Landwhale Gets Weave Smacked Out of Her, Takes It Like Champ

Landwhale Gets Weave Smacked Out of Her, Takes It Like Champ

My English sucks. What the heck does “Get my I game right, bitch” even mean?

The video shows a landwhale walking down a street, when a guy approaches her and smack the weave out of her head. She takes it like a champ while swinging her both arms simultaneously back and forth, and reminding him of a pussy pass she feels entitled to with “I’m a female“.

I wonder if she got his I game right eventually.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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119 thoughts on “Landwhale Gets Weave Smacked Out of Her, Takes It Like Champ”

        1. I think the hard mutherfuckering slap did enough and stopped her immediately.

          If he was a small male who didn’t strike first she would have eatin him.

          Not this case she got popped immediately sounded strong “POP” but she never had a chance to get all ghetto on him lol

  1. I think you’ll find it is “eye game”, referrant to a style of felatio popular amongst Afro American males, which involves repeated stimulation by the tongue to the “Jap’s eye”. (Bell, Thomas & Dong, 2014:45). This gentleman was clearly irate at her poor servicing technique.

    1. With fake hair that smells cause they don’t wash it and it itches like crazy, so that’s why they pat their heads …. “barf”

      True story I was on a Army bus when this girl shitting in front of me with fake hair had bugs crawling in and out of here hair …. yuk

      Like small cockroaches

  2. She had to remind him and hood rats she’s a female,cuz after he smacked the weave off her she looked just like a male…(gorilla)…

    Odd how she states the obvious…I’m a female…your a nigger. Duh
    And yea sounded like he was saying “eye game” or “A”game”. either way it whatever he said,it was total irrelevance.

  3. Personally I like it when niggers behave like this because it reaffirms why I hate them so much. I mean, every now and then a magical one pops up that appears to ‘buck’ the trend however they always get drowned out by the chimping madness of the larger majority.

    They also clearly hate themselves. Putting horse hair on your head and engaging in self destructive behaviour is not a sign of a sound mind nor indeed of self pride.

    Perhaps they believe, wrongly, that if they imitate white women their own black men, who themselves are obsessed with white women, will once again turn their attention back to them. The black man however will always choose the coal-burner over a pale imitation of course.

    As for what was actually being said in the footage, fuck knows. Some form of niggerish I guess.

    Mup da doo didda, po mo gub bidda, be dat tum muhfugen, Bix nood etc, etc.

    1. @Empty soul

      I just call it nigger babble. Nigger’s are notorious for butchering languages in general. To this day, I’ve still yet to find a real purpose for the Oooks. Machine and technology pretty much made field work and manual labor void and need of Blacks.

      1. @darkflare

        I think their nigger babble might be a language, if you can call it that, that is both based upon and which uses emotion rather than grammar to clarify it’s meaning.

        For example, nigger babble translates the three degrees of surprise(mild, moderate and extreme) as sheeeit, sheeeeeeeit and sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit!.

        This is hardly ‘surprising’ though because before the white man arrived in Africa they had no written language and also no actual rules which governed it’s use and so much of their spoken words did indeed depend on emotional context rather than grammar.

        In the above nigger babble is just an extension of what they have always used to communicate with each other. This also addresses and answers a great many other questions as well such as why they are so violent, so quick to act without considered thought and why they always struggle to learn anything, the answer of course being that they spent many thousands of years more than any other race as hunter/gatherers which sent them down an evolutionary path catered towards survival in such an environment such as higher testosterone levels etc and as anyone with any medical knowledge knows higher levels of testosterone increases aggression and lowers the ability to concentrate and think. Language usage was always going to be emotional in nature under these circumstances.

        To conclude, you are both right and wrong dark flare. Niggers are indeed redundant. However it was not technology that made them so, as any creator of technology can never be less redundant then that which he creates on the grounds that they can always surpass their previous selves after the fact, it was then that niggers were evolutionary stagnant for so long that they ended up last in the queue and therefore automatically became subservient to every new trend going.

        To put it simply, whether it was new farming practices, new technology, new economic models etc niggers were always late and last in the queue and therefore the slaves of the masters of that era.

        Also, if you consider that every race on the planet has poor, middle class and rich people amongst them in which they can split the load the idea of niggers playing a equal part becomes even less realistic because human being are tribal if nothing else.

        Either niggers somehow magically jump the queue of evolution or they are forever destined to be followers rather than innovators.

        1. That’s heavy! So, what was the first written language used in Africa? I have an ongoing argument about a fake documentary called “Africa’s Great Civilizations” and anyone with common sense knows there never were any until people other than black people showed up over there.
          I would like to point out 1 oddity about blacks, no matter what language they speak, you can always tell it’s a black person if you’re familiar with that language as well as their accent thickens when around other blacks. Their brains must differ in the language section.

  4. I’ve spent many weekends visiting the zoo in the past few years. In that period of time, I’ve managed to learn the language that monkeys and gorillas use when socializing among each other. So if I may, I will now translate what these two Porch Monkeys were saying.

