Kenyan Woman Headbutts Her Father During Argument on Street

Kenyan Woman Headbutts Her Father During Argument on Street

According to the info I got, this video is from Western Kenya. It shows a flip flop woman headbutting an older man during an argument on the street.

The man is reportedly the violent woman’s father who allegedly abandoned them for a younger woman. Damn, that bitch has a noggin made of steal.

Props to Best Gore member @real_nigger for the video:

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71 thoughts on “Kenyan Woman Headbutts Her Father During Argument on Street”

      1. I developed a fascination of gore after witnessing a dude get whacked by a beer truck. Dude got sliced in half on a utility pole from the sheer force of the impact. Guts and the literal smell of feces from the ruptured intestines on the road is a sight and smell I’ll remember till death.

      1. How can you jump on her head after you lost your boot up there? Head stomps are no fun when you only have one boot! Tell you what, I’ll bust out my steel toes n’ lend you a spare foot, I got’chu!

  1. Growing up without parents is most horrible thing child can endure:
    -You’re unprotected from sexual predators and violences of any kind;
    -Nobody to rely on and therefore you’re open to any psychiatric illness in short time;
    -“Solution” is street: Theft and Drugs to be accepted by new “parents”, your Group.

    -Really F’ckd up situation, small amount of them are out of alcohol and drugs and chaotic life when grow up.

    Without parent/s
    Child is broken deep inside, he/she have no peace so please be careful if you wanna separate or something because kids suffer enormously.

    This grandpa deserved that hit.

  2. Stupid cunt
    Headbutts are not that…..
    To deliver a headbutt you use your plexus…and the head follows……….not your head alone…..
    You gonna hurt yourself on somebody younger.
    Plus the attacked man if younger and tempered will just
    Finish you cold…!!!

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