Man Catches Would-be Burglar in Yard, Delivers Beating to Him

Man Catches Would-be Burglar in Yard, Delivers Beating to Him

Man Catches Would-be Burglar in Yard, Delivers Beating to Him

Some British guy apparently caught a would-be burglar in his yard, and delivered to his ass a proper, on the spot ass whooping. No fucking around, no political correctness, just the old fashion beating.

There’s even some fat ass crack in the video, although I can’t see how that could be anyone’s thing. Which is why I had to bring it up, hehe.

Props to Best Gore member @13lunt420media for the video:

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148 thoughts on “Man Catches Would-be Burglar in Yard, Delivers Beating to Him”

  1. Newcastle accent. Newcastle street justice, none of that teresa may political correctness imposed on the people to keep them servile, he’d better find another career i reckon

    1. Hey he was not stealing nothing he was just looking through the windows for that robot unicorn!!!! Guy:JUST robot unicorn hunting houseowner:hey fucker why you trying to rob my shit bang!!#%#& smashh!! @^# guy:ummm wtf just happened??

      1. I’m 67 and the frequency and sense of hearing aren’t gone but quite horrible. My old lady laughs about my less than 1.000 batting average, too.

        I have a keen memory, though, and glad some fellows are enjoying themselves!

      2. @goreman77 I heard about that, down south i used to just sit back and wait for the fat bird with her mates who was always the one left out at closing time, she’d be in such a panic by then at being the only rejected one she’s practically jump on me, cheaper as well as i didn’t have to but her drinks like the other saps. I’ll try going up north one day but i have a rule, never travel for pussy. Well not far anyway.

    1. Good point, now if that was braziw. We English like to give a fellow a chance to mature. That’s probably why we attract the scum of the earth from all over the world.

      1. You are right! And when they don’t mature, they immigrate to US I’ve meet so many kneegrows here in America claiming they are British. But are just plain old Africans migrated to Great Britain and failed to integrate into British society then migrated to US

        1. @wallabeast Are they from English speaking african cuntries? Often i hear the monkey faces speaking french and they pretend they’re from France. Freedom of speech is gone now in UK Wallabeast, i just posted it on the forums. You won’t believe what’s going on and to think this is England.

          1. Nah mate.. It “Used” to be England.!
            What we’ve got now..
            Fuck only knows what this pile of semi-integrated, PC, bleeding heart, mind your Ps & Qs, what’s yours is yours & what’s mine is also fuckin’ yours, Multi Ethnic, British hating, hand out DEMANDING, Immigrant Honey pot, fucking sick joke is called…. But it ain’t bloody England anymore.!
            My poor old Grandad must be spinning in his grave like an electric fucking motor.!!
            He fought in the war & my other Grandad gave his life in the war for this shit we’ve got now.!!
            Rule Britannia… Yeah right.!

          2. You white cuckold FUCKS are pathetic, no melanin person wants to be like you cowards. You whit’s claim your people did everything when all they did was steal and make slavessel do their work, what’s one thing you actually know how to do that other races cant? Fuck all, you’re even more worthless than those of who you have jealousy and hatred towards.

          3. On Saturday Night Live in the 70s, guest star Julian Bond told Garret Morris in a skit that lighter blacks are smarter than darker blacks. Of course that was the punch line. The truth of the matter is it’s a combination of ape-like features and nighttime camouflage, and both guys were normal looking, unlike the humanoids that are fresh off the boat or transient.

          1. Absolutely correct manny boy but you need to know something, you know when you african men send your women off to europe to get a decent education, a nice job earning money and creating opportunties for you both before you settle down and get married? Well i’ll keep this brief, by the time she gets back to you she’s been fucked every which every nationality and she loved it, loved the freedom to exploit her pussy before coming back to you acting like a virgin.

        2. English/ British people aren’t black, if a cat is born in a barn you don’t call it a horse. British by blood, whatever passport they have or wherever they were born means shit.

          We don’t need a passport to prove we are English. Kick those fuckers out the US

          1. Plus you’re immigrants to the US too, and that just proves how utterly retarded and diluted white cuckold are, keep allowing blacks to fuck your wives while you film though honkey kong.

          2. That’s what we need to get back to, we need to say “We are at war with your ideology” That’s it, no more debating petty issues that expend loads of energy for nothing.

          3. Bullshit Negro, our people might well have colonised America, but they also built the United States of America…the new Rome. Your people were given South Africa, an advanced first world state and turned it into shit. Fucking thick parasitic scum.

          4. We don’t need any more fresh off the boat, it’s the same as old money hating new money ,there’s something stinky about them and they never earned it anyway

        3. The British still remember the hand of God, which Diego Maradona did in the World Cup in Mexico 86. And also the wonderful second goal, the most beautiful goal in the history of the world … It is as if Mr. Maradona I had put his finger in the ass, and still can not get it out. regards

        1. England is fucked. I feel like moving to South America, at least there i’ll be the foreigner and there isn’t so much islam. If you’re the foreigner you don’t care so much about the country as you have no history so what the hell, might as well fuck off out of it, better than watch it go down

    1. @SS.
      He probably was expecting some tayy. He just stood there and got punched before having his lardass hauled through the gate.

