Irish Gypsies Assault Apartment Occupied by Feuding Family

Irish Gypsies Assault Apartment Occupied by Feuding Family

Irish Gypsies Assault Apartment Occupied by Feuding Family

A group of gypsies in Ireland assaulted an apartment, destroying windows and other stuff. According to the backinfo I got, the assault was a result of an ongoing feud between two Gypsy families with long history of “not liking each other“. This was apparently not their first brawl.

The Irish Gardaí is reportedly too afraid to do anything about the situation. The likely reason is that Irish Travellers, as Gypsies are known in Ireland, are a privileged class to whom laws that apply to native Irishmen don’t apply. Much as in the rest of Europe, enforcing laws on Gypsies and holding them to the same standard as the native population would be considered racist, and we wouldn’t hear the end of it.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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184 thoughts on “Irish Gypsies Assault Apartment Occupied by Feuding Family”

      1. It’s interesting what’s happening in America. Trump is letting it run and we all get to stand back and watch these mugs kill each other. It’s great entertainment. Felt it a bit for the young lady who got killed on the highway though. She should have been at my house sucking my cock.

      1. Yes and where would you get that craic eh’
        Only in Ireland that’s where.
        Those fucking knackers have always brought shame upon all REAL Irish people everywhere. (True Irish people of which I am One).

        PLAINLY and SIMPLY Put:

        The misconception that they are gypsies is that.
        It is a MYTH.
        The liner genealogy suggests and is borne out by facts from DNA research that they are, and became a fragment of Irish Indigenous people’s as far back as 12 generations ago.
        What separates them from our true Irish people Gaelic in origin not celts, once again FACT.
        Another misconception debunked. Many years ago.

        The “Traveller’s” What it is. Is their insular interbreed within themselves.
        They were and are of origins of ourselves. Their displacement it seems predates the invasion era.
        Obviously before the Blight, many people would know that as the time of famine in Ireland. Yes we experienced famine but, again another common misconception it was a blight, a deliberate BLIGHT introduced in and upon our land and people,
        to wipe us out..!
        I’ll let you guess or decide who, or rather what country is responsible for that.

        Now there you go, Pick the FUCKING Bones outta That..!
        Any of yous English and American WASP CUNTS..!

        Know your enemies,
        for truth and fact.
        I surely know who are Mine..!

        1. There no such thing as irish gypsies the real name is!! tinkers !! Lazy thieving scum bags who pretend to be gypsys so they can do what ever the fuck they want due to all this PC shite calling them by there real name is racist so they labled as such we all know there scumbag pikeys or doastheylikeys ..

          As for irish if it want for certain places you backward fucks still shitting in buckets and tipping them in to the streets . You dont even have the brain cells to have your trash collected by a company you just collect it it for weeks (breeding rats ) then you pay a pikey to dump you trash in some farmers field..

          1. Really font of knowledge, you don’t know what you are talking about.
            There are names for them before Tinkers so.
            Who would want to be gypsies anyway or associated with.
            Because they are the roma.
            Pikey’s is the English term for them, from the English language not Irish.

            So 1 point you have correct is that yes there is no such thing as Irish gypsies.

            Regards shitting in buckets and tipping into streets that happened throughout Europe pre sanitation introduced by the Romans.
            Are you literate enough to read besides write badly..?
            Then do your own research,

      1. No there fucking not one of all the fucking same Jews blacks gypsys every one them will bitch thro history they been picked on murdered harassed

        Why dont they learn rest world dont like them suck it up or fuck off an shut the fuck up..

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      1. A bunch of them will literally move to a park or the edge of a farmer’s field and just fight, shit out kids, and leave trash everywhere. Once it’s a complete shit hole, they will move on to the next location. Glad I live in the US.

  2. Typical of the inbreeding scum, and very like niggers that fighting one on one is unheard of.
    Also it will be over something as trivial as an insult or disrespect of usually one of their hoors, plus giving them rights they’ve demanded above everyone else, like the roma scourge.
    The whole of decent societies throughout Europe need a purge and cleanse ourselves of this waste of genetic material who contribute nothing in general..!

