Immigrant Assaulted for Mouthing Off Shirtless Guy in Serbia

Immigrant Assaulted for Mouthing Off Shirtless Guy in Serbia

Immigrant Assaulted for Mouthing Off Shirtless Guy in Serbia

In Bela Crkva, Serbia, a shirtless guy looking to buy some items in a store places what he has on the counter because apparently he is too lazy to hold them until his turn. He tells an immigrant waiting in line to put his items in front of what he has and assumes position beside the line.

However, the immigrant mouths the shirtless guy off, to which the latter responds by knocking the immigrant down, and kicking him for good measure.

Best Gore member @srbijabgd has his take:

This happened on June 25, 2020 in Serbia, but our jew kissing newspapers lie like motherfuckers.

Dude approaches a line to pay for his goods but he is kinda lazy to hold his shit in hands, so he lays it on the table to wait for him, showing migrant that of course he is next.

Migrant on the other hand, moans about that, and tells the guy who knows what. The guy launches K.O. on the migrant, delivering a few extra kicks and exits the store.

Few words on Black Sand people in Serbia:

We do not like them at all. No chance. Our government wants them. NGOs want them but they all ignore what these scumbags do:

Attack young kids and steal smartphones from them at knifepoints, they pickpocket, stalk our women trying to rape them, and they operate at night and in groups of 7-10 migrants, provoking locals…

Media never speak about that. We only hear people addressing it in protests and in some interviews posted on You Tube. To the contrary, our scummy media talk all in favor of sand niggers and you can clearly smell Zionism in it. Purely disgusting.

Many thanks for the CCTV footage of the assault and the insider info from Serbia, @srbijabgd:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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      1. It’s not racism. It’s Serbians against immigrants. I’m Serbian myself, so I know why this was done. Immigrants have gotten into our country by their force, illegally, and are doing bad things. They have murdered, robbed, raped and did other criminal acts in groups! They are known to be violating any crime they possibly can, since they get away with it most of the time. At least 90% of Serbians that aren’t peaceful at all times, hate them, and would kill them all. They’ve only done wrong to our country, after we’ve welcomed them at first. We don’t have a problem with them staying in that one park next to the train station in the town center, but do you have to commit all those violent crimes? No. So we hate them. We all do. Social media is a big cause of why it spread so intensely and extremely. But it’s right on our part.
        This is our land, not theirs. Nobody should be violating laws and committing hate crimes. Especially not them.
        So please do your research before you suspect that it’s purely racism since it was an interaction of a black and a white man. Have a fun browsing! 🙂

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    1. Yes,they are in Serbia. But to be honest i dont see them causing problems in Belgrade. Month ago few of them stole a phone from a nerdy guy close to my friend apartment. Our guys wont tolerate that shit so they made a trap with a girl sitting alone close to a building park and around 10 of our guys waiting somewhere behid the buildings. Ofcourse 3 niggers approached her,she only had to whistle once loudly as a singal for ambush they beat the shit out of one guy because he fell against some metal shit in the park while other 2 ran away. Since then there are no problems in that area.

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  9. there´s a good reason why the refugees hate to pass the Balkan region those guys there don’t joke around and will not let things happen common in other part of Europe like french Germany etc.i witnessed many incidents there while being on vacation there where the Balkan guys first treated them well but once the refugees misbehaved just got plain what they deserved that’s how it should be in whole europe

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