Girl Publicly Spanked, India

Girl Publicly Spanked, India

Girl Publicly Spanked, India

We enter the scene with about a dozen males in the sand, all yelling and screaming. I don’t even think they know what’s going on, but then again it is India, where questions are forbidden and things are just done without giving possible consequences a second thought and little to no regard is given for other people.

They are definitely angry at the female there for an unknown reason.

At first a man is holding her in a protective stance, however, it doesn’t help as one guy kicks her and the rest repeatedly spank her on her tushy and whack those chicken legs with big pieces of wood and sticks.

I am deeply concerned for her white pants.

The camera man walks around, displaying all the sandals of the sand for us while he does.

And one boobie of the girl is flashed in the last few seconds of the video, for a lengthy girl she seemed to have some fat tiddies.. Anyway, what happens to her after that is not clear.

Props to Best Gore member @princenen for the video:

Brandi ®

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    1. Man who protects titties deserve a free beer.

      Most of these asian indian men if not all, are either bisexual or outright gay and violent, contrary to the hollywood portrayal of gay men being peace loving …. perhaps that’s why they put “L” in front of LGBT to give a false impression that these fags are “soft and weak” just like the women, and use children’s favorite rainbow colors as their logo……these fags, especially indian fags, are using naive women and kids as front men to hide their horrible behaviors.

      Exterminate these asian india males should be part of national service for every country. Else your kids will never forgive you in future. The recent Ausi guy who shot dead 50 indian fags (fake Muslims) in NZ should be aquitted for protecting his land.

      1. Lol it was satisfaction . I was saying to the screen in a very relaxing mono tone voice: “Get up, get up you bitch. Take it. I want you to feel it so good. If you dont get back up we’ll give it to you on the ground. Would you like that? Now get up and take it.” I’m not into beating girls, but I’m not entirely against it either☺

    2. Indian men and the like are the most jealous insecure incels I have seen, at least the ones here in Australia anyway. They get rage when they suspect their forced girls get some real Cock and realise they can actually have orgasms

      1. That can be a real possibility…
        Hating woman to that level suggests faggitism…
        99.9 % of Hindu males must be straight fags who are incapable of satisfying a woman and they will do anything in their power so that nobody else satisfies their woman.

        1. Yes haha depends on what mood I’m in.. “tiddies” if I’m talking about attractive ones from a slightly bi curious stand point.. If I’m being cute then it’s “boobies” if I’m in a serious conversation then it will probably just be “tits” flat chested girls have “mesquito bites” old lady’s are either referred to as “knockers” or “long tiddy, no nipple, having ass..”
          And that is all.

        2. No no no lol. Bi sexual is where you like both genders, so bi curious means that you like the opposite sex but are “curious” about what it would be like to be with the same sex.. I don’t think I could be a girl though. I’m too self conscious lol, I would just compare her pretty skin to mine. But I do have a staring problem when I see a super pretty girl. I think you have to ask yourself “do you want to be WITH her, or just BE her..” but I don’t know. Stranger things have happened.. I wouldn’t say I would never be with a girl.

          As long as she showers every day hehe..

          1. Yeah @hopingfornemesis I think you should be as to love who you to love but personally I would much rather watch 2 girls make out then 2 guys.. before if you are gay then that means you are sticking your penis into another man’s butthole and I just can’t get into that. Girls are soft and yummy smelling and gentle so if they played around together it wouldn’t be the same… But don’t tell Jeffree Star that I said that because girl, I love watching me some Jeffree Star make up reviews. Ooo once he did a closet tour and showed off all his birkins!! Like omg I love it..

        3. @hopingfornemesis Nothing wrong with recognizing another man as handsome, nem you sexy bastard, call me faggot, my number 23161488.
          @brand-wall Thanks for the tit lesson, so what category do your tits land in?

          I have to admit something dark within myself:
          I’m Hitler sexual, Hitler makes my schwanz go BOING

          Jetzt sind wir hier, why am I here? I don’t know, kill me.

          1. A Hitler sexual?? Is it because he almost took over the world lol?! And you’re welcome. My boobies?? They are average. Handful.. which is good enough right???!?!

          2. @brand-wall Perfect, do you have a pretty face to go with them, Brandi, die prinzessin aus himmel? when I say this its nicht nur ein wort, I bet you’re a real diamond.

            Could you fix mein gebrochen herz?

            Just ignore that, I’m messing about, ha-ha, my heart longs for only one woman, and her gorgeous hair.

