Hungarian Woman Posts Pictures of Her Battered Face on Facebook, Husband Gets Arrested

Collage of Battered Face Pics Shared by Woman on Facebook

Collage of Battered Face Pics Shared by Woman on Facebook

In Hungary, a woman with a textbook example of a resting bitch face got her husband arrested by posting pictures of her battered face on Facebook. She alleged her husband beat her up, but the police didn’t believe her because he’s a retired army colonel, so she turned to social media to stir the shit storm.

Retired army colonel? Sounds like we have an accomplished gold digger here, who realized the effects the wall will have on her and wanted to get back on cock carousel before she’s too old for Chad and Tyrone. But she had to get her husband out of the way first. Domestic violence allegation to the rescue.

This type of feminist bullshitry has been around for a long time.

Props to Best Gore member @shuttuppbicch for the pics:

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180 thoughts on “Hungarian Woman Posts Pictures of Her Battered Face on Facebook, Husband Gets Arrested”

      1. Lmao ! . ya guessed it partly right as this cowardly lion has an uncanny resemblance to the one from the Wizard of Oz.
        Its part Lion part human and being this way makes her have no qualms .

      1. Fucking awesome man ! just a question though whether ya keep
        those fapping files dusted periodically or just leave them as they are and what about that man’s glue ,remember it has a shelf life too .

          1. Are battered bitchy fucks kept on a pay roll by ya in the same farm too ? and as ya say files having been kept under the mattress ….but me thinks its high time you go digitizing all of the record held by ya as your cat or the dog may wanna claw or paw it to kingdom come .
            Up until the time digitization takes place just have all cum files sprinkled with lavender please .

  1. She looks exactly the same with her “beaten face” make up on as she does in the first picture. Un-fuckable – unless it was with one of them machines. I think she had extra Botox pumped into her spunk-drunk face and applied lots of lip-fattener and eye shadow. As well as face putty, flesh tape and vaseline.
    It is a face you would be really hard pushed to make any uglier. Even with a big, fat ugly-fication stick and a few hours of solid graft.


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    That’s right, I would like to have said one in a million

    Who the fuck are we kidding here, Beatrice Kiddo

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    Don’t wanna be rude, but it would probably
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          1. Glad you like it, Proto !!
            You know, some knobs take it all so seriously, but the secret
            to Bad Jonny is …. (drumroll) :

            That I’m just taking the piss
            There is not really a serious side

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            But then again …

    1. If he “Screwed hot chicks 25 years younger” that’s a pretty good accomplishment.
      Out of all he’s done in life…… that’s the only thing I would want. The young pussy.

      I love pussy
      Anal is sweet
      Pop that brown starfish
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      JibJibs love goats.

      This is just a poem
      Of fuck and gore
      Dedicated to your mom,
      Just if she’s a whore.

        1. Yeah but don’t be TOO into anal.
          I mean, look at the ‘Austin’ youtube singer guy, that got 14 y/o gals
          to send him videos & pics of their choc starfish, but he got nabbed for
          a federal sex ped offence, now he’s doing 10 years in fed. pen.
          and the way it works, there is NO EARLY RELEASE, he has to do
          the WHOLE ten years.
          First black man that sees him is gonna rape his white milky ass!
          Least he’s gonna be an expert in anal sex now

          1. My felonious sexual experiences are a thing of the past. If I’m seeking butthole, always check the sphincter, if it’s dangling or exposed, you got yourself a highway of sexual exploits.
            Call me, ‘cream in da back of your jeans’

      1. I signed in to watch. I reeeealy wish I hadn’t. Yet another Honkey vid featuring naked man ass. Wtf is wrong with you?
        Upon your last b-day I suggested that you stop listening to rap. I never thought that you would find something even worse.

          1. What happened to your pic? I liked the one of you posing in “White Face” better than the monkey ape.
            It’s ok I guess. I jerked off on the other pic until I skinned my wiener raw.

      1. Totally. Love gingers. My nosey-poo is a ginger. (We belong to the Holey Order of the Septum, and when you join, you disavow gender in English speaking countries, since noses have no gender in English speaking countries. Sex changes are easy for ‘noses’. Just move to a country of what gender the nose is that suits you. Like in Spanish speaking countries, all ‘noses’ are chicks. No surgery necessary.)

          1. now you know why Hitler felt the way he did, he was just honest about it. I too want these creatures expunged from Europe. Damn Adolf you were born a hundred years too soon

          2. Haha. There she is. Imagine spending 4 million dollars on plastic surgery, just so your face looks like someones smashed it in with a bat?
            Shes gotta be the number 1 dumbest broad on the planet.
            What kills me about that Wilderbeast, I mean Wildenstien, is that she STILL swans about thinking her mug is attractive? Can someone tell this cunt she looks hideous already!

