Girl Culturally Enriched by Pair of Black Men with Stomps and Kicks

Girl Culturally Enriched by Pair of Black Men with Stomps and Kicks

Girl Culturally Enriched by Pair of Black Men with Stomps and Kicks

I don’t know much about the video, but it shows a two-on-one assault on a public road at night.

The assailants, quite discernibly are two black men. The victim, I was told was a white girl. The video however doesn’t show the victim well enough to know if that’s true. Girly wailing can be heard in the beginning of the video, when the victim gets body slammed, so I think it’s fair to assume the victim was in fact a woman.

The assailants stomp her, jump on her, kick her and punch her, even as she lays on the road without defending herself. Still, in spite of all the kicks and punches, she somehow manages to sit up just before the video cuts off. The losers recording could use a kick in the teeth as well.

Props to Best Gore member @theprotocolsofzion for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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          1. If it’s wasn’t for the parkour style beating I would be really angry at two dudes beating a girl like this, but even I giggled a little. No but seriously not cool bro 🙁 although she got up just to say ‘that all you got bitch’ lol

          1. Lmao go do your research white people shouldn’t even exist. You guys only exist because people started going up Europe and making more lighter skinned kids. What a big mistake that was.

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    1. No kidding. That dumb mofo was actually about to jump off the top rope at the end, and it gets cut off! Violence against women isn’t something I condone, but this video is hilarious.

    1. Yes that coming from the
      ‘school of Frankfurt’
      jewish think tank. No Less.
      Under the guise of critical theory, (simplified).
      Something else that the jew borgs hijacked.
      Obviously you know this already but.
      Looking right thru the bloody sordid history of them, apart from inventive means to liquidate masses of people, is there any ONE tangible ‘thing’ that is of any use to CIVILIZATION that could be said is/was a positive benefit to Human Kind, that they made a contribution of, and to..?
      Like I’m looking at this a long time, so far I’ve found only one thing: NOTHING..!

  1. These niggers are known to capture white females and drag them back to their hives for breeding. The white man recognized this threat and waged war on the niggers for over 9000 years. After three hundred years of deserved servitude, most niggers were freed by a coalition/conspiracy of mindless liberals who took advantage of the Confederate States of America and the failure of ten
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    Glad I could clear this up, have a great Friday my fellow humans.

          1. “The Fake Ones”
            ~With Devil’s Ideology~

            “Praise be to Benny (Bibi Not at Yahoo).
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            Thereof Das Tanz”.

            Shalom Pissa M’ Lick’a aah.

            Translates as; (leave my nose out of this).
            Is what they actually say when Greeting, so.

            Trying to fool Christians you gave them their Savour.
            A scruffy mixed up Hippie who was not ‘one’ of you.
            So threatened by him, you had him Crucified.
            Nothing have you for anyone,
            only serfdom and slaughter,
            leaving just a Bloodied Trail,
            Throughout History,
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            Looking at it like they are ‘The Borg’ collective.
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            Ah, think it’s time to get outta here,
            Hailed a Taxi to the Airport,
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            all I had to say to that was;
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            Now where am I sitting..?

            Thank You…


            The world is going to Hell
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            The future looks so bright.
            Wearing shades all the while.
            Not looking very positive, presently.
            To Be Honest, is it..?
            That’s what I’m feeling,
            Quite a lot of the time…


            Feel Free to Pass this On…

    1. Thank you kind sir! Your thoughts and ideas are ahead of its time……

      during the Jim Crow era (1877-1950s).

      If you could travel back in time, you’d certainly FIT right in.

      1. Yea I am stupid, that’s why I am retired at the age of 40 and set for life…you fucking cunt.
        Let’s just look at you and your anti American point of view. How many American inventions do you have in your house right now, go on take a look around.

        1. Hey fuckface, you might want to look up the things New Zealand has invented.
          We invented Jet Boat Propulsion, the Jet Pack, the Disposable Hypodermic Syringe,
          Instant Coffee (i think there’s some in my kitchen, fuckface), heard of McLaren cars?,
          the Lifepod Infant Incubator, among many other medical devices.
          Heard of Ernest Rutherford? you know, that New Zealand physicist who was the first person to split the Atom.
          We have plenty of fun stuff we invented too, like Zorbing, Bungy Jumping it goes on and on. Now go back to burning down your communities, stupid American

    2. Captain: It puzzles me how White librals deny Black on White violence. For many years now the MSM has been aggressively marketing Blacks as non-hating “normal” and “civilized.”
      The video of the “helpless” White woman being stomped is graphic proof that Blacks intensely hate Whites.
      Captain, should Whites fight back against the myth that Blacks are victims of White racism and show the reverse is true?
      Your thoughts, please.

  2. Just another day and just another example of TNB, typical nigger behaviour.

    The only surprise I had when watching this is that they didn’t also rape her.

