Incompetent Female Rent-a-Cop Gets Her Ass Beat, White Knights Step In

Incompetent Female Rent-a-Cop Gets Her Ass Beat, White Knights Step In

In the city of Três Corações, in the interior of Minas Gerais, Brazil, a female rent-a-cop of sorts got in the face of a man, but he was not in the mood to hand out pussy passes that day. He delivered a spectacular smack across her bitch face, and spiced it up with a kick to the noggin.

The incident took place on Saturday, December 17, 2016. The 23 year old rent-a-cop, identified as Edvânia, made a post on his Facebook, claiming that the man had assaulted his wife, and she stepped in allegedly to defend the woman (Google translation not very good):

I was the victim of a tramp who beat his wife, Delegate Ana Paula, that I went to help her even if she was there to defend me or say something like that. But I have a clear conscience that even though I was doing the worst I did what was right at the moment!

Except that the man’s wife disagreed with the cop herself, and threw the car keys at her for interfering with their private affairs.

Needless to say, Brazilian social media exploded with white knights, manginas, cucks, social justice warriors, and butt hurt feminazis attacking the man and defending the rent-a-cop, because exposing incompetence of female police officers is a big no no in gynocentric societies.

Here’s also a completely unrelated video which further exposes incompetence of female cops, and their inability to conduct themselves in life or death situations (which is one of the reasons why there are no female front line soldiers in any armed forces engaged in active combats):

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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139 thoughts on “Incompetent Female Rent-a-Cop Gets Her Ass Beat, White Knights Step In”

    1. Is the world stupid? B4 watching the video, I was saying to myself, “yeah, no pussy pass” after I saw the video, hitting wife, ok, not strangers, big no no. lol I’ve noticed everybody in bg has a reversed mindset, especially the writer. & when it comes to pussy, lol the writer write anything to defend the dick, even if it’s wrong. Imma big no no to pussy pass, but this dick was on the wrong side of the action

        1. Isn’t it mostly in videos where equality hits back at them or about how female police officers fail at their job?
          Because that does make sense. A lot of people here are tired of SJW’s bullshit, and we think that female cops should be held up the exact same standards as a male cop.
          I am asking because i am new here.

      1. let me put it terms that I think some of the members may agree on potentially more than that.

        In general we don’t like the fact that Women get basically a slap on the wrist when if a man does it well he gets the books. That is a fact for the most part there are the few exceptions here and there but for the most part that’s how it is.

        Personally I try and treat everyone of the members here and the people on the street the same. If you want help ask but expect to give in return either right after or to someone else down the road. Some women are worse than others and those are the ones that are usually posted here. Don’t believe me check the older video’s.

        Some of the members here will agree that if a woman puts their hands on you take it like a man and stow it. Others will say if you touch me I touch you i’m in that camp. But I will say this attacking for no reason don’t make you any different from the wild animals out side in the wild.

        That said…. The information that the write (Mark) gets can potentially be a bias view or it could be honest but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t try and spice up the post to make it appeal to the site.

        We have a rule Don’t fuck with our members and we don’t gang up on your ass. But we all poke fun at each other but we try not to cause harm on personal posts.

        other posts though well I think all members can agree its open season…

        Again i’m in the camp of you don’t touch me I don’t touch you. but you have to remember not all of us share the same views. we are close yes on our views but we are our own people. Mark was just in a court battle for over 2 years with a bunch of Biased people.

        Take that into consideration would you. Not all of us agree with how far they went but we all agree some retaliation is in order.


        1. What did you meant by that fact fat girls don’t deserve diamonds? Btw I think you hate ugly peoples. And i know you’re tryna defend women here but it’s not gonna make any changes in here. most of the members in bg are either kids,hate their life, retard.

      1. Until you lose your house..half your savings..have a restraining order..and have to watch your wife bring her boss to YOUR home to fuck in YOUR bed..while your divorce proceeds in court you uselless mangina simp.

