Husband Beats Cheating Wife with Broad Side of Machete

Husband Beats Cheating Wife with Broad Side of Machete

This happened in the Kawempe slums in Uganda’s capital city of Kampala. The angry husband found his wife’s flirty messages with other men, and decided to act. He beat her with a broad side of a machete, and when sister of the cheating wife tried to intervene by throwing bricks at the disgraced husband, she got a taste of the beating too.

There’s been a lot of cheating wives lately. What’s going on?

Props to Best Gore member @real_nigger for the video:

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125 thoughts on “Husband Beats Cheating Wife with Broad Side of Machete”

  1. hahah., I’ll bet those bitches thought that was the day they were leaving this world.., I’ll bet he scared the living shit outta them., Good Job.., he should’ve taken out the hand gun with blanks to finish them off., lol, that’s great.., what a way to teach those naughty bitches a lesson they sooon won’t forget.

        1. Haha! Good one @queeg0909
          Please, don’t put us all in the same “bag”: I never said I wanted equal rights. And, most of the time, I do not like the feminists…Some of them are too extreme. But this is just my opinion, right? Plus, it’s obvious (to me): a man and a woman will never have the same strength. And I could go on for hours…
          I’m proud to be a woman…With a macho man who will tell me what to do…Dominate me…Now that makes me horny!

          1. ALL women are in the same “bag”. Women have never made any great accomplishments in this world, and know nothing but how to spread their legs and whine about how tough they have it. At least some some subservient bitches like yourself know they are the shit gender.

    1. That’s why women have got bigger balls than men. Most men these days have their testicles as adornments on some woman’s ear-rings as a token of the females power over their man.

      Man Up and velcro a pair on!

      1. Even Major Tim Peake shows how cowardly we men are. He says he’d go back into space in a heartbeat – only because his wife agrees… And this is the model we have to look up to.
        Fucking disappointing.

        He told a news conference: “I would do it again in a heartbeat. And I can say that because I’ve spoken to my wife and she is incredibly supportive of it.”

        He’s probably the first pussy in space. Whenever did you hear a Russian Major Astronaut talk like that? They probably eat Radon’s for breakfast!

    2. Very well said, Cullilingus Giver. I applaud you. It seems that it takes a man like you, one who shares the same passion as me, and enjoys eating the little oyster that sits in between a female’s legs, to stand up to these guys who are bad mouthing woman.

      Good for you. You tell them. “Cheating or just flirting don’t matter, no excuse, ever, for a man to beat a woman or even raise a hand to a woman/ wife. any man who does is a little bitch … She cheating, leave, simple solution.”

      That’s right “She cheating, leave, simple solution”.

    3. Exactly @cullilingus-giver : there is no excuse for violence. EVER.
      Your wife has cheated, and you cannot forgive her? Just leave!
      I am no feminist, but when it comes to violence, I can be a bitch. I have been abused, in the past, and I will never let it happen again.
      And it always hurts me when women get beaten, cause I’ve been there ( not just once…). One advice: if you cannot stand each other, it’s better off to leave, than to stay and let it happen. Cause one day, he will beat you. Women often say: “He promised he won’t do it again.” Guess what? He will. 100% of the time. That’s why when the first signs appear, you leave. This is for women, but also for men: they get abused, more than you think…Don’t let the violence set in and become a habit…One day, they’ll find your dead body! Run, now!

  2. Ha ha ha! I vote this the funniest video this year! Brilliant!

    It’s like a black, slum version of Benny Hill! Give it to ’em, boy!

    It’s plenty time men acted like men and got their women under control. She’s very lucky to get the broad side of the machete and not the sharp bit. Very considerate, I say!

  3. if there not faithful you cannot trust beating them it’s a waist of time. send her packing people can fall out of love, then there are those who wish to rediscover them self. for the dude he felt good whiping her but in time it will return she may kill him as he sleeps problem is you cant buy love or beat a women forcing it to stop if you caught once how many times did it happen ? such things are to crazy to deal with give the fornicater the boot . the best way to get over a love get a new one


    1. @hung like a mouse – they all do. It was on tv only last night, 90% of these people have an advanced phone while only 30% of them have any form of a toilet. Matter of priorities, really.

      e2a: I wonder if there’s an app to have a crap? (Besides Crap Apps!)

  5. I didn’t notice till I watched the video again later on in the day, but it looks like the dumb bitch hit her own sister with the rock. After it was deflected by Papa Joe of course, ”Papa don’t take no mess!” lol

  6. And Stay Out!!!! Every time a nigga tryna take a shit bitches be trippin’. He was just trying to pinch one off when the bitch kept coming in the bathroom (the village bush) bitching at him and trying to do her make up. Enough is enough. Everyone knows you don’t fuck with a man while he’s trying to shit.

      1. @j.j – we can build you a mud Hut in your garden but as for any mobile contract, you just have to go and pimp yourself and or sell class a drugs to afford a spiffy mobile phone. Easy when you know how.

        1. Well pointed out @wasted.

          “TW- @uncle-ak47 😉
          My very own personalised “Puppet” aren’t i the lucky one.
          and seeing as your hanging on my coattails you can change that profile name too GAy-k47 it would be far more fitting seeing as your the Prince of Mince. Cheers in advance champ! Stick around we’ll get on like a house on fire.

      1. @uncle-ak47 Injustice done to this woman??? Really??? Have you sucked a black woman’s meaty labia in your breakfast or do you personally have meaty labia between your legs??? In fact, I agree with you, “YOUR Comment” is the “Most Stupid Comment” here, which ain’t even funny. Please, Gunkcle.47 try to understand, it’s called “Cheating Wife”, and in the aforementioned video, the injustice is done, yes, because he did not nearly do 50% of what the bitch actually deserved. Thus, zip it up, shut your pie-hole, or more precisely, shut the fuck up.

  7. Dad……dad……..what’s the diff between confident and
    Well…..son, since da machete bitch slapping episode…..
    I am very confident to say that you are my son, now you know….
    Your lil friend” kunta”…….. he’s my son too………………
    that’s confidential.!!!

    1. Of course we, all understand that the lesson to not forget….
      Is that, this gentleman did not intend a Nano second to
      Kill his wife……
      In Africa…….in ivory coast machete bitch slappin
      Is common (got to be pissed tho)……it’s not that dumb……
      Think about it…….you get a kick out of it…….less the blood
      But you can go ” ape” on the culprit for much longer……
      Plus you get to live another day…..
      In West Africa you don’t get away killing women……
      They are the work force…… no joke.

  8. In a few years time when this guy becomes part of the latest refugee crisis……i hope he doesn’t live in my street………..ya can take them out of the wild, but ya can’t take the wild out of them………..

    1. It will be true hell in EU especially when they multiply they breed like cockroaches….i cannot understand that goverments are accepting those worthless animals,and they know what will happend….but money is powerful method, and USA and mason jews satanists are behind it

  9. Kind of annoyed me how his nigger self ran to hit the other woman. Must have a little cock.
    But what were the flirty messages in the form in? An iPhone? Tablet? Stone? Dirt?
    I would’ve stabbed him in his sleep the same night and shoved his cock in his asshole.
    In all fairness though I wouldn’t be mad if I got beat up after cheating.
    I guess OJ fucked up and used the blade.

    1. You are dangerous girl…you would choke guy with tities thats most dangerous weapon,,,,if you have milk even better…woman is slave born to serve man,,,,to obey and have blue knees to the end of her miserable life..

  10. Messages? What? Smoke signals? I know this bitch can’t afford no cell phone when she cant afford a shirt! Reception must be awful. She earned every message she sent. Her arms gotta be tired.

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