    At this point the question shouldn’t be why are people so racist towards blacks but rather how the fuck can you not be and after seeing all those niggers in America and England looting and rioting recently and demanding that we submit to their will people are probably more racist now than they have ever been before so well done for solving racism
    blacks and libtards.

    Ah, I grow tired of this shit. Why oh why can they not get kicked back to Africa. They would like it there as they will be part of the majority demographic and therefore will not suffer from that “systemic racism” bullshit they keep going on and on about.

    1. I must admit a police brutality issue has been hijacked by the Black Lives Matter platform ; doing both themselves and us as citizens a disservice.

      Well they tried that and formed Liberia and Sierra Leone. Didn’t work as we are still paying for them, but we are paying for The Ukraine and will be for generations ,are we not?

      Once again you must also blame Big Business. When the us civil war was over the whites didn’t want the blacks except for Big business ,so did their utmost to keep them in the USA. It is also unfeasible to kick so many out of the USA even then, as Mexico nor Canada would stand for them being pushed into their countries. Sometimes you can’t unbreak the egg.

      The US could have tried the ” Jewish Option ” though, they could have massacred every single Black in the South as the Judahites did the Benjaminites back in Judaea two thousand something years ago. Yep ,those Hebrews were a blood -thirsty lot. They don’t advertise that fact though. It interferes with the victim -industry.

      1. Your right about big business wanting cheap black labor. That’s why Detroit and other northern cities have so many that migrated north, lured by the auto and steel companies. They weren’t like the niggers of today though. LBJ’s welfare and other “great Society “ programs turned them to single parent welfare queens, absent fathers, and children who turned to gangs and crime to compensate for basically being parentless.
        Prior to the Great Society blacks actually had a lower divorce rate and higher two parent households than whites.
        So we can blame the fix we are in on big business and the liberal policies of the sixties.
        It still goes on, but now with illegals.

          1. They were needed to work the plantations still, but were given compensation of sorts.
            There was never any attempt to kick them out as they were needed. The south’s economy would have collapsed.
            Mechanism began to replace hand labor after the war, and industry was booming in the north, millions moved north for work, flooding the inner cities and creating slums, and violence.
            There was never any chance of, as you say, unbreaking the egg.
            The most interesting point you make is the cheap labor for big business. Also the rich, as who would be their nannies, gardeners, butlers etc. at the wages they pay. They are some of the biggest proponents for unchecked immigration.
            Illegal immigration doesn’t hurt them, it hurts the lower middle class and the working poor, ironically blacks and legal immigrants the most.

          2. Yes, I know what you mean. They became wage slaves as we are hahah. Villeins . Slavery was changed to subsistence employment but the middle man -“Carpetbaggers “- still made a packet, as they still do now. Union Jews formed a significant proportion of these Carpetbaggers ,so much so they were were in cartoons of the time as the stereotypical businessmen living off the South.

            Exactly ,which is why I take it up with Conservatives on this site that bitch and moan about illegal aliens. However they hypocritically a or stupidly never ever say they hate the Republican wealthy powerbrokers who love having these illegal maids ,gardeners and labourers ,stiffing the common man.
            A case of the wife hating the mistress but not the husband!!!


          3. Yes, not being intellectually honest with yourself and just towing the party line makes you a fool.
            You know I consider myself conservative, but I’ve seen the positive side of liberalism, and even socialism to a point.
            Social security, and Medicare has been a godsend to millions.
            However on balance big business has brought us innovations that has saved millions through technology and improve our standard of living that a generation ago couldn’t imagine.
            Yeah the Jewish carpetbaggers made fortunes during reconstruction. You don’t see many Jews where I live, but the one who do live here are, I suppose carpetbagger descendants.
            That’s why Jews are overwhelmingly despised in the south.
            The odd thing though is fundamental Christians are Zionist, and extremely pro Israel. Go figure. If you have any ideas on this I’d like to hear them.

          4. I’m not against business or capitalism as such @fred1212. I was in business . It is Vampire /Voodoo /Globalisation Capitalism and BIG business i’m against. My views match OlD School Republicans /Conservatives like Taft , Ted Roosevelt ,Abraham Lincoln ie “Trust busters”.
            Business should never be more powerful than the Gov or the citizens will suffer.

            My take is that Christian Evangelicals are Millenialist . Ie they are expecting the end of times very very soon. Due to their reading of the Apocalypse they believe that when Jesus will return the Jews will be converted and see the light. Also Christianity is also built on God promising everlasting love/glory and power to Abraham’s descendants etc So many also take that at face value and honestly love and honour the Jews and want what is best for Israel. Ie Israel -Firsters. Others honestly believe they themselves are the new Jews and only real Jews. Ie British Zionists. Ie The Angloceltic peoples took over the destiny and glory of the Jewish Nation.
            Either way ,them being American doesn’t concern them at all. They will betray America in a second as national boundaries mean nothing to them. They all think they will be killed for God’s love soon And soon resurrected anyway for God’s Kingdom on Earth . Pence and Pompeo are both such types and that is why they push for war all the time. They just don’t care. They are truly loose cannons.
            Both Evangelicals and Israel think thay have the better of each other ,and I believe Israel has the upper hand. Ie Israel gets support now and Evangelicals have minimal chance of converting the Jews tomorrow. 😉

      2. Excellent points, Nem
        You know, all these “I support blacks” crybabies like Ellen Dedykerate and
        Anderson Cooper need to take the same-sex organ out of their mouth, and
        watch what the black monkey is capable of, and does on a regular basis
        It is clear in the video these 2 monkeys have no regard for human life
        Never had, never will
        But we have to ‘give them the keys to the City’ if one of them gets their
        thumb broken while resisting arrest?
        Fuck the nigger!