    1. Hitler tried it and blind ppl of the world thought he was doing wrong if you asked them now did you do the right thing up in 39 hell no if I new what the world would now due to the cunts more would have joined Hitler.

      1. So first you make a feeble attempt to insult knowing nothing about me or my background, then an off hand support of something else I’ve wrote.
        Hum, I’ve German bloodline going back to the German barbarians.
        I’ve German ancestry recent,
        My Grandfather fought in the trenches against those attacking Germany.
        2 of my Great Uncle’s fought in German units throughout the 2nd conflict.
        I speak, read, and write in the German languages.
        You should have checked your background before entering my foreground, because you have put yourself in my sights from your Ignorance.

        Knowledge is power
        not what you have to say with your assessment of what I was previously conveying.
        Learning to spell and punctuate correctly would help further anything else you may have to say.
        Other than that I suggest you go forth and multiply…

        1. @jxk777
          PLEASE spare us the punctuation police kiddo, if you can’t sort through a few punctuational errors then maybe it’s you who needs to go back to school and scrub up on reading/writing comprehension. You act as if you’re the pinnacle of human development when in fact you don’t know SHIT , and neither do I or anyone else for that matter.

          The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.

    2. Agreed.
      I say if they preach on so much about their culture which is hundreds of years out of date they should be made abide by it totally. That means in my book, no access to modern technology such as phones and no right to drive on the roads. As well as that every one of them should be sterilized at the earliest opportunity, worthless scum.

          1. If one of those bystanders had shouted “Pikey!” they’d have been arrested though. That would have been a nice easy nicking. Try shouting “paki” in London, you’ll never see the light of day again.

          1. Nems.
            Without being contrite, it’s easy when you know how.
            Plus regular standard emails are of no use anyway, look yahoodi recently admitting to first 300,000 accounts being hacked, then 500,000, last I read of it was closer to 3 quarter of millions FFS..!
            But to the Gorrilla number I did send a secure mailbox address. But doubt you’ll get that now because of how fast they delete…

        1. @Nems – don’t you mean “mobile phone” mate? If you keep trying to sling Murican lingo like “cell” your own Aussie mob won’t know what the hell you’re ravin on about. Sorry, I’m just revving you up about dumbing it down – be yourself as no one from the northern hemisphere would change their language for us. When those walkers from the top of the globe dribble their verbal diarrhoea, we actually have to use our peanut sized convict stock brain cells and work it out if we want in on the joke!

          1. You are absolutely right. I normally do but sometimes I mix and match just for the fun of it. Thanks for keeping me in the straight and narrow ,my countryman.

            Mobile ,Muricans. It is mobile ..pertaining to the fact you can take the phone around with you . All telephones are cellular, as they would be routed to a network in your area first before being propagated . So the defining feature of hand- held go- anywhere phones is that they are … mobile…

            It is true that we Aussies know more about Americans than they do us and that is an indictment.

          2. @hopingfornemesis, we are well aware of the term mobile phone, but only the elderly use that term here in the states. I believe that the world’s love for Hollywood movies, is why the rest of the world is so familiar with our customs.

          1. I bought the starter pack in 2019 (without ID) and activated it. Simple 123. I think customer service register them if you buy direct from Vodafone and Telstra etc.

          2. Thanks mate.
            I was looking for burner phones like US. In Vodafone or whatever they still get your details if you are on contract or whatever or at least you did a few years ago.

            Did you have to have gov your address and license when you registered your starter pack sim?

            I am a privacy advocate and hate giving my details to gov for no reason ,even though I do like government . I am however not a libertarian (small gov ) guy.

            I am stupid with computers so I like learning as much as possible from people about such things.

  3. Gypsies are the closest thing white people have to niggers in that they both exist as a parasite to their host country. They both fucking take, take, take and take. Rarely ever giving in return. They exist merely to shit on and bring down everyone else around them due to the fact that they can never, intellectually speaking, reach up and so they forever pull down. They keep on pulling down. Equality of slop in other words, and our laws protect these fucks because our societies care more about abominations than those who prop up due to indoctrinated self hatred and racial guilt via libtard education.

    1. It was by no accident they used to call the irish the niggers of europe. If they win the lottery they can never have any class. There was this rich pikey stockbroker on tv once showing the film crew around his house. It was somewhere in the uk and he had a white tiled floor in his living room and lots of those ceramic dogs and things. I bet he thought he was so classy.

