Group on Train in Dallas Attacks Man for Asking Them to Stop Smoking Weed

Group on Train in Dallas Attacks Man for Asking Them to Stop Smoking Weed

On the night of Sunday July 30, 2017, a 44 year old man named Kennan Jones was attacked by a group while riding on a Dallas Area Rapid Transit train. The beating was reportedly prompted by Mr. Jones asking the group to stop smoking weed on the train.

The video shows the attackers slapping, punching and kicking Jones. The fight spills out onto the platform, where he is beaten with a skateboard until he’s left on the ground motionless.

Props to Best Gore member @Pktrkt1 for the video:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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314 thoughts on “Group on Train in Dallas Attacks Man for Asking Them to Stop Smoking Weed”

          1. It’s the monkey in their DNA, I thought I was going to start seeing beating on the chest!

            Funny how a few knew the monkey was coming out and looked around to see who was seeing? Anyone else notice that from the monkey’s???

          1. @nigga-nazi

            Imagination is a fine thing, sir.

            The reality is, if any nigger white man or otherwise did something like that to my mother, he would visit jail for a long time.

            But still, your entitled to your imagination!

            Cheers for a fine clarification of my point <3

          1. That has always made me wonder why black folks hate each other so much. At times, I would rather go and be around a bunch of KKK members then be forced to listen to the non-educated ebonics most black folks speak.

    1. There are white trash people and regular white peoples then there are black regular people and there are NIGGERs …. those we just saw are that type!!! Something tells me there going to say “I din du nuffin”!!!

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      1. “There are white trash people and regular white peoples then there are black regular people and there are NIGGERs …. those we just saw are that type”.

        The only problem with this sort of conclusion is that it is arrived at in good faith rather than with hard facts meaning that it becomes just another left-leaning copout statement.

        Blacks in America and Europe commit far more crime per capita than any other race in existence. In fact according to the last lot of government held statistics I saw blacks in America commit almost half the total number of violent crimes despite them being only around 12% of the total population.

        The correct conclusion to arrive at then should have been,

        There are white trash people and regular white people. There are also black trash people and regular black people as well. However, there exists far more trash(Niggers) within the black race than there does within any other so much so that finding one of the “regular” ones becomes synonymous with the phrase “trying to find a diamond in a sea of shit”.

        1. Yeah I didn’t have those statistics of that report.

          I have the numbers for the I din du nuffin report, every nigger said it even when confronted with video footage they still said “I din du nuffin” 100% of the time

          1. Yea 140,543 compared to 232,180 is definitely indicative of a far more. 140,543 out of 45 million is definitely indicative of an endemic violence problem. This isn’t even accounting for Americas high recidivism rate, around 71% for violent crime. Would you bet your life on those odds? The whole reason you have to rely on per capita is because there are significantly less black criminals compared to whites. Face it there are more “trashy” whites than “niggers.” I know on this site I’m wasting my time, you’re a troll, or a hopeless racist; however, I enjoy having these conversations. There is also a possibility that someone one capable of reason will read my post.

        2. @empty-soul Perhaps it is like trying to find a diamond in a sea of shit but without trying, I found 2 diamonds. Two girls that really are good people and educated and classy. And yeah, they’re black. Although they “act so white.” The way they talk, the men they prefer, the music – it’s like they are white girls but happen to come out black. Honestly, two of my best friends. That’s why I can’t ever jump on the nigger hate train even though I despise nigger behavior. But, in total honesty, my 2 girlfriends (with normal names) hate nigger behavior too. That video would embarrass them. They have a deep dislike for hoodrats and the like.

          1. Yeah I have some black friends that are like that too! Thanks for sharing keep coming back it only works if you continue to come back….. ooops this is no AA sorry

        3. They also kill whites 25 times more then whites kill them. They also rape the most as well. Any time I’ve got into an argument with black women, which is daily, because apparently you are racist just for hating Obama. Anyway, Everytime I’ve argued with black women those bitches always claim we got blonde hair and blue eyes from their sorry asses. They are so stupid, that whole “out of Africa” crap is being disproven daily. But they think that shirt means we came from black people. Most of them are SO Fn stupid they think africa’ has only black people. I honestly believe there is a Gene that black people have that causes them to be mentally slower. If you look at the majority of these type of incidents, and other incidents where black people are involved in bullshit, notice how they are ALWAYS full black, it’s almost never mixed race blacks. I honestly think the ones mixed with white have had those “stupid” genes over written by the white genes.even Obama’s bitch ass was able to be civilized enough to get an education and become President. Again, half white.