        They crawled out of the primordial soup, and need to go back into it and
        let the white race continue with science, engineering, medicine, real music, ballet, opera, theatre, art, literature, et cetera

        All the things whitey is good at

        What is the nigger good at?
        Basketball (invented by whitey)
        Hip hop
        Forming gangs of other black monkeys
        Car jacking
        Buying/selling drugs
        Providing no supervision to their own little black monkeys
        Crying ‘poor me’
        Vandalizing cities
        Bashing innocents
        Resisting rightful arrest
        And so on ..

        1. Did you forget to give due credit to the white race for all world wars, all weapons of mass destruction, and all the pornography that exists right?
          We did that too, we are not little angels …
          Less hypocrisy please …

          1. All wars at least since 1600 – started and financed by Jews
            Weapons of mass destruction – made in response to Jews started every major conflict in the documented human history
            Pornography – pretty much exclusively by Jews

          2. Yeah good point, but at the same token:

            WORLD WARS
            Well, there’s only been 2, but yeah this was started by whites in Europe, but look at all the genocide & mass murder from Africa: Idi Amin etc.

            The USA had to invent a pretty wild weapon to use against the Japs
            or they’d be fucked, yes?

            Whites didn’t neccessarily ‘invent’ porn, it depends what your definition is!
            The first real porn was some dirty caveman cunt painting tits on a cave wall – no evidence he was a white cunt
            Then they started to paint coitus, bestiality, orgies et cetera
            I think the Romans invented the dildo and the chastity belt, are these

            All depends which way you want to look at the facts, Poonta


          3. We are not angels, no. However we did create most of the inventions that make the modern world and we do tend to behave in a civil fashion most of the time. Niggers on the other hand have invented nothing of worth, I think they invented peanut butter or some shit when a black man had a chimp out and stamped a bag of peanuts into mush only to look down and say eureka but that’s about it. They also act like vicious animals most of the time so there really isn’t any comparison.

      3. 80% of the blacks in my country are fresh off the boat ones though and they flooded in thanks to the EU. They claimed to be refugees and then proceeded to pass through more than 10 perfectly safe countries before arriving in the EU, stating that they “feared for their lives” as the reason for their being there, whereupon they were given a EU passport and sent my way.

        They were not considered cheap labour, we have the Polish in their millions over here for that, because they are completely uneducated and extremely volatile and so straight onto welfare they went.

        We tried to deport one recently because he gang-raped a 12 year old white girl with 5 of his black friends but our libtards made a scene in the plane shortly before takeoff and demanded he be allowed to stay and so he was. He is now back on welfare and using the EU Human Rights Act to appeal.

        1. One way we can finally get rid of these baboons for good is send them back to where they came from in Africa. Tell them there are great prizes waiting for them and they can have all the free welfare they want. When they arrive they should all be put into “tribes” and the entire complex encased behind steel barbed wire fencing and concrete barriers. There would be random air drops of fried chicken, crates of watermelons, malt liquor, boomboxes with rap songs programmed in, Kool Menthols, ghetto quality guns, knives, machetes, baseball bats, chainsaws, random ammo and explosives, football helmets, copies of Ebony, Black Panther literature and plenty of basketballs. Then we could sit back and watch the hilarity unfold on pay per view every day until there are finally no niggas left. If there is a lone nigga survivor he or she would get free air drops of chicken and watermelons for the rest of their life. Most niggas die of extreme old age in their mid-30’s, so it wouldn’t be for long. The only other option I see is putting them all on big rockets and shooting them into the sun. Or better yet, the black hole at the center of our galaxy.

          1. Lol, basically a nigger version of the hunger games.

            You are right though, without whitey around to baby them niggers left to their own devices would regress and perish in quick fashion.

          2. Yes, I like movies like that, but I’ve never seen that one. I was thinking more of a nigger version of Battle Royale, Lord of the Flies, The Condemned, Mean Guns, or The Belko Experiment, ect.

          3. Hunger games basically stole Battle Royale’s entire plot so it’s the same movie but American. Its Battle Royale with cheese.

            A nigger version of the Running Man would be fun though.

