Man Keys Mercedes in Columbus, Ohio, Angry Owner Delivers Street Justice

Man Keys Mercedes in Columbus, Ohio, Angry Owner Delivers Street Justice

Man Keys Mercedes in Columbus, Ohio, Angry Owner Delivers Street Justice

According to the backinfo I got, this happened in Columbus, Ohio. The video shows a man keying another man’s car. The black Mercedes E350 looks like it’s a year 2000 model, so it’s not a new car, but it’s still an E-class Merc and as Vincent Vega would say – you don’t do that to another man’s vehicle. It’s just fucking low.

The angry owner of the Merc jumps the vandal and starts dishing out street justice to his sorry ass, but some other people hold him back, presumably because they’re NPCs who believe in and support monopoly of tyrant cops on violence, and we the plebs have no right to take the joy of ruining lives away from them by doing it ourselves.

Props to Best Gore member @natural-selection-2 for the video:

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  1. Tis a fatal sin to disrespect the Merc…….Well justified punishment in my eyes and I’m sure not even Murican cops with their trigger twitchy fingers and schoolboy insecurities would get involved in this case………

    1. Damn I happen to be driving by the day it happened it was at McGuffey’s market. Me and the wife was doing shopping but we live in Newark about 40 min away. We happened to see part of this in person tried to watch it as long as I could driving by them. And now I see a full video of it how fucken crazy is that.

    1. I signed up for Danaconda’s insurance company once. It’s called Gayco. Total rip off. My car got keyed, and him and a few of his gay friends rolled up to the scene in their pink insurance van. They all hopped out wearing hot pants and midrifed shirts. They kept shaking their index fingers and yelling “oh no they didn’t”. Danaconda started trying to cover up the scratch with his mascara, but my vehicle is white. All they did was make things worse. The fact that Cher was blasting from their Sissy van was the only good thing to come from the fiasco.

      1. @honkeykong Which Cher song was it? “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves”? “Believe”? “The Night Danaconda Blew Sonny Bono”? , “After All”? “If I Could Turn Back Time”? Agreed on Danny Boy and his effeminate posse….you see more fruitcake with their arrival than at Christmastime.

        1. It was some techno mix. I know i heard “believe” in there somewhere, but it was definitely much gayer than the original. I didn’t know that was possible, but Danaconda has a weird way of making gay stuff seem straight in comparison to his ultra flaming ways.

  2. America please reassure the rest of us that you are not trying to start a new trend to sell overseas with those big yellow shoop shoop pants he was wearing. Seriously though, WTF ?

    1. you don’t know those are the thick hood sweat pants that don’t shrink after you wash that you buy at the hood clothing stores? Everyone wheres them. I even got me a few pair. Those actually good quality sweats they 15.99 haha.

  3. It is a really, really rare appearance of that weird 1980’s guy guy with the fucking stupid Moon Pants – MC Mother-Fucking-Hammer. But made during his later (unsuccessful) Merc-Keying Period. That was shortly after his doomed concept triple lp concept album about… well fuck my trousers … I just cannot remember for the life of me what that last triple lp was about. MC Mother-Fucking-Hammer gave up music after it bombed anyway and took up keying cars he could no longer afford. He had become jealous – but in a BAAAD way.
    I would really like to complain about the camera work. This was a fucking gift and the gimp with the phone just couldn’t step up to the mark and capture the moment.

    1. they are thick hood sweat pants with the side commando pocket geez. You dorks never been to a hood store? Grow a pair and go into one of them stores. THem pants don’t shrink they got all colors. And you get the 3 for 10 white Tees and you set for the day to be comfortable to lounge around for the day for less then 30 bucks.


    When they’d pulled him off the monkey, he was in the right place, the guy should have been in his car then Wheel Spinning on his FUCKING HEAD..!

    Mann o mann, my heart is pounding outta my chest. Having had a similar experience. I feel for the guy.
    I know it’s a inanimate object but, that is ONE thing gets me, the utter disrespect..!

    Nigga done that to one of my Jags, there was no one around, I put him in a chair for the rest of his miserable existence paralyzed from the waist down..!

    Whoo, only time I really lose it is when some Plebeain FUCKS with my Bikes or cars, gotta calm down now, have a J, enough said…

  5. Man only someone who has kept a Merc and a black one could feel the pain the owner felt seeing the car getting keyed. You have no idea how much work goes into maintaining a black car and when scumbag like this hobo fucks with your car a beating is not just justified but it is mandatory.

  6. A Mercedes is a terrible choice for a car. They have so many codes that pop up, everything costs more to repair. If you want to own a money pit, buy a Mercedes. Or better yet, just flush your money down the toilet.

    Want to be smart? Buy a Honda or Toyota. They’re the only ones that last anymore.

          1. Be patient. Those Australianese have to live upside down all the time. You’re cognitive abilities would suffer to a degree too if you lived like a fruit bat hanging from a tree limb.

    1. I used to convert troopies into ambulances for a living a few years back. They’re as tough and durable as the hilux, plus you don’t have to be a contortionist when you’re under the hood. Definitely the reason why they’re so popular in rural Australia and Africa. Not pretty, but very practical.

    2. they are actually nice car in germany (and france). i bet they import shit ones or they just build some “made in america” mercedes in there LOL…

      the only problem with german cars is that they eat way to much gasoline (as they dont eat diesel anymore sinze many years now)

  7. The internal trunk release mechanism didn’t become mandatory until 2002; I would have been tempted to bundle Mr Clown Pants inside before taking him someplace quiet. I don’t appreciate anyone messing with my stuff.

  8. This Shit is really really really Irritating. Few years back I bought a brand new Bike & One day I saw some little cunts keying it. I came running at them and hit’em with my helmet. Like VV said – it’s just fuckin low

  9. Kill all the black scumbag on earth, they are a very inferior race, they are not even worth crap! they are less than shit! If I was the owner I would have broken every fucking bone on his fucking body!!
    Those scumbags that stopped him to keep doing street justice were supporting and defending a criminal, if you defend a criminal, you are almost as bad as them

  10. Sucks for both parties, the homeless guy because it looks like he has mental issues, and the Merc owner because… His Merc got violated. :/

    Side note, but is it just me, or does anybody else feel absolutely disgusted whenever they see a dude in flip-flops? They look fuckin’ gross on dudes, in my honest opinion. Women in flip-flops on the other hand, I can’t complain. Especially if they have pretty feet. :^)

  11. He earned that beating and everyone knows it. What we really need is what happened before the keying, i think there’s more to this.
    Also why can no one film horizontally? Just take the extra second to flip your phone, the internet will thank you for it.

  12. dude, even if i would own a freaking yogurt pot , i would kill the dude that make this to my car.

    fucking retard deserve a broked neck.

    ah that suck, i expected the incoming guys to help beating the shit out of the retard…. :/

    fuck i bet if the owner of the car was a black, the whole neighborhood would come up to kick the retard ass. XD

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