India CCTV- Angry Crowd Whack Man with Wood All Over His Body in Alley

Group of Men Beat Another with Sticks in Alley

Group of Men Beat Another with Sticks in Alley

On CCTV in India, a mob of ravage fans of some sort, similar to other videos we’ve seen on Best Gore of an unlucky fan of a sports team gets beat the fuck up by rival fans.

While whacked with wooden objects, the man is reminded to always have your favorite pair of running shoes on.


Location is India. Thanks to the members who helped figure this out

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

41 thoughts on “India CCTV- Angry Crowd Whack Man with Wood All Over His Body in Alley”

  1. I had to replace the staircase rail spindles on our deck this year, so I bought some 3cm x 3cm x 1m weatherized stock at $0.97 each and finished them to size. Looks like the sports fans must have shopped Home Depot as well.

  2. Thanking his lucky stars they weren’t beating him down with metal pipes. That Tomahawk swing is a killer. lol. Momma always said…….avoid those dark alleys son. She also said just avoid those darkies but most importantly she said …… AVOID THE GROID.

  3. Its certainly India don’t know if anyone else noticed text on the wall. Mob violence is common across the country especially in major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Agra, Behar, Gujrat, Hyderabad Dakkan & occupied Kashmir

    In occupied Kashmir Indian military rapes women & children & sterilizes men. Over the past few decades many men have come forward to share their savage treatment at the hands of the army. Some victims had their balls crushed with pliers some had one or both testicles removed or crushed. There were also reports of some abducted men being repeatedly getting kicked in balls

    Mainstream media is prohibited from reporting such cases & will have severe repercussions if they dare say a word

  4. If anyone’s interested in the possible causes for this: India has a very long tradition of mob violence and lynchings. Just like every other third world nation. They tend to do this if someone’s caught stealing, kidnapping children or even every time there is a traffic accident. They decide on the spot who was the cause of the crash and go attack him collectively and this never fails to happen.

    I learned this from the book “Shantaram” where an aussie bank robber prison escapee flees to India to start a new life. He eventually ends up living in the slums, working for the Arab-Indian mob, smuggling gold, forging passport and even goes to fight for the Mujahideen in 70’s Afghanistan. Based on a true story, a great read that I can really recommend to anyone here interested in organized crime, third world nations and India specifically. Seeing as so many clips originate there it ought to be interesting.

    What I learned from reading it is that Indians are morally corrupt, perverted and lack empathy for the next man (especially the poor).geting Because of this I get a sexual release from watching Indians getting split in two by trains or turned in to naan bread by a truck wheel.

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