    -Female Porch Monkey: I was just on my way to see you.
    -Spear chucker: You’re on your way to see me? Slap!
    -Female Porch Monkey: Yes, Lebron, honest.
    -Spear chucker: How come you didn’t come by the crib? Well? Don’t shit me.
    -Female Porch Monkey: I wouldn’t do that.
    -Spear chucker: I’ve been waiting for you for one week. Slap!
    -Female Porch Monkey: I’ve been working the convention.
    -Spear chucker: No telephones in that hotel? Slap!
    -Female Porch Monkey: I’ve been working like hell, you know? Let me show you. See? It’s all here, all I got.
    -Spear chucker: All? Looks like you’ve been holding out on me. Slap!
    -Female Porch Monkey: No, I haven’t. I’ve been straight with you, Lebron. You know me.
    -Spear chucker: Damn right I know you. Let’s see how much there is in the titty bank. Hello, Mr. Green. Check out the snatch bank, too. Damn right I know you.
    -Female Porch Monkey: I was gonna give it all to you, but you didn’t give me a chance.
    -Spear Chucker: Bitch, you had your chance. I was your last chance. Everybody else in town threw your black ass out. Slap!

  5. They will probbly make up wid one anudda over a couple a buckets of Fried Chitlins. Then he’s gonna ride the waves while he pounds his pork lance into her butcher’s dustbin. They’ll both know when she’s had an orgasm – she’ll lose her weave into the last bucket of fried chitlins.

    1. Actually, all the adjectives that you just mentioned also describe the prototypical black women. Luckily for us, the nonnegro population – these women are kept in places called Favelas, The Projects, The Hood, Harlem, Chicago and places like that. Boy that’s a relief.

      1. Everyone acts like assholes in the world now days you don’t have to point out their race. There is so many other things you can say about the guy in the video other then insulting his race. If that’s how you have to insult someone how intelligent are you really?

        1. Not to point his color may be the best way to discourage racism, but how not to point it when niggers always act like niggers. By the way, you’re criticizing only the comments that doesn’t call them niggers. hahaha

    1. They are going to be showing this video in College Campuses all over the USA.
      This video will also be used as a training guide for cops so that they’ll know how to properly respond to a raging porch monkey ho.

    1. Silly boy. You thought you were on Twitter just now, didn’t you?
      These things happen. One time I accidentally shared a dick-pic with my entire contact list. It wasn’t too bad, though, since he was wearing an eye patch and pirate hat.

        1. Never say never, but in that case is just the opposite. We are all for a just and egalitarian society, devoid of privileges and full of honest expression.

      1. If she asks for it, thats when you shouldn’t hit them. Otherwise you’re only empowering them. In that specific case your closest mate should step in and do the necessary deeds.

  6. I think I know what’s going on here. I seems that she’s been out on the front stoop pickin’ bugs off of another male. This is unacceptable for the alpha male. Now that he has shown his displeasure with the female, he will turn his attention to the interloping younger male.
    Ultimately it’s only a matter of time before a younger male challenges him and sends him away to the dumpster behind Greens Liquor. It’s natures way.

  7. The I game is how those of us that pay taxes send them to community college and pay for their houses and their niglets food while their baby daddies steal all of our shit from our garages while we sleep so they can put 3000 dollar rims on their rusted out 1980 Buick regals and pump base while they drive down the street at two am and wake us up since we have to get up for work in a little bit.

  8. Your English is perfectly fine 🙂 It’s the ghetto nigg noggs who stopped learning English after the 4th grade that we can’t understand. It’s kinda sad how they perpetuate the stereotype and then bitch when they are called out on said stereotype.

  9. you see what you did when you let the rockefeller and elites trick you into being taxpayers was more than just join the workforce. it was actually an occult ritual for them too. the ritual of destroying the family unit and upsetting the natural balance and harmony of male female spirit essence which basically in nature .. is always one. this ritual by the elites was littered with their special numbers and symbols that aligned with their intention to destroy the balance of nature and serve baphomets malevolent intentions. and now that we have the complete and utter decay of the family unit and children left to the state and without mothers this brings a whirlwind of chaos depravity disrespect and bad intentions. the elites knew this and exploited an entire gender. and you suckers fell for it. they also got you obsessed with their illuminati tool of control … money !! a nice hefty does of occultism and satanism all around ladies ! and the best thing of all for them .. you are not even aware of any of this still. but there is the thing called karmic law and now that you have caused this negativity to your own children and the harmonic balance of nature you must now reap the bad negativity you also sent out. This will result in more and more extreme violence committed upon yourselves and you will also reap massive bouts of sorrow and depression. you should never upset the balance of nature it comes directly from the ether of consciousness itself and woe betide anyone who upsets this marvel of geometry !! until the balance is found you will continue to reap the effect of karmic law and your suffering will continue until it reaches a depth you will not even be able to fathom. this is literally the first tiny waves of the karmic law and believe me the further the male female spirit/essence as one continues to drift apart then it will keep opening them portals of extreme negativity and suffering. think on all of you for you are not the lumps of meat that you identify yourself as but an essence or waveform in this 3d dimension that is here to learn lessons and discover who you really are. this means that this dimension has laws written in sacred geometry and if you distort this code then there is bad bad things to come back. but you will learn as you repeat your soul cycles. peace out gorians.

  10. Guys I’m sorry to take an opposing view, to like, nearly the entire BG family….
    But the fella is a proper cunt. He probably goes to the gym 5 times a week and he was beating up a 400lb land whale who can’t fight back. The worst she could do is just sit on him.

    Also you don’t know the full story, why are you backing up this dickwad?
    Dudes like this guy do all kinds of shit and don’t take responsibility, maybe she was calling him out
    on his BS and got a slapdown for it?

    Yeah, what a hard-ass.

  11. Come on. You know? The eye game. You never played the eye game? Classic. You just backhand a bitch in her eye until the weave flies off. This guy won on the first try. It took me 17 tries on this bitch yesterday. But I got it off.

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