            Hope my deutsch is right, I haven’t studied it for a long time so it might be wrong.

            @hopingfornemesis Anytime mate, you’re a real lad.

  1. I like pretty “brown”girls and she is one of them …with fat juicy titties as you say Angel.
    My take ,she has been flirting with an unapproved boy and her relatives ,males, are giving her a beating to set her straight. They appear middle -class , educated ,westernised Sikhs; I see an orange scarf and I believe some turkey has an orange turban on.

    I love that when her tittie is exposed ,the tall, pot – bellied guy manifests a hearty ,good-natured chortle. He is the kind of guy you want to clap on the back and have as your pervy uncle!

        1. @tenhearts
          So you like to be spanked hard, or repeatedly hit with Cane-Poles like a Fat Kid Going Completely Ape-Shit on a Candy-Filled Pinata, do ya?? Then You are one Sick Fuck, and at the right place with the rest of us sick fucks then, my B G Sibling, lol. 😉

    1. Those ain’t Sikhs at all. Sikhs on average are bigger, along with a small curved knife or a sword etc. Orthodox Sikhs also have a no cutting hair policy so huge beards and a turban. I’m almost a 100% sure that it’s the Bajrang Dal consisting of some lanky lower middle class boys from Uttar Pradesh.

      1. Update, everyone including the woman is from a tribal village in Madhya Pradesh, India. No wonder they all look lanky, kind of malnourished and trying to mimick westerners or celebrities with their pathetic hairstyles, shirts and jeans but wearing flip flops. They would probably look much better wearing their own attire.

      2. I know people need to be beaten sometimes. But a woman who already eloped with someone, it doesn’t make sense to chastise her. As the deed has already been done. The family should have tolerated it, and at the same time kicked them out of their village, with no further support or communication. That’s the most they should’ve done.

          1. I at least don’t do things just because they are politically correct or just because it’s the 21st century. Imo, both men and women need to be chastised today, their choices and freedom filtered. The libertarian assumption that people are intelligent enough to do the right thing on their own is a farce for me. Most people are like children and need a lot of authority and not unchecked freedom. Of course it’s the 21st century now, so that won’t be happening. It will happen again however, as nature has its own consequence system which causes destruction of such so called 21st century civilizations in due course of time.

      3. I was going to guess Uttar Pradesh bc if you hear abt something fucked up happening in India, it usually happens there. And they are probably Dalit bc they always get picked on…

      1. Hey ,I have no problems with attractive Latin women. Nor Asians nor black . I just considered her form nice . Her face I didn’t see enough of but what I saw was ok. Yes ,some Indian women can be particularly ugly but the nice ones are very attractive. We have enough of them walking around Melbourne looking like this to not be too noteworthy. Obviously not many like this as she is a model but at least two of every ten will have a body and face not too far from hers. It helps that the ones here are usually the upper class Indians so their male ancestors had the means and motive to marry the hottest women available.

    1. I can’t read it with my browser but I am totally wrong and she is not Sikh but of the tribes of India ie originals. Does it mention which tribe she is from ? I am interested to know.

      You may be from India. Did you know Heracles or Hercules visited India as did The Ancient God Dionysus? I found that fascinating when studying about them.

      Dalits! Then she ran off with an Untouchable! But I am confused as many Tribals are not Hindus but Animists and thus don’t really believe in Untouchable low-classes.
      Can you please explain it to me more ?

      1. Dalit doesn’t mean untouchable. Untouchables are even lower than dalits, like people who eat insects, rats, or work as sewer cleaners, leather workers, etc. And I am interested in Indian culture but I’m not an Indian nor do I live there. I do have many Indian friends though. I don’t know which exact tribe it is. By original Indian tribe I think you are suggesting the Aryan Invasion theory, which I thought was refuted some time ago?

        And there is no concept of untouchability in the official scriptures. These concepts are cultural corruptions which happened when some non-Brahmins or unqualified relatives of Brahmins, known as Brahman Bandhus acting as Brahmins popularized such concepts among the common ignorant people. Also, in my personal opinion untouchability may have some logic to it, not by birth, but occupation. For eg. I don’t want to touch sewer workers who work bare handed all the time. Caste system is based on something known as “Varna” which means quality. It has been compared to concepts of Plato as well.

        Here’s a good read about the Caste system of India –

          1. Discrimination is everywhere. I see it everywhere. Every freaking where. Just, different reasons for different places.

