Two Woman Carry On Catfight, Man Hits Both with Flip Flop

Two Woman Carry On Catfight, Man Hits Both with Flip Flop

Two Woman Carry On Catfight, Man Hits Both with Flip Flop

Two gung-ho fighting women are sprawled out in the streets of India, using the tactics any alley cat dishes out to a rival tomcat.

A young boy is visibly upset, as a singular blue flip flop whomps two felines on the borderline. The tactic used by the distressed man does zilch to corral the two. It is easier for two men to put an end to his futile efforts than one is to separate the hair pulling females.

My third eye suggests, the women are not fighting over being sole provider of a deep curry flavor dish, but is to which one is being eaten after the first helping.

Props to Best Gore member @ash8888 for the video:

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54 thoughts on “Two Woman Carry On Catfight, Man Hits Both with Flip Flop”

    1. It’s nice to see a Man Double-Flip-Flop Bitch-Slap two Bimbo’s instead of playing the White Knight, pussy whipped mangina. Slap them Bitches whit those flip-flops,,, Then Slap Them Both With Your Disco-Stick Once ya knocked some sense into them! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thems are quite the awesome Parenting Skills, yea, lol??? Those fucking Idiot-Cunts. Forget that your Child will be fucked for life, after seeing his Mommy show-off such a show of brutal violence at such a young age.

      I Take Back Double Tapping Those Smelly Curryfied Slits, grab some flip-flops and join-in instead.

      1. The toddler’s a boy so as he’s exposed/watchs the performance he learns how to treat woman.
        He looks kinda confident already & he’s probably had so much… it normalised.
        Just listen to DAD

        1. @WrathOfGod
          You are too funny dude, but probably right in that part of the world. You See Son,,, you fuck both Bitches, and always make sure to get caught. And when they totally go Ape-Shit On Each Other,,, then you get ta beat them both up, it,s like the feeling you get when you find out at the cash at your local store that when you Buy one,,, ya get one free ya know Son??

          Cause there is no better feeling in the world, especially if you were purchasing flip-flops. Cause as you can see women are hard on Da Flip-flops so you always need to stock-up, in order not to get shit all over your hands. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Just like cricket spot-fixing bets are taken on same/opposite gender public fixations. Usually ripping off clothes & techniques which may cause permanent damage are prohibited i.e nipple, aereola, clitoral or ass biting

    Testicular squeezing especially hard pulling is strictly not allowed & may result in prosecution & in some cases ball-clamping

    In the video the referee is delivering light flip flop blows in order to let the participants know of (possible) foulplay

    Object/finger poking in reproductive organs could result in forced public nudity with mild groping. Blindfolded. Groper not the groped.

  2. I could literally see that dudes dick getting hard beating them. In my head : yeah bitch, that’s how you like it. Want it harder? Oh yeah. Yes. Yes YES!!! Then the other guy pulls him of right before climax. Closest to sex hes had with a woman (women) this year. The beatdown threesome

  3. The only way to make this any funnier than it already is would be to substitute the flip flop with an irradiated chunk of graphite from Chernobyl… either that, or an overcooked sirloin steak.

  4. Is there a reason for those “people” to continue existing.??
    I honestly can’t think of one.
    They look, sound, act & behave like Monkeys… At least Monkeys are somewhat amusing.!
    I mean, come on… These dirty cunts regularly drink from & bathe in the beautiful brown waters of “Mother Ganges”..
    The same watercourse which has numerous decomposing bodies of Humans & Animals just floating along..
    The same stretch of water that every single one of them are fully aware that poisonous industrial waste from chemical factories & hundreds of tanneries are pouring into… But still drink.. Because its the “Mot

  5. Pretty sure the shit hole these people hail from is Pakistan. We have enough of the cunts living round here to know the signs.

    He should have tried chucking a bucket of water over them, firstly it’d break the fight up and secondly, that’d probably be the cleanest they’d been all year.

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