  1. The ‘ol Victim of a Tramp game, eh? Again, what is up with the low power lines in Brazil? Can’t a guy fly a kite in the … er, city? Whatever that place is called … a square? town hall? Fuck it … and kites, fuck them too … bet there’s not a squirrel anywhere near that place … rats though, plenty of rats I bet

  2. Any man who hits a woman is a fucking pussy. They’re fragile. Omg I wish I was there. ASS beating beyond he would get. Then is drag his bloody ass over to rent a cop woman and watch her beat his fucking ass

    1. So if they are so fragile, why are they on the police force in a job which requires tough people, when you can clearly see she breaks down like a 5 year old after receiving the punch? I presume you think most women should not be doing men’s jobs and is against feminist bullshit recognising they are inept for it in general, and the ones that do shouldn’t be getting any sort of special treatment since they’re as tough as men, because if you believe in equality you shouldn’t be complaining that this was an aggression against a woman, but an act of aggression against a cop, just like any other.

        1. I agree with you, but not completely. Some are highly strong and skillful, such as Ronda Rousey. She would probably beat my ass and the one of lots of other men I know. But she is clearly an outlier and if she were put against a guy who is stronger than average, let alone an outlier, she would probably be beaten. It’s easier to visualise it by comparing the discrepancies in the results in the athletics or weightlifting competitions between men and women. But anyway, it shouldn’t matter she was male or female, but just that she was a cop, as only tough, strong and emotionally stable people should be qualified for the job, most of them men as men tend to be stronger and tougher, and even more emotionally stable, on average.

          1. ronda rousey would still be hurt by any average sized guy they have smaller bones smaller muscles smaller heads and their jaws are like toffee glass not being nasty but they arent built to fight they have to train for years and years just to gain a small chance against a guy and if a guy grabs the woman shes done.

  3. Dam! First of all, I disagree with you Marc. Israel has co-ed military. They place women on the front lines as far as I’ve been made aware. I was an Abrams tank gunner in the US Army so I also don’t believe women should be serving on the front line either. I couldn’t imagine what kind of cluster fuck the tank would have been if we had 1 or 2 women in the crew! We get naked showering on the back of the tank and swear like you would expect when a bunch of high testosterone males get together. No way a women would be able to handle a few days, let alone an entire tour of duty with us soldiers, I’m sorry but it’s true. We would literally become the laughing stock of the entire world. Unfortanitly, the US Military stated this year that they plan to fully intergrate women in the all areas of the military! FUCK THAT! I hope Trump puts a stop to that shit right NOW! Thank god the male cop was right behind her to cover and save her ASS!! Otherwise this would have ended much differently!!

  4. Kinda hard to make any judgment when I don’t know what’s being said because of the language barrier, and there’s only the short clip of video. The cop could’ve been saying degrading things trying to get the guy worked up so she could arrest him. Who knows. It looks like right before the first hit, she pushed his left arm aside – I can’t see well enough for sure. Maybe that and whatever was said or done before the video started provoked him to snap. Everyone has their breaking point. I don’t condone assaulting police unless in self defense, but if this man was in an argument with his wife, the last thing he needed was to see a female cop asking questions or giving commands.

    1. Seems the guy said his wife went berserk and was shaming him, the cop said for him to pipe down in a disrespectful way and he retributed with the same words and gave her a punch. I don’t know exactly what was going on before it to say who was on the right at this point, but the guy clearly lost his mind, although, it’s clear that the attack was considered to be more serious because she was a woman, as opposed if she were a man, exemplified by the slur shouted by one of the bystanders ”covarde”, which means coward, usually a label that despite its wide usage is especially used in reference of men who hit women and carries a special gravity when applied in such a context. So if a man hits a man he is called just ”crazy man”, but if he hits a woman he’s a coward, and you can also see how everybody got really fired up, it seems to me more than crowds would in simple male to male altercations. This shouldn’t happen, as the female is a cop, so it shouldn’t matter whether she’s male or female.

      1. @undergroundweller thank you I appreciate the dialogue it makes more sense, and I agree he did seem to just lose his mind and snap. First he has his wife degrading him, then the cops show up, and to top it off a female cop speaking to him in pretty much the same way as his wife. Recipe for disaster in my opinion. He shouldn’t have physically attacked the cop, be it female or male, but I understand why he did. Police can and probably do encounter threats of physical violence or death everyday – male or female, black or white. Women are not immune from danger obviously and actually I would think face it more because we are viewed by society as the weaker sex.