            I would love someone to do a funny face change pic with Wildenstien and this Hungarian horror

          1. we were in “love”, but he cheated on me for 4 years when I found out I threatened to leave and start doing what he had done to me. eye for an eye, in the hopes to get him to stop. but nope instead I made a rage monster appear

  3. not even CHAD is safe in Hungary, in any case this pope from centuries ago (dont remember which) already told us that ppl coming from the east have no soul, you know, slavs and i dunno where hungarians came from, but they were kinda white mongols originally lol

    1. Hungarians ( Magyars )are originally a Turkic tribe that arrived from Central Asia. They were then mixed in with native Slavs in Hungary coming through the Ukraine etc and became christianised ,civilized a and as you say A white Christian people and some of the toughest fighters.

      Same as the Bulgars ,a Turkic people who mixed with Slavs and be and Bulgarians of today.

    2. Ah those memories…I still beat ’em in MEDIEVAL 2 TOTAL WAR with goddamn VENICE of all factions, but they were kinda hard, at least in the early middle ages with those savages that shoot arrows from the saddle, and they’re also quite good in melee, so you could out-shoot them with a horde of your cheap-ass crossbow militia, but they would end up charging and bloody mess followed.
      In the end, you would end up turtling up in your castles, hold the line until eventually the byzantines would be like “bro, while you’re busy besieging those venetian sea serpents, im just gonna take hungary for myself, don’t mind me!”

        1. i live in the mountains, we have hawks and vultures so there’s no pigeons to kick. and I do keep an eye out for any domesticated dogs and will kill them on sight, but i never disturb a coyote. i enjoy their prey-locating shrieks at night, scaring the holy shit out of the animal world like packs of vampires. just glad Im big enough where they won’t dare fuck wif me

  4. Apparently they’re celebrating woman culture this month so what better way than to celebrate by educating people with the bewitching culture of woman that date back to Roman days in how they’ve destroy everything with they’re stupid ologies that have ruined(still are) hundreds of men lives by using they’re lies and Manipulating justice system one of they’re most famous case is no other then the witch trials of salem were total of two hundred people were accused. Thirty were found guilty, nineteen of whom were executed by hanging (fourteen women and five men) one men was even stoned to death after refusing of being guilty of witchcraft. And remember guys Feminist are Today’s Men’s greatest enemies.

    1. well you ball up your fist and fight them as if your life depends on it and suddenly they aren’t much of an enemy.

      few cunts can withstand a good smash to the face at full force. unlike the male specimens.
      and kicking a few molars out of some fat jewbitch in a Walmart parking lot is indeed often warranted. Just have your hoodie and virus mask ready to use, hehe. them pesky cameras

  5. ugly bleach blonde bitch surely deserved her ass whupping and probably enjoyed it. Women only respect a man who tolerates them, and are disgusted by men who show compassion.

    You slap them when they whine and then sodomize them afterwards and they are there the next day for more. and these Slavs have enjoyed the rough stuff for about 2 thousand years, ask me why they call a retarded baby a mongoloid? its all comes down to latent DNA rape. at least thats thow the name got started. Also the term ogre came from the Uighurs of central asia

    1. I know right. Bleach blondes are the worst type of whores. Seeing girls like Jenna Jameson and Pamela Anderson as sex symbols worldwide rly sturred my mind as a kid and even now. Whats so attractive about fake bazoongas and bleachy blonde hair? Brunettes are where its at especially dark haired ones. They have style and rarely cheat. Atleast Monica Belluci got the recognition she deserved. But if you fuck with brunettes and their emotions they can rly stirr you life up in a fucked up way. Women today are not to be trusted man. As a man today the best thing to do to keep your pride is fuck and dump. Or maybe not fuck at all. These woke posts just trigger the hell out of me…

    2. Certainly right about the carrying -off -of -women culture of the medieval Slavs ,Mongol blood of many Hungarians and How ogres came from the Oghur Turks (Chinese Turkestanis) now called Uighers.
      Truth be told , those Slavs did marry them though and not just cast them aside as per normal rape. Rape of course meant carrying off in the old days anyway not necessarily forced intercourse as is meant now.

      Sorry for me talking so much but it helps me exercise my brain .

  6. Hail the geneticists ! who finally have a new breed of dog in their dogshed .
    Just take a note though , this particular breed doesn’t bite or bark rather wags its blonde hair and often likes getting beaten with kicks and punches .

  7. Another open and shut case of AWALT! This is one of only 2 ways to deal with evil females!! Unfortunately she’s still upright and breathing, and will most certainly attempt to ruin another man’s life!!

  8. Does anyone else think she looks like the cowardly lion from the wizard of oz in these pics? Men are naturally built to be stronger and more aggressive than women, let alone a retired colonel who had been fighting and killing most of his life. Is that the man you talk shit to after you crashed the car and burned dinner again? I wouldn’t talk shit to a guy like that without opening my mouth wide so that after he beats the shit off my ass, he perhaps graciously bypasses my teeth feeding me my ass and shit off his boot.

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