            Thinking of ourselves as superior to someone in the mind is the root cause of all discrimination. Identifying oneself with the body is the cause of that as well.

            One who has this fault in his mind will discriminate no matter what happens. They will use anything faith, colour, surname, form, race, nationality, money, property, knowledge whatever there may be to discriminate.

            This is what I learnt from the Vedic scriptures. An example verse is here:

            “Sages look with an equal eye on a Brahmin endowed with learning and humility, on a cow, on an elephant, and even on a dog and an outcaste.”

          1. @hopingfornemesis Hey I got Russian grandparents damn…
            And I got a bad temper… hope I don’t end up like Milat lol but isn’t he down Victoria way? 😉

            Can’t remember the last time Ive been to Bathurst! Take me?
            It’s just a hothouse green 2007 Holden SS 🙂 You?
            Ps speaking of Holden, yes they’re made in India now?? WTF..Our Great Southern Land is fucked gently..

          1. @Tree In A Forest
            You are so gorgeous, why would a young, and beautiful girl want anything to do with a good looking well hung, & well off, old fart like me, lol. 😉

            I would climb your branches any day Girl,,, Any day! So be careful what (You Wish For) cause i would Secure, & Pay For Us, A Nice Beautiful Tropical Getaway At an All-Inclusive Resort.

            A Nice Holiday, at a beautiful place for a beautiful gal. A Holiday that you would soon not forget. And even though i am 53 years old, i still look quite Sexy with my Shirt Off,
            My muscular, but scarred body put many men 1 third my age to shame.

            This Island Paradise is Called Cayo-Guillermo in Cuba, if you want to look it up. This Place has the most beautiful white sand beaches that i have Ever Seen In My Entire Life.
            I Usually go twice a year, once with Cathy, & then once Alone. 🙂 Interested let me know.
            ******Oh Yea,,, and B.T.W. Did I Say Be Careful What You Wish For, lol. 😉 ******

          2. Thank you for the compliment @thedre
            That sounds lovely but we have beautiful beaches right here in Australia. 😀 And all the asians and indians you can throw your VB bottle at.
            I couldn’t give a toss about age but a wonderful holiday for me would be say, a tour of Museum of Torture or Sedlec ossuary in Czech Republic 🙂

          3. @Tree In The Forest
            Wow,,, you live in Australia, that is too cool. Why would you need to go anywhere else. And i,m sure that you are aware that our brother @Hopingfornemesis also resides in the land down under right??? too cool.

            Maybe you two could get together as i am a Married Man. But i think Nemes is up for grabs, if i,m not mistaken, But i am not positive, as he has a beautiful daughter, or even maybe two daughters.

            And what about yourself girl,,, are you single?? I Doubt it being as young, and beautiful as you are. And why are there so many beautiful Australian girls? Like What are they feeding you gals, lol, 😉

            Once you get to know me B G Sister you will see that i am a Decent married man, and the farthest thing from an old pervert. I Am a proud grandfather of 5 and a father of 5 kids, and one step Daughter.

            Who knows maybe yourself and Nemes could be from the same general area. That would be cool, as you could meet as friends for coffee, and lunch, or something. He is also a good lad, and no pervert. I Am telling you this because on a site like this, you never know you could end up with a maniac, or something. But With Nemes you are safe, he’s good people. 🙂

          4. @thedre All good 🙂
            If you ever come to Straya, check out Mona Vale beach or Newcastle beach, the latter of which is my favourite. Hunter region where I live is great; awesome wines.
            I can only speak for myself here but we Aussie girls are half bogan half lady; maybe that’s our charm.
            Nemesis is cool.

          5. @Treeintheforest
            That is too cool. I Have always wanted to travel to Australia, but like Africa, we will have to take a month to visit-it, as it is such a huge, and beautiful country, that any less time spent there would be a shame, cause even with a month there, you would barely scratch the surface.

            Thanks for all the cool info. And as for the wine, i have tasted some Aussie wine, and it is world class for sure. You’s are totally spoiled over there in the land down under. 🙂

  2. Its just an Indian version of Superstar. They give her some attention and she puts on a terrible song. Flashing the tittie of course helps with passing to the next round.
    I mean just the arabic fucked hindi leanguage is enough punishment for anybody including us. Hare Rama

  3. Her offense could’ve been as insignificant as not wanting to marry a certain curry-muncher, or as bad as adultery. I don’t know what she did, so dont know if the beating is justified,… what i do know is that those faggots would’ve probably been beaten up, by the girl, had they faught one-on-one.

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