Large Melee in Morocco As People Fight Each Other Over Who Gets to Steal Sheep

Large Melee in Morocco As People Fight Each Other Over Who Gets to Steal Sheep

Large Melee in Morocco As People Fight Each Other Over Who Gets to Steal Sheep

In Tangier, Morocco, a large melee broke out when people began to fight one another over who gets to steal the sheep. That’s about all I got for backinfo.

They should have just gone to America and proclaim total worship for Dear Leader Trump and the submission to the police state. They’d get so much sheep throwing themselves at then with open arms, they’d go deaf from all the bleating.

Props to Best Gore member @kodave for the video:

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113 thoughts on “Large Melee in Morocco As People Fight Each Other Over Who Gets to Steal Sheep”

  1. I find this sick, imagine being a poor fucking sheep in that shit hole, they are petrified! I spent 6 months travelling that place and the animal abuse is off the scale, well they seem to respect cats that’s about it.

    They are to be raped, skinned alive and cooked for his whole Jaffa, mother fucking perverted family.

      1. Exactly the same for me. I can watch man murder man until the cows come home, but give me anything showing abuse or mistreatment to animals and I’m ready to pull their fucking eyes out.

          1. Your asking someone whom works with animals internationally, it is my passion.

            I have worked with many apex predators; most recently Lions but more in canned hunting/poaching situations of legal farm bred lions for jerks to get a hard on so they can brag back in USA how they killed a wild predator and in all reality they shot that lion in a tiny cage!

            I have watched wild lions hunt and kill prey in Africa and if the prey is small, most often they seem to grab/shake it by the neck, severing the spine and killing it fast, there is no boiling or skinning it alive or even taunting it or worse yet raping of its prey – Humans have the most advanced tools to make death as fast as possible if it is indeed your need to eat meat, you think those mother fuckers in Morocco are staving and have to pull sheep around like a piece of material and that if they don’t eat sheep they will fall over and die? We also see time and time again that some humans take sexual gratification and power surges from the horrific abuse they inflict to innocent and weak animals .

            With larger prey, this may be very difficult for a lion to do and so again it is usually suffocation – by biting the throat and closing the airways!.

            We are in 2020, the stone ages are far behind..

          2. @bettyboobs We indeed are in 2020, but unfortunately human morality and kindness hasn’t advanced so much and most people are just expressing fake love these days. Can you really expect people to treat animals with respect, especially in third world countries?

          3. Pretty true Ronnie.. Still people giving to places like Africa, And we all know exactly what’s going on there.

        1. @missprovacateur
          your thoughts about animal Behaviours seem based on Walt Disney and National Geographic movies and are far from reality.
          Take the grizzly bears for example, they kill everything cross ththey kill whatever come across their path. Both other animals species and humans, just for fun and most of the time without even eating their prey. Males also have the habit of slaughtering their babies, as this causes the female’s reproductive cycle to restart and therefore these males have more pussies available to fuck .

          1. Sufe, My life is a just like a Disney movie & I’m Betty fucking boop on acid shitting rainbows and hugging bears for pots of honey..

            Anyway your sounding like a Trigger happy(Feline to play) cowboy looking for an excuse to shoot em up..!

            Firstly, Animals do not kill for fun and to suggest otherwise is an argument from anthropomorphic ignorance, not science..

            Animals for the most part are instinct driven and don’t carry the same degree of self awareness that human beings do, for example most animals cannot even recognise their own reflection in the mirror.

            When animals kill more than they need to it is called surplus killing. It is done out of primal instinct but not out of derived enjoyment.

            Killing for fun means sadism and an animal cannot be sadistic.

            When it comes to killing, humans really are exceptional. Humans are the only species which kills simply for fun.!!

        2. I can watch men murder men until the cows come home. In fact I could watch cows murder cows until the men come home. You’d better beat it; I hear they’re gonna tear you down and put up an office building where you’re standing. You can leave in a taxi. If you can’t get a taxi, you can leave in a huff. If that’s too soon, you can leave in a minute and a huff.

        3. @missprovacateur
          So animals kill by “instinct” in a kind of uncontrolable reaction barely aware of what they do?
          You’re all wrong miss over-inflated boobies,here’s the proof

          And no i’m not a trigger happy cowboy, in fact since i’m a Canadian with a criminal record, it’s impossible for me to own a firearm….3 bullets of .3006 shot at practice target in my entire life (36 years) that’s how much trigger happy i am.
          I’m against any kind of animal cruelty and i catch-release when i go fishing.
          But you and the stupid animal loving freak show are pissing me off with your cry baby bullshit and the human is just a parasite kind of stuff….

          1. Opp a doop – Do my large tits scare a boy like you? I’m terribly sorry that my big tits don’t resemble a girl in Precocious puberty and fail to raise your flag …

            Now, I shall recapitulate what I said, “Animals do NOT kill for fun – They are not sadistic.!”

            Now – You posting some YouTube shit in argument against what I am saying, shall noway sway my experience & understanding of Animals.

            I have worked with wild and endangered animals for a great deal of my life and Primates being one I deal with more often than any other species; So I can explain to you that what you see in MOVIES and little bullshitting documentaries(please remember the wildlife trade is worth around $300 billion), about our close cousins isn’t always correct and there are hidden agendas.

            I could say that Primates are aggressive only because they are endangered by human impact on their natural environment. For example, when humans cut down forests for farming, the loss of habitat forces primates to live in close proximity to one another and to other groups.
            Feeding primates can also increase their population density by causing them to cluster around human camps, and this is causing more competition between them. So, observed killings could be better explained by adaptive strategies or human impacts.