          1. Ever tried magnum rounds they are longer but more kinetic energy, easier than a 50, my 357mag revolver does extreme damage to flesh, I learned this while using illegal firearms in Iraq…. hahaha sssshhh!! Though

      1. Judging by how many niggers chase after “da whitey wommenz” you are 100% correct.

        Pretty much every other race on the planet dates predominantly within their own racial pool except niggers. Niggers are the biggest race mixers around which is even more amusing considering that they are always going on about how “black is beautiful”. So beautiful in fact they can’t stand to be around each other, fucking lol.

        Then there is all the black on black crime, the fact that blacks keep on moving into white countries, white lands and white only areas despite not being wanted nor needed and the fact that most black women wear horse hair on their heads in order to appear “human”.

        Yeah……….,saying that blacks don’t like each other is a huge understatement, lol.

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          1. “men be ware and we wonder why black guys like non black women”.

            The above question is the equivalent of “what came first, the chicken or the egg”.

            Statistically speaking, more black women want a black man than black men want a black woman. It would appear then that black women mimic white women in desperation(hence the horse hair and skin bleaching treatment etc)in order to once again gain the attention of their own pathetic, race traitorous men.

            Perhaps if black men stopped being turned off by black racial features and turned on by every other racial alterative in general they may, just may, end up getting their shit together.

          2. Shit you ain’t seen a more nasty attitude than a black woman’s-across the board-I would fuck one of the feral apes with your dick.

          3. I understand why they want long, straight hair. Men are biologically attracted to long, healthy-looking hair. I do kinda feel bad that they just aren’t born with that trait since it’s actually important in mate selecting (usually.) Even if you aren’t beautiful, you can attract people with good hair. I know, dammit. 😉

          4. @itsplaster

            “I understand why they want long, straight hair. Men are biologically attracted to long, healthy-looking hair“.

            If it were biological(and therefore evolutional by design)black men would prefer their women to have afro hair because no one of Sub-Saharan African descent naturally possesses long, straight silky hair.

            The truth is that sexual attraction, for the most part, is a mix of what we currently are(biological, familial) and what we believe we need going forward(desired genetic traits).

            If you are a white male, born into a white family and grow up in a predominantly white neighbourhood the chances are that white women will be your primary sexual interest. Apply this same formula to the Indians, the Chinese, the Pakis etc and it will exhibit similar results because for the most part we wish to continue what we are into the future. In fact the interracial relationship statistics shows this to be true in so far as all races date predominantly within their own racial pool the majority of the time.

            The black male however is quite different. I have seen time and time again black men who, despite being born black into a black family and growing up in a predominantly black neighbourhood, choose white women as their primary sexual interest instead.

            The above is a complete rejection of oneself. They are basically spitting upon their black mothers and sisters and taking it upon themselves to commit genetic suicide because that is what it is as within five generations there will be nothing left of the original nigger.

            To conclude, black men hate themselves with a passion.

            Rather than logically accept this though they prefer to protect their fragile egos instead by passing all of their self loathing into the black women. You see it all the time, black men bashing black women about their looks, their attitudes etc, saying things like “black women just don’t have the ‘good’ hair”. That they are “too aggressive” and “too loud”, that they are not physically attractive enough in general etc.

            All the above are behaviours and genetic traits that black men themselves similarly share. Do black men themselves possess the “good hair”?. Are they not also “too aggressive” in general as well?.

            By passing all of their own self loathing onto black women they hoped to make black women responsible for the black mans actions thus justifying their own shameful behaviour. The problem is though that anyone with half a brain can see right through it and see the black man for what he truly is.

