Indian Jawans Stop Chinese Soldiers from Entering Bhutan at Doklam

Indian Jawans Stop Chinese Soldiers from Entering Bhutan at Doklam

Indian Jawans Stop Chinese Soldiers from Entering Bhutan at Doklam

Doklam is a disputed region near a trijunction border between Bhutan, India and China. Both Bhutan and China claim Doklam as their respective territory, with the dispute still ongoing.

A few years ago, the Chinese commenced the road construction through the disputed area, which prompted India to respond on behalf of Bhutan, with whom they have defense treaties.

The video shows Indian Jawans (junior soldiers) stopping Chinese soldiers from entering Bhutan. The area is a little calmer now than it was at the height of the standoff in 2017, but high tension clashes like the one in the video continue to happen to this day.

There isn’t any gore in the video, but historical significance of the events warrant the share. Props to Best Gore member @paras for the video:

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75 thoughts on “Indian Jawans Stop Chinese Soldiers from Entering Bhutan at Doklam”

    1. Typical mainstream news bullshit. Talk talk talk about China hiding the virus and all this crap but no mention of a REAL War that could land us all in WWIII tonight!
      Notice how Assad and Syria ,Russiagate and THE WALL was off the news during Covid ? See? News is just a section of what is going on out there that THEy want you to know about . Yet other stuff that doesn’t suit them they will hide.

        1. Friend ,in a World War you are not safe anywhere,Third World or not. However ,to start with you are safer in a First World country as you say.

          If India and China are drawn into a war it will send ripples out over the whole world. WWI started over a dying empire (Austria -Hungary) bullying a much weaker but braver Serbia . It then drew in Germany ,France /UK and colonies ,Russia and US and many more.

  1. The China-Buthan Border is cut off by the India-Buthan border. The only way to get past the India-buthan border for the chinese is to cross the undisputed borders through India. Who thought this was gonna be a good idea? This just calls for problems.

    1. They obviously all went out there unarmed and with a lot of cameras, to prevent any type of possible “incident” from occurring, so that one side couldn’t claim the other as the aggressor. Wise choice on both sides.

  2. China is in an expansionist mode right now, in every way. The entire national psyche is supporting it. They are certainly going to be the next great world power. The not so U.S is rapidly declining, there are too many racial, cultural factions and the 2 political factions are mortal enemies of each other. I’m part of this myself. Give me a rifle and one bullet, put a communist chinese regimer on a wall with a left wing activist and I will kill the left wing activist, no hesitation. Both are enemies, but I actually only hate one of them, and I will kill the one I hate, naturally. Yep. I’m not even close to alone in this family of thinking either. That is a pretty good indication of where the not so U.S is going. China will win the long war with certainty, the not so U.S is beyond any hope, it will still exist but it will lose its super power status and lose the world police status. China will take that up for good or bad, probably all bad. I’m not fan of the CCP, but at the same time I’m still curious to see how the world will be with China in charge. I kind of want to see it. The not so U.S is an ugly place with ugly stupid people, this place is played out, it needs to end. A country of reprobates.

    1. @philoctetes

      Fair assessment, power balances upon shifting sands. America is finished and at their most dangerous now, more than ever before.
      End of Empire as it crumbles to Fall. Then we suffer the Fallout. Their still going to go for Iran tho, no matter what. The Rogue Terrorist State of Israel won’t rest until so.

      Read a report nearly three months ago, been trying to verify it since but very hard to.
      Tho it has credible content and given the Chinese psyche as you mentioned, think it’s nearer the truth as to what could happen.

      It states that; CCP For the worse case scenario is prepared to lose/sacrifice up to three quarters (and more) of its population, even to the point of less than one billion remaining for a total world grab, this meaning nuclear, (and everything else they have) and that from all major power countries China would still have a majority population over the rest and after the dust settles then it is a Mop Up Job for them. Believing that they would come out on top.

      China and Russia. Currently have a hands of approach with each other, and their countries. Also if drawn outside of their territories they most definitely will protect their interests in Iran and the middle east.

