Guy Smacked in Face with Baton for Being Dick About Cost of Cigarettes

Guy Smacked in Face with Baton for Being Dick About Cost of Cigarettes

Guy Smacked in Face with Baton for Being Dick About Cost of Cigarettes

A guy wasn’t happy the cigarettes he wanted to buy weren’t being sold at recommend retail price, and became a dick about it. He kept pushing it until the staff smacked him in the face with a baton.

It happened in the Cape Flats area, Cape Town, South Africa. According to Best Gore member @flemdog, pouse is a slang word in the Cape for cunt.

Thanks a lot for the video, @flemdog:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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249 thoughts on “Guy Smacked in Face with Baton for Being Dick About Cost of Cigarettes”

      1. He should move to Maine then. $75 is quite cheap.

        For a 10 x 20 carton in Scotland it is £107.00 (Marlboro) which equals $137.53.

        But that additional taxation gets you a little Morphine drip for your lung cancer exit and the palliative nursing is free too. Kinda nice that.

        1. I haven’t bought a pack of cigs in years, I roll my own. Can get probably near a carton for like 20 bucks. It’s pipe tobbaco so they can’t tax the shit out of it. It tastes/smokes just fine, I’m used to it… still wish I could quit, though. I quit opiates cold turkey years ago but can’t seem to kick my cig addiction.

          1. Bingo ‘ ! , I started smoking in Phoenix, Arizona 30 years ago to filter out the dust & air pollution.
            Good American Spirit CIG s are $100 a carton .
            My home rolled pipe tobacco is 85 cents a pack or $8.50/carton.
            Fuck govt. Taxes
            Same damn tobacco just labeled pipe’ to avoid govt. Theft !!
            Now I live with clean air but still enjoy weed & tobacco with good Beer!!

          2. You just don’t want to be a non-smoker enough my friend. If you don’t want to smoke any more… then simply don’t. No-one else drags you into the shop and no-one else rolls it up and no-one else draws it into your lungs. It’s your choice. I stopped dead twelve and a half years ago. Decided I wasn’t a smoker any more. Never changed my mind.
            Honestly @carnage-2 if I can do it – anyone can. I was loving my smoking when I stopped. Someone way too young and too close to me died horribly… sometimes it needs a proper response. My decision not to be a smoker anymore was my response. When it was framed in that way it was easy. But it was simply a matter of making a decision, drawing a line on a date and stepping over it. No negotiation… no going back… no “just one with this beer”… it was finished.


          3. Yeaaah, I agree witcha, @lord-wankdust. When I quit opiates it was a year to the day my only sibling OD’d from mixing fentanyl with ’em. Took me long enough, yes but I just made up my mind to do it. The reason I haven’t quit smoking yet is because I just don’t want to. Can’t make excuses, I know, just gotta fuckin’ do it (if you actually want to do it). It does take a lot of will power but it’s nothing that one can’t accomplish. People quit smoking all the time because they either want, or need to (health reasons).


          4. We all have our vices @carnage-2 I’m sorry for your loss sincerely. I quit opiates cold turkey as well. Hardest thing I ever did (I lost many friends to opiates.) Quitting smoking cigs was easier but we all react to things differently. Everyone in Aus is rolling their own smokes now because they are so expensive and are taxed to hell and back.

          5. Hell yeah! I am on my second rolling machine. The first one lasted about seven years and cost me $50. Just bought the second one and it’s running flawlessly. For just about $30 I get a pound of pipe tobacco and two 250 count boxes of tubes. It averages out to about $1.20 a pack when I use my machine. Then I watch these people spend $5-$7 down here in Daytona and I don’t understand how they can just throw their money away. The cigarettes I make taste better than the Marboro’s are used to smoke. They made them fire safe quite a few years ago which I guess is some chemical they put in the cigarettes to make them go out instead of continuously burning in the ashtray so people don’t catch their house is on fire. Plus all the other bullshit chemicals they put in there affects the taste. I can’t stand smoking regular pack of cigarettes because of all the shit that’s in them.

