Man Bleeds from Lip Torn During Fight

Man Bleeds from Lip Torn During Fight

Man Bleeds from Lip Torn During Fight

The sign in the space where the fight took place reads Eastern Parkway and Utica Avenue, suggesting the video is from a train station in Brooklyn, New York in the United Ghettos of Amerikstan.

The short fellow seems to want to get aggressive with the taller, but not street-fighting type dude. Virtually everybody passing in and out of the station would get you culturally enriched in no time.

Soon enough, the shorter dude gets his wish and the altercation breaks into a fight. It would appear that the other dude’s cannibalistic urges take over and he bites the opponent’s lip. It takes a bit of fighting for both to realize that the lip is torn quite a bit and it’s time to let go.

Props to Best Gore member @hindustan for the video:

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163 thoughts on “Man Bleeds from Lip Torn During Fight”

      1. Disgusting and sad.
        Both looked like clean schoolboys to me and should not have gotten up to mischief like that. The big guy is a disgrace. You can see the little guy has mental issues so i would have left him alone. The big guy also lost a lot of respect with me by biting the little guy’s lip.

        That is a bitch move you pull when YOU are the underdog fighting for your life!

        I would fuck the black girl in white minidress at the top of the stairs .

        I saw railway staff just standing around like skittles. They did fuck all!


        1. I have a therapist, like any self respecting privileged
          crazy cunt, when I need to talk, which is often, very very often. Unfortunately, for me she’s super fucking liberal, good therapist, but liberal. So best Gore is my therapy for bad me, hateful me. Probably, over contexted your reply.

          1. I love it, tell me more! 🙂 ….Best Gore used to be my medicine/therapy knowing someone is more miserable in life than me i.e. tortured to death, until I got addicted and became a fiend, then I overdosed and woke up in a bathtub filled with ice cubes, now I take a Best Gore placebo … Probably, only one who understands that…*Muahahaha*

            Watching the brutality used to make me anxious, then it didn’t get to me, then I craved watching it, now it’s like scratching a mosquito bite.. now this is how you over context a reply

          2. @jennij13

            A super liberal therapist doesn’t sit well with me.

            Personally, I have never needed a therapist before. However. I do know enough to know that therapists are supposed to be emotionally and politically neutral, not openly readable or biased.

            Patients come in all shapes and forms after all and a therapist therefore must be like water to a cup if they are to be able to help the individual in need.

            It seems to me then that your therapist may be a left-leaning quack, which is not entirely unusual these days.

            A real, properly educated therapist would meet you in the middle and go from there.

          3. @empty-soul
            She is my polar opposite, yin to my yang. She’s super happy, fat, positive and uggggg liberal. Not that she mentions it any any way shape or form, I just KNOW people. I try to absorb as much positivity like a black hole vortex. It usually last a day or two. Or sometimes I just sit there and imagine her fat happy neck jiggle and think about someone coming behind her and watching blood spurt, sometimes. But mostly I like the vibe, her aura is amazing

        2. I agree with @seraphim-serenata. Tell us more if you can. Why do you need a therapist? You got over your addiction and survived jail,right?
          Are you still tormented with your past?

          Seraph,you did not wake up in a bathtub of icecubes! I wish you did though ’cause then i would ask you why ,what and how.

          I disagree,a leftist will almost certainly be more supportive and caring than a rightist . In general ,leftists are pro-people ,rightists are pro-things.

          I assume equal education and experience of course. No quacks!

          1. @hopingfornemesis

            Anyone who is super left-leaning or super right-leaning in their worldly perspective and viewpoints is not of sound mind.

            Most normal people tend to be politically left or right depending upon the individual subject at hand. Being rightwing when it comes to immigration but leftwing when it comes to social provisions for the sick and elderly for example.

            JJ’s description of her therapist as being super happy fat and positive just sounds odd to me.

            She’s either putting on a pretence to mask her own misery, in which case she’s a failure as a therapist if she can’t even face her own problems head on or she is genuinely super happy and positive all the time in which case she doesn’t possess the necessary mental attributes to be a good therapist because a good therapist should understand the gritty dark recesses of the mind in order to help people through it and if she did she wouldn’t have a big shit eating grin on her face all the time.

            I expect the therapist in question is one of those American run-of-the-mill types you tend to see around. Paid for the degree, plays the part but has fuck all between the ears.