        I also don’t think the man is a coward – I think he’s been pushed as far as he could take, and the cop got the brunt of it. It just happens to be that she’s a female and contributed to his fall and her fall (figuratively and literally, respectively). Maybe next time she’ll think twice before talking down to someone who’s already pretty low, just because she has false sense of security of a badge and a gun.

  5. Here in the UK, most of the female police sows seem to be fat assed lesbian cocky little fucking bastards knowing full well that if you say boo to them while they are getting up in your face, you get about 8 boars trying to stick a truncheon up your arse as they throw you to the ground.

    1. I agree that the lesbians (or at least some of them), like the ones you’ve talked about, should be on the police force as many of them have perhaps hormonal imbalances of some sort, or received a greater quantity of androgens while in the womb, hence they are psychologically and/or physically more like the average men, than the average woman. But these are outliers, and hence a minority of women, so the average sort of women, like the one above, shouldn’t be on the force, except maybe as secretaries or something along these lines.

        1. @dethbyplaster ”Is it 1955?” sounds like a typical mainstream media sheepish argument to me, that having women in the workforce is the right thing because it’s trendy and stylish and the old way is sooo old. And I agree there are many women who have sharp brains, but there are jobs for which their feminine brains are just less apt for.

          1. @undergroundweller And your statement about mainstream media sheep sounds like the go-to statement to easily use as an argument. I’m much too young to have been born into society where the issue of women working was even, well, an issue. Most women I knew were working. It was the norm and certainly not a revolutionary concept. As for me, I don’t have kids. Why should I not work? What good would come of me staying home? I watch TV and get fat? How pointless. It’s no longer “trendy” for women to work, at least in the US. Is it a new concept where you live? My argument is simply that women are fit for more than being secretaries. I’ve never worked a desk job. It’s boring, you get no exercise and I’m too smart to do data-entry. My mind needs stimulation – a very fair thing to desire.

          2. @dethbyplaster It’s not a new thing to have women working here too. Now, what I personally think is that for thousands of years women had a role in society which was that of childbearing. They had to have more children due to higher rates of mortality, to grow the tribe and so on. With advances in health we got to a point where we’re overpopulated and infant mortality is rather low, so if you have just one child there’s a great chance he’ll reach adulthood. The problem, in my perception, is that women seem to be neglecting their roles as mothers, and I think that we, humans, are just big brained animals, whose objective is to reproduce and raise a healthy offspring, the rest is just a means to this end. Nevertheless, people have turned the means, professional success, into the end. Now, just to add another thing, I often question myself if the inclusion of women into the workforce is a hoax, let’s say, propagated by big business under the cloak of inclusion, the rational being that if women stopped working, there would be less people available for jobs and salaries would raise. much like the rational for bringing immigrants into a country under the cloak of diversity. This would perhaps be proven by the fact that some rich guys search for stay at home wives (or at least who drop out of their profession to raise children), Trump seems to me to be an example.

          3. @dethbyplaster Childbearing is not just a tradition, reproduction and the propagation of species is something all of the living beings are geared towards doing. If it were not for it, if supposedly everyone would stop having children, there would no point in maintaining, and even less in improving society as we would go extinct in less than a century. Yes, we’re overpopulated, but firstly the problem is that less quality people, such as Africans (lower average IQ), are the ones reproducing. You should not let go of your right of reproducing for that of someone else’s, especially those of highly dubious genetic stock. If everybody in the world had two children, the population would start a slow decline (as probably some people would die before reproducing, be sterile etc), and if everybody had just a child, it would decline even faster, so no need to stop having children altogether. Women who cannot have children are an exception, they’re defective/abnormal (especially considering the rational above) for whatever reason, so they perhaps could personally choose different paths of life and contribute to society in their own way, maybe helping raising other children, especially the children of relatives, working for the community, or whatever, in a way of improving others lives, but those objectives should be just secondary for a normal person.

