Indian Man Assaulted by Woman Destroys White Knight and Witch

Indian Man Assaulted by Woman Destroys White Knight and Witch

Indian Man Assaulted by Woman Destroys White Knight and Witch

Somewhere in India, a man kept getting hands laid on by a woman who kept pushing and pushing him, until a white knight joined in on the assault and the man snapped. He dived at the mangina, taking him down and generally destroying the little shit.

Whereas the privileged women kept pushing their luck by continuing to lay hands on him, he eventually turned his rage on them and dived again to take down one witch. He dived for the third time, but that one clearly didn’t work out that great and he realized he’s had enough fighting for the day.

I wonder how many of you have been around enough to remember the bullshit regarding boyfriends diving to shield their girlfriends. I guess @ulises would still remember it. Doesn’t matter. This real life diver didn’t shield anyone, because that’s not what anyone does in real life, but he sure knew how to take shit on nose first.

Props to Best Gore member @beingindian for the video:

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146 thoughts on “Indian Man Assaulted by Woman Destroys White Knight and Witch”

  1. Good bunt and a nice legal tackle to get things started this guy should be on a rugby team! I literally cackled while he was whipping them with that pole… He looked like he was having a great time!

      1. Let’s face it, those women had the hots for him. Some of these women it’s the only way they can communicate. I thought the man on their side was a right coward, throwing a rock from behind the women then pushing them forward.
        But i’m well impressed with the kid. What a champ.

        1. Funny you say that! My bro was in New Guinea or Solomons at the time and he reckons the native women would grunt at the nightclubs to express they were into you.

          Apparently, all the churchy shit had repressed them too much and the only way they knew to express they were interested in you was grunting! Can you believe it. My brother is not a bullshitter so i do believe him.anyone else gone there and experienced the same! It was only a few years ago so must be still the norm there.

          1. @hopingfornemesis yes i can believe that. Must be a fear of being rejected. It get’s attention albeit negative and they take it from there. If they approach you to chat they’re worried they can’t really hold a conversation so they just go straight into the raw basics, just like the indian girls attacking that man after seeing him wit his shirt off and spending all their time with their bag carrier/handyman who seems gay but not by choice

    1. hahaha … that’s a hell of a drama. Our drama king scores:

      30 for clubbing
      10 for punching
      60 for diving

      This kind of dive is often used on screens to save someone from a bullet or other approaching object. It’s the first time I’ve seen this dive used to do damage. Send his resume to BollyWood ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Excellent write up gropey. i also enjoyed the human missile thing. i don’t know how long it would be before he ends up like evil knievil but it will be good while it lasts. His bollywood career i mean.

          1. I love my French Revolution history! Pity i dont get paid for it! No one cares about History now because as far as the powerholders are concerned we are making it baby!! Kicking all Christians out of the Middle East and flooding Europe with “Pieces -religioners”. Oh Happy Days!

            I like how you love docos @sloth12. A Renaissance Man . We should have a beer one day get roaring drunk ,hit on the fat slags in Newcastle and then woo the sexy Indian sari -swishers when sober the next morning. Now that is what i call a good weekend!


          2. Just giving you fair warning Nem, i know you like the fat black ones. Sounds good, about the newcastle thing, the saris are all in east london or southall, very pretty too, some anyway. I love docs so when i see a good one on you tube i’ll post them for you

  2. Not all heros wear capes..
    Hate seeing men being harassed like this by women & not being able to defend themselves cause females are a protected species, sometimes a cunt needs a smack, punch or kick in the mouth….

    If a female is good enough to give it out, she should be big enough to take the consequences.
    We are not weak or fragile.

    btw I’m female #equalrights

  3. Hindu nuffin. SHindu nuffin.
    Hindu Muffin = bad
    Hindu Muff = good?
    Looks like Hanuman is gonna bed down Lakshmi tonight.
    That nasty monkey foreplay.
    What would Shiva do?

  4. I must say the video is really not bad. It shot horizontally and didn’t miss a thing. The protagonist clearly a wrestling based type trying not to laid a single punch to the lovely ladies in the entire movie. He did use some props for entertainment purpose.

          1. You’ve got bigger nuts than me!
            The eggs part cracks me up.

            Seriously, I’m glad you weren’t hurt bad. We all know it could’ve been worse…you dirty egg man. ๐Ÿ˜€

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