Loudmouth Keeps Being Annoying Until Someone Feeds Him Elbow Sandwich

Loudmouth Keeps Being Annoying Until Someone Feeds Him Elbow Sandwich

Loudmouth Keeps Being Annoying Until Someone Feeds Him Elbow Sandwich

The language sounds Russian to me. But some neighboring countries from the former Soviet Union sound the same, so could be Ukraine or the such.

The video shows a loudmouth being generally annoying in what looks like a grocery store. He keeps nagging like anybody cares about his opinions, and gets tolerated until he physically touches the arm of the guy in the baseball hat, who quickly responds with an elbow knockout.

I think the elbow sandwich fed him some of his teeth. The double tap from the floor left him out cold. Savage…

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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          1. Technically the whiner is not wrong he did not get knocked unconscious by the elbow. I don’t think that is Russian could be wrong but sounded almost italian/turkish/Ukrainian his accent was all over the place lol

      1. First off, NIGGERS are sub human monkeys that were still in stone age tribes while the slavers were working just a few centuries ago. You primitives didn’t even have a written language. Second off, it was definitely an elbow. I’d say who is retarded now and end it, but it’s already a given considering what race you are, you fucking african troglodyte.

        The troglodyte probably desperately looked for a way to delete his post too.

      2. Definitely elbow,watch again, properly, wipe the grease out of your eyes maybe, then apologize maybe if your the decent human being you claim to be… sorry that last bit made me laugh out loud, really!

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          Also you would have to remind me of the video.

  1. He was probably told to put on a mask and the guy leaning on the counter came to enforce it. One of the staff said “…you’ve been at it for a month now….”. The “churka” complains about the security guy being dispatched, about how he’s “leaning like a bull” and tells him to “stand up straight when you talk to me.” Then he rants about how the Covid-19 is a myth, says “….tomorrow they’ll(the powers that be) send a squad here to make you crawl on all fours, because the Coronavis is effective at 1.5 meters, so that you can FINALLY crawl and buy a soda for 12 rubles!” He then applauds all those who don’t wear masks and didn’t fall the the supposed haox. When about to leave, he then reminds the security guy about “respect” who reciprocates. The churka then says “to who, you? Look at your posture!”(and moves his forearm with the soda bottle) *PUNCH*! “I’ve head enough of you, you hear? Take your soda!!!” The woman says “I think he hit his head on the floor.” “Don’t worry.”

    1. The guy was still an annoying cunt. Even if wearing a mask won’t help (and I don’t think it will), at least just put one on anyway, just for the sake of public decency. Even for people who can’t afford one, just make a makeshift one out of an old T-shirt and rubber bands, doesn’t matter if it looks shit.
      Life is too short to be arguing over crap with people who insist you wear one.

      That guy was abusing the security guard, not a good idea but the guard also has a blackbelt in passive aggression, he could have warned the other guy.

      1. Everyone can afford one, nobody here wears one, call it intelligence lacked elsewhere. The masks don’t stop a virus, the point is using disposable ones and throwing them away constantly is a waste of money, and fabric is not a filter doing even less.

    2. Thanks for translating. I notice the elephant in the room said
      “I think he hit his head on the floor”
      Let’s hope it’s not one of those one punch deaths. For the guard’s sake.

    3. So they little tony montana fuck was basically saying screw Covid and was saying shit about crawling on the floor with security and standing too close to the guy in black shirt and that’s when he got knocked out. It’s in Russian

      1. Yes you can see he was just waiting for his chance to impress the elephant in the room (The female)
        I actually agree with a lot of what the smaller lad said just wish he hadn’t been so loud about it.

    1. @Super Smash Bros Guy
      Sorry kiddo that wasn’t a sucker punch ! It’s evident you don’t know the unwritten rule , when little man flipped dudes arm around with that bottle ALL BETS WERE OFF ! Not only was it incredibly disrespectful of wee man to be putting hands on dude in such a disrespectful manner but the guy defending his honor made his move immediately! Now if dude had waited till wee man turned around and then punched him in the back of the head, that would be what is known as a sucker punch…… You’ve got a lot to learn little fella , just don’t learn it from wee man ! LMAO

  2. Obviously There’s a Zionist Conspiracy in this incident.
    Kill all Jews along with All Niggers, Wetbacks, Slant Eyes.
    We Whites built this Universe and All, Only we can live in this Galaxy.

  3. I doubt this had anything to do with not wearing a mask. The guy who hit him wasn’t wearing one. On that note, just wear a mask. I hated the idea at first, but I began to look at it as just being respectful of the establishment I was entering. They can’t really enforce that shit here, but I just said Fuck it. I wear a bandana. There was a time that if you saw someone tying a bandana on their face before they walked into a store, you knew shit was about to pop off. It was actually illegal to do so before this Covid craze.

    1. The guy who hit (security) was not inside the store. So there is no any obligation by law. Local laws demands that shops and stores doesn’t accept customers without masks.
      The ‘victim’ was not allowed to enter the grocery store. I’m russian so i can understand their conversation. At the very end the ‘victim’ started to insult security man personally, touched him… that was s great mistake. The security man just followed instructions ‘do not allow customers to enter store without mask’ and talked softly without any insults.

  4. Sucker punch or not, that was a hell of a shot. He was out before he hit the floor, like someone had found his off switch and given it a flick. A nice clean KO is always a pleasure to see.

  5. Sucker punch or not, that was a hell of a shot. He was out before he hit the floor, like someone had found his off switch and given it a flick. A nice clean KO is always a pleasure to see.

  6. That’s a big no no where I live, you can run your mouth all day long and most guys will give you the respect to vent your shit, but the second you put your hands on us all bets are off and fights on ! That skinny little bitch should of NEVER used that bottle to flip dudes arm around like that , that was 100% self defense due too the fact that once someone thinks they can get away with putting hands on you then they are capable of anything else. This was a beautiful display of “DONT FUCK WITH ME”!

  7. First run-through, I thought fist too.
    Then I watched it again & clearly, an elbow to the face.
    Also, that’s definitely not the first time he used that elbow to TCB.
    Is KTFO dude wearing a fanny pack!?
    If so, he should have been dropped for that alone.

  8. Damn I love this! I don’t even know what he’s saying, but I understand “asshole”. I hate customers. They’ve made me hate most people, in general. If I could hit them in the mouth when they deserve it, working at McDonald’s wouldn’t be so bad. Lol.

  9. Definitely an elbow and a good one at that. Full rotation of the shoulders. That guy didn’t pick that strike up from Playing PS4. He definitely has had training. Meanwhile the mouthy guy left himself very open to attack, either because he was sure none would come or was too stupid to realise the impending danger of when your mouthing off and infringing somebody’s (much bigger) personal space, that they might easily take the opposite viewPoint and seek to lower your visual cortex to the ground without warning.

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