate to for all west..i say that couse i think its all shuld brake does busterds heads to shit..
        If somthing like that will happen here…that whats gona all say bad about us ..
        Our securty services are helping you all time to prevent terror attacks, your national gurds goin to isr to train, your countrys buying military systems from isr to fight terror…
        And again yes…if isr will fall…your all west world will go to mey be sounds rediquless….but i dont wish you a chance to find out..

  13. You gotta love that multiculturalism.
    I bet this video makes everyone wanna move to the ghetto because they wanna experience this cultural vibrancy themselves.
    Oh, was that a racism I just said?

    BTW, if ANY of you don’t like the word nigger, spic, kike, wop, chink, beaner and cracker, click the puppy if you’re that easily offended.


      1. Fuck that,say what you mean and mean what you say,you change your mind like the weather man, you get offended by racist talk,then you don’t,then you do, brother this, I love you that, man stick to your guns and fuck it,and fuck offending people or not, it’s fuckin easy to Sit on a fence an see how everything plays out isn’t it.

        1. Was that directed at me man? Man seriously you are on one buds. Somehow you have this sense God given knowledge about me. I don’t sit on any fence period. If I find whoever comments offensive, I call them out on it period. I call people who I like bro but never have said I love you and this and that. You need to stop being a passive aggressive person and actually prove to me and all the members what you see. Facts matter talk doesn’t, Remember that

      2. Chink is sooo funny. How come nobody calls us yellow anymore? 🙁 I am sad. And nobody does Asian impressions. I love those.

        To be honest with you, G, I don’t know more than half of those words you said.

          1. I’m Vietnamese so I’ll help you with some more.

            ” u have change? Lo prolom”

            “By 1 get ze Oder Haf Off ”

            Lol i could go on. It’s funny to hear fobby Viet people talk period.

          2. @staciejaxx These Latino dudes in the 7/11 asked the Asian guy at the counter how much a 40 oz. cost, so he asks ” * Whistles first* Hey, Chino, how much” oh man, that Asian guy almost yelled “I no Chinese, I KOREAN! The whole damn store busted up laughing.
            @yournextexgirlfriendxo You mean those little massage parlors with those cute Asian women that do the hour long session for just $45? No, I’ve never been in one.

          3. @re-pete lmao that would be quite funny man. I never run into shit like that at all. But around here most convenience stores are owned by Koreans. Here Im vancity there is a big population of them as well.

          4. @re-pete

            ” I fon polite wite nao I no jokking ”

            ” fk ya madder n fk you fadder”

            Lmao this reminds me of the Vietnamese prank calls on YouTube.

          5. @gstarraw I feel bad for saying this, but there’s nothing funnier than hearing a pissed off older Asian man yelling at somebody in English. Like in Rush Hour, “I’m know punk beetch”

          6. I think we talk different.

            Grammar on English is not importance because what has important is people understands thanks. – Filipino or Carabao English hahaha

          7. @re-pete

            No worries my friend. Shit I even crack up at that shit.

            I even pretend to be hitler and salute and mimick speaking German just to piss off my women from time to time.

            A life without laughter is a life not worth living my friend.

          8. The Thai lady’s know a bit of English, such as “you wan’ sucky, sucky?” Which generally means “do you want a blow-job?” 😆

      1. @yournextexgirlfriendxo,
        one little, two little, three little Indians
        four little, five little, six little Indians,
        seven little, eight little, nine little Indians,
        ten little Indian boys!

        I hope you have heard this little poem before, my dear Nextie, so you know the tune to ‘sing’ it to! xx Also I hope it is not offensive in any way?

  14. the backlash in europe is going to be like nothing nobody has ever seen.when it finally goes off the earth is going to shake. these vermin are going to get dealt with and dealt with proper. the hatred that is built up for what what has happened to europe is unreal. it will all pour out someday and if your not european and you get slaughtered i can only say you deserved it. for coming into our lands and disrespecting us like this.

    1. No man we are fucked,too many intertwined interbreeding families,you can’t watch an add on the TV now about getting a loan from the bank or whatever and it’s a black nigger man with a white women with mixed race off spring, it’s all planned subliminal shit to the masses that this is the future and the best way to get on In life,it shows that our own government is behind it,a major plan of anti white destruction is in motion and it’s being sped up fast.

      1. when it goes off i want to unite all of europe and its indigenous people. i want us all backing each other. if it comes to it we have russia poland france germany we will all unite and work together i just know it. i event think americans would come to europe and help us wipe them out. they dont stand a chance. they have zero military might and zero weapons except the odd ak47 they sneak in from the middle east. if it comes to civil wars across europe they will lose and lose so badly the world will never forget it. immigration will cease altogether after it because of the fear of it happening again. and yeah i know what you mean adverts are riddled with the black guy white woman and it always shows them grinning from ear to ear, pure indoctrination. russia and poland hate these fuckers and we should have hated them too.

  15. you know as kids the schools i went to had half the kids from a half decent area and then there were us kids from the rough as fuck area and everybody knew we didnt have it good (2 parent familys etc) like the ‘decent’ kids. we figured out early on they were shit scared of us and we knew it. we could have terrorised some of these kids. but we didnt do any kind of that shit. some of them got it sometimes but thats because they called us derogatory names concerning our under priveleged background. but on the whole we showed respect and respect was shown back and some friendships were formed. these mud fucks are showing no respect whatsoever if they did shit like this back then and it was spotted they would have been beaten to a pulp within minutes. the cheek of these little invaders one day they are going to wish they never come to europe.

      1. you know how estates are split in the uk especially northern like manchester and liverpool. and i meant what i said because they wouldnt even dare come near where we lived. but we didnt bust them up at school we chilled and they did. its called mutual respect. it could have been worse though we could have been raised in glasgow, now that is one place that will NEVER take shit from anyone. them boys are just too knife and machete happy for anybody to invade and take the piss.

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