      1. It’s those types that give us all a bad name.
        I’m Irish
        and proud of being so.
        I’m no NIGGA..!

        I’m a Fair Skinned Tribesman.
        Of Irish German Blood.
        Neither my Indigenous People are either.
        Don’t tar us all
        with the same brush.
        when it comes down to it.
        England and English are all Fucking mixed race that have interbred with everything.
        Across the Earth.

        Also if it wasn’t for England wanting our country for their backyard.
        We could have had the chance of being a Nation unto ourselves and in the World.

        That is part of the reason for the dirty war, and why England got the shite bombed out of it during those 31 years in the last century.

        I’m being honest now when I say, I didn’t want it to end until every last one of those representing England in the North were back on their boats leaving OUR LAND.
        Or, and for it to have continued until they were pushed into the Sea..!

      1. If they had guns like America everyone in this video would be lying down in the street encased in their own chalk outline. guns are for PUSSIES…….
        (Oh that’s right I nearly forgot, guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Well funny then how every single person in this video is still alive at the end of the day !!)

          1. I think he has gun envy. I love my firearms, every single one of them and if that makes me a pussy….well, that’s cause I am one. 😛 I could never fight off a nigger physically, but I can cap him in the head…so….it is what it is.

          2. Yes Girl, you hang onto your weaponry, you have the right to defend and protect yourself and your own from threatening advances made by anyone. You feel threatened then shoot first especially where niggers or any type of lowlife is concerned.
            Also there isn’t always questions to be answered afterwards.
            Ya man is a Liberal sounding snowflake a failure already so…

          3. @illegalsmile55

            You used up old racist slut. No one would ever wanna rape you so you need not worry.

            You are the definition of “Karen” lmao. What a disgusting excuse of human filth. Get off BestGore for once and do something better with your life.

  4. Fucking pikey shitehawks, pondlife. I once worked on cctv on the motorways and these filth would climb the gantries at night over 3 lanes of traffic trying to rip the cctv cameras off that were monitoring all traffic. And run across 3 lanes at night to thieve the huge Calor Gas bottles used for the emergency lighting. Come out of the caravan, trousers down or skirt up right next to the caravan door, drop a Richard the 3rd, NO ARSE WIPE, trousers up/skirt down and back into the caravan. These ‘things’ are the most vile form of human excrement but not human in any shape or form.

    1. Oh boy, from your lips to God’s ears! I lived in St Marys Cray for quite a while and that area is blighted by the fuckers. The first I knew of the pikey problem there was being beaten up by a gang of them within a week of moving into the area. No reason for it, a gang of about five of them just descended upon me, knocked me over, and kicked the shit out of me, laughing while they did it. I was 14 at the time and these were fully grown men. I’ve hated the cunts ever since.

      The police don’t like to get involved with them because, though some gypsy families hate each other, they ALL hate the police. Try to take one in and every diddycoy in the area would magically appear and you’d have a riot on your hands.

      A mate of mine was a copper in the Orpington area and told me there was only one way to sort the gypsy problem out, I quote “a team of lads with bags of hand grenades, chuck a few into every house and caravan containing a gypsy family, then shoot whatever is left.”

    2. Seeing as you mentioned the roads, if it wasn’t for roma scum doing exactly what you describe,
      Me and my bike, a highly modified Z1000 overbored to 1170, would not have parted company one morning on a Straßburg Autobahn.
      Rendering me on the brink of; am I still here, or am I gone.
      Tied to hospitals and treatments which remain ongoing. Almost a quarter of a century now.

      These type in the video above in my country as a boy a group of them cornered me in a little copse, grabbing me tearing at my clothes I only 7-8 years of age knew what was going to happen next.
      No human came to my rescue, it was my faithful Dog, Toby a Stafford Bull. He seen them off, tearing, ripping, biting their sick twisted sorry shite filled sacks.
      To this Day I still have some really fucked up dream sequences because of those parasites.