          6. Great points, @poopie187, I’m right with ya.

            @doubleatriplex, don’t know how long you were on em (my opiate of choice was Methadone, most people prefer Oxycontin) but if you quit cold turkey, how did you like the excruciating lower back pain, hot sweats turning into being freezing, 3 hours of sleep a night (if your lucky) and rolling out of bed to litterally crawl across the floor just to use the bathroom?… Fun times! Lol, Methadone withdrawals are worse than heroine. Fuckin’ glad those days are behind me, I’ll stick to my booze n’ cigs (quit weed a few months back for a job).

          7. @carnage-2 I used methadone to quit my 7 year heroin habit. I was sick for a month straight when I quit. I got the double headed dragon…I am sure you know what I am referring to, the sweats were the worst. They lasted the longest, I thought they’d never end! For me the twitching muscles, restless legs and bone pain were excruciating. I couldn’t sleep at all. I am so happy to be clean!!!!!! I will never go back. I got addicted to pain killers after my knee surgery, then turned to oxy then heroin b/c it was cheaper. Now I just have my wine and coffee 🙂

          8. When you have two people give you oral sex at the same time? Luuuckyyy! Haha, JP, yeah I know what you mean. Shit, I forgot about the restless legs, my ordeal lasted about a month as well but the restless legs went on for a little longer. Couldn’t really eat for a while even when I was somewhat “recovered” ‘cus of that endless pit feeling you get in your stomach, it’s truly an odd fucking feeling, like all the other shit, it’s not fun!… moral of the story kids? Don’t do drugs!… well… wine, booze, and coffee are alright 😉

        2. I started vaping almost a year ago. Best decision I ever made. Went from $8 a day to $8 a week.
          Of course, there’s always some mindless little peckerhead who tries to find the few negatives about them just so they can argue and hear themselves make noise.

          I laugh at those clowns. I feel better then ever.

          1. I quit vaping last week for good (been vaping since mid 2015). Because i felt like my lungs can’t take it anymore this is my 2nd and last attempt to quit vaping.

      2. They are $27-$31 per PACK in Australia. That’s why I quit smoking. They’re cheap in the United States by comparison. $7 a pack in Salt Lake City, Utah. But seeing him getting hit in the face was hilarious! I bet he’ll consider quitting now :p

        1. I feel ya on Australian prices, I smoked for 10 years and when I started in school they were $10 a pack on a bad day. I quit over a year ago and now you are looking at an easy $30 plus a pack. Basically if you are willing to pay that either start smoking weed or just pay this guy to knock some sense into you

          1. A 40 pack just went up to $37.75 in Perth at IGA, fuckin’ insane. So glad I quit. I got so sick of noongars asking to bum a smoke. Whereabouts in Straya do you live?

        2. Live in brissy, yeah it’s shit go every prick and their dog flock like fucking seagulls then you show cigarettes. Wasn’t doing me any good so I just threw them in the bin and gave up then and there. I don’t smoke weed either but fuck me sideways if you’re paying that much for something you’d hope it gets you high.

          1. Brissy ey? You’re not too far from up the road. I’m in Beechboro! When I go to used to smoke and walk around the neighborhood, tweekers and dogs would always try to bum a smoke. I realized that it was not doing shit for me and when the prices went past $25 a pack I said fuck this!!!! So glad I quit.

      3. @illegalsmile55 @lord-wankdust @carnage-2 @boasp @seraphim-serenata @casualobserver @dassaer-ds @cyberdude @mastersplinter

        (Hope I got everyone who commented on the price of smokes, that was a metric fuck-ton of @ s!)

