Guy Laughs His Ass Off As He Films Chicks Fighting

Guy Laughs His Ass Off As He Films Chicks Fighting

That slit you see up there is exactly what you think it is. As if being grossed out by a ballsack with red toenails was not enough.

It’s a nasty underdeveloped snatch that looks like an ass crack extension because it has no labia. That’s what you can expect to see in the video.

The video shows a fight between two chicks in Brazil. The guy filming the fight enjoys the show a lot, and even though I can’t understand anything he says beside Caralho, it’s hilarious to listen to his commentary nevertheless.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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212 thoughts on “Guy Laughs His Ass Off As He Films Chicks Fighting”

        1. Our women are gold diggers, that’s why. If there is a gringo in Brazil, it comes to their minds that they’re travelling and are rich, so to get a chance of having easy money from dumbasses, they literally jump into their arms.

          1. Brazil has always been a shithole , in fact now its even worse. Brazilian males are also jealous , possessive violent and unfaithful when it comes to females that is why many prefer gringos not because of money since I paid virtually fuck all on literally hundreds of dates. Easy fucks. They just prefer handsome foreigners to ‘ cabeca chata favelados’ like you.

          2. No zipzap, Brazil has not been always a shithole, in the Brazilian Empire times, we were on the top 3 most powerful empires in the world at that time. What fucked Brazil was the fall of the empire and creation of the republic. I see you are resentful, did you have a bad date with a tranny?

          3. No.However Brazilian males love fucking trannies even when they are married to a female. Very strange. Resentful for playing music getting paid and fucking? No I loved it all 5 years of it so many parties, so many women in . But I took no shit from thieves/ idiots either and people trying it on.

          4. Oh I forgot a tranny tried to rob me once. Massive tits and smelt like shit. I really didn’t take kindly to that and it didn’t end well for the tranny or the two favelados that tried to steal my wallet .

      1. now I’ve heard it all a cock carousel”.. I’m use that one here and there along the line when I’m see & meet these type of ratchet animal’s…get back on your fucking! Cock carousel ya ho! And make sure to use disinfection whips when your done cause us” here at walley world we keep are rides clean.

      2. Multiple cocks don’t wear it out anymore than one cock for life. That “loose pussy” myth is a favorite with the boys. Always will be a favorite. Common sense though: if a chick fucks ONE cock forever, everyday – wear and tear is the same, man.

        1. Really? So what you’re saying is that all dicks are the same size? And big dicks are a myth? When there’s solid proof that they are not? Mine is almost 8 inches in girth circumference. I always tear them when they are new to me.
          I think having a broken laptop has given you a disadvantage, no Google avaliable to use.

          1. Yeah I have seen twats of porn stars/women that have shot out lots of kids. They look like chipped ham sandwiches. Plaster, I love your little condescending terms. I bet that makes you feel superior when you say “boys”. I bet it makes you feel like your special.

          2. ‘ you’re stupid’ is why Brazilian females prefer foreigners because you’re stupid is literally stupid. He has the small brained mentally that if he talks about his penis makes him a ‘man’ in reality his mindset is decades behind developed countries , still stuck in his low paid job , putting his shit paper in a box instead of down the pan , living in a poorly constructed house and fucking skanky hookers when drunk on watered down weak as piss Brazilian beer.

          3. Anyways @zitzap. I know you like having long objects around your mouth, talking to it, singing to it, spitting at it and grabbing it the way you grab fags in brasil. But as I was about to tell @bellazombe that I’m having issues with my gravatar and it won’t let me upload a picture. But I’ll work on it.
            Hopefully zitpop here doesn’t get excited looking at my member. I don’t get down like that. I love delicious female pussy.

          4. Mr central American 3rd world nigger/ spic combo you make the common mistake of trying to insult people from the 1st world with zero impact stupidity I.e ‘ your mom’ ‘ you’re gay’ or tranny insults. Pay attention no one cares about those things in developed countries because they aren’t 50 years behind places like the shithole you live in. In the bin trigly puff

          1. thats cause a black guy can hardly believe some one can look at there ugly face while fucking, usually fat or crackhead white trash that look like men

        2. See? lol Favorite myth. Stupid guy, I couldn’t be less impressed with your comment. Insecurity is not my thing. Fucking your wife half-hard guy, tell your wife you’re sorry. Kittens, stop being triggered, pussy. And I think the rest is about Brazil. I only scrolled so far and was like Fuck it. But I’m right about the pussy stretching, so piss off.