          4. @empty-soul
            I believe that we should combine the elements of all of these good ideas. Possibly incorporate some killer robot drones and robot police dogs as well to chase the niggers around. Mini flamethrowers could also be staged in random areas along with hidden crack cocaine “power-ups”. Basically a glass dick, a twenty dollar rock, and a lighter.

            And of course sealed mason jars of jenkem ripening in the trees.

          5. @coffindodger

            You are basically describing real life for niggers here though. It would therefore have to take the form of a reality tv series at this point.

            If you intend to create pure fiction you would have to make niggers scientists, intellectuals and computer experts etc.

          6. @empty-soul

            Look at africa. In 10 fucking thousand years not one of them thought about putting the antelope in a pen so as not to have to chase dinner for miles before catching it.
            The white man comes along shows them farming makes life easier, they kill the white man but still have no idea how to farm the land. Now they’re begging whitey to come back.

          1. That’s libtards for you. They place more value on black criminals than any victim, just look at the George Floyd protests.

            Its quite amazing to see them take to the streets in London for “George” when for example they gave zero fucks about all the thousands of white children gang raped by Pakistani Muslims in England.

            Libtards are beyond salvation. They are worse than niggers in my opinion.

      4. Nems.
        Couple of points.
        Certainly done themselves a disservice
        which will be turned around that.
        Whitey will both pay for and regret.
        Because guess what, we are ALL
        the cause of their supposed misfortune.
        Meanwhile they carry on Niggaring.
        Sure that aside, it’s expected anyway so.

        One, we, you I and most everyone can/could ‘blame’ BIG Business IF we’d any say within it,
        or control of it, to think in these days that voting for politicians and their ‘Party’s’ would in effect change any practices therein is being polite, Naive.
        There is no changing BIG Businesses, they are a law unto themselves, the world’s population has just missed one of the greatest opportunities to do that, the PLANNED-DEMIC and subsequent LOCKDOWN, wasn’t just about 2031. It is to keep us apart in the now so that we’d no chance of conspiring collectively to overthrow ALL government and state apparatus,
        WORLD WIDE..!
        (Since the advent of internet and instant com’s, money and all kind of transfers can be instant).
        Realize this; those elite parasites have been just a little scared, the world became a much smaller place for them overnight, even insider leaks have said as much if not more.
        Second when the slave issues became a war issue,
        (and amerika always loves its war’s) even with itself internally (as they demonstrate now). Lincoln was to deport all to the Latin/south Americas, their wasn’t millions of the monkeys there then, several hundred thousand was all, main location destination being Bwazil.
        Logistics and other arrangements were in hand, had he NOT been assassinated history seems fairly certain he would have done that, and it wasn’t unfeasible,
        in fact would have been easily achieved.
        Yes and Mexico would have got a few more so what.

        Instead of the civil war, Americunts were too fucking stupid to realize massacre and deportation was the answer to that question which seen the banking class as per,
        initiate the war, perpetuate, then look for bigger profit post war.
        WHO were the main bankers of the State’s then hum,
        WHO were the main bankers of the world then hum,
        Of course in all this has anyone REALLY got to the truth
        of Lincoln’s slaying..?
        Conjecture, pontificating, and what if’s
        plus WHO should get the ‘blame’ doesn’t answer or solve anything.
        Now I’d be fairly certain you’ve heard this before but,
        If your Aunty had Balls She Would Be your Uncle.
        So what the FUCK use is: IF..?

        Think about this one Bud, because knowing
        you don’t sometimes see or get the point
        I’m trying to make,
        Also that this isn’t a dig at you,
        you write because you have done the research,
        and with knowledge to spread then those paying attention will get food for thought
        and then express the ideas one has formed.
        That is ALL I’ve done in the above so…

        1. No doubt ,Big Business and the political class are parasites and yes a significant powerful subsection of them are and have always been Zionists and in the past, Jews.

          What many don’t realise is that they are called Neocons for a reason. Neo -Conservatives! They are all from liberal backgrounds themselves who got to where they are via liberal policies only to turn around to the default Zionist position of wanting absolute control over all of us. Ie Conservative Reactionary positions. Yet who nurtured and allowed them to get there?

          Greedy traitorous foolish Gentile Anglo/American banking class members and Retard American Evangelical Christian Zionists! They must be punished and executed together for fairness ‘s sake. Both the Neocons and Gentile traitors together.


          P.s what part don’t I get or see the point?

          1. Nems.
            You and I both know what and how more importantly why we as a race of people are being led to an Extinction aided and abetted by a large section of supposedly our own people.
            Yes we’ve strength in numbers but look at what we are really up against, fully equipped land water air military, fully equipped po-lice trained the same as military, just for starters, everything else which will be used against all people, then these divisions are all staffed with predominantly our own people ready to use lethal force against anyone who isn’t one of them.
            We have a FUCKING long Yellow Brick Road before any type of people’s militia, citizens army, partisan counter force could be putting agent’s of the state against walls, or puppet masters.
            When it does fall apart so badly the only judges, jury, and executioners are on the streets and land mercilessly, randomly, giving whoever is the target their justice.
            You missed or maybe didn’t see a couple of points I’d raised, perhaps I am to cryptic,
            which in a previous post, you said yourself you wasn’t getting it.
            I can dig it out, where I responded by saying I’d reshape it and run it to you again,
            which when I have going to get thru to you in the pastebox method.

