He’s Trying to Rape Me! Woman Screams When Man Fails to Acknowledge Her Entitlement

Hes Trying to Rape Me Woman Screams When Man Fails to Acknowledge Her Entitlement

I swear the woman in this video has got to be this land whale’s sister.

The video shows the woman screaming “He’s trying to rape me” when a man filming her on public property fails to acknowledge her entitlement. As a feminist poster girl (size checks out), she proceeds to assault the guy, walk all the way up to his camera, stick her face in the lens and yell: “Get that camera outta ma face!

It only gets better when she goes: “You better not public that video! Don’t you dare public it!

But the best part must be when she says “You’re sick” after falsely accusing the man of rape to get her way.

With thousands of male survivors of rape perpetrated by females out there, this type of disgusting behavior belittles the struggle that they face on a daily basis.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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120 thoughts on “He’s Trying to Rape Me! Woman Screams When Man Fails to Acknowledge Her Entitlement”

      1. Mark, I would have you for breakfast. I would cook you some damn breakfast to prove I don’t have an agenda against doing “women stuff.” It would not even be poisoned. It would be tasty. Because I don’t hate you guys. I get frustrated and disappointed. But I’d still have breakfast with you because I KNOW have you some interesting tales.

      2. I remember visiting Portland a few years back, also remembered how much the people there sucked; self-entitled females and cucks for boyfriends with their I accuse you eyes. There’s a land whale and there’s a side of the mountain, either way this ill creature gives me nightmares and screeching make ears bleed profusely. These 3rd Wave/Bedroom Tumbl’r Feminists have invaded everything with their safe spaces and entitlement issues, societal misandry agendas.

    1. While Mark was away there were leftists, feminists , liberals all sorts crying here. It makes no sense to come to a place like this and be a sjw or feel offended. I come here to get some relief and escape the suffocating facist politically correct assholes and like Canada it is going to get worse before it gets better ( u.k)

  1. I’m not a feminist. But it seems like the guy was deliberately harassing her or trying to get a rise out of her. I would certainly not like people filming me if I’m just standing on the street not bothering anybody. Why was he filming her in the first place? Was she on his property or something? If that’s the case then he has every right to film but just randomly filming strangers on the streets is creepy. Let’s wait till we know the whole story, and then pass judgements. I do agree with

      1. This indeed happened in Portland, Oregon. The man was not doing anything illegal. The woman was probably being filmed by half a dozen other cameras (CCTVs all over the place), but she had nobody to harass about those, so she picked on the one guy she could harass. But that’s not the actual point. The point of the video is to show how sick gynocentric societies are, when women can randomly and without repercussions falsely accuse a man of sexual assault, because the society will always side with the woman and against the man.

          1. Hahaha I agree with you totally… that’s a wonderful idea! This fat slob couldn’t pay someone to “rape” her! And Holy fuck, she does look like land whale’s sister Mark!… more like twin! Lmfao!!!

    1. No no… Don’t give her a gun because she probably won’t know how to use it anyway and will end up hurting someone else. Just flip her on her back like a turtle, hopefully she’ll starve to the point of no return before she can get back up.

          1. @svarg26

            only few know!

            I tend to lurk more than join or create conversation. If someone can find humor In my post great if not no bother to me. I love BG because I don’t care who I offend and I don’t have to be all PC.

  2. The problem is (apart from yo momma) is the human bias to ones own bio chemistry. What I am trying to say without seeming too clever is that (usually without adequate parental support) an individual is not ‘intelligent’ enough to appreciate the life ‘cycle’ we undergo is irrelevant. ie. they have little or no scientific education. With the combination of our ‘vitalist’ monkey assed social psychology then… Its very likely women are going to behave to ‘extremes’ occasionally. At least they don’t run around trying to penetrate everhything in site. Ian (a man)

    1. Yes, women are much more emotional and often “feel” instead of “think.” I totally agree with that. I think you have to decide what is a reasonable outburst or acting crazy. She was leaning toward crazy. I would definitely, loudly point out if I thought she was within reason. As far as guys, yeah they have a high sex-drive but I wouldn’t necessarily say they’re trying to penetrate everything. As much as we have back and forths on here about gender, the guys don’t really say sexual things to the girls here on a regular basis. They honestly do not.