        3. That is a myth. I’ve banged 50 year olds that were tighter than a 20 year old and vice-versa. A lot has to do with how excited you both are can can you make her cum before you fuck her. I prefer to go south until she cums and then fuck. It seems to be the best for both of us.

        4. Cรกllete. Loose pussy is a thing it’s real. Caused rather by genetics/muscle tone, birth, and maybe body size. It can be argued if dicks cause it or not. One dick of one size is NOT the same as mulitiple of diferente sizes (that’s more stretching to be had).

      3. everything is not always the way it looks. i like to call you all a mob of stupid ignorant idiots, but i can’t use people’s lack of knowledge as a reason to attack someone.
        brazil, like to many countries around the world, practice FGM,
        (female genital mutilation) it is something you all can look up, save me explaining it. it makes male circumcision look like a picnic in the park park on a sunny day.
        i believe this “lady” is a victim of FGM.
        please, correct me if you believe i am wrong.

        1. What the heck are you talking about, we don not practice FGM in Brazil. It is historically a catholic country, not a Islamic one, I don’t know if some Amazonian isolated tribes do it, but, at least, more than 99% of the population don’t. Neither FMG nor circumcision is widely done in Brazil. Congratulations, today’s prize of who said the most stupid thing about Brazil goes to you…

          1. hahaha everyday I read stupid comments about Brazil on this site, we should DEFINITELY create a prize for the most stupid ones

          2. Oh man, we wouldn’t have enough time to read all the comments and judge, there’s so many of them lol The level of intelligence of these North American hicks and some Europeans trash that comment on here have me laughing on the floor all the time. Even with all that technology and Internet, they are dumber than the innocent people they constantly insult on the gore videos.

        2. That’s just denial and a defensive reaction because you are part of shithole south/ central America and this video is part of that reality and you can’t take it just like liberal snowflakes. Trust me we are all laughing. Especially if you understand third world Portuguese or Spanish. I was literally roaring with laughter in fact i’m going to watch it again and laugh some more. Hahaha

          1. I bet you foam at the mouth and scream at the computer screen when you reply to me lol I love it!
            I’m a third generation Canadian. And my mom is of German decent. So I love your ignorance!
            You Retarded fuck face Dickweed! Lol

          2. ‘ 3rd generation Canadian’oh no not the great great great great great great uncle was a paki line. You are thick as shit and a trigly puff brown person pretending to be a ‘ man’ but really you hate it when people talk about how shit your third world hole is it makes your sensitive vagina twitch.

      1. @bellazombe so have you got one of those vanilla slices like a straight line? or is it abit chunkier like a chicken fillet? or is it a thinly spread ham sandwich? or is it the dreaded kebab .. or you americans would probably call that a hefty baloney sandwich? come on spill on your snatch type bellazombe ..

      2. @bellazombe Since i first laid my eyes on that beautiful face of yours i pictured you with a beautiful body, Horns-O-Plenty, and a meaty and perfectly shaped & shaved pussy, that would be the envy of many women, and make a grown man weep my love, lol. Brutally honest enough for ya darling??? Or will i get a major “FUCK-OFF CREEP”. LOL.

        1. Most healthy, and normal Sexually Active, and (French like Myself) think like this everyday going through life. They just don,t day it, as many a Bitch slaps would be delivered i,m sure, lol.

          1. @thedre aww your compliments make my day.
            Pretty face yes, but not all men would appreciate my body you could say. I’m a curvaceous creature, cushioned for the pushin >.< hahaha

            Ooh,Comment j’aime tous les garรงons franรงais ๐Ÿ˜‰

          2. I love all shapes, and sized, @bellazombe except for the 250 pounders, that is a little hard for myself to navigate under, and flip em over, and stuff, lol. I am glad that i made your day, and about your curves, i love some curves, because this means that you are sleeping with a Real Woman, and not a young bubble headed bleach blonde, with a mostly plastic body parts. Now to me “THAT” is gross, as i have always loved my woman au Naturel. You speak excellent French, and you also have an awesome sense of humor. Any man would be lucky, and blessed to share his life with you sweetheart. ๐Ÿ™‚

        2. do you live in france @bellazombe ? im hoping le pen wins in april it is so vital for europe ! and speaking of the matter lets hope geert wilders is successful today ! another vital cog he is but not as much as le pen. so much rests on le pen for april. could change millions of lives across europe. please win le pen!