            To answer your original point then, Black men are not biologically attracted to long, healthy-looking hair because they do not biologically possess those traits. They instead see it has a desirable trait to seek out and hopefully pass on because they have come to the conclusion that the traits they currently possess are ugly and disgusting.

            That begs another important question, if niggers see themselves as being ugly and disgusting what right have they got to have a go at me for feeling the exact same way.

          5. @empty-soul That makes sense. Attraction is biological in some ways and I guess it is marketed to people as well and some other variables. I think you said similar. I’m not going on a black woman rant but since long, straight hair is everywhere in the media and a lot of the female population, it has become something considered attractive. Women having hairy legs is a turn-off to most men and that was marketed into an attraction.
            As for black men bashing on black women, I see it a lot. I have no idea how that will be solved. If it is indeed an issue within themselves, black men will need to change quite a bit to become happy with “black.”

          6. @itsplaster

            Yes, the media does play it’s part and so does social norms. Many rich black men for example only truly feel successful once they have a white, blond “trophy” wife on their shoulder. The whole white wife, half-white kids and nice house in a nice white neighbourhood is their way of becoming “white” themselves because they see whiteness as being the ultimate status symbol.

            The sad truth is though that the more black people strive to be white the more they make blackness a ugly thing to have. After all, if everybody is running from it, including the blacks themselves, it cannot be good.

            The above only further hinders any would-be sexual attraction because people in general are also naturally attracted to the things other people find attractive. If they wish to be desired then they should stop running away from themselves and start supporting each other and sorting out their thuggish reputation by not rioting and looting every time one of their drug dealers gets killed.

      2. That type of show was an everyday occurrence here in San Bernardino back in the early 2000’s.
        It was a daily war going on at San G. H.S.
        Theres this place in the northestern part of the city that is famous for its high nigger concentration (mayates) population.
        That area is called “Little Africa” and niggers here are very united, if you’re Mexican and walked this streets you would get mugged and beat the fuck up by some no less than ten mayates.
        Me personally I have gotten jumped by niggers like the ones in this video and I think that although their punches do feel rock solid they ain’t got no power, four-five of them on me by myself couldn’t take me down.
        Mayates although they’re factory ripped and cut they really can’t fight for shit mano a mano, toe to toe.

        1. On another note I think its really weird that in San Bernardino some good 65% of homicides if not more happen within or around a 1 mile radius from the Police Department.
          Look up at a SB homicide map and you’ll see what I mean.
          Coming out of work today as I dropped him at his spot he told me that last night a nigger shot two other niggers in the face, he said that he seen the whole shit and a female bitch got hit four times in the face and the male accompanying her got grazed.
          This shit happened right in Downtown San Bernardino.
          Some three blocks away from the SBPD.

      1. Manny I’m sorry but your one of those half or quarter breeds which claim the black genes instead of the others and can understand how part of you wanted to swing from the bars and grab a banana but you are better

        Not be a dick but thanks and I know how you feel kinda but crazy stupid insecure people do this, to bad I was not on the train I’d claim self defense and cleanse them bastards I’m packing sometimes illegal

          1. The trick here in TN is to have your magazine or bullets in s different part of the vehicle example gun in the console magazine in trunk then the cops can’t say much.

            @empty-soul am I correct ?? you have been double tapping my comments? Thx

    2. let me hip you to something you may not know, the derogatory term used since slavery: “nigger” comes from the ancient African / Kemetic term “negus” which means king…

      But these assholes is some straight nigga types…

      They gotta prove to me that #blacklivesmatter by stopping with the bullshit against each other…

      These are just some brainwashed cookie cutter ass retarded followers of the elites agenda….

    3. I don’t even know people who would behave like this… All the negativity is always recorded… Why aren’t blacks accomplishments ever mentioned? Every race has trash.. About a month ago I saw a “pack” mildew smelling Whites beat the shit out of another white girl then they jumped up and down on her car like monkeys… Should’ve recorded and put it in here.. Titled it “when white people miss their white turkey sandwiches”. You hate blacks because it’s in breed in you. Period.

