Homeless Man Set on Fire, Alleged Cell Phone Thief

Homeless Man Set on Fire, Alleged Cell Phone Thief

27-year-old man suspect, Franciel Santos da Silva, sets a homeless guy on fire on the Paulista coast in Brazil. He claims, he demanded the street dweller to return the smartphone he stole.

Neighbors scream, “the police are on the way!” to scare the attacker as he beats the shit out of man with his helmet. He makes threats before leaving the site.

Twenty minutes later, the attacker returns carrying container with gasoline. He hits the street dweller with helmet again, then throws fuel and sets the man on fire with a lighter. A neighbor films the crime from a window in his apartment.

Franciel Santos da Silva is picked up at home by the cops where he confesses to the crime. The victim recovers at the Holy House suffering second-degree burns.

Props to Best Gore member @masterplan for video translation:

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