          1. This is true. We should have a BG blowout party in NYC. Of course, it would be hard to get people here. If I was loaded, I’d get you all here. Although, I doubt we could get Mark that close to Canada. ha

    1. he was saying that both of the women were whores fighting for cock and some point he said that the woman has a “buceta monstro do caralho” something like “monster pussy”. He also says that her asshole is just like a flower(dont ask me what kind of flowers hes been watching to lol)

  1. Pega means “to beat something” and, of course, we all know what filho de puta means.

    That’s what I love about Brazilians, they just don’t give a fuck. Two women are fighting, in the end it actually looks like the one on top is strangling the one on the bottom; there’s a good chance he might get his eye put out with someone’s acrylic toenail, and yet he swoops in with his camera and flash on to capture the best part. Only thing that would have made it more perfect would have been if he had stuck his finger up her gaping asshole.

        1. Yep, he was, more or less. Pega can have this meaning too, but it’s complicated, strictly speaking it means grab, fetch, but it can also be used to incite a fight. It would be similar to when someone says “get him” in English, the person is not saying to the other to literally get the one receiving the beating.

  2. What can I say, apparently they were fighting over a cock, as the guy said “take it, go grab/touch the dick of others young woman”, as if suggesting she was taking the beating for grabbing a dick that belonged to the woman delivering the beating…

  3. Black girls are just too unattractive. They dont have one trait i find desirable. White chicks (not the fat ones) and spanish girls are where its at. My girl is columbian and Puerto Rican, so shes crazy, sexy, and can cook….black chicks are just black niggas in disguise. Ashy things. No bien. ๐Ÿ™‚

        1. “Black girls are just too unattractive” : )
          And what about you Mr.? Are you attractive? You’re probably some douche half-gay whose relationship and sex life is in the sole control of your Colombian feminist. She probably rides on top and focks you only once in a while out of pity… And that means she also focks some real men out there just to make up for the blanks : )

          1. Well, I’m just a commonsense straight guy standing for the truth ๐Ÿ™‚

            I don’t have to be black to NOT say stupid / unreasonable things against negros
            I don’t have to be female to NOT say stupid / unreasonable things against women

            It’s called commonsense and fairness buddy, you could use some ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. She isnt disgusting like one. And nah, i have a great job. Im fairly good looking. Shes hot as fuck and really smart. And we fuck a few times a day Soo your assumption was wrong lol you assumed so much, but i can prove how grimy black girls can be and how simply undesired they are. You’re no where near eloquent in your words or punctuation which leads me to believe you didnt graduate high school, im guessing out of the rage youre black, fun fact, when i worked in the morgue those where the people that where mostly the unclaimed. Why? Well i presumed that people just didnt care. Your false words cant hurt me, or anyone. As we both know none of it is real. But you know the reality of your life and how shitty it is. You know your own pity, and thats sad. It really is. Ima fuck my glorious girl and go to my nice job. You, i cant fathom the squabble of a hell youll live today. You uneducated, crying little waste of skin ๐Ÿ™‚ spell better and ill respect you more.

          1. You’re right. I live in Sรฃo Paulo, the richest state, located in the Southeast region, which along the South, are the best regions to live in Brazil. The Midwest is not that bad either, but it’s closer to the shitty Northeast, the worst place. While I’m indifferent about the North, it’s a “normal” place. lol Pernambuco has beautiful beaches and I’m sure most of the population are good persons, however it’s better to avoid going there indeed.

  4. Even when it’s two filthy ragbone Brazilian crack fiends when a female parts those legs wide as a male you find it so alluring, I don’t find the aids gonorrhea genital warts festering in her little envelope alluring though so despite me glancing at her rubbery and unkempt looking snatch I will leave it to someone else to thrust their meatstick inside it until the creamy essence spills forth. Enjoy lads ..

  5. Translation

    “Woah motherfucker! Get her, bash her! Beat the shit out of her! (Crazy laughter). Get that son of a bitch! Keep going around picking other men’s dick, you fucking slut! You bunch of whores, fighting over cocks, keep on going! Hey, she can only be from Caveira, this disgrace, or from Ines (Caveira/Ines is some bad neighborhood). Get her! Holy shit, what a bunch of fucking sluts… holy fuck! What a monstrous hell of a pussy! Her ass is wrecked. Go on sluts, bunch of fucking whores, bunch of hoodrats!”