            We all like to be objective, considered, open and forthright in method and delivery.
            Does not always appear so thus, for me to rework/rewrite could then
            actually take away what I was trying to say and the point(s) then loses its Point..!
            No problem, this happens sometimes.

            Think the best description would be;
            One cannot always have a firmly fixed opinion
            and viewpoint of specifics or anything and everything
            for everything is in a constant flux subject to Change.
            Applicable to recent history moreover very definitely.
            NOTHING is EVER plain simple black and white.
            Also again something you said yourself,
            I’m not being or trying to be Pedantic.

            Was only trying to express something from my point of view thru my mind and eyes,
            as I see it. Your reply tho just basically said to me what you think already and have said I’d guess enough times here and was merely endorsing that. Almost every view, opinion, subjects well known to me that there are truth/facts of, are still open to change within because one NEVER knows another element(s) can could and DO, appear. Then to change everything one held as fact, truth, of solid foundation. Not to make truths a lie but new evidences cause complete reevaluation(s) turning certain things we may take for concrete,
            when in fact it was upon shifting sands all the while undiscovered.

            Like here we are in our limited known universe knowing more about what’s off the Earth than what is in the fucking waters..!? Also find it both sad and incredulous that people can believe that if you travel (be it walking) or otherwise you’ll reach an edge of the World. That tribes people of yore when reaching a shore thought that was the end, not knowing that successfully traversed you reach another land mass. Or come in time back to where you started off, as an end leads to a beginning.
            Like every single thing within us outside of us and what surrounds us IS a cycle, all we do is pass thru creating more cycles, we are ALL part of cycles continuing thru the universe known or otherwise not. So would it not therefore be just as simple as this; IF the world was flat then how come,
            we haven’t ALL just fallen off it yet…?!

        2. Sure. It is death to remain fixed when circumstances are changing and of course the world was proven to be a globe a long time ago. Only fools believe otherwise, as the evidence so far is insurmountable. They don’t have a mechanism that can explain everything as well as the globe theory. They can’t explain time zones ,seasons , constant procession and precession of the stars in the sky etc. They can’t agree on the shape of the earth or even on how the planets move. Nothing really . Ie everything they say falls apart. The “proofs” they provide are laughable and are destroyed in an instant.

          1. Nems.
            My belief is; That WAR is NOT an inherent part of our nature, sure we are genetically coded to Fight, natural protection otherwise we as a species would not have survived thus far but again out natural force’s have been hijacked in the modern ages for the ‘Death Cults’ main stay of division, and modern Warfare is a Ritual, their favorite RITUAL, which is happening NOW and set for not a few millions. It is likely up to three quarters of the world population in the very near future. (WCS).
            The Chinese are going to strike, where tho I’m not sure but, they will. Their built up has been gathering steadily thru this last decade, that is not exercise(s). Those little yellow parasites are going to pour across their borders for sure.
            AH, called it Lebensraum.
            The Chinese Call it similar with expansion(ism) a part of the term used but trying to put the characters together needs assistance from a Chinese next I see him will copy it again, but it’s already a term in use for quite some time as they’ve been gearing the mass of people towards so.

          2. @jxk777
            You say the Chinese and i say the US! Who has bases ringing China and Russia? Who gets involved everywhere where they aren’t wanted? Who is now pushing around allies such as Europe etc? Who breaks treaties unilaterally ?Who bullies the International Criminal Court so much so that even the UK criticises them?

            An alien from out of space would see the US bullying and posturing and wanting to expand and not the Chinese.
            However ,I agree we may be in a conflagration that will certainly kill most of us off.
            I couldn’t open the link you provided but I will read up on Koch’s Postulate.

          3. Ok. I read it. Yep. Something very strange about it indeed. Maybe because it is a chimera made of so called viruses from lots of different animals?
            Or it is only an opportunistic virus of a disease caused by radiation “5g network” or aeroplane- seeding as many people say.

            You would think that Fauci and all those brains and millions he has at his disposal could tell us what is going on and figure it out. Hmmm

            Only one reason could explain why all countries may be in on it. They are ALL ruled by an Elite themselves ,so that Commie China and Capitalist USA are both but pawns .

            If that is the truth we are well -fucked and it is too terrifying for me to dwell on the consequences to us all.


          4. @hopingfornemesis

            Any and all predictions perceived, including the most optimistic are NOT even close to what IS coming and GOING TO HAPPEN.

            Amerika Will attack Iran.
            China I think is preparing for preemptive strikes, the Middle East is the catalyst that has ALWAYS been the predicted beginning of what is termed World War 3.

