Little Blonde Girl Beaten by Taller Brunette for Fucking Her Man

Little Blonde Girl Beaten by Taller Brunette for Fucking Her Man

Little cute blonde girl took a beating from a taller, angry brunette allegedly for sleeping with her man. The brunette looks really pissed off about it. She must not know her man is probably fucking yet another one. Cheater is a cheater.

This was probably the first time the little blonde received a beating. She doesn’t even understand what’s happening. It’s never too late to take the first lesson in cat fighting.

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    1. Women always go for the hair.
      Never fells they will grab each others hair and fight.
      The man should have pulled his cock out and let them each smack it.
      It would have been all okay then. πŸ™‚

    1. I’m pretty sure you mean “*their* moto”.. If you’re going to try to blast someone.. Best be sure to use correct grammar. Otherwise- you’re going to look like a dumb-ass. Ya hurrr??

    1. I have to agree with you, my gripe would be with the partner who did the dirt, not so much the person they fucked. But if I knew the other person and they knew they were fucking my partner, then I’d wanna straighten them out. But if ya can’t trust them, it ain’t with trying.

  1. Her words at the were pretty strong “you don’t have a friend anymore. My friendship with you was gonna be sincere for the rest of your life.”

    A huge majority of romantic relationships end up bad sooner or later, not to mention that they end up ruining what were once good friendships. So like I say, use your hand and avoid the headaches.

        1. Yeah, that’s why anything beyond a friendship is silly in my opinion. Men are biologically inclined to spread their seed and procreate, and women look for the fittest mate who’ll produce the best offspring. As people age, or after being with the same person for a long time, monotony ruins everything. (There are exceptions though)
          It’s just not compatible. Many (if not most, and this goes for both sexes) married (or living together with someone) people live unhappy lives in silence, afraid to come out in honesty.

          There is just nothing like freedom. Responsible freedom though, letting others know of our intentions first. Honesty and truth are the greatest virtues people can develop, but unfortunately they loose the bravery to be who they truly are when they accommodate and apathy takes over.

          1. That’s a fair point man, but that’s not to say that some people get together and are truly happy with each other for the rest of their lives. My grandparents are a case in point. Together for 58 years and we’re as happy as ever till my grandfather died last year. Now my grandmother is like a lost soul and doesn’t know how to adjust to life without him, and i dont think she’ll get over it. So not everybody will be unhappy and cheat in relationships. If I’m with someone, I won’t cheat on them. If i wanted to be with someone else, I’d have the spine to finish with my partner before I cheated. But that’s me, there are millions who will take it if it’s offered. The trick is to find a partner who wont stab you in the back.

    1. When I was much younger and I experienced the first pangs of powerful jealousy I realized it could control me potentially. I consciously set about to challenge that urge in myself. I wasn’t about to allow such feelings of fear, insecurity and possessiveness have control over me. I got it in my head that I’d create a situation where I could actively challenge such emotions. I asked my boyfriend and my best friend if we could all fuck. They agreed! That night we were all in bed together. We were tender teens, aged 16. We didn’t have a clue as to what to do. So I told them to fuck while I watched and dozed off. It was a positive experience. After that night I knew that feelings of jealousy could never control me. In fact, I developed a fetish for bringing home sexy women for my man and I to enjoy together. I encourage him to have lovers. I wouldn’t be upset finding out he had sex with someone else. I would be upset if I discovered he was unnecessarily lying to me. Women such as myself demand honesty, after all we are secure enough to venture into open relationships and polyamory. I am a true polyamorous person. Funny thing, my guy won’t go out and get his own women. He says I’m all he needs. LOL. I guess he’s just fucking them for MY pleasure after all….SMILE!!!!!

    1. I beg to differ. One sex is not weaker than the other. I’m into wildlife biodiversity.
      Tell me…if you want to think like that…..who does most of the work including hunting within the lions pride or wolf pack?

      We’re not sexist or feminist here on BG. Every gender has their place. πŸ˜›

          1. Not sure I said stronger…just that every one has their place…whatever it may be.
            Per say in a pride, a female lion does a lot, but having a male around for his strength and protection is vital. It is different with every species, different purposes, jobs, places. I’m just saying, one is not better than the other, whatever gender. Yea, some may be stronger or have other various qualities….but not better.
            We can not just a fish by its inability to climb a tree

          1. Human females are not in any way physically stronger than human males though, unless it’s a comparison between a female bodybuilder and a scrawny 5 foot tall basement dweller.

      1. It will be nice when humans finally evolve beyond gender constructs as being the basis for so many things. It’s bazaar really. Blue is for boys pink for girls. It’s programming that we do not naturally have, we are programmed. Animals are not programmed. We can be so much more but we need to refuse the programming and remember our power

  2. Cheaters in my book, are some of the worst scum on this planet, and should be dealt with accordingly. If that girl knew that the dude she just fucked was married or with someone already, than, she got off easy if you ask me.

  3. urge to JIZZ and bust DEMON SEED in as many fv females by males will never change. my happiest days were when I was busting many nuts with multiple females. I liked the idea of IMPREGNATING them with my EVIL SEED and watching it fester and grow inside them. 9 months later another fv to be unleashed on an unsuspecting world.

  4. women are such a disappointment these days. making stupid fucking decisions for superficial reasons. “he’s an abusive cheater, but he’s hot and/or has some social status/money so i’ll deal with it”

    women deserve better. too bad there’s only one Obli.

