Foreigners Scare Police to Help Immigrants in South Africa

Foreigners Scare Police to Help Immigrants in South Africa

Foreigners Scare Police to Help Immigrants in South Africa

In South Africa, foreigners take action against the police who are too afraid to help the often legitimate immigrants who are being burnt and murdered left right and centre.

As usual, the valid anger the local population has is not being put on the government that they keep voting in, but rather fellow Africans who are just trying to survive on the same godforsaken continent.

Props to anonymous Best Gore member who wrote description and for the video:

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  1. @seraphim-serenata I disagree with you on this one.

    We live in areas of limited resources. Be it work opportunities, housing availability or any other factor related to survival and betterment and since life is a competition in every single aspect people naturally attempt to keep the competition to a sustainable and survivable level.

    Look at Europe. The EU Free Movement Act put into practice an unlimited movement of cheap(slave) labour from one country to the next and the end result was that all the western European countries and their native working class citizens got out-competed by the poorer migrating people willing to work for peanuts because the cost of living differences between them translated to a gain for them once that money was sent back home.

    It also lowered wage levels and living standards for all working class people within western Europe as a result of the over supply of labour vs the demand for it. Not to mention buckling the state infrastructure because the state cannot maintain, build or prepare for numbers unknown to them thus opportunities dwindled and waiting times for services shot through roof and hatred of outsiders increased day by day until it became part of the character.

    To conclude. Uncontrolled immigration undermined and decayed western Europe because it forced upon them unlimited numbers for limited resources and Africa is no different. You cannot have Africans from all over descending upon single African areas and for much the same reasons as above.

    Human beings are tribal creatures after all. They will hate and attack any and all threats to their daily survival and continued betterment regardless of race or geological location.

    1. I just think white people forgot to be tribal. I think we were too busy going to work and earning a living. We are being reminded that we have enemies who want to kill us and they will succeed until we form grouups and start fighting back…which in fairness is happening. With the british stitch up of brexit we will see whether those groups form a strong alliance or fall.
      I agree nems, we need to do some lynching

      1. Whites have always been tribal but after years of not having any external enemies to fight they turn that tribalism towards each other and splinter off into political and social tribes from which to do battle and the Brexit vote itself is an extension of that tribalism.

        The main kicker here though is that democracy dies if the Brexit gets killed because the Brexit came about via a democratically held vote with the wording being that the government would carry out the result whatever it may be and so the majority of the voters selected Brexit, 17.5 million them, and then article 50 was activated thus making the Brexit legally binding.

        If Brexit is stopped it makes all future voting pointless because it sets the precedent that the majority voice can be ignored and that a small ruling class can override you at every turn.

        To quote John F Kennedy,

        “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable“.

        Make no mistake, stopping Brexit at this point will drive tens of millions of people into the hands of the far-right and violence will become the first resort not the last.

        1. @empty-soul yes that makes sense. With no enemies we became complacent. No need to build those forts and stand guard, to teach our young to watch out for the enemy. The referendum has opened our eyes. I hope tens of millions will turn on government. I hope and yearn to see the leaders strung up in the streets. If we can’t have a fair and democratic system we may as well die fighting for it. They’ve been sneering down at us for years and we’ve tried to turn it around via the ballot box. With every election and the referendum we hoped for change. Now there is still no change. One thing must be clear even to the remainers. They have revealed themselves to be dictators and it’s in your face blatant lies.

          1. @vileness

            The funniest thing about remainers is their complete lack of hindsight and accountability. You hear them scream “you’re destroying my children’s future and lives” all the time and yet they did the exact same thing to the indigenous working class when they decided to vote for open borders and mass migration.

            Working class kids leave education and go straight on the dole nowadays because there are no work opportunities left for them. I even have many old friends I have known for years who have years of work experience behind them and they can’t get jobs anymore either because millions of Eastern Europeans are competing against them.

            The above is why the threats against the working class Brexit voters by the fear mongering remainers doesn’t work because you can’t threaten people with things they have already lost.

