Girl Concerned with Her Hair Slapped Until She Cries

Girl Concerned with Her Hair Slapped Until She Cries

I have no idea what the hell is going on here. The first half of the video also has a very silent audio, making it even more difficult to determine what’s the skinny.

The video shows a young woman getting slapped mostly with light, open palm blows. Throughout the beating, she’s primarily concerned with her hair, and keeps fixing it over and over. Toward the end of the video, she appears to cry crocodile tears, but then the video ends, so we don’t get to know if it worked or not.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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        1. Lucy, where did you see this horse? I want to go stand at the same location. Maybe you’ll drive by again, but this time you’ll see my thingy hanging down like that and you won’t have to wonder what I’m thinking about. I’ll make it a point to let you know what I’m thinking about. Just mosey on over when you see me.

  1. They keep calling her a bitch and that she is loosened, but these are common insults that get meaninglessly thrown around in Brazil, and I didn’t hear them say what she’s done wrong. The woman you hear talking is her mother and she begs for them not to hit her daughter and says that she’s pregnant.

  2. Light open palmed blows? Get some glasses Vincit.

    Since we don’t know why those men are beating her, ya can’t really determine she’s getting a pussy pass, besides the fact that those are mostly NOT light, open palmed blows.

      1. I think the key thing in this comment is we don’t know why, could be just doing it for no reason but you can’t compare this to the prison shit, noone on the streets in brazil gets hacked up and made to eat themselves, this isn’t a prison and comparing to similar videos like this it was pretty average, I have seen men on here get just as little for theft, yet we don’t know what she did, if she did anything at all.

        1. The thing about Best Gore is that female privilege propaganda won’t go very far here, because on this site we have video evidence of reality. You may be used to getting away with societal misandry elsewhere, but here we have tons of videos proving what really goes on. What she got is a pussy pass. This is what happens to men in Brazil:

          1. “The thing about Best Gore is that female privilege propaganda won’t go very far here…” I actually just laughed. The amount of understatement is so great in that statement that it’s just a joke.

          2. But overall there are more videos of men and I don’t disagree women get off easy often in these countires but again I have no idea what this is about and again I have seen videos of men on here get of lightly as well, that is all I’m , plenty of women are raped and tortured and plenty of men have finger fingers chopped off. I come from Australia and feminism doesn’t get very far over here, men don’t care who you are here, they will still kick your ass if they’re pissed and I have and ways Ted guys using “you’re a girl” as an excuse not to hit me after telling me “I’d hit a guy if he said that”, I would dare them and when they I’d often win and sometimes lose but it me stronger. You think I care about female privilege? Well I don’t, I only care about true equality, where noone is judged based on race or sex and just what they themselves are like and they’re capabilities as a person. @happy I really do respect you and your opinion, I even agree but I also have opinions surrounding such, everyone is equally discriminated against at the end of the day.

        2. @behindthewalls There are plenty of videos on here with men getting their hands, fingers chopped off, Bones beaten to pulp, bullets fired in both of their palms, shame tattoos, knife in anus, beating heart ripped out and many more creative punishments. How many times have you seen women getting this type of treatment? So therefore, the comparison I made was on point. WOMEN GET PUSSY PASS in every situation.

          These were mere slaps and a couple of punches on the woman here. She lived, moreover, without any permanent body damage and who gives a damn about the “reason”? You can’t get answers to all of your questions.

          but some points that @undergroundweller mentioned were – The assaulters called her a bitch and whore. Also the woman’s mother was next to her, trying to get another pussy pass for her by stating that her daughter is pregnant.

          1. Yeah. Females even get pussy pass at work. In business and accounting, females are allowed to be a bit incompetent or temperamental without losing their job, Hehe lol. White knight prick bosses do some of the hard stuff only for them.

            Even in mixed gangs, we are only as strong as the weakest woman, meaning we can’t plan activities she doesn’t like. Whilst if a man doesn’t like it we just tell him to man the fuck up, and we do it anyway.