          2. Yes all valid or she is just a stereotypically jolly fat person who actually likes and cares for people and thus became a therapist.

            Jj did say the woman never speaks about politics or is super lefty in her behaviour.

            Paid degrees for traditional disciplines is a disgrace and no doubt have started to take the Uk by storm as it has in Aus. Another useless piece of Americana.

            Degrees for RichMen’s Thickheads! They are a worry!

            We have had many paid degree doctors here butchering rafts of people since Privatisation. Most worryingly foreign and one ran from Aus to go back to practising inSeattle again for years until we had him extadited for him to face charges of negligence ie being a retard whi never should have been given a degree.

          3. @hopingfornemesis

            “Paid degrees for traditional disciplines is a disgrace and no doubt have started to take the Uk by storm as it has in Aus. Another useless piece of Americana“.

            Been that way for quite a few years now over here.

            Tony Blair pulled an absolute blinder with what he did. When he was Prime Minister he promised to make sure that all young adults get to go to University and he did just that by first dumbing down all the exams by making them multiple choice in format so that even a monkey could pass with high grades and then he brought in University fees.

            It was a beauty of a plan on his part I will give him that. He created a ravenous market for University places by artificially boosting the supply of applicants and then charged them all for the privilege.

            It is now a huge fucking money making enterprise where students get into debt for a degree that is now worth less than toilet paper because everyone gets one.

            “We have had many paid degree doctors here butchering rafts of people since Privatisation”.

            In the UK we tend to get our doctors from Nigeria, Sudan and the like so we often end up with butchered people as well.

            Its not that we don’t have indigenous British people going for these jobs, they just don’t get given them because the NHS wants cheap labour from staffing agencies who they can pay peanuts to.

            What a fucking mess. We really are in a race to the bottom.

          4. @hopingfornemesis

            Tony Blair is a murderer too. He had Dr David Kelly killed.

            In case you are not aware Dr Kelly was the weapons inspector who came back from pre-war Iraq and told the truth to the media that there was no WMD’s in Iraq.

            Unfortunately, before he could give his evidence to the courts he slit his own wrists with a blunt knife and left no finger prints anywhere despite not wearing any gloves.

            There was calls for a second investigation into his death recently and had it been successful he would have been dug up and re-examined but unfortunately the government had him dug up and cremated before it could happen.

            This was only a couple of months ago that it happened but the locals said it was all done in the middle of the night and when they got up in the morning there it was, a big hole in the ground and no Dr David Kelly.

            The government then put out a statement saying that they had him cremated to stop grave robbers or some shit like that.

            Tony Blair is a war criminal guilty of war crimes and a murderer and yet our leftwing libtards love the man and champion him because he wants to stop Brexit.

            Our leftwing have even put out a petition asking him to come back and lead the Labour Party in order to stop Brexit. That’s right, they are supporting a mass murderer because stopping Brexit is more important to them than the millions of lives taken during and after the illegal invasion of Iraq.

            A large percentage of our British leftwing are now useless idiots and a Trojan horse of the globalists it would seem.

          5. Yes. I remember Dr Kelly well and his death never sat well with me at all. Another brave scientist and decent man silenced..

            No i did not know about the latest shenanigans. Grave robbers! Ha! Laughable excuse by M15 hacks! Shady very shady. I hope the Bliar has nighmares as in Hamlet!

            There is no doubt the politicians in all of Europe are secretly quaking in their boots. That is why they are trying to form that Eu army supposedly to stop the Russians. It would not stop the Russians for more than half an hour but more than suitable to put down rebelling citizens .
            It irks me that the govs of both the Uk and Aus have simply become branch offices of the Dept of State in the USA. Satraps.

            Yes. I know those Eu Sorocizing Libtards and Killary Democrat Interventionists well. Traitors and fools to all things Progressive.
            Sad days indeed.

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  1. Thug straphanger bites off part of a stranger’s lip during vicious fight sparked by a row over a woman in Brooklyn subway station

    Confrontation began in Brooklyn when one No. 4 train rider became infuriated with a second straphanger hitting on a woman as they rode into the Crown Heights/Utica Ave. station.

    The woman was probably a white woman… with low standards..HA!