            The Brexit wouldn’t be happening right now if mass uncontrolled immigration had never been allowed and anyway the old immigration system we had worked just fine and kept the levels to a sustainable number but lets be honest here they brought in mass uncontrolled immigration on purpose to undermine the indigenous working classes and create a new slave class.

            The remainers and Brexit voters are in a cold war state right now and both sides despise each other with a passion so if the plug does get pulled on Brexit we will probably see a civil war of sorts take place with lots of violence on both sides.

            I say bring it on though. I will gladly watch this country burn to the ground rather than be dictated to by the minority.

        1. lol i’ve done that myself, sometimes i log in and find i’ve made a number of comments that i don’t remember making. It’s good to have a record of drunken comments though and it beats waking up next to the local bike.

  2. The current situation in South Africa will completely embarrass western mainstream media, cause it does not fit and actually disrupts leftist ideological agenda. In South Africa, black south africans are asking for control and limitations on black illegal immigration from other african countries. Black south africans are reacting violently against illegal black migrants from other African countries, saying they come to south africa to parasite their state and take their work opportunities. There have been violent attacks perpetrated by black south africans against illegal migrants from Nigeria and Zimbabwe, a real wave of black on black xenophobia.
    I will really like to see what the mainstream media will have to say about this, cause msm media always said xenophobia was a disgraceful trait found only in racist white people. It seems to me that xenophobia is an instinctive universal trait of human nature.

      1. @vileness actually it has always been like that. A lot of people blame whites for slavery despite the fact that whites didn’t invent slavery, they ENDED it. Slavery is as old as civilization itself. Africans started slavery way way back. The Barbary slave trade was the longest running and most brutal trade in the history of mankind and those who were enslaved were Europeans. Not hundreds but millions of people. Later, it was STILL Africans doing the slave trading only it was rich Africans capturing and selling poor Africans during colonialism and in fact during that time most slaves went to South America. Not The US. Less than 2% of Americans ever owned slaves and of that 2% were also wealthy black African merchants and royalty who owned plantations in America as well and were reported as treating their slaves far worse than their white counterparts but that’s not hard to imagine considering how blacks treat each other now of days. Most Americans couldn’t afford slaves especially black slaves who were far more expensive than the Irish. And no, they weren’t indentured servants. They were cotton picking no wage getting slaves just like the negroes. I’ve always found it hilarious that white people take responsibility for the “horrors” of something they actually abolished and didn’t invent. I never understood it, but white people are really weak, shamelessly weak it seems. We are the only race that will allow ourselves to be guilted into the cucked state we are in while other races respond to the horrors they are responsible for with a “yeah so” or outright denial. I wish I could understand this mentality. Maybe then it wouldn’t be so depressing. Maybes it’s the only way for some white people to maintain their feelings of superiority like, I come from a powerful people, look at all the destruction we’ve caused, but I’m super virtuous because I feel bad about it even though I don’t have anything to do with it. Idk just doesn’t make any logical sense. But yeah, blacks have always been brutal and violent towards each other.

        1. I think i need to phrase my comments better Agatha. let me explain, quote
          “like i’ve always said, black people are the most racist on the planet…well not always but for many years now anyway”
          When i said “not always” i meant i haven’t always said it not that blacks haven’t always been racist.
          They have always been racist but the pakis are too. We need to start using that racism and turning them against each other (blacks agains pakis) instead of continuosly being on the back foot defending ourselves against claims of racism. i agee with everything you said apart from “white people are really weak” That’s not true. Blacks will only fight if they have the upper hand, pakis too. A black will fight an old white man or a mentally disabled kid, beat him and claim whites can’t fight.