        Heads up on some awesome smokes: SENECA BLUE filtered cigars.
        They look, feel, and smoke just like a full-flavored cigarette but with brown paper instead of white/yellow and there’s a bit of extra oomph.
        The BLUE means they’re lights, so they’re less ‘cigary’.
        The best part is that you can get a full carton and a cold drink for $20 and still come home with a few coins in your pocket.
        (I’m in Oregon, by the way, and I don’t know if their brand is nationwide, but I thought I’d give it a shout-out anyway.)

      1. I live in Canada, I get my smokes from the native reservation near my town. I get a carton for $16! You can also get shitty bagged cigarettes for $10 a bag which is equal to 10 packs so $1 a pack essentially. You cant go wrong. They aren’t supposed to sell the Indian smokes to the white man but they do anyways, lucky for me. The good ciggs are about $118 a carton. Fuck that shit! I refuse to spend that much money committing suicide. 😛
        Congrats on quitting Seraphim! That`s not easy. I`ve given up on quitting for now. I get too much pleasure from smoking.

          1. That’s the norm now. Have you seen a BLM rally lately? 99.9% white faggots and flimsy rich kids with absolutely nothing better to do.
            I saw a YouTube video recently featuring a white male college student with pink fingernails yelling, “Fuck whitey, fuck the white man!” and so on. Goddamn idiots.

      1. They are literally fucking everywhere nowadays. Australia is over run with muslims and sand niggers. When they try to come over illegally, they usually get eaten by native crocs that surround our coasts. Many immigrant boats capsize and they are lucky if they survive. If they do, we send them straight back to where they came from, but just like sand itself, some sand niggers slip through the cracks…

      1. Apparently they even have a KFC just across the road
        It’s a shame they believe adopting American foolishness is the “development” way to go.
        They’ll end up competing with us on which country produces the most obese people in the world

        1. only our peasants are obese, and that is the cheapest dine-in food in the country.
          Hence, peasant food. Most peasants of most huge nations are fat..or delight in trying to be..
          You work or stare like an automaton and you yearn for something salty and greasy and crispy like Homer Simpson. Life is eating and shitting. Mostly. some furtive fucking but inconsequential with regard to huge rivers of tepid, oily fecal mud created from mounds of bone and flesh of flightless birds and farting rooting swine or cud-stored bovine corpse.
          Munch, swallow, expunge thru gut. Life in Dystopic World

          1. “only our peasants are obese”. LOL! If I may ask, in which country is that?
            As far as in the US, it’s the city dwellers who take up most of the extra pounds… A place like Manhattan with McDonalds at every 4 blocks serving gulpables such as you described is also flooded with landwhale drags… “Most peasants of most huge nations are fat”. Not in the US, not in Russia, definitely not in China. In my observation of people overseas the fittest human specimens are often from the country, raised to toil rather than just eat, shit, sleep and complain.

            The idea that peasants are obese may be another scientific research BS data to rob you of your commonsense. After all the capitalists who make the harmful products also pay for the science.

            I agree with the rest of your comment, which is why I don’t find vegetarians weird )

    1. It’s nice to know a lot of BG commenters here regularly intoxicated fumerholics.
      Now I don’t have to keep wondering why they spew so much epic contempt in deplorable wordsmith. Congrats to the ones who managed to quit, your eyes will open in a few more years, hopefully. However,

      @carnage-2 @mattjack666 @boasp @mayopackets @seraphim-serenata @coffindodger @stubyone @lord-wankdust @2020future ..etc …

      You have / had exercised your freedom to enslave yourself to the capitalists and their underhanded plans for our future, to degenerate western societies to mere arenas for normalised ‘human insanities’; which you have wittingly or unwittingly signed up for, and passed on to your existent or expected off-spring(s).

      Notwithstanding, on the grounds that you were a victim of fellowship and brainwashing machines which promoted these lifestyles as positive, much more than they cared to hint on their dangers, you have my sympathy in a small piece I’m dedicating to you titled “Freedom Sheeple”. Hand me my guitar… Dear Ding Dong Sheeple, this one’s for you…

      Ding Dong freedom Sheeple,
      Shit thinking and keep joking.
      For even when prices triple,
      You quit not drinking and keep smoking.

