Indian and Chinese Soldiers Engage in Fist Fight on Snowy Mountain

Indian and Chinese Soldiers Engage in Fist Fight on Snowy Mountain

Indian and Chinese Soldiers Engage in Fist Fight on Snowy Mountain

According to the backinfo I got, the video shows a standoff between the Indian and Chinese soldiers. They clashed on a desolate, snow covered mountain range in what looks like middle of nowhere.

In the video, the tensions between the alleged soldiers escalate and eventually lead into a skirmish with fists flying. No serious beatdown was delivered, but it’s still something if members of two countries’ armed forces engage in a physical brawl.

I presume the incident happened on the disputed Doklam mountain pass.

Props to Best Gore member @mystics for the video:

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    its honestly ridiculous and dumb coming from “soldiers”. remember me thoses training between american soldiers and canadians soldiers.. some dumb shit stuff.

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