Machete Bar Fight in Brazil, Both Men Allegedly Drunk

Machete Bar Fight in Mexico, Both Men Allegedly Drunk

A bar fight in Brazil ends with loser sliced and diced by machete. Townsfolk shoot the shit with the drunk man in Portuguese, he is calm and collected.

Props to the expert cameraman who swoops in for all the great closeups. The neck and head wound seem to have done the most damage. Flip-flops scatter the backdrop as the victim relaxes.


Location is Brazil not Mexico.

64 thoughts on “Machete Bar Fight in Brazil, Both Men Allegedly Drunk”

          1. @illegalsmile55
            Yes, I shredded lots of diapers in the 70’s, but, looking back on it all, it’s pretty gay.
            The clothes were hideous. The hair was gay and DISCO!
            The only good thing from the 70’s is you and Fat Albert.
            Don’t get me started on the sticky hippies.

    1. Just don’t expect his milk to taste sweet like some of the 2k an hour high class blonde escorts I usually see, it’ll probably taste like cigarette, expired beer mixed with battery acid.

  1. anyone remember the one video, I believe to be from brazil, where the machete victim kid was just chilling on the side of dirt road. maybe he was talking to cops or paramedics and I don’t recall any blood and he was basically holding his head on. anyone?

      1. exactly!

        I wouldn’t even know how to search it Brazil machete maybe, has to be really old too but don’t you just want to look at it again?

        I seem to recall him wearing a powdered blue golf shirt even. that is bizarre recollection and may haunt me most if true . need to find this

  2. poor dude. is the other guy alive? i kinda wanna see a machete fight, i can’t imagine taking a machete hit to the head like that and not immediately going down. i’d play dead like a possum and hope the asshole left before i bled out. can’t believe he’s up and chatting, whatta champ.

  3. Calm, And Collected is right, as shit like this will sober someone-up rather quickly, no? lol. 😉

    But Man,,, that,s gonna fucking burn, and pinch in a bit once The Initial Sock, and the effects of The Booze Wear-Off, and he will then be in a world of pain, especially where severed nerves are concerned.
    Fucking Booze Man!!! 🙁

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