      The masters watch you dripple,
      Mercilessly awaiting your turn.
      Like a stack of drying hipple,
      Waning in fate, to burn…..

      There’s a reason for your isolation,
      That’s one thing you never learned.
      As an expired ragbag of a capitalist nation,
      That’s what your intoxicated life had earned..

      Ding Dong emasculated Sheeple,
      Thou knoweth not how much you’re screwed…
      And the effects on society are ripple,
      Nothing like any data you reviewed….

      Wonder not why your waning sexuality;
      Dear Ding Dong Sheeple,
      Wonder not why you suck! dick and pussy,
      rather than a milky nipple…

      While you call others faggots,
      Your neuron driver is an androgynous bitch.
      Like blaming a rotten copse on maggots,
      While in love with that corpse-making witch…

      Ding Dong Social Sheeple…
      All the things you think you are…
      Your tattoos, your mind and principle…
      Are echos of your chosen focked-up media…

      You did what you’ve done,
      Because so did other people.
      And that’s why you’re just one,
      One in a flock of a screwed sheeple.

      1. @goritian I’ve never quit anything in my life. I simply decided to not be a smoker any more. Quitting (“giving up”) on something is different from simply choosing-not-to-do-something-harmful to yourself any more. It shows a mind-set of where you see yourself as a person. The former (“quitting – giving up”) implies a lack of willpower and failure to achieve… while the latter (“deciding not to do something harmful”) implies strength of character, freedom and making your own decisions/ choices in life.

        I just decided not to be a smoker any more. Better for the old lungs. It was a decision I made about my own body. Anyone can choose to make it. More people should. If it inspires you to write poetry then that is cool.
        I cannot really drink either because of the low-doseage neuropathic pain relief (cumulative dose… it is taken daily and “always there”) I take for degenerative scoliosis. Even a glass of wine or a beer or two don’t really mix too well with it. This excellent ongoing pain relief means I can sleep for maybe four or five hours a night, get rested, feel good and keep going in my vocation in life. I can pay the bills, look after my son and run a car, eat, keep fishing etc. It also means I can keep physically active… fish, do bit of hiking and get out and about.

        Thanks for the poetry. Keep writing!

        1. Yes, you did exercise your freedom and independence of thought 🙂 unlike “others”

          Thanks for the positive response, but “quitting (“giving up”)” self-destructive habits like smoking, drinking, homosexuality, tattoo obsession, celebrity fandom, feminism, ‘fictimhood’, and other forms of insanity cannot reasonably be construed as negative in any context whatsoever. Perhaps because there’s really nothing positive to “achieve” in them.

          Thanks for thanking me for the song, I wish you heard how blatant it sounds 😀

          1. I think the Cigarette and Tobackie Industry came up with the “quitting” and “giving up” simply because they sound like you don’t have the willpower to see something through to the end (like “quitting” or “giving up” halfway through climbing a mountain or running a race). It makes people sound weak and lacking in personal strength. Deciding to “stop doing something” or “not be a smoker any more” implies a different mindset.

            I also think the Cigarette and Tobackie Industry gave lie to the myth about perceived “difficulties” in “quitting” or “giving up” ie. stopping being a smoker. Do you see what they are doing there? Piling one perceived hardship (“impossible to stop”) on top of an implied weakness (“quitter”). They have huge publicity machine saying how difficult it is. So lots of people are trying to stop while already having the mindset that it is pointless to even try to stop. It is actually piss-easy.