      It’s all in the name of the City.
      Newcastle. If it’s got the word castle in its name beware.
      Oop norf, man’s home really is his castle.

      1. @svarg26
        You’re confused about a lot of things. Like “race” . There is no such thing. Do some research, get an education instead of showing your ignorance here. We all share 99.9 identical genome. “Race” is a cultural discrimination, nothing more.

        1. god hates faggots and niggers. that’s good enough for me. enjoy hell. To chop or not to chop? you ask your faggot ass that every fucking day. So much confusion in the mind of a possessed fucktard.

          1. god separated all retards, so that they wouldn’t mingle. because if they did mingle, they would start chopping their dicks off and build a tower again.
            moral of the fucking story is, don’t hang around with mother fucking niggers and faggots.

    1. Did anyone notice this would be thief has a really shit haircut? He shaved the back and sides off only, but kept the top part which is thinning. Best to have shaved it all off.

      Also he stood there waiting obediently to be beaten up lol

    1. Did anyone notice this would be thief has a really shit haircut? He shaved the back and sides off only, but kept the top part which is thinning. Best to have shaved it all off.

      Also he stood there waiting obediently to be beaten up lol

  2. We whites don’t tolerate the shit within our ranks and that is how we deal with them. Niggers on the other hand, they hero worship their scum.

    Young niggers idolise the shittier elements within their communities. In fact the thug life is seen as a positive boon by the young niggers. They get to feel respected and make some money selling drugs and pimping hoes and sheeeeeit.

    Well, it’s not like they have the IQ points to be anything else but a dumb criminally inclined nigger I guess.

  3. I had a lot of fun masturbating to this. We Scots fantasise about the English and their superior and exotic sexual ways. Things which we Scots can only dream about. This is gay sex foreplay Newcastle style. Horny, horny, horny.

      1. If these Geordies found Jesus they would give him a double barrel with a spitroast and then some exotic sexy fisting. Then the Geordies would anoint him with their funky Geordie Jizz until he looked like a candelabra that had held many a dribbly wax candle. Or a painter’s radio.

        It has just been announced that they are going to build the largest Ferris Wheel in Europe in the heart of Geordie-land. These lads will be masturbating all the way round 24/7 – the thing will look like a cross between a Catherine Wheel and an explosion in a pat-drip, soap-dispenser factory.
        Way eye man!

  4. I’ve had a truck and other belongings stolen from my property on different occasions but the LE from where I’m at do zilch. They present themselves, ask how much your stuff might be worth,make a report, but no investigation nevertheless getting paid in six figures, driving souped up Chargers and Fusions, receiving handjobs for free whilst sucking Gubmint Deek. Good for this fellow being a selfmade Vigilante..

  5. Ha ha ha…”Get up! Get up!” as he keeps kicking the bloke in the head!!

    “I’m trying to get up but I don’t even know what year it is or where the fuck I am. If you’d kindly stop kicking me in the head I will gladly apologize and be on my way.”

  6. I started to feel a bit sorry for the lad when he was on the floor & I could hear him crying “Sorry”.. “Sorry”.. “I’m Sorry”.!!
    His pleas for mercy began to pull at my heart strings..
    But then the bloke kicked him in his chops again & shut him up, problem solved.!lol.!
    We don’t often hear that smooth, sophisticated & eloquent accent on BG.
    (this maybe the first time).??
    I’m proud to be a Geordie, well technically I’m a “Northumbrian”, I come from a dozen miles north of where true Geordies are built, they’re actually hewn from the very bedrock of the Earth itself.
    I’m just a knock off, made in a plaster of Paris mould.. But it’s enough to fool most people.!! Hehe. .!

  7. Well these days people are sticking up for themselves against burglars. Good for them.

    We saw that Gypsy bunt with a screwdriver get stabbed with it by a 78 year old man. Tbh if you are getting mashed by an old man twice your age, you are in the wrong business.

    Maybe this guy here is from a family of burglars. Hate burglars and thieves. Love it when they get beats.

  8. He was only the Milkman calling to collect his money…shame.
    Actually think it was that Pikey from the other video who got a size 9 in the skull at the beginning returning home all bitter and twisted from his kicking, and unfortunately the friendly local Milkman from Dairycrest we see stood at his back door with the guy’s double cream and strawberry yoghurt copped for Pikey boy’s anger without gettin the chance to explain they were all out of free range eggs.
    However, got to give the Milkman fair credit, he still wanted to keep saying sorry for the fact the Newcastle Hens weren’t laying lately. 10/10.
    Dairycrest Milkman will always go the extra mile!

  9. Nice justice right there and this guy is merciful not sure why almost all white dudes stop with beating of thefts after a while.. Are they scared of (in)justice system if they “overreact”?
    I know one thing:
    This theft would be stomped unconscious if he tries this in house of black and severely tortured and beaten when captured in Chinese house. In fact, any colored one would beat him to the brink of dead but not white guys. What’s going on?
    -I think they(Jewish media) sissified us whites hard core. Their Orwellian brainwashing didn’t got colored ones that much.

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