      I’ve every reason to hate them, but I don’t, I worked it out.
      Hate is emotive and will just as assuredly eat you up all by yourself. Like a junkie destroying himself with opium or crack.
      I’ve a healthy despise of those partial human bottom feeding rats, to the point where given an opportunity I pay them back in kind. Regardless of age, gender or disposition. I make them suffer, and draw some satisfaction from that…

        1. That is true, as I see it, and He was yes, very clever Staffords are,
          and my best friend throughout my childhood, the only reason I was alone when those animal gypos grabbed me was I’d let my youngest Brother and Sister with a couple of the ‘gang’ we were take him, because they’d gone for food, when returning back to come across the fields to the woods he senses and bolted from them to me, had the group taken any longer well, maybe I’d have been a corpse, certainly fubar to an extent, plus they steal children.
          Who knows but.
          Thanks for your comment…

  5. Well, what can be said?
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          Such a shame you can’t stand up for yourself on your own 2 feet.
          What a pathetic insect you are.
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          1. No hostility faggit.
            Merely observation,
            You in yours once again, far from the pitch.
            You’d need re education, to come anywhere close but,
            The fact remains “One cannot teach an old Dog, New Tricks”.
            Also be advised, stay out of other people’s business, which doesn’t concern you.
            Otherwise you will be used. As you have already proved…

          1. YanDaOne.
            Yes it does behave rather erratically doesn’t it.
            It is being abusive with Ignorance, making assumptions, presumptions, and projections.
            Tben when one attempts to find out what its problem is,
            it becomes aggressive.
            May I suggest as you are not the only one its trying to annoy, that I think that ignoring the angry psychotic is probably the better way of dealing with IT.
            Because education does not work, on something that doesn’t want to learn..!

  6. I think we should create a spare country where all the undesirables of the world get deported to.
    It can have its own President, government, rules and trade agreements (if possible). You would need to become a citizen of that country and have its Passport.
    Therefore you could never leave that country without permission.

    It would have to be a warm country, so ppl don’t complain about the cold and have a right to leave.

    Problem is…would such a country ever ‘make’ anything to export? It would be reliant on loans, subsidies and charity of other governments….

  7. I wish someone would club those 2 little fags filming the action
    They should copyright it as “Unsteady-cam”
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      1. Jonny why are you so angry at and with yourself, then turn it out at everyone and everything else.
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        Shouldn’t you be back in rehab by now, playing mind games with your pets.
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        Oh, it is so sad for poor Jonny
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        Enjoy your vegemite sandwiches whilst looking thru the dirty windows that are your eyes, return to playing with your toys because they never answer you back.
        Or would dare to challenge you…

  8. I can assure you that Gypsies aren’t called “Irish travellers” In Ireland, but only outside of Ireland. You wouldn’t hear a Texan refer to Cowboys as “American Cowboys”, now would you! They are simply Travellers or Gypsies. On a similar note, the word Is “Garda” not Gardai.

    1. Thank you for seeing the importance of protecting your culture’s language………..otherwise the whole world is going to end up
      sounding like uneducated American porch monkeys grunting and screaming and causing world wars too begin through simple misunderstandings ………….

          1. Here in the U.S. of A ($atan’s playground), our parents would shove us in some Underoos, and call it a day. Apparently ole Platypus here’s peeps would shove him in a kangaroo’s pouch while they were munted on plonk. He probably ended up with shaken baby syndrome.

  9. Knackers, Tinkers or Paveys they call them in Ireland. They call them Gypsies or Pikeys in England.

    It looks like a working class housing Estate in Limerick, take into account that the Irish police (Garda) are unarmed, except for a few special armed squads.

    When I was a kid I was visiting Ireland and once on a Bus, I remember this snow white haired knacker and his buddy were drinking and making lots of noise, but not really physically bothering anybody, it caught my eye that this knacker was so old with his white beard, mostly they don’t make old bones. Suddenly the bus stopped and the Garda got on. I remember they didn’t even bother to talk to them. They just grabbed them and proceeded to pull them off the bus. I remember the old guys head bouncing down the three steps out onto the road as they pull him out by the feet. You could clearly see they really hated knackers and had zero tolerance. Nobody said anything on the bus, except one woman turned to me and said “ I don’t know which is worse” referring to how the Garda has just treated an old man.