          4. @undergroundweller You’re thinking is just crazy. I don’t mean stupid or dumb. I mean crazy. You think women are only qualified for raising kids and that’s it. I don’t have kids (and I can) but husband is 100% reason I have no kids. I’m not leaving him or tricking him. Those things would be absolutely cruel. I do not have siblings. My entire family lives in another state so no little cousins to look after. However, I do a very good job where I work – the biggest delivery company in the world. I’ve seen people quit in 10 minutes, I swear. But I do it well and it’s a job that you just have to be the “right kind” of person for. I fit well (very few do) and keeping me is important to my employer. Is it important some mom gets her baby formula overnight from point A to point B, 2000 miles away? Yeah and I make that happen, with my team, and I do it well. I’m contributing to kids and so are thousands of jobs, indirectly. Women can be valuable outside the home.

          5. @dethbyplaster Well, there are women who are qualified for their jobs and do it well, independently of weather men would be in average better or worse on it than them (and there are some jobs for which perhaps women are better inclined). By being good at your job you’re making your impact on society, but as I said, for me that’s just secondary, I can’t imagine someone’s life fulfilled without having children, of your own flesh and blood, it’counter evolutionary as women themselves often seem to instinctively want children and have a nurturing side, since they are young by playing with dolls. I myself am not doing that well of a job to accomplish my objectives as I don’t have children at moment (not even a girlfriend) and don’t have a job or any source of income (other than my parents and I am still at Uni), but I do hope to accomplish them in 10 to 15 years time.

          6. @undergroundweller I’m glad I found out you’re college-age. Everybody at that age thinks they have the world figured out and they are so enlightened. Lol The real world isn’t theory. Should I ever speak of a fairytale that I haven’t actually lived, I too could speak with arrogance. But I’m humble enough to know if I haven’t lived it, I’d just be a well-spoken fool. I’m going to go now. I can’t take you seriously.

          7. @dethbyplaster So you’re gonna refute my arguments just because of my age, and not based upon an analyses of them. This mode of thought is no different to that if someone came to you and said that your arguments are invalid because you’re a woman. It’s OK to generalise and group people according to their race, sex or age, to make a sort of cold reading as I guess I’ve told you before it’s practical for politics, but nevertheless, when it comes to arguments you must analyse them carefully, and not jump into full blown ad hominem attacks, as you’ve just done know. You often do it, last time went along with it, now I won’t. By the way, I am 24 and quite close to finishing my course, so not that young. I know that real life can be different than theory and that I am probably less experienced than you in life (albeit we’ve had different experiences). I’ve made the former clear when I told you that despite believing stealing is bad, I would myself do it if put in a shitty situation.

    1. Whites are majority in Brazil.

      White 47.73%
      Pardo (Multiracial) 43.13%
      Black 7.61%
      Asian 1.09%
      American Indians 0.43%

      White: 91,051,646 millions
      Pardo: 82,277,333 millions

      1. Brazil is largely a mestizo country and many of the few whites remaining are mixing with mestizos at a huge rate.
        What is worse, many mestizos are considered “white” there. So you have a lot of mixing with mestizos too

        Racial lines in Brazil are like in Argentine or Mexico, of more social than biological character.
        In Brazil, the official classification is based on skin color. The racial classification, if I can call this, is solely subjective.

        there only 05% of whites in Brazil,no more than this!

        1. “Few whites” hahahaha, you don’t live here, how can you know? I live here, I know who’s white, black, mestizo, etc, and most of the people are either white or mestizo.

          Countries with highest white population:

          1- United States
          White population 246.795.361

          2- Russia
          White population: around 121 million

          3- Brazil
          White population: 91,051,646

          4- Germany
          White population: around 81 million

          5 – Italy
          White population: around 60.5 million

          1. esse povo e ignorante p crl nunca nem pisou no Brasil e pensa q o pais e baseado nesses videos de mulatinho pe de chinelo q posta assassinato na net kkkk ignora esses trouxa se vier p Brasil vao tudo ficar de queixo caido com a diversidade racial do nosso pais

  6. I will never agree with any man hitting a woman unless they have a weapon and his life is at risk! Any man who hits and attacks anyone who is much weaker then them is nothing but a fucking punk in my book. I know a woman can be one evil cruel cold hearted human being when they want to be but that doesn’t give any man who is much bigger and stronger the right to beat on them! If you’re not fighting someone who is a equal match then your nothing but a punk.