          1. Did someone just call me Old? Do I look old to you? No such thing as “too old”…not anymore…Viagra baby, I could be dead and I’ll still be hard for hours.

  3. Sounds like she fucked around and got pregnant. One of her boyfriends must have got angry. I don’t know why men spend time worrying about women like this, they are a dime a dozen. Get another girlfriend and let them live the shitty single mom life having a baby with Mr. Neck Tattoo. They’ll be trying to locate a walking wallet to finance it all for the rest of their lives, end of story.

  4. Hard to understand what they’re saying. At 0:36 the gay at right says she’s “barefaced”(safada). At the end the gay at right says something like that:
    – “This here is stolen”.
    Maybe the woman used to steal things in some place and the people there got enough and decided to punish her.

  5. I thought that was the brothers or boyfriends slapping her because they may have heard that she was seen with another guy in a compromising situation.

    What a bunch of pussy motherfuckers. Bet anything the girl was to retaliate she would probably knock those punks out.
    WTF is wrong with mom??, not going after those fuckers with a bat or something for hitting her daughter. And wtf is dad??
    Somebody slapped my daughter like that, it would be the very last thing that they did.
    Even if it wasn’t my daughter, even if it just happened that I was around and witnesses this shit, I would definitely put hands on this bastardos. Dont give a fuck what the girl may have or have not done.

      1. Damn cindyb, I liked you from the first time I read your comments. Because you’re my kind of gal. Keeping the dinner on the stove until I get home. Because you know I take care of things and you get the fruits of my labor. And I don’t mind keeping a princess at all. I’ll always come home to one of them.

    1. Yeah. I have a few rattan canes, a riders crop, a leather tawse and a flagellum. It’s good for when you have a woman bent over a table. I’d give her 100 on the bum lol.

      I think she would enjoy this punishment a lot more

  6. long live BG. “Our civilization will sink to a state like that which is found among the bees, ants and other insects—a state wherein the male is ruthlessly killed off,” Tesla said. “In this matriarchal empire which will be established the female rules. As the female predominates, the males are at her mercy.

  7. I think that those guys were her hair stylists. They were trying to arrange her hair one way, but she refused their suggestions and kept arranging her hair in another way. Finally they settle on a style ‘The Beaten Ho look’. Very popular in Brazil.

  8. It appears that the girl has betrayed her boyfriend ou husband, they did not specified this, or she is just a slut, as the guy who was recording said: “É safada mesmo, é safada. É sua filha mas é safada.”, which means something like…: “She’s a slut. She is your daughter but is a slut.”
    The older woman next to them, that could be her mother, tries to stop them, and she said something about the girl being pregnant, but i’m not so sure about that.

    Just a brazilian boy trying to help. With a shitty english.

      1. “safada” or “safado” in Mexico means somebody that is not at all there.
        A looney, crazy one, insane, 51/50.
        it associates with the English word loose as in loosen and it means that you got screws that are loose in your brain and need to be tighten.

  9. All I ask is what did the fuckers get out of throwing punches at the girl .
    Was she any match against the rogues . The vermins should have met their own match .
    She seemed like a good chick .Umm … I would have pardoned her for all her follies just looking at her cleavage.
    Why don’t these Brazilian scum bags think of the other ways of reprimanding rather than handle man or woman as they please

    1. @haydolf_hittler

      She WAS given major pussy pass.
      Just look at the guy on the left administering the slapping. He knew he was hitting a girl. Those were just nancy bitch-slaps she got. Hesitant. Slow. Measured. Almost forgiving.

      If he was to do the equivalent thing on a guy like me, my nose would have been broken and I’d probably be hit with wooden planks with a rusty nail in them and probably had a few teeth chipped and my clothes would be far torn. And I’d probably have my hands tied so I couldn’t deflect punches with my forearms.

  10. Here in Brazil when a girl who lives in favela betray a guy from a faction by other from another, this is the treatment that she will get, it’s normal. And btw, this is nothing in comparison of what happen to the girls in these cases. xD

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