  6. Why do some people prefer ‘developed’ & aged looking out of shape labia that just seems gross to be honest makes me wonder what if I flipped that side over would there be any residue or sweat marks on the other side !! Eww!! No thanks.
    Perfectly shaped intact type definitely gives a woman youthful look down below.


  8. I have always been brutally honest when trying to get involved, or go out with a beautiful woman. I would not start talking snatch, on the first date, lol, unless she grabbed me, and laid me down,,,, then it,s on girly, as i have been described as very vocal, yet very arousing at the same time, lol.
    I think it,s the French in me, as i love to tell a woman, as i slowly spread her legs, and get ready to give her some tongue, that “oh my god, you have a beautiful pussy” as i tease her until she starts to pull my hair outta me head, he,he, and then BOOM,,, Massive squirting and intense orgasm in about 45 seconds, flat. Foreplay, and teasing with a little sex talk, makes for amazing sex,,, Always, for both parties involved. As it also gets me going big time, lol. true this.

  9. I had as much laughter reading these comments, as I did watching the video. Thank you members for giving me a reason to smile today, after 3 weeks of dealing with losing my son….

    1. My condolences.

      I’m curious, if you’re grieving the loss of your son, why would you come to a gore site like THIS to find solace? I know I’m bordering on being offensive, but if you had posted a photo of your dead son on this website, 80% of the comments would be something insensitive like “there’s one less mouth my tax dollars are paying for” or “serves him right for all the crimes he committed” or some stupid shit like that. There are pictures of dead babies and kids and mothers left and right. I’m completely confounded.

      Why of ALL places would you chose THIS place to console yourself?

      1. I do not need to elaborate or explain my actions @cadejito, I purposefully do not read or view any child gore. I’m interested in the human mind and how it works and how it can malfunction so drastically. I guess it’s my medical background.
        My son is 16, and has left the nest, for work!!!

          1. Lol fuck you cunt !!!’
            Actually your gonna have to get yourself a Filipino mail bride, you worthless piece of shit

        1. @svargee I doubt that you will never have the feeling of being a parent, it’s a very bitter sweet experience, and plays with ones emotions. No women in her right mind would be with you, unless it was a paid transaction….

        2. I wish Mark would boot your fkn arse of this site, you are so creepy, that I’m almost positive that some of the videos we see here are of your handiwork. You live and breath Bestgore…. there’s a special place in hell for you, where slow torture with HUGE black cock penetrating your shitstained hairy arse, while a dirty black slut sits on your face, with her green infected pussy and grinds it into your face so hard that eventually it causes you to eventually suffocate. I only want black people to have the pleasure of torturing you, cause I know how much you love them.

          1. Come on svarg has his own style and we don’t turn anyone away from bestgore it will remain non pc we are all freaks in our own right at this place but that’s what makes it interesting I like how svarg is filled with hatred he gives my hatred a uhmm … buddy if you will. I know it’s not healthy to hate anything but damn it doesn’t half get the human mind going into overdrive people can go from 0-60 in a few seconds

          2. And she writes the hell comment then whines about immaturity ect iv heard autistic crackbabies come up with more original shit.crackwhore welfare case .probably a fucken skwa. Cop loving crackhead bitch

  10. Underdeveloped and nasty? Excuse me, bitch, but theres nothing more nasty, disgusting, and barf inducing then a blown out, meaty, dangly things nasty pussy. Disgusting. While i dont like hooker pussy, hers is perfect. Nice small lips, concealing, everything in a nice neat package. No nasty meaty dangly things at all. As a pussy should look.

    1. “Vai bando de puta, fulera do carai, pega, mete o caralho nela, bando de fulera, eita buceta grande do caralho” = “Lets go, come on hhahahaha, hit her, you two bitches hahaha, fighting for dick hahahah, look this gape ass hahahahaha” basically is it. epic video, lmao, hes accent is very strange to me (i am from south and he is probably from north), but more laughable fore sure than us. hahah funny guy

  11. Why is there no sound of the struggle? Cat fights tend to involve a lot of noise from both parties, and there were definitely attacks in the video were the impacts would be audible. Not to be a downer, but I feel like the laughing man is from a completely different audio source, which just got added on top of this video. Very nice fight nonetheless though.
    Also, what’s with that BIG ass spark at 5 seconds in? Was that caused by causing friction with a phone?

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