Guy with Firearm vs Four Guys with Pipes and Baseball Bats

Guy with Firearm vs Four Guys with Pipes and Baseball Bats

Within the premises of Paradise Mall in Abohar, state of Punjab, India, a man was attacked by four men armed with steel pipes and baseball bats. But the man had a Joker up his sleeve, and was not afraid to use it.

According to the info I got, the reason for the attack was “political rivalry” – whatever that means. Perhaps an Indian version of Trump worshipers attacking anyone who doesn’t get on his knees and spreads his ass cheeks for Dear Leader?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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81 thoughts on “Guy with Firearm vs Four Guys with Pipes and Baseball Bats”

    1. @sirmelancholia 100%. Yet there are the brainwashed left who think the right is the problem. Exactly when did you see the right start & attend in non stop protesting that 9 times out of 10 turns beyond violent during the 8yrs of torture? Never because we lost and moved on like normal individuals would do.

    2. Classic Beta move. Too scared to defend himself until they were already beating his ass. First bullet hit his attackers leg. Second should have been in his head. If he had done that, the others would have run away. But they saw he was not willing to take kill shots so they continued to attack. Gun didn’t look like it jammed. He fired 3 or 4 rounds, then pussed out. Deserves to get beat.

      1. perhaps it is you who is too dim witted to understand the benificial implications of communism in society, it is quite effective at thinning out the population which could be useful today due to the huge numbers of people sucking up good air. we either need communism or a good ol WW3, preferably communism. war on a world war scale could end up hurting the environment worse than it already is.

  1. what an odd video. seems he was a touch afraid to use it as there should have been four bodies laying there and why was he still trying to grab at pipe? he has a gun and then he disappears off frame only to return entangled with them? he run out of bullets?

    1. You can say sorry to a living person for a punch, theres many reasons we make emotional and impulsive decisions. Many we regret afterwards.

      Punches leave a small mark, compared to a 9mm.

  2. it was most likely a .38. and they probably don’t have easy access to premium ammo so most likely he is shooting full metal jackets which most of the time are not as effective due to less damage from the bullet not expanding to spread the energy and tissue out. they do tend to penetrate more tho, because they dont mushroom out. so if shot in a vital organ or artery, it doesnt matter what type of bullet or caliber. Shot placement is key. look up brassfetcher on YouTube if interested. A .38 +p is quite effective at that range. Torso and head.

  3. Like what …..put a gun in a moron’s hand ……and he’ll
    End up beat up or dead…….( Probably make his own bullet!!!)
    The problem is…… that when you shoot at People,
    And miss or just injure them……some will get very annoyed
    And try to kill you too…..
    Showing a gun is no joke… that point …it’s you or
    Them ….period.
    Aim for la cabeza….!!!!
    Well I’m not an expert…… Don’t do that at home…!!!!!

  4. Indian version of trump supporters? Yeah nice try but we all know it’s the left that go around attacking people. Antifa and Black Lives *Don’t* Matter love to smash shit and attack cops but then run to the police when it’s one of their own that gets attacked.

  5. “According to the info I got, the reason for the attack was “political rivalry” – whatever that means. Perhaps an Indian version of Trump worshipers attacking anyone who doesn’t get on his knees and spreads his ass cheeks for Dear Leader?”

    This is a disgusting statement… it is more like “Perhaps a bunch of traitors (Hilary supporters) to their own race attacking any patriotic person who is unwilling to allow their culture to be raped by foreigners”

    1. Don’t be fooled into believing one political party has your best interests at heart, while the other main party has not.
      They ALL piss in the same pot when all is said and done.
      Both Trump and Clinton are full of fucking shite .

  6. Have to call you on this one “Perhaps an Indian version of Trump worshipers attacking anyone who doesn’t get on his knees and spreads his ass cheeks for Dear Leader?”

    The only attackers out there right now are the Antifa nazis….. As far as I’m concerned, those little snowflake faggots need their heads bashed in… THEY are the ones against free speech and I’m amazed the editor(s) of this site would make such a statement

  7. Homeboy did get One of Them though….

    I love the way the guy in green seems to feel his breath caught, puts hand t0 chest and keels over to witness the rest of his exsistence loooool

  8. I’m no expert when it comes to shooting, but I would have expected that he could have at least done better with that gun of his. If you have a gun, at least know how to use it, man.

    1. It appears he was going for leg shots. It doesn’t work like in the movies, as shown here. He was only able to disable one attacker and the others were still able to attack him.

      A gun isn’t everything. Just because someone is shot, it doesn’t mean they are out of the fight. They can still attack you for however many number of minutes they have left to live. Even a direct heart hit will cause a person to be alive for approximately 12 seconds according to the army sharp shooter manual. Unless you hit someone directly in the center brain area or spine, they will be active and moving.

      It’s best to just run away. It’s highly doubtful he just stumbled on these individuals, and had to defend himself. It appears he was in a riot, somehow pissed off a group of people, thought because he had a gun that he’d be okay, but instead ended up getting attacked still. Everyone of these people should be arrested and thrown in jail regardless of their political preferences.

  9. Dear D. Trump salad tossers, since you seemingly maintain sufficient fingers to smash against your respective keyboards and have words come out, perhaps the rest of us were overly-generous in expecting that you also exhibited the capacity to read. If you did, you would know that Mark hates the political left as much, if not more so, than the right. He even defended the participants of the Charlottsville rally. His distaste for Trump stems from Dear Leader’s uncompromising support for shoving America’s two fingers even farther up Benjamin Netenyahu’s ass. Don’t pretend the right moved-on, when you’re still asking for Obama’s birth certificate. Please know what the fuck you are talking about before you post it, oh, wait, that’s the same tactic that got Donald “Micro-Dick” Trump elected.

  10. Okay I probably shouldn’t have laughed but this was pretty funny. It appears the shooter was attempting to disable them by going for leg shots. Unfortunately he ran out of ammo and left to defend himself without.

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