Girl Assaults Guy on Road, Guy Retaliates and Knocks Her Out

Girl Assaults Guy on Road, Guy Retaliates and Knocks Her Out

Girl Assaults Guy on Road, Guy Retaliates and Knocks Her Out

I don’t have any backinfo on the video, but it could be from China.

The video shows an altercation on a public road at night between a girl dressed up to slut it out in high heels and miniskirt, and a guy. The girl, relying on her pussy pass, assaults the guy. The guy retaliates and knocks the girl out.

Her pussy pass was denied, but to kick a person who’s out cold is low. She should have stayed in the kitchen, and the guy needs a lesson in not beating on someone who’s already lost.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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63 thoughts on “Girl Assaults Guy on Road, Guy Retaliates and Knocks Her Out”

  1. I’m all for defending the fact that girls feel they automatically have a rightful pussy pass no matter what they do. It’s irritating in life and truly fucks me off. When I see a girl hit a guy, I feel the urge within me to want the guy to hit her back just cause he should. Gender equality and all that. For the most part I back what you say about all of the above, but saying she deserves to be in the kitchen is a little misogynistic more than I care to support. Otherwise, bravo.

      1. HARRO!! yourself, @illegalsmile55
        Sorry for off-topic.
        I knew that that certain comment from our “good BG brother” a little while ago must have hurt.
        What kind of arsehole could possibly see/excuse that as a joke?
        You are a tough lass, and need no defending. And I would not presume to do such. This comment is not to defend, it is to show solidarity.
        Before i say more, just let me say this directly to you mate. EVERYONE here who knows you even a little, knows that you work very hard to make a life for yourself, and would do nothing less than this. What you have, you have worked for -and we all know that this is not some “mouldy trailer” or whatever the fuckin”JOKE” stated. I will go no further into the vile accusations levelled [YET again] at you…. and done again to provoke reaction – as might a screaming, floor stomping child in a supermarket isle… just to get attention. Pathetic.
        I confidently speak for many, when i say you are a well thought of and well respected member of this site. I only hope that you are well aware of this… I know, its an obvious knock to the confidence when you have been ripped by some vile natured, lying, money motivated [“qualities” that are, ironically, much like the typical jew?], scheming, devious, foul mouthed member of this site.
        But please DO be aware of the fact that you are a valued member, and friend to very many.
        You are right. A friend would not say such things as were said in that comment [and many more]. And the bullshit excuse of joking is just that. Utter fucking Bullshit.
        Just like the 21st dec 2019 plasma attack.
        As far as that lying, creepy, gutless, abusive member is concerned – i have little left to say.
        Just know, that you have real friends here. And my getting to know you, something of your life, and career over the last few years – i would like to say that i very much admire you for the life you have made…by yourself… and for the person that you have come across as, to me.
        Please do not think im gushing, that really aint my style. And as i said, i just stand solid.
        Just saying as i see.
        hold your chin high girl, you have every right to.

  2. Who is this mother fucker who justifies every assault against women with his “pussy pass denied” remarks? I’d happily beat this coward to death and post the photos of his corpse on this very website. Is it the one who runs this website?

  3. Honestly not suprised she got hit. Violence isn’t the answer most of the time and itd be stupid to not expect violence back when you’re the one who instigated it in the first place. Though the kick and phone throw was really uncalled for. Why do I feel like he cheated on her though? If that’s the reality, then he really is scum but they should’ve just talked it out instead of throwing a fit In the middle of the street.

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