    1. Humans are the disappointment. In the world of predators, the false hunt and do the work, but on the same note, packs and prides benefit from having a male around
      And like I said before. I admire how wolves mate for life. Humans got it all wrong. We have not a clue.

  5. Some women are downright dumb. I for one would never get into a fight over a cheating man. I value myself way too much for that. If he was not man enough to keep his junk to himself, then he did not deserve me and he can go on his merry way. And if you are going to beat someone, then it’s the man who deserves the beating… who knows what he told the other women for them not to know any better.

      1. dude…..nothing is written in stone but, on average, a female’s brain has been shown to be far more active than a males. that’s not to say they are smarter, though. it’s just completely different brain chemistry.

        women are much better at multitasking, whereas men are more basic. women lose their car in the parking lot because they are thinking about a dozen things at once, men in general, don’t because they are single-minded.

        i’m sure another member like empty can give you more info and say it better, though. i have no real interest in this topic. you just can’t compare the female and male brain and judge them according to the functions of either the male or female….some shit, idk….

        1. Obli, they say it’s from our hunter / gatherer past. Men were the hunters, they had to focus on the prey and couldn’t be distracted. Women had to gather other foods, look after children as well as look out for predators. It makes sense.

  6. never would i cry for a dude. nor would i beat a female for sleeping with him. because you never know if she knew that the guy is married or in a relationship.. and even if, she degrades herself. and that speaks for itself.

  7. Funny how it is always the girls that end up fighting when it’s the guy that is doing the cheating. Both girls should have lynched the guy and done something ‘interesting’ with his balls πŸ™‚

    1. He might actually like it. And how do we know they aren’t cheating elsewhere themselves with entirely different lovers?! Frankly, I wouldn’t doubt it. Many people are sluts AND hypocrites!! SMILE

  8. I don’t like it when people keep hitting people who don’t hit back. If the blonde was fighting back I’m sure she wouldn’t have carried on hitting her. People get much bolder when they have a victim that is too scared to fight back.
    If that was her friend then that was a terrible betrayal, I’m not suprised the other women wanted to hit her but it’s best to just walk away from her friend and her boyfriend with some quiet dignity, they deserve each other.

  9. it could be brunette really loves that guy and felt danger from another female alien species.
    Some women attack their man, but another female seduces your guy, what can you do hahaa. its so so situation. Some link is missing in mens, if he surrenders and cheat. many reasons can be hidden

  10. Us men are pigs lol, yea I said it, sorry bros, we would FuCk a snake if it kept its mouth open long enuff, but I think this day in age woman are equal if not worse with being un faithful, seems like girls these days have no Morales, maby they just got tired of us always shitting on the said FuCk it if they can do it so can we, I don’t know, woman are hard as FuCk to understand, getting in there head is a scary fuckin place man, sorry if I offend any lady’s or germs.

  11. I love to bring women home to my man. I’ve always done this. I will never forget the first time I did it. He thought it was a trick. Nope. I’m a very confident alpha female and I love to watch my man fucking a beautiful woman. I enjoy leaving then alone to fuck while I make us all breakfast. It makes me feel pretty powerful actually. I am in no way afraid. I have nothing to worry about. I’m pretty solid on my own as an individual. I know we have a strong bond. Honesty is a powerful means of expressing our love and trust in one another. It also doesn’t hurt that I enjoy women myself. There’s no need to be jealous. People should be honest with one another. Most humans are likely more suited for polyamory but society is ill equipped and we are still dealing with a patriarchal construct which is also very sexually oppressed (despite our culture being over saturated with sexualized media), therefore most people practice serial monogamy. Women who fight over men have a long way to go baby. Let’s see the chump they’re upset over. I bet he’s a real winner, LOL, whilst they cat fight he’s probably bonking a third girl round the block. OH WELL, LIFE ON PLANET EARTH.

  12. I?m pretty sure you mean ?*their* moto?.. If you?re going to try to blast someone.. Best be sure to use correct grammar. Otherwise- you?re going to look like a dumb-ass. Ya hurrr??

    illiteracy to the second power?

  13. Women being less vicious and sadistic is a worn out (at least should be) myth. They are invariably even worse than the men, being under obligation, so they believe, to “prove” themselves. Just look at the female concentration camp guards.

  14. yeah I never understand this. If my girl cheated on me with some guy I wouldn’t give a shit about the guy, I wouldn’t even be angry towards him. He is irrelevant. Obviously I would be having words with my girl and most likely be ditching the bitch.

  15. It would of Been aswsome to see the blonde roll over with a gun in her hand and blow the brunett away in one shot! Bang! Lol! It would have been a good snuff video! Just saying. Is that the MAN in question with the camera? Lol! He must be entertained by all this drama.

  16. I wonder if the brunette gave a similar pasting to her man? I doubt it, he probably got penis pass.
    I like how the brunette just kicked the blonde in the vag at 00:39.
    It’s gotta be humiliating being beaten up WHILST some twat with an iPhone is filming it all.
    The beating will not hurt as much as the mental torture of knowing that the clip will be uploaded elsewhere for the amusement of millions.

    Nice slapping about. However I would have brought a nice rattan cane and bent the blonde over the table and given her some smacks across the bottom by cane. I like structure and order in everything that I do. If I was a woman, I’d get wet doing it. Fuck that, I’d get wet receiving it πŸ™‚

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