            The WAR has already began, those of the Cliche Cabal Elites have prepared from all of their underground facilities, laboratories, and Bunkers etc.
            Where the future Humanity is to stem from.
            They know that they’ve been caught with their Pants down with the Plandemic but that matters not.
            Their still going ahead with The Plan.

            Even if the World’s majority population Today, wakes up with only a fraction of what you and I know.
            Their still going ahead with the Plan.

            We are already almost certainly into 2 Decades of Year Zero.
            Time is relative, and has no bearing upon our Reality NOW.

          5. Yes I agree most Biblical and Nostradamus prophecies predict that the WWIII or end of times will be started in the Middle East .

            I wonder if we see this Second Wave of the Plandemic. Noone is speaking about the BiG Hurt coming onto us regardless of war or Plandemic; The Financial crash to end all crashes ! Euro/English -speaking markets crashing and dedollarisation.

            In any case ,luxury -bunker sales are going through the roof and cashed -up people are buying property in NZ and Argentina /Chile (Patagonia).


          6. @hopingfornemesis

            Right, yes always there is the question has it been manufactured in a Laboratory, if yes by whom if so who released it. Because it would not necessarily be those who made it. A chimera, again yes also a maybe, a mutated type made for airborne delivery.

            The opportunistisch is more feasible given what we know of Hunan. As I said at the time the ‘insider’ reports that were available to me believe that to be the case. Tho also I’m thinking parallel to this is that it’s an existing flu virus renamed just for the cover of COVID-19.
            Or rather the reality to me is it does not exist at all. (Have said that all along too).
            I check every day morning and evening, from a source available that cannot be exposed here.
            It is still as I’ve maintained from the outset.
            An Unproven Fallacy..!
            That was why I sent you the Koch P report.
            Nems I know more, tho until such time that the people involved give an ok. Can’t say anything about. I’ve to wait to see if there’s anymore ‘leaks’.

            The Air seeding tho looks more likely, my reasoning for this; Iran. The Iranians are NOT in the pocket of the Deep State. Look at the Death Toll and concentration of the attack, they in all of the Middle East have suffered most the surrounding countries hardly, they have no reason to lie. Plus you know other neighboring countries ARE part of The Plan. Who would NOT know TRUTH, if it jumped up and bit them on the Arsch..! They are not a part of the Plandemic narrative, not in the pocket of USA, Israel, or any other country. Yes they’ve Arrangements with Russia and China but are not owned by them. We know who ‘owns’ Amerika and strong long suspicion of China’s further collusion with the ultimate global parasites, plus the Chinese model their business and social practice on guess who, as well as having their own handbook/manual for that released in the last 3 years, huh replacing the little Red Book it seems humm..?

            Add to this they haven’t the high air space detection for ultra high flight so a heavy and prolonged atomization could have occurred.
            Now other reports have stated from victims of whatever ‘IT’ is, that the first symptoms expressed by them ist the chest shortness of breath with no other cold or flu like effects but. What is being said over by the Iranians is once feeling something has breached the lungs it ‘feels’ chemical, some describe from work environments who work with chemical manufacturer that it is likened to when they have accidental exposure to certain chemicals and/or paint based materials, with no other symptoms or developing any type of flu, this I can verify because I know of someone in the early part of the year who was experiencing such as described and added that it was tangible like it should have a taste, or did have a taste but couldn’t describe what, all the mouth and tongue were more sensitive tho not sore, but felt acidic or acid like.

            “Only one reason could explain why all countries may be in on it. They are ALL ruled by an Elite themselves ,so that Commie China and Capitalist USA are both but pawns.”

            Hallo ah. NEVER thought MY Country was but having to come to terms with that possibility myself..!!!

            “You would think that Fauci and all those brains and millions he has at his disposal could tell us what is going on and figure it out. Hmmm”

            Have a Gander.


            Well Air Friend, don’t put your head in the sand, the terror as such has started, TERRIFYING is what it will BECOME..!

            Sidenote: LOOK what the little yellow parasites are going to do to one of your own right now, and they will. He’s only a drug dealing smuggler who was caught so.

            Remember Black Lives Matter.
            To everything which Compost with the insects in the Ground…

          7. I had a whole treatise typed out for you re responding to your comments re atomisation etc . Then a big glitch came through and I lost it. so bullet points now.

            1. I was nearly gassed myself in earlier days with a gas used in WWI at work by a project that went wrong. It overcame me very quickly and it was terrifying . I was dying and all I could think of was how the fuck is it my body isn’t responding to me! I was very lucky as my lungs had not gone passed the point of no return .so I know well that feeling and taste.

            2. Italy had med teams come in from Russia and China since they were thrown to the wolves by their nato ” allies “-again!!! They found chemo warfare agents as well as chimera viruses. Their conclusion? Chem warfare attack disguised as biological pandemic. Someone wanted to punish Italy…
            Persia was the same . Like Italy ,people with no known exposure to Chinese or anything Chinese . How did they get it? Easy . It was a warfare operation ; chemtrails or Chem/bio warfare .