          1. @vileness No no. I don’t mean weak physically and I don’t mean all white people. I should have worded that better myself since I hate it when others over-generalize. A significant number of white people are intellectually and emotionally weak which is why so many of them allow themselves to be guilted into being cucks over historical episodes of “crimes against humanity” perpetrated by their race while other races have committed far worse atrocities and simply don’t care, justify it, or outright deny it. This weakness is also why only so-called white countries have been forced or allowed themselves to be forced into participating in the social experiment known as “multiculturalism” while the rest of the world stays exempt. For example, why aren’t the Japanese forced to take in Muzzies? It’s because they have strict immigration laws. If you’re not a contributing member of society, you get ejected back to your country. Simple as that. Nobody says anything about it. Why aren’t the Muslim “refugees” being hosted in wealthy Muslim countries like Qatar or United Emirates? Those places are certainly richer and far closer to Iran/Iraq et al than Sweden ffs. Because they don’t want trash in their countries and they don’t care what anyone thinks about them not wanting trash in their countries. Why are Middle Easterners allowed to come into our countries freely and without proper documentation but we can’t step foot into their countries without proper documentation as well as strict adherence to their laws? They can come into our countries, fully graying bearded men claiming to be teens and going to school with our 13 year olds, leech off our government, force us to accept their pedo marriage customs even though they are against our laws, rape our women and girls … and goats (literally; happens where I live in Europe all the time) , commit other crimes, serve very little time in prison (rape and murder = 6 years here), and then continue leeching off the government all while looking down on our culture with pure hatred and resentment like we deserve this for being filthy infidels. That is fucking crazy and that only happens in so-called white countries because a significant number of whites are weak willed and easily brainwashed into feeling guilt over things they had no part in. Sorry for the novel. Most people don’t like to read which sucks because I like to write. In response to your other comment, I can assure you that I have never posted here ever in my life before a few days ago. Yes, my account is new but I have been visiting best gore for many years. I usually only come here when I’m looking for something specific (like the two dumb blondes who got themselves beheaded in Morocco) because this shit puts me in a foul mood and the comments are almost as bad as the videos featured; just human sludge getting off on the pain and suffering of human sludge. I’m not sure why I’ve started commenting here. I guess I’m just that bored or disgusted or both which doesn’t speak well for me. I guess I thought I’d be able to make comments that don’t support the status quo without the fear of being banned, but I have little hope of that since comments are actually moderated here which is ironic given the site’s claims in supporting free speech. We will see how long I last. Probably not long. Truth hurts and people hate hearing/reading it, but I promise you that we have never met before. Trust me on that especially. I don’t know. Maybe visiting this site too much makes people paranoid and triggy? Seems like you got a little salty over my last comment. I mean, go MGTOW and blame ALL women for your own shitty choices in life all you want. I’m just saying that you’re not helping anyone including yourself and you’re no better than those crazy harpies who blame ALL men for the experiences in their life when ALL men aren’t the issue. It’s women who make horrible choices in the men they choose to associate with that are the real problem. These idiots chase “bad boys” and then wonder why they’re “unlucky in love” and men are such jerks. You kiddin’ me? What did these women expect would happen? I guess it’s beyond their level of comprehension skills to, you know, not associate with shitty people who have no substance. Anyway, you can’t control other people’s behavior but you CAN control who you choose to hang out with. Also, white people are already SO divided. Splintering off into these “marginalized” activist groups is only making things worse. How did we get this self-destructive. Oh that’s right. Identity politics and the leftist agenda pushing entertainment industry. Men and women need each other. White men and women especially because our tribe is the least cohesive right now. You seem intelligent enough so I’m sure you know about “cultural relativism”. Well, activist groups are the driving force these days and it’s killing us. Making us ripe for a take over. Everything that was created by generations of white men is being destroyed and we are being made to believe that we deserve it. We’ve seen it happen to so many great nations throughout history. Anyway, sorry if I came off preachy and I’m sorry for the novel but I’ve seen some PhD level thesis’ written here and I guess I have as much right as any to say my peace. I’ll just move along 🙂

  3. When you have a majority-black population/government this is what will inevitably transpire.

    I only wish that the population of Europe/the West would show similar urgency with dealing with their own malicious interlopers.

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