    But this is the measure, even today, of how Irish society see the gypsies. There are 32 counties in Ireland and each has a distinct accent. But I have since met several Irish people who could instantaneously distinguish the knacker accent from any of the indigenous 32 Irish, but to everyone else especially the English they Just sounded Irish.

    Incidentally, the reason they call them Knackers is because for hundreds of years when your horse got old and was no longer any use, most people hadn’t the heart to put it down, so they brought them to the gypsies to put them down and recycle the horse hair and bones for glue etc. They were called Knacker yards and hence the expression the Knackers or your Knackered, I’m Knackered etc etc.

    I was in a small town In Lourdes France, which was thronged with stores selling religious stuff and goods, they had outside on tables everywhere. You couldn’t move for it all. One morning I got up early and it was like a zombie apocalypse because everything was gone and all the shops and shopfronts were shut or boarded up.

    When I eventually found somebody to explain what the fuck was going on, they said oh, the Gypsies are coming and they will take everything! And indeed they came like fucking locusts in their thousands. All of them French, but again as distinct from the native French as the knackers were to the native Irish, but again to my ear they all just sounded like another bunch of Frogs!

    1. Good tale, well told.
      Being of the Irish unknackered condition myself.
      One tires of hearing anti Irish diatribe here in the BG Playground.
      Also lived in Europe, 7 years spent in France, before the shitstain invasion, so I know first hand what you are talking about.
      Just felt the need to acknowledge what you have said.
      At least there has been one person here to explain that which most don’t care
      or wish to know.
      Myself I’ve tired of trying to explain here because like anywhere there’s a collective Ignorance .
      Appreciate you taking the time to know what you do, and the difference between Real Irish people and those other’s who are a plague to everyone else…

      1. Australia has been plagued with Irish Gypsies ripping off the elderly for home repairs. The old dears hear the accent and open their doors ,thinking well my grandpa was Irish and oh so nice…

        The gypsies don’t give a fuck. They take deposits of cash from the grannies and never turn up for repairs.. horrible. Most people think it is the native Irish doing all this.

        When I was young and stupid I felt sorry for the gypsies to an extent. Then I found out they are as clannish as the Jews and don’t allow their people to marry out etc Also thieving and stuff.

        1. That is it, wherever they go that is the start of it.
          Until the word is spread, then they’ll deploy other means, it’s not random it is organised.
          How your country is letting them in astounds me.
          FFS the circumcised one’s have this going on now everywhere the White Mann is.
          Roma are one and the same, as the jew only not as organised. Their even related.
          The Knackers as we call them here, are lower than snake shite, there’s no end to the depravity.
          Same as jew, roma, they’ll do whatever it takes for the end that they want.
          It is however part of the symptoms of the disease tho not the cause but again to treat it properly like cancer good has to be removed as well.

          1. Well you see Nems, the knackers (Creamers) another term we use for them. The roots of didn’t come here from a mix of any other race(s).
            In Europa or indeed the World at that time.
            They are an Indigenous fragment from our own. Not infused from other people, they began here.
            They were a small group who dispossessed themselves from the core of the native tribal and tribes people of Ireland.
            Back then in the old kingdoms rather like the 32 counties of today, each kingdom was separate.
            With their own monarch.
            Deciding that they wanted to start their own tribe. Those times were very bloody, although they obviously didn’t get wiped out but, because of their promiscuity and incestuous nature, and being insular. Wanting to be separate from the morality and the then common culture, they were shunned.

            That is what accounts for the congenital defects and diseases that they collectively share.
            Because of the inbreeding.

            Now in times past they had used to work, the term knacker(s) was applied not at first derogatory, it was from when horses had reached the end of useful life and people didn’t want to deal with the disposal of they were given to the travellers to do that for the hair, hides, and bones for glue. Then there was ‘Tinkers Era’ when they tinsmithed.

            tho all thru the modern ages they became the illiterate morality corrupt thieves we all know today.
            The term travellers was applied because of travelling Ireland not anywhere else, they didn’t start to travel from Ireland until the modern age so.

            The term and word gypsies applies to roma, because of the mistaken belief that they originated from Egypt. Nothing whatsoever to do with Ireland.
            There’s a brief condensed account I’ll provide links if you are really interested.