    1. Then if you do think so, that women are weaker, I’d imagine you abide to so called ”traditional gender roles”, and that women shouldn’t be on the police force in a job which requires one to be tough and strong, especially typical women like the cop above who are clearly feminine, and not those ones who are masculinized.

  7. its sometimes bizarre to see the startled look on a bitches face when they get a smack or a swift hook. they give a look of utter disbelief. they are so indoctrinated by ‘law’ and the system that has them believe they will never get attacked ! this is merely a delusion of their own beliefs that a ‘system’ is an entity in itself and is floating around everywhere controlling all peoples thoughts and emotions and restraining them from dealing you some punishment. to an extent it is there but to see a small woman stand up against a much larger male and rely on this fictional entity named law is nothing short of suicidal behaviour. women can continue to rely on this notion that nobody will attack because of a belief they imagine to be there but with the withering relations between men and women im afraid there will be many more attacks like this.

  8. i love this site, it’s informative and the gore is top notch. The anti female, anti anyone not white male rhetoric that surrounds it is just kinda high school level sad though. It’s possible to enjoy gore without being a quality cock priest, you know. Feminazis are cancer, yes. However, there’s plenty females who could rip off your wee balls and make you eat them. That’s not feminism it’s just fact. Stop with the blanket statements, it’s what gives this site a bad rep.

    1. The alleged “anti female rhetoric” is exactly what you said was a woman ripping a man’s balls off – a fact. Feminists and butt-hurt snowflakes are notorious for their aversion to facts, because they mess up with their privilege. Best Gore will continue to expose facts regardless of how much you whiny cunts whine. That’s the whole purpose of the site

      And that bad rap you’re taking about – it’s not bad rep. It’s whinery by manginas, cucks, SJWs and white knights. Of course they will whine – they are exposed on the pages of Best Gore for who they are, instead of being worshiped just because the mainstream press, government, schools and TV do it on a daily basis.

      BG is read by millions of aware people who appreciate facts being laid out to them straight. Together we are in the business of ripping you cunts a new asshole. Best Gore: 8 and a half years of destroying losers and counting.

      1. This is like my favourite site ever man, and you don’t need to tell me about whiney cunts. I know all too well. However, on every single video there’s blatant racism and sexism. Saying every female cop is incompetent isn’t a fact, it’s just angsty and petty. Keep running this site however you want dude, it would be nice if you were open to constructive critisism though. The text could be much more professional, but that’s just from my point of view. There’s a difference between whining and making observations. There’s plenty videos of men getting fuck kicked out of them, and plenty examples of men dying at work, but that doesn’t make all men incompetent at their jobs.

        I agree wholeheartedly with what you do. I just think things could be worded differently in order to be perceived more seriously, instead of written like satire.

        1. So you mean to tell me that after 8 and a half year, and making this site the success that it is today, I have been doing it wrong and should change things around to accommodate whiny feminists because their precious feelings are being hurt by facts? You’re neither first, nor last whiner who tells me how to run the site, because I obviously don’t know what I’m doing, having made it what it is with zero advertising budget and nothing to promote the site with outside of word of mouth?

          There is nothing but expectation of female privilege in every sentence you make. You also resort to the same lowly tactics every butt-hurt feminist does – shaming and name calling. You have nothing to back up your claims, because they are an urban legend invented to support gynocentrism and societal misandry. I present facts and back them up with academic research and the reflection of reality that is exposed on BG. But hey, that’s “school level” and “petty” and the such…

          1. Fair enough man, if that’s how you want to behave. It’s your site. It was a simple observation, after years of visiting this site I figured I’d be able to comment without getting hit with the generic “you triggered female cunt how dare you use a computer” rhetoric. I still respect you and appreciate this site, regardless of the trashy journalism. I’m not from the USA so the SJW stuff doesn’t get on my tits as much as it does Americans.

        2. why should it be ‘worded’ different just to suit you because you have a stinky wet hole between your legs? there are people who love the style on here but if there is a write up we dont think we agree with we dont demand the whole style and feel be changed. you reek of female privelege and you would do anything to change the style because you dont like to look in the mirror. this site is giving YOU a glimpse of who you really are. you dont like to hear the bitter truth of what you really are and BG exposes all the crimes and child abuse perpetrated by women that the media will never show on TV. how many posts do we see of women abusing kids having sex with kids murdering their own flesh and blood yet you will never discuss these things you seem to go queit on posts like that, yet on a write up you feel infringes on your privelege you will whine all day over that.