          1. Kountz, Samuel L. Organ transplantation pioneer, particularly renal transplant research and surgery; author or co-author of 172 articles in scientific publications. There’s more~ I’m also sure there are numerous contributions, major and minor, in R&D around the world, past and present, made by blacks that just simply is not mentioned. Not necessarily due to racism or the fact that they were black mind you. Most intelligent people at the leading edge of R&D don’t put much stock in race. They recognize people are individuals and intelligent people can come from any race or background.

          1. A.I.D.S as they are the only race depraved enough too not only fuck chimpanzees but too fuck them so much they catch a disease from their Negroid Bestiality #blackliesmatter

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  1. You can put clothes on them, give them books, try integrate with them but always their primative jungle instincts will burst out eventually . Its like living with zoo animals eventually they will attack you.

      1. Actually I genuinely dont, but im sure they exist. There are very few blacks in our country, but weve had a recent influx over the last 5 years and of those (even though given perfectly equal opportunity and education ) have made very little effort to integrate or part take in any sort of meaningful living, most ive met are incredibly rude and seem to have this rude ‘you owe me’ entitlement by default . (even though we are a small island with no colonal history) To be honest they seem to prefer to just claim welfare and have babies despite being unemployed as statistics are now showing. ( of course we pick up the tab ) Weve tried our best to welcome and be pleasant but our wallets and patience has run dry. But thats just my experience it might be different in your country. Ill try remain optimistic however

          1. who cares blacky lol. i see blacks behaving like this, ill comment accordingly, same with any race. so go whinge somewhere else, this aint the place barbii.. black

          2. For when you generalise “All” with that which you see, even if you see it 100% of the time, it doesnt mean that this is the case for 100% of occasions.

            Without being all seeing, you cannot see all.

            And you cant say all is like what you see.

            Take a look at the death of Sophie Lancaster, this was a white girl, murdered by a pack of absolute savage chimps, that were all white. Great documentary too.

            People are products of enviroment, Obama is a fine example of a nigger brought up as a white man.

            That being said, most niggers fucking stink and act primitive, they dont bring much to the table. or contribute like all other ethnicity. But there are still blacks that can be and are as productive intelligent and inspiring, and do not carry ape like conditioning.

            Turns out you really can polish a turd.

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        1. Someone needs their steroid fix lol and weed is a plant. Supposedly it is a “drug” because the government and mindless sheeple like yourself think it is but it grows naturally from the earth lol and hell yeah for the nigger part lol

          1. Lololo. You are right.

            But i don’t respect drug people. Filthy and no class.

            If you take drugs take heroine and die awesome.

            Hell yeah. Nigers out!

    1. What is your opinion on Trump being so against immigrants yet his bitch wife’s an immigrant who can’t even speak English properly ( & all of his exes as I’ve heard ? I dunno much on that ) Don’t you think that he just fooled us all & used our patriotism just so that he could become the president making his immigrant wife the First Lady of the great American nation sucking his age old cock n balls through a sea of old white pubic hair probs gettin’ some in between her teeth at the White House in the middle of the night ? Doesn’t that make the whole thing/his voters look really stupid ? No offense Mr. Lou 😛

      1. To understand why people voted for Trump you must first look at his alternative, Hillary “whoops, I mispoke” Clinton.

        Had the Democrats ran with anyone but Hilary Clinton they would have won the election because hardly anyone votes for the same family twice(particularly smeared political families), idiotic Bush supporters excluded.

        Trump then was elected solely on the fact that he wasn’t a politician and/or member of the establishment.

        Barack O’Nigger on the other hand, despite his dark face, proved himself to be just another puppet that did nothing to help his fellow niggers.

        Trump however comes across not as being anti-immigrant but rather as being anti-non white in general which for his majority white voters is a positive boon. His choice of wifes therefore falls within that bracket.

        Time will tell whether he will be known as just another puppet.

          1. Sure my friend.

            Same here. I pay my bills on my own.

            Politics is not my thing anymore.

            “Divide and conquer”. But I love Trump when he was a billionaire. His books, shows, and lifestyle ways impressive.

            He is a tough businessman.

            Politics? I have no opinion. I just rock in life and it is good to read that liberals cry that he is the president.