            The Tobackie Multibillion Multinational Corporations shouldn’t get another penny of anyone’s hard-earned cash, an ounce of their valuable health or a single moment of their precious and only life. Simply pick a date to stop (soon is good), draw a line and step over it. Bingo – you ain’t a smoker any more. Decision made. Welcome to the rest of your life. Move on and do something else. So – first – make The Decision.
            Two rules.
            Follow them and you’ll NEVER smoke again.
            1. Never purchase smoking mixtures, tobacco or cigarettes ever again (piss easy – just don’t do that!).
            2. Never ever put another cigarette or a piece of smoking paraphernalia in your purty mouth ever again (piss easy – just don’t do that!).

            The little pangs pass very quickly. Just like an annoying kid in the playground – ignore them and they’ll quickly run off and annoy someone else.

  1. Christ that’s a hell of a wooden bitch slap they delivered on the guy for mouthing off about the price of lung burners. Just based on the curryfuckers in my town’s ratty-ass off-brand convenience stores, you would have thought from their reaction this guy had asked for correct change or a clean bathroom.

      1. Exactly. Maybe the translation would reveal that he actually asked for any cigarettes that didn’t carry the smell of fucking patchouli oil or wanted them to turn down the clang-a-lang music blaring on the cheap Sony knockoff speakers behind the counter.

        Every time it’s late or I’m not in a more familiar area and am forced to stop in one of these places in my town I hear the crap music and the mulla-mulla-derp-derp behind the counter and it makes me feel like I’ve walked into a drone target just waiting for confirmation.

          1. I heard it plays 24 hours a day except when the sand niggers have to bow and pray, which is every ten seconds..then it plays Allah Akbar and shrill screams that sound sort of like a dying cat yodeling.

          1. They’ve taken over almost every convenience store here. The Vietnamese aren’t too far behind the stinks.
            Walk in for a Gatorade and a Slim Jim and trip over a fucking koi pond 2 feet inside the goddamn door. They’re like 4 feet tall and sneaky. You think you see one of them so you turn to look and it’s gone. You turn back and BAM! Right in your face. “You buy, you reave! You want nice bamboo prant?”

          2. I like patchouli. I’m pretty into aromatherapy. It is good for skin care, it heals inflammation, dermatitis, sores, and eczema. It reduces the visibility of scars, Cures dandruff, it is soothing, anti-depressant, and reduces stress and anxiety. It is also a powerful aphrodisiac. Relaxing, erotic, and uplifting. Although I don’t particularly use it often. Many people don’t like the smell of it.

          3. It reminds me of something disturbing. If I even smell a woman who has perfume on, it just stinks to me and I am repelled. I do love the smell tea tree oil and I use that on a lot of things. I’m using it in conjunction with cbd on my hands and fingers for arthritis. Sweet orange and peppermint essential oils…love them.

          1. @svarg26 fucking a mother (be that your own or anyone elses) is THE LEAST gay thing you could ever do you bell end.

            i’m not sure that you’ve evolved beyond the brain capacity of a 5 year old child who’s just learnt a naughty word, yet?

          2. @bore i just figured homos grew up fucking their mothers. you don’t see me writing homo erotica. so, how the fuck would i know? glad you cleared that up, you fucking faggot.

      1. Non smokers are jealous because they don’t live in flavor country with horses and broke back cowboy faggots. They just have regular faggots.
        And fuck the littering. That fuckin’ crying injun runs a casino now so fuck him!

        1. *Torches bong* wakey bakey 😀

          So I tailed her my flipper and took her in tow
          Way aye blow the man down
          And yardarm to yardarm away we did go.
          Give me some time to blow the man down

          Dedicated to all the trolls who have come and thankfully gone…

  2. This is what those “” people should use in their next anti smoking campaign.

    “No cancer, no rotted tongue, no smoky smell making you unpopular. We’re done trying to talk sense into you tobacco-fags. Stop smoking or we’ll straight up bitch-slap you with a baton then skull fuck your toothless cakehole with it.”

    That or a vape company can just put this up on a billboard: “See? Think vaping is pussy now? Our vendors won’t stick-fuck you with a Beat Cop Beatdown. And we come in flavors.”