          1. I just feel like this site reads more like an anti-sjw Tumblr blog than it does a respectable news site. That’s literally all i’m saying lol. Each to their own. Untwist your balls. Only faggots hate pussy this much.

          2. pussy is awesome its the hellish whinig creature attached to it that needs putting in its place. face it you wouldnt say shit to my face because id lay you out in less than a minute, most guys could. yet you think because the ‘law’ protects you that you can insult any man you want.

        3. @laurenlilith I think anybody can say anything they want to say. Do whatever you want, but don’t call it something else. If I say “I hate niggers” it’s because I hate niggers. I’m not going to go into all these reasons and society this and society that. I think this site (and most vocal members) are anti-women. All women. But they always have reasons. The statement “We blindly hate all women” would be a statement I’d totally respect.

          1. @dethbyplaster I totally agree. These apes are too far up their own man cunts to admit anything though. Documenting Reality will always be a better, more factual and adult run gore site. The woman in this video isn’t even a police officer, tht shows how “factual” this site is.

        4. The same shit every time. It gets fucking old. I adore this site but I am really over every creature with a cunt being painted as fucking retarded or as a whore. I worked security, why? Because I was far more dangerous than the guys were. You could talk your way out of a beating. I didn’t let you finish a sentence. I was damn good at my job, only got involved when absolutely necessary and never killed anybody. I can also take a beating as well as hand them out. I am not a useless, incompetent hole. I’m a bitch who holds her own. Not every woman hater is a faggot, and I’m just going by what the faggo…Heterosexual males claim…Err…Say is true; everyone that owns a cunt is an incompetent whore and invites violence upon her just by showing up to work. Seriously? Okay, I’ll be sure to remember that when I’m asking for pussy passes. Oh wait, I don’t ask for pussy passes. Bunch of fucking troglodytes. Talk about sheeple…Fuck, listen to yourselves.

          It’s called cunt power, and I have it in spades.

    2. Hey if I can’t bring any valid points I’ll call ’em fags. What a dumb bitch. “The SJW stuff doesn’t get on my tits as much as it does Americans.” Yet she is here whining about how Mark is not being fair to women.

    1. If a woman wants to put her life on the line and try and serve and protect then why not! But these kind of jobs are always best suited for the male gender. I’m all for equal rights but woman need to realize that there are certain professions that a man is much better at doing and have the genetic make up that’s required to get the job done.

  9. Fucking Facebook. I am so happy that i DO NOT belong to that (C.I.A. JEW-OWNED SITE) As for that Cunt, i am happy that she got her head kicked-in for slandering a MALE on Facebook. Furthermore, she should get another beating, for getting involved in other peoples life affairs. GOSSIPING CUNT!

  10. What a Bitch Blooded Pussy Hole!!!
    I see his arsehole puckered up when the guy cop was there haha, fuckin cowardly cunt! thats generally how it goes with these gutless turds.
    id rip that queer goatee right off that chippy titted cunt like strip of velcro, given half the chance.

  11. Well majority of girls grew in a world of faity tale ,hard wired to be more emotional and parents especially fathers/mothers also play a huge role pampering their children brainwashing them on equality. Life is not equal. Sorry for my English.

  12. First video: Slapping someone in the face i can maybe fathom but holding her by the hair and kicking someone who’s already on the ground in the face is just cowardly and has nothing to do with pussy pass. I agree that policework or the military is no place for women though.

    Second video: WTF how incompetent are cops in the US? I have seen so many of these video’s now, don’t they learn. Why not talk to the person first? Why do you walk within arms length of a suspect so he can reach for your gun, don’t they train cops NOT to do that??? And the second cop, holy fuck why did he have to kill him, what a coward. Two cops can’t even control one person, gross incompetence.

    1. Ahh, friends of Israel engaging in the same propaganda tactics Israel has been using for decades. Remember all those pics of Israeli female soldiers in bikinis?

