Man Delivered Beating for Causing Minor Fender Bending Accident

Man Delivered Beating for Causing Minor Fender Bending Accident

Man Delivered Beating for Causing Minor Fender Bending Accident

I don’t have any backinfo. It’s a CCTV footage of a driver pulling into a gas station and clipping another vehicle. He probably broke the other driver’s tail light, but the accident didn’t go past anything that’d be considered a minor fender bender.

The presumed driver of the hit car come to the driver who hit the vehicle and delivers a rather vicious beating to him. The assault seems over the top, and the assailant seems too eager to deliver the beating, instead of trying to seek a solution in seeing if the offending driver would be willing to compensate for the damage he caused.

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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163 thoughts on “Man Delivered Beating for Causing Minor Fender Bending Accident”

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      On topic, i bet that dude is the most careful driver now.

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      The guy who bumped into him is another pussy. Such bad driving from a man. No spatial awareness or co-ordination, that was really careless. Also he was not very good at sticking up for himself. Just because you did something stupid does not mean you are entitled to a beating. He should have stuck up for himself.

      Anyway I hope the perp gets charged with GBH or at least common assault.
      The guy who got beaten up needs to learn to drive like a man.
      The guy who gave the beating needs to learn to behave like a man.

      1. Or they could both just get sent to a circus and put on regular performances… idiot driver clips the other car and the owner of the other car loses his shit and beats him over and over. It would be a classic.

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  1. First off, who the fuck parks like that to get gas? That was some Asian woman parking shit right there. Second, who thought up the sick joke of putting the steering wheel on the wrong side of the car? Everything about this video is fucked. The attacker has got to be drunk. I should know, because it takes one to know one.

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  4. Obviously an unhinged idiot. Maybe the driver talked bad about his mother? The victim should have defended himself though after the first swing. Backing himself into the crook of that door jam was a huge mistake. You never know how anyone will react when dealing with strangers. It’s best to stay on your guard at all times because of idiots like this bully. Who seems so proud of himself beating a smaller man unprovoked. Any fight I’ve been in, if at some point if they stop and ball up or are knocked out, I always stop. Nothing more cowardly than beating on someone who isn’t a threat. And because its easy to accidentally kill someone or cause permanent harm, it ain’t worth going to prison for life because I couldn’t control my anger.

      1. @hopingfornemesis
        My mom used to tell me something that I never understood until I became an adult. She would say “sometimes you have to think not only for yourself, but for others as well.” Meaning that in dealing with ignorant people, it’s wise to de-escalate a situation. Even when the person in the wrong actually deserves a beat down. Because it’s all to easy for stuff to get outta hand. Especially when angry. The situation can leave him 6 feet underground, and yourself in prison for the rest of your life. My mom was spot on with that. Hope you had a great Christmas btw.

        1. Yes. You are absolutely right ip. It is the right thing to do but sometimes my emotions get the better of me.

          Not to take anything away from your valid point,
          Yet if one does not help then we can’t complain if noone steps in to save our children or ourselves one day. It is certainly a tricky situation.
          I honestly believe the other guys quickly sensed this guy was politically -connected and thus there was no winning even if they came to the rescue. Too much nepotism there.

          1. @hopingfornemesis

            You know what? You make a good point there. I forget sometimes that the prevailing culture in some of those countries is quite different from what we experience normally. South Africa already being a cluster fuck is an aggravating factor no doubt. We all lose our cool so I certainly can’t throw stones lol. And we both know that some people simply need a beat down. But we do have to step up when necessary. I know it’s tempting sometimes bro, but I’d rather see you out in the free world, instead of being incarcerated for life. Especially over some idiot who likely had it coming to him in the first place lol.

    1. Just be sure to stay the fuck away from them when you stop beating them.
      I had a guy throwing up from the ass whoopin I gave him…stopped like you say, when he started throwing up…then he pulls a belt buckle knife while he’s folded over wretching and stabs me in the knee…lol…shit happens.

      1. @rayf
        Yeah, unfortunately while you were showing some class by not beating his ass to death or leaving him alive but with permanent damage, he pulls a bitch move. “A coward dies a thousand deaths, a soldier dies but once” seems to sum it up with that guy. But at least you have your self respect in tact. That fool has to live the rest of his life knowing how much of a pussy he is. What he did is analogous of a suck punch. And you are absolutely right in pointing out that you in essence have to expect the worst. Even when you bestowed mercy on his bitch ass.

        Been wondering if you fell off the face of the earth bro. Good to see you here.