    1. Actually I believe we should let the smokers smoke as much as they want, but on one condition – smokers will not be eligible to any kind of medical help for any condition related to heart or lungs for the rest of their (quite short) lives.

      It’s not sarcasm, I seriously think this is a good idea.

      1. And if you suffer from a single ailment like high cholesterol, heart disease, blockage, you fuckin name it related to your diet you just make sure you crawl in a home and await your death without medical intervention …

        Because it’s your “choice”

        Don’t even tell us you are a marvel of modern medicine because of your impeccable diet and eating habits.

        It’s people like you who makes me hope awful things happen

        1. Exactly. Smoking affects just every part of your organism and makes other conditions worse. So we give people a choice – you can smoke, but you will be excluded from medical treatment even if your condition is not directly related to smoking. This will be a strong motivation for people to quit smoking, everyone wins. This still will be for each person to choose, no one will force them to smoke.

          1. The problem with good ideas like yours is that we’ve evolved beyond commonsense.
            Propose that to policy-makers and you get arguments with scientific / historical data proving you wrong. No one dares to stick with commonsense. You see that in gender issues, immigration policies, etc…

            The truth is they only consider one thing while making policies. “Is it good for capitalism or not”. In other words: “What’s good for business? That’s what we go with”

      2. Only problem with giving them free rein to kill themselves is that their smoke doesn’t stay confined to them. I still remember before the citywide public smoking ban in my town going to several popular spots with friends but couldn’t stick around for the literal gray haze of secondhand smoke hovering constantly overhead. At least now I can actually stick around those places.

        Maybe we should try converting it a different way. Give them free vapes on the one condition that they must only vape the highest nicotine-percentage fluid. They can either quit totally or smoke totally, no halfassing. Puff away into mouth cancer but in a way that doesn’t fuck it up for anyone around you.

          1. I guess in the Tenderloin district taking too much Mexican pharmacy Viagra until your dick swells just enough to get stuck in a rentboy’s asshole like two dogs in a driveway you can call that “gridslock.”

        1. Well, you are a retard, because you smoking gives you literally nothing and you don’t understand it. The nicotine amount in cigarettes is not even enough to affect you. You just smoke because it’s a habit.

          So, if you’re going to have any lung condition, you should just be left to die. Why people should waste resources on someone who willingly inflicted harm on himself? Oh, and that also includes overweight people – they did it to themselves and they should not become a burden on our medical system.

          1. “Analysis of natural tobacco leaf has been shown to contain more than 3,000 endogenous plant organic and inorganic chemical compounds. Interestingly, among them are certain harmala alkaloids, which perform as monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOI-s). These prevent the breakdown of monoamine neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin and thereby increase their availability. This can also account for tobacco’s “feel good” effect. Also, in case of ingesting DMT, tobacco is likely to increase its absorption.”

            more proof that you are full of shit.

  3. only thing it reminds me of is one brand reminds me when i used to go millwall as an underage drinker, cigerettes used to be enjoyable… brings back memories….. but they just taste of mild shit now…. waste of fucking time…

    waste of time…

      1. i never smoked enough to be a full time smoker, i knew my limits when not to get addicted… i started when i was 14/15 yr old… shit was fucking good back then!

        but having smoked a few months ago… it was utter shit.

        so fucking expensive now too… money can be spent on booze instead! haha

      1. hahaha, I’m not as patient as this guy, I would have hit him at the first word … well, to see me in action would have to be personally, since photos and videos are not my style … I prefer that nobody knows what what I do… anonymity is power

        1. i like that… your character comes through your words.. and photo doesnt have to be of hyou to get a clue about what u look like…

          i think youre evil but not a bitch to men… in my view thats part way to being the perfect woman… and youre dark and in touch with the dead spirit world.. you know heaven doesnt exist…


          best gore girls are the best type

          1. omg! you just read me like a book .. thank you .. I like what you say because it is true .. I am not interested in showing me through a photo .. selfies are not my style .. I am quite misanthropic, antisocial .. I have my problems .. haha but of course I’m not a bitch with men … and in this case my avatar has something of my I’m white and I like that style of clothes…
            you are one of the few that does not look or act like an idiot here 🙂
            ah one more thing…. thank you for including me in the group of perfect girls 🙂