            Here’s another thing, a friend who was doing some research for the 2017. Inorgaration into today’s Ireland of them, (which means that the same applies to them as everyone else). Although we in Ireland know it does NOT.
            Showed me some early photos of one of the families, all digitally remastered, and very recent one’s to compare. FFS you have only to change the clothing and it is the same people in both sets of photographs 100 plus years between them being taken…

          2. Yes mate please put up the link if you can as I do want to read it.
            Gypsies arrived in the 1300 s in Europe and even many people people knew they were from India . They called themselves Roma when out of Greece so as to have prestige ie Romans and also because they came through the Greek lands back when Greeks were still called and calling themselves Romans ie East Roman Empire or Byzantines.

            In addition ,they called themselves Egyptians ,once again because of the prestige and also because many came through the ports of Egypt etc .

            The Greeks called them Athhingani which means both Untouchables (Pariahs and Untouchables ) just as they were in India . In addition , either by design or luck Athhingani also means (not from here ,not native) ,so the opposite of the Aboriginals of Australia who are ab origine is native.

            Athinggani then became Ziguener and Tinker through Germany and Britain. Etc note how the sound is the same even though the word changes languages. Another group ,the Sinti also sounds like The above.

            The Gypsies then entered Britain and Ireland just as they did all the other states. The above is the standard objective reason for the Gypsies being in Ireland. I also learned travellers only came into being after the Potato Famine and that Traveller was a neologism and that all these migratory bands in Ireland were never called travellers till recently . Ie I was taught Irish Gypsies as the polite term for them as a child. Then of course , gypsies started to be also known as Roma formally which they definitely are not!

            So I am very keen to see this new DNA analysis . One of the girls i would put up in my background pic often is a Traveller and she is gorgeous . Daisey O’Donnell .

            If it is ok ,pls Tell me how your gramps came to Ireland.

          3. Cool Nems.
            This is why months ago I’d said I’d something to discuss with you, because of your broader knowledge of ethnicities
            I’ve been concentrating on the DNA analysis and briefly again because there’s not the opportunity in comments to express what I know and have learned recently but, can tell you that for Absolute categorical irrefutable FACT there is NO link between roma gypsies arrival here in very small numbers in the times past that you are speaking of, and any Irish blood regardless of grouping. Before or since, obviously minor crossovers happened but not collective ie, a tribe of.
            Also I’m aware of what you just conveyed. That again is separate to the Irish strain of knackers. Knackers are not gypsy. They have NO roma blood.
            No roma DNA.
            Also as ethnic groups presently they despise each other, always have, and did. Knackers will not interact or collaborate with now and never have or did in both their pasts..!
            Knackers will Fuck just about anyone but preferring their own.
            Both roma and sinti, here are shit scared of them, and don’t get involved in each other’s dealing, Business or otherwise Knackers just kill them, seriously chopping them into pieces Bwazilian style happened recently but that rarely gets to anyone’s ears outside of Ireland so.
            It is too much an indepth subject to explain here like this.

            Again misconceptions also research which was never carried out before because no one was fucking interested
            The knackers were around long before the Blight, famine as more people usually express it.
            The misnomer is: people saying and calling them gypsy because of Ignorance and simplicity ie tarring and feathering.
            They are distinctly different entities FACT..!
            They do the same kinds of criminal shit but that’s the only commonality..!

            Links I’ve a plethora of all recent findings and up to date conclusive analysis.
            Again far too much to post here especially in the light of the recent attack(s).
            Regards Grandfather, it was just before him that the last direct were entered into our line, on my Father’s side not saying anymore about it here than that, but again as you know already I’ve been bringing further into our line as you know of my Daughter so.
            On my Mother’s line I’m still researching herself so nothing to tell yet anyway because I have not all the facts.
            We’ve to set up another Gorilla, post it how I did before with the throwaway, do the exchange straight off.
            Not wait a week Nems, then we can work together on this, because remember even if it’s found here by anyone they don’t get anything, and even if they write to it doesn’t matter because it’s deleted within hours or overnight at best, you see, Mann. No one found the throwaway and that was a direct link to myself..!
            So easily done again.

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