      1. It’s the only way the poor and unfortunate have to feel better about themselves.
        I make ample $$ and yet only wear scrubs and a lab coat to work. At home I wear torn up shirts and basketball shorts.
        On days off, it’s cheap jeans a T-shirt and 12 yr old sperry’s (or ratty work-boots).
        I guarantee my car, home (which is not rented), and vacations are better than any of those “African-Americans” seen in the video. And I came from a family of poor white trash. I hit the books at a young age and continued until my 30’s.
        Determination is lacking in most of that urban demographic.

          1. @hamburgerbob one fight i had with an african he bit my finger. Cheeky monkey. just like this one he couldn’t fight either. notice that even tyson when he resorted to biting was when he was losing. you have to be gay to bite a man’s lip though.

      1. I was on the train today. Full of whites going to work and one black fellow. No one bothered him. I was thinking to myself. I wonder if i were the only whitey and it was full of blacks if i’d even survive to the next stop. The looks, the intimidation, the comments and possibly, very possibly violence to my person. White men had better wake up.

          1. i got myself into a job where i don’t see them and guess what. no tension, no petty arguments, no fights, just civil behaviour toward each other in the workplace.

  2. fucking gay ass way to fight. And this video should go to show that diversity is the dumbest failed social experiment ever conducted. These negros just cannot behave anywhere. Whether it be in America, Europe, Latin America, India, middle east, or Asia, Everywhere they go they always conduct their business of stealing, committing crimes, drug dealing, making neighborhoods into filthy ghettos, then whining about racism FOR EVERYTHING and saying the native majority population is “oppressing” them and holding back their true genius black potential. HAHAHAHA! what a joke! they are literally the worst type of immigrant/minority you could have in your country. They contribute almost nothing, their women are hideous, they spread diseases, they commit 60% of the crimes despite being only 10% of the population, they turn neighborhoods into ghettos, then blame racism for everything. Any country with any sense in its head would keep them out at all costs.

    1. When is the majority of thugs not gonna act they are entitled to anything/everything I.E. Reparations… education, ext.

      The thing is victim and abuser complex with a side dish of control disorder. The “victim” has become the abuser and doesn’t realize it or doesnt care… Which makes the first much more dangerous… What people socially need to do is tell them to man up and own it which will make a better “them”

      1. @seraphim-serenata

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      1. I want to watch here.
        Anyway, there is nothing on up left side of video. No Bit Chute pic to click on and watch on full screen like few days before.
        -Why don’t you just add it on your videos here? It’s really poor without it. I see bad when watching small screen..

    1. i see her laughing now too. See how blacks don’t give a fuck about each othjer, fukkin hoodrat skank hoe laughing at a black man terribly wounded and they say black lives matter. Fukkin all lies and politics. i hope any black man watching this will not be too quick to run to the aid of a black woman now.

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          1. Haha.

            @illegalsmile55 was telling me that yfronts were cool in her area and time and i was saying only grandads and dads wear them traditionally in aus. She and wankdust thought i was a poof for wearing coloured bikini briefs. I said real men in aus in my day would not get caught dead without coloured bikini briefs ’cause word got
            Now things have changed. Most young aussie men now are either gay,dorks or cringing soyboys who wear “boardshorts” so they wont be “toxic masculine”…because wearing “budgie smugglers”is oh so offensive.

            As if Tarzan of the sixties show , Ron Ely didn’t wear them!!

            yet our prime ministers still get photographed in bikini briefs on the beach . Haha

          1. @hopingfornemesisis

            You can totally use peroxide for colored undies. It’ll make them a bit brighter, but it’s not as harsh as bleach.

            And lady briefs are much nicer than grand dad briefs, I promise~

          2. @hopingfornemesis

            I don’t use peroxide often enough to know the precise amount. Just a sploosh I suppose. Also, I don’t know what strength it is. It’s just a plain ol’ brown bottle of hydrogen peroxide that seems to last forever. If I’m dealing with blood, I clean it the best I can before going in the washer, then I just wash clothes like normal. I’ve also heard club soda does a good job.

            As for disposing of human bodies, it’s a trade secret 😉

  3. Was that not the most pathetic fight you’d ever seen? The big nigger (I’ll call him Jim) was only able to bite little nigger (Buckwheat) . Obviously these apes didn’t grow up in Harlem, more like a “Prince of Belair” thing.

  4. wow, whatta couple’a morons. is that guy *trying* to catch a case of the AIDS??? why would you even think about putting your mouth on some random stranger, i mean… gah. dumbasses. “son! son! son!” …how irritating is that guy. and he can’t even film a proper video. 🙁

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