        1. I am Mexican-American with a huge extended family scattered all over the USA. Most of us are patriotic Americans who voted for Trump because of his position on illegal immigration, the “wall”, welfare State policies, etc,
          We all deplore illegal coming here and doing all kinds of crimes (including rape, drug smuggling, and murder). You liberal “snowfake” pussies don’t know shit about the millions of us who love the USA. Don’t believe CNN, MSNBC, etc. about Trump being racist. I know racists, and he ain’t one!
          Viva Trump and Viva America!

          1. ” Mexican American with a huge extended family ” No shit ! 😀 ”

            Started from the bottom now we’re here !

            Started from the bottom now the whole extended family’s here, nigga ! ” ahh ahh O’ yeeeeaaa

            LOL 😆

  3. It’s not a coincidence that they were enslaved by all nations , they need chains and being beatin with a stick our ancestors here in Morocco did it for centuries and it was fine since this new political libtard zionist oligarchy took the rule , you’ll see this kind of shit happening but fuck America they deserve it

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  4. Why the fuck would you smoke weed on a train? I’m a weedhead and I know that the smell is disgusting to some people so why bother them with that shit. Plus their weed must be weak as hell if they still have the energy to do a chimpout.

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      Do you chimp out sometimes, when you are mentally and intellectually challenged, LaShonta?

      1. What do you do with your life?

        I’m a conservative black female veteran . I also serve my community by being an emt, in paramedic school, joining the fire department next year and re enrolling into college.

        What do you do besides being a little bitch?

        1. LaShonta. I can tell you.

          I eat caviar, smoke expensive cigars, sipp champagne, travel oversea (throw some dimes on street for the poor), sniff at young Pussy, investing and enjoying life!

          A black female veteran??? Are you the maid from Gone with the wind?

          Vietnam veteran here from Battalion G-I-52H22 so don’t cum with that Veteran shit.

          My shoes cost more than your house, bitch

          1. What champagne do you enjoy? Dom? Probably. That is the favorite of the nouveau riche. If you bust out of that comfort zone, I’d suggest Veuve Clicquot. Or stay mainstream and do Perrier-Jouet. Whatever. Just not DP. It’s so predictable and you’re obviously so refined.
            Which cigars do you prefer? And how much is Beluga running right now? I’m assuming the Caspian is your source.

          2. @itsplaster While you posted this doing research via your cracked smartphone, on your 9-5 job, I eat caviar while dropping a pressie.

            You aren’t allowed to ask me questions, because I am an Alpha Male and superior.

            I consume brands, you don’t know 😉
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          3. That’s what I thought. “Brands I’ve never heard of” – that’s code for you don’t know what’s quality. And you can make jokes but I grew up in a wine-appreciating atmosphere. I have real stories. Ever drink Opus One? Ever seen a bottle of Chateau Petrus? I don’t have to look things up. You don’t really have to be mega, mega rich to know fine things. I never talk about such on here but I can’t not call your bluff. I mean I know you’re a troll and playing this part but at least be ready to encounter real oenophiles and people who actually have experienced things. Poor Lou, there’s some part of you that really does wish you had all that even if you’re playing. That’s kinda sad.

          4. @itsplaster you are a fraud and you know that.

            You grew up in an atmosphere of scat, filth and rape.

            I am a connoisseur of the finer things in life. Your pathetic attempt to get famous at the cost of me is sad. You will never gain ass much STAR POWER or class like me.

            Continue making name dropping and some Veuve here and there.

            Fix your cracked smartphone and stop telling me that I am a troll. Whats a Troll? You are a troll. A scat and piss troll.

          5. @gnat
            He’s flying his helicopter over to talk merger with @happy right now. All the while, dropping a cold hard pressie and power sniffing everything that crosses his path. 😀
            Got to run, back to my job flipping burgers and driving for uber.

          6. He’s calling weed smokers filth and fuck-ups and saying he doesn’t respect them. I was almost sure that VOV smokes and he manages to do a lot for a “fuck up.”

        2. You said you’re going back to school in the spring to get a bachelors in biology in a previous comment and now you’re sayin’ that you’re joining the fire department nxt year ? I don’t think you’d need a bachelors in biology to suck firemen’s dicks you lying piece of filthy fake ass cum bucket hoe ._.

