Georgia Mother Fatally Drops Baby during Altercation CCTV

Georgia Mother Fatally Drops Baby during Altercation CCTV

Georgia Mother Fatally Drops Baby during Altercation CCTV

In Moultrie, Georgia, on Friday July 19th, 26-year-old Karen Lashun Harrison gets into an argument with another woman outside of a beauty supply store. She is seen standing in the parking lot, holding her 3-month-old baby, having a heated discussion, like the trash that she is. There is no telling what they are talking about but the unidentified woman is clearly tired of hearing her shit talk and whacks her in the face with a bag of goodies she had probably just purchased. Immediately, all hell, and beauty supplies, breaks loose. The altercation gets physical and the baby is what some would say “dropped”. The two women continue to fight, completely having forgotten about the child, that now lays on the hard pavement. Bystanders try and break up the fight, and pick up the injured baby.

The mother of the child, not surprisingly, tries to save herself and takes her child to the hospital, not after the incident, but the next day. And instead of showing guilt or remorse, she blames it on someone else, trying to cover it up as an accident, telling the police that the baby fell from Carneata Clark’s arms, a family friend. The child dies due to brain injuries and Harrison is charged with felony murder, cruelty to children and simple battery. Clark, who corroborates the story, is charged with false statements and obstruction of an officer.

How could one be so careless while holding a baby, especially their own. At the very least now the baby doesn’t have to grow up with such a terrible mother and probably having a ridiculous name, like Carneata.

Props to bestgore member @african-angel for the video:

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    ‘At the very least now the baby doesn’t have to grow up with such a terrible mother and probably having a ridiculous name, like Carneata’ – couldn’t have said it better myself love

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      Mugshots 2:36
      More detailed background on the altercation. Video poster in above link is a fucking clown trying to sell shirts, so I’ll save you the pain of watching the video by summarizing.

      Harrison and Clark were close friends a year be4 the altercation, but Harrison was secretly porking Clarks man. Harrison ended up getting pregnant, and the two former friends declared their peoples sacred “on sight” status. For those ignorant to negroid jargon it basically means, the next time they met they would both unleash their inner chimp no matter the situation or circumstances. They ended up meeting in some plaza in front a beauty supply store, insults are thrown, chests are puffed, and shamoo sheboon strikes the less dominant chimp with a bag of discount beauty supplies. They begin to do the weave tango, which is where the Harrison either forgets she is holding her child or (more likely) prioritizes pulling on her rival tribesman’s weave instead of holding onto her niglet. The boyfriend attempts to keep his hoes in check, and some nearby mexicans push away the ball of monkeys in an attempt to save said niglet from being trampled by his parents and aunt. As op stated instead of going to the hospital immedialty she and clark combined their single braincells together in order to come up with a full proof get out of jail dindu nuffin tale… They told the police Clark accidently dropped her out of her arms in Harrisons house (slow clap). Mother sheboon was charged with felony murder, cruelty to children and simple battery. Shamoo sheboon is charged with false statements and obstruction of an officer (for corroborating mothersheboons story).

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  2. A rare fumble from Bacteriasis Jackson. That’ll cost her thousands in welfare payouts.
    At least the child won’t grow up and be some type of criminal or home wrecker. So…that’s good.

      1. Ha. I remember that episode.
        Being a college football enthusiast, I can tell you that the names really are that ridiculous. Hydromarsuphious, Ndomican, Tron and cannot forget Tyrod. Tyrod’s mama worked at Auto Zone I’m guessing.

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  10. Should have thrown a bucket of Chicken Wings and a bunch of Bananas to distract them just before the action kicked off. She’d still have dropped the baby to snatch the food though.

    It’s a lose = lose situation.

    1. Unfortunately your proposed resolution works on the premise that a black person would relinquish their fried chicken in order to avoid a violent altercation. They won’t.

      Chances are had the chicken wings been tossed forward like a deep fried hand grenade dipped in hot sauce the black child itself would have leapt from her arms and into its path like a cricket fielder trying to score an out.

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        I agree the fight instinct in the she-boon species would still be there after the food had been gorged for I feel strongly it would be eaten as them mamas wouldn’t want to waste a mouthful. However, I do think the addition of chicken grease all over their hands, forearms and bitey mouths would make the subsequent fighting very, very funny. Think also of the additional comedy factor which the discarded slippery banana skins and greasy slabs of chewed chicken skin and fatty gristled bones would add to the fight scene. It would be like a kinda Buster Keaton slapstick fought in blackface between a land-whale and a swamp donkey. On ice.

        I actually think one of the enraged she-boons actually stands on the child’s head in the clip.

        1. @lord-wankdust

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