      1. Ian, I’m not sure I get what you’re trying to say. Are you referring to emotional “extremes” that women undergo? If so, I agree with that as far as our hormones at play when it comes to monthly menstrual cycles, pregnancy, menopause, as well as day to day fluctuations that occur. We certainly can seem a bit extreme. But accusing someone of rape just because they’re getting on your nerves, or doing something you don’t like, etc etc, gives ABSOLUTELY NO ONE, and I emphasize NO ONE the right to accuse someone of rape. People need to be jailed for false accusations of rape. It can ruin a persons future, their whole life! Might as well start standing on the corner of a busy road holding up your sign ‘Will work for food’.

        Why can’t people comprehend the seriousness of a false rape accusation? I’m a huge believer of karma, and these kinda people like this woman in the video will get what she deserves. Ten-fold. Just hope we’re lucky enough to see the video of it. I have no sympathy for her. None.

        1. the only problem is that ever since civilizations started to ‘feel’ instead of think over the past 50 years we have witnessed the absolute destruction and crumbling of many a once powerful nation. you need strength and logic to maintain societys and keep people in order not emotions. emotional snowflakes and zionism have absolutely destroyed europe. anyone who lives here knows how much this magnificent continent has decayed since ‘feeling’ and zionism took the reins. @empty-soul your input please on this one . . . .

        1. @onthewingsofacrow you are sort of trying to play her actions down yet if a woman is raped then everybody has to lynch the guy he must die etc he is jailed for a long time if not killed on the spot, shall we start to play down the rapes and just say he didnt mean to rape her he just misses his wife and needed some loving. im sensing a little detachment from the disgusting thing she said which in a 3rd world shithole could have got him murdered in the street. shame on you

    1. What sort of doublethinking are you trying to introduce here. If she wanted to get cops involved she should scream for them and state what was happening plainly. Rape is a much harsher accusation than filming, the latter not even being an accusation as it’s not even illegal in Portland as someone said above. What she said was a false accusation.

  3. I have no idea what led to this or why this is in front of a medical facility. I’d love to know the back story here. I definitely don’t think she has a clue about feminism or privilege or whatnot. She doesn’t seem savvy enough to think like that. I do think her screaming Rape was stupid but I don’t put it on par with those who falsely accuse and do real damage. There were witnesses and even a cam to prove it to be false. I think she yelled it just to be bitch to the guy. NO ONE would believe this warthog. It was wrong but I definitely think the women trying to put guys away with serious testimony are the true problem.

  4. I’d film too if I was the guy with the camera….it’s so unusual, that’s all….I was given to understand that when one of them beached you were supposed to throw water on them until the tide came back in or enough people had gathered to maybe somehow get them back into the sea…but to find one that could TALK!…Wow…amazing!!

  5. Lol Against ALL federal regulations! The cops will tell him so. After all, he’s a sick demented sex offender. He shoulda heeded her advice & not public the video. I bet he’s in a heap of trouble being detained and interrogated at this very moment!

  6. Guys i love reading the comments and opinions just as much as the videos!! Especially this stupid waste of time video not because of blood and guts but because the point the publisher was trying to make regarding the pussy pass. Regardless whether the claim of rape and being a sex offender could be proven or not it is still something that should never be said in public. Maybe this guy lives in the very same neighborhood and the fat cow was screaming it loud enough maybe many of his neighbors heard her screams but never actually witnessed the situation and by hearing and not seeing rumors could be spread and this poor guy could be treated differently and judged diffrently simply by this fat troll screaming rape and screaming he is a sex offender in a public place.

  7. This is feminism exposed. a woman who did this before feminism would have been called insane and would have been punished. but now we see this all over from women who know the law now favours them and their vile behaviour. i can honestly say that give certain people a little taste of power and their true nature can be exposed. they did it with the prison gaurds and prisoners experiment a few years back, it didnt take long for the prison gaurds to start being abusive because they thought the law favoured them. its the same with women, somebody once said feminism has corrupted our female companions, a professor then chirped in that ‘no they have probably always been this way but now we can see them’. never truer words spoken.

    1. Thing is there isn’t any tangible law to be used by her. She’s an ignorant heffer. There is no power of the law to back her up. All he needs to do is blur her face. She can’t do shit.

      I’m willing to bet that’s Portland, Oregon.

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