            3. I also have a person very close to the situation; their behaviour so far leads me to believe covid19 is not a disease caused just by infection with a ” virus”. There is more to it. Maybe we are being prepped beforehand with something and the covd 19 is a mask for it?

          8. @hopingfornemesis

            How FUCKING coincidence, er,
            juxtaposed, parallel, FUCK.
            While I was writing that,
            (there was alot more to it) BAM..!
            Seite glitch too, it went to the Atmosphere.
            Possibly we were writing at the same time.
            Now ordinarily I write first knocking it into shape before hand, notepad or word.
            Then paste it in.
            Having been aware of that happening for freaking years but, some how didn’t earlier, oversight don’t know what so you received a condensed version FFS..!
            Did you have to relogin again..?
            That I had to.

            My Grandfather was in the 1st Conflict,
            and gassed by the Brits, I to know of his experiences and what it done, and caused thereafter, I’ve a skin condition which he developed from that which now passes thru the Males since. My Da passed it to me. Tho my Sister’s do not. My Lads have it from me, tho my Daughter does not. Yes she is MY Daughter that’s verified fact so.

            Fucking Electric Eels..!
            Have you seen the Nigga slapping video..?
            Bwhahahaha. Classic.
            Can’t STOP watching and Laffing hahaha.

            PS; try IDM (internet download manager).
            Used it for years, think it’s about the best. If you can’t get a full version and don’t want to buy it, I can send you a crack, or crack it for you so.

          9. @hopingfornemesis
            It’s getting jumbled up here as well now finding somewhere to post.

            The Gabo’s as I refer to those as, haven’t been around all that long, was on them when they first came, and were I think useful, there a Benzo derivative.
            Don’t need them anymore, boxes of those still in stock just in case.

            Also I always thought that the women at the time was yea, REALLY FUCKING into it.
            Until I find out their also Epileptic..!

          10. @hopingfornemesis

            Ok Grandfather was in the trenches, and as you know Germany has won that conflict in 1915-16, until, well we know what happened, he was gassed, got up went back, he was shot, got up went back, then took leave for the Easter Rising, as he was a Commander here, took another bullet tho a flesh wound was all, then went back to the trenches, took a damaging shell blast above his left ear from just behind the eye, temple area to the rear behind his ear, skull fragments embedded into his brain, you know surgeries were not that clever then but where skull was missing from the temple area they grafted over, and it was opaque like you could see the gnarly bone around the hole behind, like looking into his head, used to freak me the FUCK out when I was a child. However he didn’t have skin problems until after the gassing and the lads born after this got a type of psoriasis which my Da has, and I have, and I’ve passed it to 2 of my 4 boys, well long time since they were boys but there it is.

            The epilepsy again comes thru the Males, not the Girls, Grandfather had it, my Da didn’t, I’m one of 7, It skipped my two older Brothers, tho me and my youngest Brother have it, fortunately my younger brother was not affected as much as I but far worse with the skin problem. My Sister’s haven’t any skin disorders. None of my uncle’s and aunts born before the gassing have this type of skin, tho again, 4 out of 6 had the epilepsy in the Males so. Plus no Males before that had no skin problems. Whatever fucked up Grandfather’s skin has been passing to the Males thereafter. Luckily so far epilepsy has only affected one of my Soldiers,
            and not severely.
            It is what it is, so…

          11. The Second Wave.
            This is a response from an email being sent out to members of the average Joe Soaps of England.

            “I received a letter today from ‘Department of Health and Social Care’, ‘Imperial College London’ (WHAT?!), … and … NHS England: ‘Take part in a COVID-19 testing research study (Wave 2)’.

            Eh? Wave 2? What? Wave 1 has been terribly unconvincing, hasn’t it? – to anybody with an ounce of objectivity. The signees are Lord Bethell of Romford, Professor the Lord Darzi, FRS (Imperial College) and Kelly Beaver, [market research company] Ipsos Mori. They can send me swabs for my nose and throat. And a courier will come to my home and pick them up. ‘The test may indicate whether I currently have COVID-19′. What? That illness hardly anybody dies from without several comorbidities? And, of course, I’m paying for this, aren’t I?

            And Imperial College will be doing the analysis.”

            What you said in point 3 of a previous post regard the preparation of population.
            Yes Nems, thinking it is multiple waves, Spanish Flu had 4 waves, the last being the most deadly, would kill in no more than 4 hours, and the recovery rate was not much above 1% (if memory serves) that was man made and caused by Radiation.
            After also being injected with large amounts of new untested vaccine, which would be interested to know what was in the vaccine.

          1. I am talking about niggers. It was a combination of diseases (yellow fever in Buenos Aires) miscegenation and deaths in wars (paraguayan war).

            Talking about indians of Patagonia, Most of then weren’t killed, but they were sent to the north of the country to work in the cultivation of sugar cane.

