Guy Intervenes in Girl on Girl Fight Just as It Starts Getting Interesting

Guy Intervenes in Girl on Girl Fight Just as It Starts Getting Interesting

A girl on girl street fight starts getting interesting when a girl flings her fat opponent to the ground and proceeds to finish her up. But at that moment, a pussy guy intervenes by sucker-punching her to give the fattie unfair advantage.

Since that doesn’t really work and the fattie continues getting her fat ass handed to her, the guy continues to beat the girl until she’s knocked down and the defeated fattie somehow manages to lift her fat self up without the assistance of a crane, and strikes the girl.

The two must be siblings, as they both fight like pussies.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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64 thoughts on “Guy Intervenes in Girl on Girl Fight Just as It Starts Getting Interesting”

  1. I would a loved to be there, just to start a whole nother fight with that asshole. A couple of those girls were trying to hold up their hands to him telling him to stop when they shoulda been breaking his ugly ass nose and knocking some unbrushed, yellow, rotten teeth out his dumb head. Whata piece of garbage.

  2. It was entertaining to watch up until that faggoty son of a bitch with a gonorrheal arse in black polo tried to intervene . He needs someone to fill his arse up with about 10″ long dick with warm spurts of jizz loads to stop meddling around the next time whenever cats feel like being at play .

  3. lol really, You seriously couldn’t go a few seconds without calling her fat or fatty? Really? Ha I like watching videos like this, but not when the uploader makes the description based on his own judgemental opinions because it’s “funny” honestly wanna punch you in your most likely ugly face for the description. Fucking ignorant asshole. Ya it’s nice to have a funny description, but being immature and only focusing on how fat she is just shows how mature your fucked up ass is.

    1. Yep. You a fatty, too? Damn, girl!

      I’d take you out for dinner, but I can’t manage a whole McDonald’s store. Here, have my plate, girl, you look wasted! No need to shove the whole damned queue aside for your fat ass. 😉

    2. To be fair, anyone engaging in unseemly behaviour is fair game for personal insults I would have thought. That said,

      The woman in the footage was extremely well-nourished, artistically speaking she was rubenesque in design with a face reminiscent of the works of Picasso.

      A slow moving locomotive made from flesh and powered by coal(black cock) is how I would describe her.

    3. @twinkiehoe4515125
      Not quite sure but no offence either ………….when I looked up the window having seen what ya stated . ……..ya were louder than words defending the ones who are born to be the grossly fat beings
      I think to stay obese and be sick forever is not what ya will want in your life …. and that caption mustn’t pinch ya and your not so sorry arse and ya don’t start wearing that cap this soon unless ya are one .
      Have not so fat day either everyday by the way

      1. so now we have sjw’s trying to play the ‘fat’ card. when will people/sjw’s new to this site understand BG will never bend to any political correctness or toning down no matter how many times you piss and moan. now run along and play with your violin you damp cloth.

        1. Just wow… oh my god wow!!! Do I hear a high pitched whine ??? There is no whining on bestgore … maybe the other bitch touched her chicken wing …you don’t know !! it could be a reason why she’s hog ugly and fat as fuck… couch disease or or or a glandular condition or some shit… you don’t know!!!

          1. Oh I giggled my ass off… Somebody needs to knock that fool the fuck out… I don’t care if it IS your girlfriend… I don’t care she IS losing… it’s a chick fight you let the girls handle it keep your nosy ass out of girls business until the girls are done …nuff said , Ned ???

    4. It must have been really hard for this fatty to take a break from eating and write this post.

      How about I send you a box of Twinkies to take your mind off this video about two land whales fighting?

  4. If I’d’a bin there, I’d’a bitch slapped that hoe-moe for trying to stop the bitch-fest.

    Nothing gets a hard-on better than a skinny and a fatty getting it together.

    My bike plate sez “No Fat Chicks”. Go Figure.

      1. (It just occurred to me our good old US of A cousins don’t know what our “Fanny” is – it’s not your ‘Ass’ but our ‘Vagina Flaps’.)

        Remember, US of A, we made English, you just fucked it up cos you didn’t know any better.

        1. Yo that hip toss was the bomb it was more like a hippo toss tho ………….. incidentally hippopotami ARe some of the most ruthless vicious animals in Africa they will bite your ass in half quick as fuck just like a fat bitch when you touch her chicken wing…

        2. Yeah always gets a laugh when you hear them say fanny…but seriously, Americans didn’t fuck up the English language rather it has evolved slightly differently on both sides of the Atlantic. If you consider the way our language has evolved over hundreds of years incorporating a variety of foreign speak (German, French, Scandinavian etc… ) you’ll see that languages do change as time goes on…..It’s ridiculous though that you get some Americans who think we speak English incorrectly and sound funny….

        3. I find it funny when I hear someone on the TV say “fanny pack” as to me and the rest of the people in the UK automatically think “vagina pack” lol.
          And that hip toss was everything, she went flying haha.

    1. Unless you say, (as I do), no-one should hit anyone, then women are fair game for a good old slapping. The balls the women have around where I live means they call all the shots while all the male-pussies do as they are told. Men are men, women are women as it should be. If women want to be men, then treat them as men. End Of.

    2. I somewhat agree with you @ Broke, unless the bitch hits you first, then it is Fair Game. And this GOOFBALL should not have joined in a fair 1 on 1 Cat fight, and repeatedly hit that woman. Fucking Douche was mad cause his old lady was getting her ass kicked??? Too fucking bad arsehole, as this was a fair fight. Somebody should have knocked him, da Fuck Out, that GOOF!!!

  5. They’ll be fighting over the dick. Girls are always fighting over the dick. The fattie will be the wife, as wife’s always get fat. The other girl be a whore. Wife’s found out the dick has been in a whore and boom.

    1. So you’d like to see the chicks knocked up and the dude knocked out?

      Fucking Knocking Champion!

      (For the Foreigners and Idiots, the above is Northern English slang. Southern English Poofs (below Yorkshire) need not apply.)

  6. Ladys and Gentlemen Around The World.
    IT’S TIME!!!
    3 Rounds, In The KFC Heavy Weight Chimpionship Of The World.
    Fighting!!! Outta the pink corner the champion Shaniquas who holds a professional record of 4/0
    Her opponent stands at 5’2 and is weighing in at 462lbs. Fighting!!! with a bitchmade boyfriend, the challenger Amereazaisha….
    Here Weeee Go!!!

  7. Fucking bastard!! Why are the men just standing their watching? Wtf!!
    He knew he couldn’t beat a man as he would get his ass handed to him so had to beat a women, makes me sick how he drags her off by the hair and kicks her in her face.

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