            Animals are not killing for fun ..

          1. @jxk777
            Maybe you could just mind your own business…
            By the way, nobody here gives a fuck about your ridiculous St-Patrick parade so instead of pissing off everybody with traffic jams, try to do something usefull you buffoons

          1. You have an awful lot of nothing to say.
            Far less indoctrinated than you, if at all.
            You state that you are 36 years in age
            Hum, then stop coming across as a teenage Boomer.
            The comment I made was whimsical, if you know what that means, also you are a self confessed criminal, almost a badge of honour hum.
            Blow it outta your Ass boy, your mouth sounds awfully tired.
            Your not impressing anyone, except maybe yourself, Fool…

          2. @whitesnonjewishmenlivesmatter

            100’s of zoomed in tits Shots you say(Opps, I should of realised you’d be happier if I posted big juicy cocks shots, would your mouth water in delight and you’d find yourself inserting large and long objects into you tightest arsehole). Still least I ain’t no 30stone Jaffa whoreboy on steroids pretending to be something I’ain’t and hiding behind a fucking screen.!

            I can only conclude that your going thru trans surgery and my big bouncy breasts make you jealous baby girl; Ohh how they bounce and frolic in my blouse desperate to escape the regiment of my rigid bra. (I’m getting wet just thinking about them then free).

            Btw :Let us know how your Cock to Vagina surgery goes – I’m so looking forwards to your Pussy show . HO

          3. It is you fuckwad who needs to mind his own, you left your graffiti upon my comment, remember..?
            Interrupting someone else’s commentaries but, as I see from the nothing that you rant about you are just trying to pull anyone’s chain with no valid content to your own meandering drivel.
            No one cares dummy, least of all here.
            Did Mammy kick you out of bed as a teenager,
            oh shame on her.
            Go back to jail, you are better off there with your boyfriend’s looking after your hole.

    1. Muslims don’t fuck with cats because a cat saved Muhammad from being bitten by a snake. That is why alot of cats have an “M” on their foreheads. Also,
      1rst world= democracy
      2nd world=cominism
      3rd world =everything else.

  2. Those sheep will be tense. I wouldn’t cull them any time soon. Let them relax and enjoy life for a few months after this then quickly slice it’s throat. Meat will be far better.

  3. i saw the news regarding this one, the truth is Muslims around the world celebrate the eid el adha (slaughtering the sheep) which was yesterday July 31 so with the Corona pandemic lots of people with no jobs, bills to pay, kids to feed you named it.
    the sheep sellers taking advantage of the pandemic and start to drive the prices very high very expensive indeed so the people got mad and start to throw rocks at them to kick them out of the market unfortunately so dumb fucks took advantage of the situation and start to steal.

    1. At least when they’re slaughtering the sheep they’re not slaughtering us and when they’re not slaughtering us they’re slaughtering each other. There’s a lot of slaughtering goes on in the religion of peace.

    2. that’s totally what happened but, as a moroccan guy myself , being poor is by no means a reason to do these kind of acts it’s not even obligatory to celebrate the Eid if you’re poor in our religion, they’ve actually committed a HUUUGE FAT sin by celebrating with stollen sheep. this only shows the catastrophic , downright animalistic primitive behavior my people (moroccan people) came down too. (I’ve seen a lot of raping/dating sheep in the comments, u seem like well educated person can u tell me please who the hell told them that ? xD cuz nobody here is fucking sheep/goats)

      PS: People in my country are violent and can easily hurt anyone just because they found little basic success in life like having a good job/house/car. I had rocks thrown at me from behind just because I got a job and the majority of my neighbors at my age don’t .

  4. When was this taken? I have seen similar seens around Ramadan in Egypt. The arabs because of fasting consume so much food and there are sences like this all over the world in muslim countries now because of Covid-19. When I was in Israel people fought over eggs and other shit because of Covid. I

    1. Its funny how people all over the world are taking covid so serious yet here in US we have people standing dick to butt at the taco truck. Unless this like 3 months old when everyone was paranoid.

        1. I know you are interested in lots of things so :

          Haha. Armenians are most certainly NOT Arabs. They are in fact the FIRST Nation to become Christian . Apart from the Greeks who were the first NON-Jewish Christians, the Armenians were the First Nation or country as a WHOLE that became Christians,just as the British became Christianised in late sixth centry en masse ,and St Patrick did the Irish etc.

          The Armenians are a glorious Fighting nation who have fought Moslems and Arabs from the year dot and have never stopped. Turkey and Azerbaijan are even now ganging up on them, as we speak , in an undeclared border war.

  5. Don’t get yourselves wrong people, they’re all fighting for getting the first place to rape the poor sheep, rather than eating it.

    And I somehow understand them, who would fuck a 100lbs ugly old veiled skank, always complaining in the privacy of your “home”, when you get to fuck something that can’t fight back, plus, which is tasty as a meal…?

  6. This is not Morrocco, but in fact a small village in South Wales, UK. These dark haired inbred bastards have revered the lowly sheep for Millennia, the principal attraction to these woolly little bastards being a sexual one. Deaths over sheep ownership have reduced dramatically over the last century, but now and again tempers will spill over and the poor old sheep will once again come under the spotlight. The attraction to sheep becomes blatantly obvious when you take a look at Welsh women – very hairy, often cock-eyed with their mono-brows and nervous disorders. Personally I would gladly enter a filthy sheep than one of those dark and sultry witches which inhabit the Welsh towns and villages, boy are they fucking ugly!

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