      Just because they use females for propaganda to appeal to the feeble minded, it doesn’t mean they are actually engaged in real combat in the same capacity men are.

      American war propaganda is the same – featuring women in their promo videos, but no women are engaged in real combat. None have ever passed the test to be fit for combat, not even after requirements were lowered to ridiculous levels just to help women pass. British military could not get any woman to pass either, so they took a male soldier who was brainfucked to go tranny, and because he dresses like a woman and acts like a fag, they now claim they have the first female soldier in the armed forces. This type of propaganda may trick people like you, but they would have to try harder to trick the more aware of us.

      1. I dont remember those pictures to be honest… i just learned about their existence on an RT documentary, wich is Russian “propaganda”, not american one.

        Im aware of the nature of the PKK, even if you’re not aware that the myth that they are supported by MOSSAD is just turkish and iranian propaganda, as the PKK considers Israel an ally of Turkey because of the oil deals allowed by their “evil brothers” of the Barzani Clan (KRG), the Iraqi Kurds. Israel only supports the Iraqi kurds, that is, the “Barzani Clan” – the KRG, the Pershmerga and its political party, the KDP. The PKK are Turkish that came from Syria after being “banned”, and unrelated to the Iraqi Kurds. The PKK and the KRG are enemies… So yeah, thats a funny hate-triangle we have here if you look carefully… 😆 when one’s paranoid everybody points fingers at everybody, thats how the confusion started with those kurdish groups.

        As for that paranoid “women propaganda” i dont see how it affects me really. There are a few videos and pictures arround of dead/beheaded PKK female soldiers. In here at least the female soldiers were accepted go to missions in Kosovo if they voluntered, my sister’s comerade was one of them. (yes, my sister was in the army too.) But honestly i dont see whats the big deal about women being soldiers…

        1. This changes nothing on the fact that no standing army engaged in active combat has any female front line soldiers. Paramilitary groups consisting of anyone who can carry a gun, including women, children and the elderly are not an army. Women have been proven over and over to be incapable and incompetent in life or death situations, and can’t meet the requirements for a soldier, not even if these requirements are lowered specifically with the goal to hand out pussy passes.

  13. Ah, just in time for Christmas, Mark brings us this fairly- worded treat. All you sheeple boys jump on the No Pussy Pass Express and ride around a big, dick-shaped Christmas tree while you cheer for the awesomeness of balls. Yay! The holidays are awesome. Toot, toot bitches.

    Let’s make sure these guys get great gifts (unless the idiot has killed himself)
    Stupid male who kicked train
    Dumbass male who rode a bike into a bridge
    Incompetent male worker who went on the spin cycle on machinery
    Other idiot male who got demolished by lathe
    Oh wow, another stupid male getting fucked up with angle grinder
    And literally hundreds of shitty male drivers who crash motorcycles daily.
    I thought men could handle power tools! What happened guys?
    I thought men were the “good” drivers. Ouch.

    Well nobody here wants to suck on candy canes. They’ll be sucking dicks to express their gratitude for the greatest body part of any human ever. Enjoy 🙂

    1. Yeah, dumbasses like the guy running into the bridge or kicking the train got their dick pass denied with charm. No question about that. But when it comes to workplace accident – men are the ones doing all the dangerous work. It goes without saying that if all you whole day is sit in front of a mirror putting make up on, you’re not gonna get spun around by a lathe.

      It’s the same with drivers – women crash because DWF, while men do all the long haul driving, night time taxi driving, and other dangerous professions that involve driving so it’s natural that there end up being many male traffic accident victims.

      1. @happy None of that applies to me at all. I don’t even wear makeup to work because it’s a huge, hot as hell in the summer terminal full of trucks idling with soot pouring everywhere.
        I’m also an amateur stock car racer. I’ve done well I picked up 2 trophies in July. Once was third; the other was Overall winner in my class. Your blanket statements don’t hold up 100%.

    2. When all else fails, Plaster, call em’ a bunch of fags, that will show them! Ha ha! It is funny to see how triggered you get by these posts…. Anyway, it appears that you have missed the major idea behind this post as usual. Law Enforcement is not like your average blue collar job. I think mark was referring to the fact that a majority of women are less physically and mentally built to react in these “fight for life” situations that are common with police work. I know, I know, it is misogynist of me to point out reality. Feminists love to talk about how women are victimized more than men, well that is proof in the pudding. So why is there such butthurt when people like Mark point out that fact?

