Girl Violently Convulses After Head Slam During Street Fight

Girl Violently Convulses After Head Slam During Street Fight

By the sounds of it, this happened in a Spanish speaking country. The video shows two school girls getting into each other’s hair outside.

The fight doesn’t last long, because as soon as the girls take each other down, one gets her head slammed on the road and begins to convulse violently.


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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138 thoughts on “Girl Violently Convulses After Head Slam During Street Fight”

      1. I’d bet money she survived with a concussion. She had a tonic response where her arms were outward or up. That means she received a moderate blow to the head and received a concussion. If her arms were to her side away from her body, that would be a decerebrate response. That generally means a traumatic brain injury resulting in an almost zero chance of recovery; it’s either death or a state of vegitation.

    1. Also got back in control quite quickly.
      I like the way the ‘victoria’ quickly went from aggressive destroyer to emotional tenderness 🙂
      She has a truly female heart, something the world needs more of in women.

    1. Yes, to me it looks like a tonic response, fencing response, often associated with sports head injury. It’s an involuntary response that occurrs after a concussion, often due to a moderate blow to the head. Once she regains consciousness, she’ll regain the use of her arms. If she had a decerebrate response, her arms would be to her sides away from her body vs up/out, that would indicate severe brain injury, often resulting in death or a becoming a vegetable.

      1. Actually it is spelled “guey” (does sound like ‘wey’ to none Mexican/Spanish speakers). Guey means “OX”… so when used it means “dumb as an ox.” Basically, calling someone “guey” is equivalent to calling them “stupid”.

        1. WTF?! Who ever told you such a lie? That is the first time I’ve ever heard the word “wey” being defined as “dumb”.
          In Mexico when people want to call you “dumb”
          They call you “pendejo”
          Every direct Mexican younger girls and couple previous generations all and I mean all say things like “No names wey”
          They got that frase from the boys of course.
          Given the fact that this frase is used by boys and girls of recent generations the best translation of “wey” in English would be something like “dude”
          And “No names” is similar to “STFU with that shit” or “Fuck are you serious”
          Or “GTFOH with that shit”
          That’s the meaning in proper context.
          The literal meaning is
          “Don’t suck” or “Don’t be a sucker”
          But it is said in slang as “Horseplay” in the streets you could be told
          “Neta, al Chile no mames” which would be “nuh, for real though, quit fucking around”
          Over 90% of all Mexicans use the word “wey” and I’m sure that they’re not insulting anyone.
          Because in the context is used is equivalent to the word “dude”
          “No mames wey” best translation would be,
          “Dude, are you fucking serious”
          Even though the exact translation would be “dude don’t suck, or Don’t be a sucker”
          In Mexico some of the words don’t mean what they really are, their definition lies in the context they are used.

          1. Yea dude when Mexicans say wey to eachother it’s not meant as an insult it’s like saying dude, but wey commonly means dumb , have you ever spent time in Mexico? How do you explain “no seas wey; no te agas wey” ?? It depends on what one means but it IS used to call someone dumb as that is how the word came about as meteor said.

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      1. That’s a tonic response, aka fencing response. It’s associated with sports injury when receiving a concussion after a moderate blow to the head. If her arms were to her sides away from her body, that would be a decerebrate response. That’s associated to very severe brain injury that has an almost zero chance of recovery; you’ll be dead or in a state of vegetation.

  2. I hit my head hard once in my skateboarding days but I was able to soften the hit reaching out to save myself with my hands.i was seeing stars . Looks like this girl fell down with that other girls full weight straight down to the head. Sad thing is it was probably over something dumb .

  3. She’s either on life support or dead cause her hands show severe brain injury. I know I’m gonna sound gay now but this is the exact reasons Police/Judges need to come down hard on chimps playing “the knock out game”

    1. That’s not true. Her signs show a moderate blow to the head. It’s a tonic response, or fencing response. She received a concussion. You’re talking about a decerebrate response. That’s where the arms are to the side away from the body vs up in the air or straight out. If it were decerebrate, she would have a severe brain injury with an almost zero chance of recovery; it’s either death or a state of vegetation. I think she was fine after she regained consciousness.

  4. The impact didn’t even appear that forceful. I took harder hits falling off my bike as a kid. It just strikes me as odd how a low impact blow to the head can do devastating damage. Poor girl.

  5. The poor girl is either DEAD, or an absolute vegetable now 🙁 Fuck me 🙁 All it takes is one wrong thing to happen. The amount of close calls I had back in primary school and high school. This stuff is INSANE !

  6. Could it be that she suffers from some sort of epilepsy and the head knock triggered the convulsions the same you get in people diagnosed with epilepsy or just mass trauma to the brain.

    extent of injuries could be serious concussion to cracked skull serious concussion can get better from that, cracked skull recoverable but serious and have long lasting damage.

  7. Bros, this is some seriously stupid shit.

    Ok, first off, I bet they were fighting about something silly, like a boy. Psml, lol.

    WTF can’t girls fight properly? All of that was just bitchslappin’. Fighting is easy, girls.
    Make your hands into fists, and then push out horizontally, really hard and fast.
    C’mon, it’s not rocket science, girls.

    And then, if and when you fall, use a bit more physical coordination and reflexes. Land on your shoulder blades , and keep your head up. That’s not rocket science either.

    I bet the girl who floored the second one now feels as guilty as fuck. She was probably shitting her pants when the second one started to convulse. The second one is probably a ‘tard for the next few years and will be sucking food from a straw.

    Ladies, PLEASE stay away from fighting. It doesn’t suit you!!! Only MEN are made for fighting.

  8. Oh no Jim, she has her in the clench now…it looks like she’s setting her up for….oh no Jim, here it comes!!……DDT!!!!!….DDT!!!!!……and she looks out cold Jim, no way she could kick out of that!!!
    -Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler

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