Prison Prize Fight

Brazilian Prison Prize Fight

Brazilian Prison Prize Fight

Two inmates inside the controlled environment of a Latin American prison cell duke it out. The bare fist boxers release pent up sexual frustrations in healthy ways, rather than popular alternatives seen in Brazil prisons.

During the workout of fists, both get sweaty and bloody with ape-like swings by double hooks.

The fight ends with both being clear winners of cellies not using them for other forms of entertainment, as seen in Brazil prisons.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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          1. You need to be more considerate. She’s been dealing with another sand flea outbreak and has scratched her clam shell to a bloody mess. You should get some salve on your chin before…well, you know the drill.

  1. Gladiators in a God forsaken place! All be it featherweight gladiators though. Give em some credit because those cuts could get staphylococcus very easy in a joint like that place.

  2. Good fight!
    Nice to see them respect each other at the end.
    Not exactly why I entered the site today (or any other day, for that matter), but variety is the spice of life.

    So off I go, like a head, hand, foot, leg, arm, tail, paw, or whatever else I have seen chopped off in other videos here.

  3. Damn I miss George Carlin! In one routine he said he’d like to take all the violent, asshole tough guys and put em all in a big dirt arena and give them nothing but whiskey and PCP and just let em all fight it out. When it’s over and there’s only one man left standing, they take him and put him on a pedestal and shoot him in the fucking head!

    I don’t give two shits who is offended or questions what “normal” is for a human being. Know what’s normal? Not having the desire to be a criminal fucking violent deviant. Know what else is normal? Not wanting to diddle little fucking kids. Know what’s normal The slow people and the retards and Downers who don’t want to hurt anyone and who can be productive members of society more so than these assholes here or fucking bullshit addicts.

    Normal just means someone who can function in civil society and manage to not harm or kill others. It’s really that simple.

    So I think the world society as a whole has to start culling out these fucking deranged degenerates and eradicating them like the parasitic vermin they are. Oh yeah, waa waa waa, where would it end and who’s to say who gets culled, waa waa. I just told you who gets culled. The known freak, violent, degenerate, rapist, sex offending perverts and repeat criminals among us.

    I’m not talking about the elderly. I’m not talking about the infirmed and the mental cases or cripples I am talking solely about the well known degenerates who don’t deserve to fucking breathe. Wouldn’t the world instantly be a better place?

    Anyone think these animals contribute anything to society, to the mothers, to their families? They cause nothing but stress, worry, pain and suffering. Get rid of them.

          1. I have the book, When will Jesus bring the Pork chops? in my reading room. 😀
            I saw him on my 30th bday at the university of Maine. He was having a bad night, he just wasn’t into it, it was kinda disappointing. *shrugs*

  4. Man,,, These Do Not Know How To Fight Whatsoever, lol. 😉
    And they should finish their laundry first, before attempting to have a good fight.
    They should have shown us fights in the woman’s jail, it would have been better.

      1. Probably Peru, I know their accent, they sound like peruvians
        What a fucking shithole, those fuckers are better off dead that living in those shitting catcombs fighting every day for their lives

  5. If those prisoner negroes (assume they all have Iphone X’s) can turn their telephones sideways and follow the action as well, why can’t WE do it? Vs the usual “keyhole” view filmed from half a mile away.

  6. Probably Peru, I know their accent, they sound like peruvians
    What a fucking shithole, those fuckers are better off dead that living in those shitting catcombs fighting every day for their lives

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