      Add to that Russia has their new hypersonic ballistics, and fuel which is more advanced than any other countries, and their not giving away secrets.
      Personally I do not possess a single religious, or God fearing fiber of my being but, wether a believer or not truly we are in the end of times. The psychopathic Cabal’s don’t believe either, tho their set it seems, to adhere to biblical interpretations and predictions. That’s more to do with the ritualistic nature of the Cabal’s pyramid, thinking and the psychotic few who treat this world and its inhabitants as if its theirs to do as they wish. Because it belongs to them..!?!
      All of this for the fake un chosen one’s eh’.

      I could continue but rather have some feedback so, over to you…

  3. Both sides are making direct forceful physical contact but are very careful about not being the first to throw a punch. Wonder if thats the only thing stopping this from being a shootout in an area with no cover whatsoever

  4. Those Chinese are there for R&R. Think of it as poking a stick into animal cage in the zoo or banging on the aquarium. I do somehow wish Indian soldier would snap and fuck them up. Sure a dispute, But it would stop these squint eye retard from doig something stupid like this.

  5. Well, that looked like the world’s gayest mosh pit.

    Problem is the Indians sent Jawans, if they’d sent Tuskan Raiders that dispute would have been sorted in double time. A thump with a gaffi stick is a great way to settle an argument. Then it’s back to bullseye Womp Rats in their T-16’s back home.

  6. Hey two of my fav gore countries having a sausage party! Fuck those communist chinks. India should just take the land. Either way they fucking hate eachother and if they could kill each other scot free… They would. Thier both major pussies to.

  7. I live in Guizhou Province (the mountainous area of ​​western China) not far from Vietnam and India. Despite decades of Sino-Vietnamese wars, there are still tens of thousands of mines in the border area that have not been eliminated. Innocent people are still often killed by landmines. Unlike the government, we hate war

  8. As I’ve been seeing things going on throughout the world, russia and china are always mentioned. Communists have been causing much problems for many many years. And I feel it’s just about time until a big war occurs. These communists and their Jewish leaders need to be put down. The atheist communists dont care for any humans life whilst the jews see themselves as the chosen people. So who better for the jews to control in order to create chaos in this world than the soulless communists. Watch out for this big war

  9. If I had to choose between China and India, I’d choose India, they’re less of a threat globally, and they aren’t as annoying tourist wise. Chinese people eat anything for aphrodisiac, do you know why Chinese people eat endangered animals to get their little dicks hard? cause all their women are so ugly they need assistance.

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  11. Notice how the Chinese soldiers try to enforce their authority intimidation on these guys and it completely fails lol they’re so used to bullying and beating they’re fellow people on daily basis but fail to realize it doesn’t work outside they’re country.

  12. I dont understand why everyone taking this shit lightly?
    They were not regular personnel but of between PLA and Indian ARMY.Which are offcially the largest armies in the world,Having 2million and 1.4million personals respectively.I will post a new video of fight between same which consists of kicks and stone peltings which happend recently and yeah they have beaten each others with iron rods too,morethan 150soldiers are Injured on both the sides,at this time high level mettings between officers are happening and yeah PLA IS IN THE INDIAN TERRITORY. so we can expect something big.

  13. Hello everyone, I am a Chinese. This video has many flaws. First of all, I have watched the full version, which is not the case. Obviously it has been edited. Secondly, this is not what happened between Bhutan and China, but what happened on the border between India and China. Although I have watched the complete video, I have not seen useful information. I don’t know if China is right or India is right. I saw comments in front of them, and they are very confused. Let me explain. In the face of such conflicts, as long as someone beats someone first, they will lose, so they will see the picture of pushing each other, so please be objective. Looking at every video on bestgore, maybe some are real and some are fake. In addition to the corona virus, please don’t believe any words from American politicians. They say that the virus is made by China. At present, from a medical perspective, this virus does Cannot be manufactured. Before the virus outbreak, a person who worked in the US biochemical laboratory had visited Wuhan, China. I can only say so much. I hope you think carefully

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