            Sorry, my English is horrible.

          2. Ah yes. I did know of the wars with Paraguay ,Brazil etc over the years ie Chaco war and I was fascinated and surprised that most soldiers were black. Apparently it was devastating with some countries losing around 80 percent of their population! Ie Paraguay. That is way worse than the devastation wrought on Russia and the rest of Europe in WWII.

            The Tasmanian Aborigines were exterminated with disease and an actual Hunting of the Blacks . Some say it was a lie but the evidence is there. It happened alright.

    2. The young black girl grows up sitting behind the white girl in the class envying all that long flowing hair while she is cursed with hair which looks like it’s only use is an abrasive material for scrubbing pans.
      Meanwhile the white girl is completely oblivious to all this hatred and envy and wonders why the black girls in class all hate on her.
      These chimps jumping on this girl aren’t dangerous. They are easily disposed of when the time is right. The most dangerous person to the white race is the rich, white liberal.
      I find it frustrating and bizarre.

      1. Excellent observations, mi amigo.
        BTW, I was in grad school in 1976 and I pointed out the fact of Black on White racist homicidal hatred. As a barrio raised person living in Southern Calif.. I had ample firsthand knowlege of this fact. My comments were stiffled. even in social science classes at the university level, nobody wants to “know” WTF is real about Blacks.
        Even today, the MSM pitches the myth that Blacks are oppressed and etc, etc.

  3. Niggers are not only murderous cowardly racists, they are encouraged to be by the left wing courts the left wing police and left wing politicians, all of whom are fanatic anti white racists even if they are white themselves. The left is pure evil, they love this kind of thing, they are THE Nazis of the day except now the victims are white people. Niggers know there are no repercussions for these racist hate crimes, which emboldens them even more. They won’t serve any time for this, much less be charged with a hate crime. They brutally beat and murder children, women, elderly, everyone. Beating a woman to almost death like this, won’t even make the news, they won’t be charged and nobody is doing anything about it. Very sickening and disturbing times.

  4. And here we see the Baboon being totally overcome by the urge to climb trees by jumping on the vehicle’s roof there.
    I myself am facing a bit of a dilemma at the moment. The Wog Lives Matter protest is in Trafalgar Square London tomorrow and I am undecided what to do. Go to that or the Klu Klux Clan recruitment day in Pall Mall or the Al Jolson Tribute concert outside the Nigerian High Commission in the next street?

    1. My advice is to just sit back and watch the niggers and wiggers nig. Give them enough room and rope to tie their own noose.

      The entire country is watching these clowns and the more you let them show their true selves the more the majority turns against them.

      These fuckwits usually rely on leftwing media bias and therein the ambiguity of their own ideological actions to hide and cover their true purpose but now they are shedding their clothes and showing us what truly exists underneath because they are currently very overconfident as a result of America bending over backwards to accommodate these useless turds.

      To conclude. Let them expose their cock and balls and then stand back and laugh. Laugh alongside everybody else. Then act against them with the repulsed majority. That’s the best way to kill them.

  5. Some Niggas beating up a Hooker. And People loosing their shit already. Some people even writing fiction. Wow just wow.

    Wait, that was a Cracker Bitch. And people need to express their Rage in the comment section. Sorry….

  6. The summary of what I read here in these comments is: “Black people are mentally lazy and disinterested, they do nothing that is worthwhile and they do not deserve to live among us”.
    What a delight I have never seen racism so raw anywhere before.
    I’m just amazed, don’t get me wrong ….

  7. To anyone who may, even for a second feel bad for her then please don’t. She was holding a “refugees welcome” sign then voted for open borders. I think this video was either recorded in Sweden or Germany.

  8. Classic Niggers, they cause most crime in the world anyway. If they don’t like the west, they should go back from where ever the fuck they came from. If you are in the west here respect us or expect to be shot by the cops. They never learn anyway, just look at Detroit, Baltimore or London.

  9. I’m willing to bet that those kicks and punches wouldn’t do much damage… Probably the jumping on top and stomping maybe a little more damaging.
    Fighting wise they seemed too weak anyone that has hands can put an ass whooping on both of these monkeys.

  10. what do we know anyways.
    chances are she felt she was “cool” and “down” with them, so she thought she had a pass.
    witnessed this over the decades. no matter how much these people submit and conform, bow down and recite what their masters get pleasure from hearing them say.. they are ALWAYS the first victims when humanity leaves the species and they revert back to their natural undomesticated state of ape.
    3 perps in case you missed it. 2 doing the attack and the other filming it. A little surprised they didn’t overlay their music track of Kris Kross “Jump”

  11. no empathy with these young adults don’t no you ment to be gentle with ladys there balls haven’t dropped yet probably never will what if it was there kin they probably say not bothered or fuck that lets hope they see better in the future its never to late love oneanother don’t let the cabale win change for the good of manwoman kind we are so special people turn around

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