      1. @cannedkittens You and Mark didn’t get my post. It’s not what the chick does for a living. I don’t care. I have NEVER argued women would be good soldiers because they wouldn’t. It’s that Mark always put “Female” in the title when a woman fucks up and makes the commentary about the fact it’s a woman. He makes sure it’s focused on how women suck. That’s a fact. When I call it misogyny, I’m correct. It’s simple.
        Most of your post is a waste because you’re bugging me about something I don’t have an issue with. Women doing security type shit isn’t s good idea. So I agree. Now what? You got nothing.

        Oh but I don’t think you guys are fags, that part was just for laughs. I don’t call people fag on a regular basis for not liking women and never will. We’ll call it a “holiday pass” just this once.

        1. From my angle, it seems as though Mark uses a bit of exaggeration and some explosive language in many of his posts. Maybe it is to grab people’s attention. Maybe he is like me, fed up with societal misandry. Maybe he just does it to trigger people like you? Either way he is drawing some heated debate over issues that I think are very important. Maybe you should try focusing on the actual issue (women in policing) instead of Mark’s personal beliefs? You could maybe have a more productive conversation?

          1. I’m sorry I thought this was an open format, you stank twat. Why don’t you give a list of things that I am allowed to discuss here on BG. I ‘ll be sure to honor it Ma’am. Jesus I am selective about shit I comment on here…Plaster Tits has to butt in every fucking thing. I think you have enough material for a novel at this point. You can title it: “Death By Plaster: A look in the tough life of a Feminist Shield Maiden”.

          2. Just because I agree with a person’s perspective does not mean I am a “kiss ass”. I sense some emotional issues in you, Plaster. Maybe daddy issues, I haven’t pinned it yet.

          3. You really do live in a fantasy land huh Plaster Tits? Do you have a lot of cats? You look like a crazy old cat lady in the making. Hahahaha!

    1. So where’s the video of the male driver who got hit? Should it not be just as important as the female who got hit?

      I wholeheartedly believe more focus should be towards the profession. It should not matter what gender. In other words, if she’s working security it’s well known that assaults can and do happen. Therefore if she’s smacked, punched, stabbed whatever whatever, it shouldn’t cause any more raucous than if it were a male. It’s what the job entails. All this commotion because she’s female, but it’s what she signed up for.

      Interesting info of the security & male driver if you’re correct.

      1. Yes, I’m sure, I got this information on this site, but it’s in Portuguese. (Soon after the aggression, other people try to contain the Man. He then mentions taking something out of his pocket. – It was a pocketknife. He picked up a penknife and the boy who tried to control him said he did not have to do that. He then punched the boy. He lost two teeth)

        1. @luciferking Wow. I translated the Portuguese to English – I thank you for the link! As you know from the article it says this occurred at a club, and you’re correct she’s security, not police. Which I assume she’s not authorized to arrest someone, but possibly she can detain hence her words that the police will come and the aggressor will pay in jail (not verbatim). It also showed the after picture of her face which she stated was severely bruised. To me, it appeared only slightly discolored, if that.

          As I said previously, it’s what she signed up for. The aggressor took it a bit far, but working security at a club where I’m sure alcohol is abundant – physical altercations are gonna happen. The male that got hit as well deserved the same notoriety as she did. After all, he walked away with two lost teeth. She walked away with a bruised ego.

          Thanks again for sharing! -DI

  14. The writer is a closet faggot who can’t even buy pussy. The rampant misogyny is truly pathetic. Grow the fuck up, you sound like a little bitch.

    There are times when a bitch should be slapped out, that’s why you have female friends. Punching and kicking a woman in the head is the move of an impotent, trick bitch…Much like the fucktard in this video. Women are not always in the wrong, and justifying this shit because you’re a pussy just proves what a pathetic little bitch you are. I’d like to see you run your mouth at a female Israeli militia member, she’d slap the faggotry right out of you. Seriously, the bullshit is played the fuck out.

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