        1. 5 kids and a job that never ends bro…my lot in life.
          Hope you and yours are well.
          Saw a couple of your posts the other day…impressive and much respect brother…love when the SOB’s defend this site….your arguments and the way you articulated them…dude here’s a cookie cause your a closer !

          1. Lol, much love bro. 5 kids!!! Damn, I thought I had it bad with 2! I can’t even imagine the torture of 5. I’d probably end up dyin by age 50 or so, looking like I was 90. But hey, if we do it right, at least we leave the world a little better than when we checked in. Kids are the closest thing we have to being immortal, so I guess there’s at least some consolation prize for enduring all the bullshit we do just to keep our genes in the pool. Check in from time to time bro, don’t be a stranger. Else I’ll have to send the hounds lookin for ya.:)

  5. Is he in jail now? Any update would be nice.

    -Usually, bully’s who feel free to beat without mercy and in front of many witnesses have connections in police or/and they work for them and with them(dealing drugs is PoPo specialty).
    These employers and people around are scared to physically move guy from victim and they appeal on animal to stop. Bullshit. I would spray him with pepper spray because he is wild animal.

    I wonder what would be if female did that to his car?

    1. Oh, he ain’t in jail .. Some defense lawyer cunt got him off telling the jury “Now, my client has been on anti-depressants since he was 16 …. and he had a fckd up child-hood now … poor as a church mouse …”
      Fckn Big Black Nigger….

  6. To give all an update the incident happened in South Africa and rumour has it the guy who bumped the stupidly parked car was heavily intoxicated and wreaked of alcohol which made the other dude see red and prompted the beating.

    1. 2m high, strong as bulldozer and drunk man who’s defenseless, intoxicated madly, already fcked for sht he done and driving issue when police arrive, he has secured repairing by insurance and yet, he beat the shit in him for fcn’ small thing he did to his bully ass precious car? What an asshole.
      -Abusing God’s given straight to be a bully. Must have IQ like number of shoes.

    2. Thanks for the info. That changes the calculus for me. Obviously dude shouldn’t have been driving in the first place. So some part of that beating was warranted. Still though, his attacker went a bit too far.

    3. Oke oke I think if it would be there and happening to me I would already know the guy who crashed in my car has no money and no insurance… I would be flipping the hell out. And the man with the white car was standing very weird with his car so I think he already was in a fight with the car behind him so he was already super pissed

  7. Typical buffed NIGGER with no permission to live.

    Big, sluggish with no punching power. He landed 20+ blows to a skinny guy and didn’t knocked him out.

    After surviving such beating, I would go to my trunk an pull out the sledgehammer. I would beat the skull of this nigger while he would shake like an infantile retard and I would do everything to deliver the CCTV footage to his gorilla lips momma so she could enjoy in hellish chimp-screams how her sonny went off.

    Hows that niggers ?

  8. I’m curious as to what’s going to happen, if and when the cops arrive. The poor little bastard’s face, will probably be black and blue at this point.

    If this happened here in the states, the cops in all likelihood, would pick up where that big fucker left off. 🙂

    I gotta admit. The little bastard deserved it. I drive a small car such as that, and they’re so easy to maneuver.

    What a fuckin’ smegma head!

  9. I understand this guys rage, I mean if the other guy had little space and there was absolutely no way to avoid this it would be understandable. But damn, the guy in the torqouise colored car had more than enough space, now the huge dude has to waste his time to get his shit repaired. Still a tad bit overreacted.

    1. Good thing it wasn’t a stop sign violation.
      Little guy: I slowed down for it.
      The big guy starts furiously beating the little guy….after about 30 seconds he ask’s.
      Big guy: You want me to slow down or stop?

  10. WHAHAH!!! Why are people fighting with each other about spelling perfect English words? What the hell man. Think of something different to fight about or just dont fight. There are a lot of different people on this site who probably speak more different languages instead of just English. Hahaha lmfao. Fighting about spelling words omfg. They tried it with me before. Sorry I can talk Dutch German and English and I’m sooo sorry that sometimes I dont spell a word or sentence in perfect English. Sorry people for all the people who speak at least 3 languages and you only English, sorry if we dont spell perfect English. But thanks for understanding us. That BAD FAIRY attacks everyone who dont spell perfect English words. Lmao

  11. This happened in South Africa..guy was drunk and the driver of the car that got hit new he would not be compensated for the damage as the driver that was beaten didn’t have insurance..still the beating is quite severe..blacks are vicious in this country..nothing happened to the aggressor..

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