        1. @13lunt420media. Well hosanna in excelsior hosanna in the highest. And every pot head I’ve ever met makes this claim. But they all see the need too smoke it every day lol. I grow and smoke tobacco but I’m enough of a man too admit its narcotic properties plus I have the human decency too not spark up on a bus or train or around peoples kiddies. Breaking a Petty law and stinking out a tube train don’t make you a rebel sweet pea. Its just hopeless addiction. And whilst nicotine is a drug nobody has ever died due too a cigarette fueled rampage.

      1. you are a story teller reminiscent of one of them high-strung tweekers. you know the type, they don’t die. “hey y’know I’ve been
        banging speed since I was 9 years old…I’m 48 now…
        hasn’t effected me in the slightest…and I’ve only got one lung left
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        nailed it! for $400 US you can POWER SNIFF my cool, honest

  5. Blacks acting like animals……what a shocker. They will never assimilate or fit into any society. They are incapable of acting like humans.

    I worked at an inner city hospital for some time. So I have seen it first hand. Call the doctor a white cracker piece of shit, while they try to save their lives after beong shot after a bad drug deal or dispute over a piece of sidewalk. Pumping pint after pint of blood into them when it could have been used for a car accident victim, etc. Nigs gotta nig. Too bad he didn’t have a ccw and killed every one.


  6. That is one tough mofo. Several rounds of 11 on 1 and the kid is still getting up. All those mouthy hood rats better hope he doesn’t run into them again on the street or train. Based on his ability to take several ass kickens and still rise on his own. They better have serious gun power. Not that joke of an attack. lol

  7. I’m from Texas and even illegal Hispanic people don’t like blacks so in HS blacks did not like each other and everyone hated blacks…..

    There was a study with babies and all other races of babies bonded but segregated the black babies …. mmmm

      1. When those descent Blacks learn that Nigger trash like this are irreparable.
        They lack discipline from fathers but Orwellian Police State set foot on family doorstep long time ago in US and now, they protect their rights to be demonic.

  8. It’s appalling how quick the members on this site start to be racist towards black people when videos of them behaving unruly gets uploaded. But when other races behave the same way, the members here go back to analyzing stories normally. Not trying to sound like your typical liberal, but that is something I’ve come to learn about people on the internet. The internet exposes how coward and backwards people are when they are shielded from direct shaming and direct judgement. Believe me; I’m not trying to act perfect, because we are all guilty of spewing things on the internet that wouldn’t dare say in real-life towards anybody. The moral of my rambling is, be rational people. I won’t go in detail on how whites are statistically and historically the most dangerous race in the world, because I would be just speaking to brick walls who just have citations of statistics of the crime that blacks commit in this country while ignoring that there are more black famine ghettos in the U.S. than there are of any other race (Hm, I wonder why that is)

    1. You’re right…

      The ONLY reason most of us don’t want to be around blacks is because the color of their skin…
      It has absolutely nothing to do with their cultural vibrance that they spread wherever they go…

      Don’t believe me?… Ever been to South Africa?…

      Racist me… 🙄

    2. Well I get what your saying I’m sure there is a few websites where black people say funny stupid racist shit about white, Hispanic, Asian races, Indian, Italian etc…

      So here and now we are reacting to a bunch of insane stupid black kids acting like thugs I mean common one guy in black/blue was swinging from the fucking bars kicking dude in the back!!

      So we gonna say funny stupid shit and sound basically on what we see it, they call themselves Nigga more then our few comments. I have a few black friends that don’t act like this. They would agree

  9. All these apes rightfully belong to the zoo ; its a pity why apes are allowed to board a train in the first place.
    If these motherfucker do not have any civic sense then entry to these places for
    them need to be barred so as to have people commute in peace .

  10. Blacks are truly the plague of this Earth…. Most of them are cowards and have to have 3-4-5-6-7-8-9 or more on 1…. I don’t think I ever remember seeing a fair 1 on 1 fight. As soon as their buddy starts losing they come out the woodwork like roaches to jump pack on …. Bunch of bitches…with guns

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