        2. OMG! mis·an·throp·ic is the word I always wanted to know existed 😀 thanks!

          And totally being creepy and totally to wig you out … Going off your Avi I’d say you are early 30-ish.. under 6 ft without boots… Dishwater blonde … Perhaps blue eyes… 130lbs-ish

    1. This dingleberry doesn’t do a single thing unhealthy. Especially their eating habits. Nothing but steamed veggies and protein bars, huh?

      You know absolute dick about addiction. Perhaps, keep your mouth closed before spewing about topics you clearly possess nothing but ignorance.

      Go post 55 times again tomorrow on here. What a life

      1. You’re right I don’t know anything about addiction. But hey what can I say I’m a true capitalist, money is all that matters here. While smokers and alcohol addicts spend thier hard earned money, the stock holders of these companies eat healthy and send their children to fine schools so I can’t complain when nicotine and alcohol addicts drink and smoke as they push the economy in some form by purchasing power and provide the Hanks, Bob’s and John’s at the brewery or Marlboro factory with jobs so they can buy Billy a new bike for Christmas.

  4. FFS, I am never gonna quit. I enjoy it to much – yep I said it !!. Suck on that all you anti-smoking fags lol.
    BTW. Extremely doubtful it is only the nicotine/tar responsible for the health issues (ever seen a study using just ‘natural tobacco’, no additives??). How bout the over 600+ different additives mixed in during production, many highly carcinogenic by themselves let alone in conjunction with all the other 599+.

    1. I say “keep on smokin”. I hate smoking, hate being around it but I hate people who smoke being treated like murderers. And it’s going to get to where there are rules on smoking in your own car and house. That’s bullshit. Also second-hand smoke isn’t as deadly as some people say. It smells bad and I cough but overall, it would take A LOT to kill me. Leave smokers alone.

  5. What a glorious fucking tonfa smack that was.

    He wasn’t kidding about not being scared. Bolstered by pride, he didn’t even flinch. So confident he was that everyone else would once again let him get away with his bullying, aiming to avoid conflict. That was some swift justice delivered to this man by his peers, which will hopefully anchor him back to reality from now on.

  6. Are you shitting me?
    That flip flog faggot would have had his ass handed to him on a plate, if this was a fair fight without a baton.
    I also thought the reaction was overkill – the other guy got hit on the jaw with a metal rod – probably fractured it.

    1. This isn’t about fighting fairly. It’s about getting rid of a tantrum-throwing man-child moron (as much as I can tell – I wish we had more context on that) holding up a store where people wish they could go on with their lives.

      The weapon used is not a metal rod, but a tonfa most likely made out of some rubber/polymer composite. How can you even come to the conclusion that it’s metal after listening to that smack ?

      In any case, if it hasn’t broken any bone, it must have left a nasty fucking mark.

  7. Finally I know what Poes means! Cunt! Here in the Netherlands the wannabe travellers call girls and women “poes” and men and boys are “pik”. Poes means pussy and pik means dick.

  8. Firstly pouse means break in Afrikaans.

    The word used is poes. In Dutch it means cat but in Afrikaans it is a vagina, cunt, pussy, whatever you prefer. It’s more an insult to call someone a poes than a cunt here.

    The coloured people who are in between black and white (the guy going on saying poes) live by the words jou poes meaning your pussy. The shop looks to be managed/owned by rip off Pakistani’s with equally as much bad attitude.

    1. I see Brazil and South Africa soon to be equals in crime and violence..and this is due to the racial mixing and mongrelization that drains humans of their souls and changes the octaroons and pickaninnies into disagreeable mutts and alley cur

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