Man Savagely Beaten on Stairwell of Apartment Building in Galati, Romania

Man Savagely Beaten on Stairwell of Apartment Building in Galati, Romania

Man Savagely Beaten on Stairwell of Apartment Building in Galati, Romania

On January 14, 2019, an older man was savagely attacked and beaten on the stairwell of an apartment building in the city of Galati in Romania. The attacker was armed with a dagger.

The victim is a member of PSD (Partidul Social Democrat/ Social Democrat Party). It is unclear why he was attacked, but the source of the video says it may have been motivated by hatred for Christians:

This is part of the anti-Christian predetermined scenario: escalating chaos and social insecurity by relaxing legal coercion to calling and accepting an iron-handed government that puts chains completely on us.

Romania, much as the rest of Europe, also has a problem with the gypsies, or as they are called on the old continent – the Roma people. They are anti-white racists who have been terrorizing the indigenous white population for decades.

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  1. Victim had several good opportunities to kick that fucker down those stairs.. dude was a real pussy. But then again, the attacker probably knew that.. I bet the shit stain wouldn’t dare try that shit on somebody who’d be more than willing to defend himself.

    1. @brokeback
      I recon so, for real. Bare knuckles, plenty of punches, and i recon that one or more of those punches will have missed and hit the wall/door/stair-rail….. and even if not, the skull is a hard – as are teeth.
      Wouldnt be surprised if he had flattened the last knuckle on one or both hands, and caused at least some damage to every knuckle.

  2. Excuse my nigger ignorance your gracious white overlords whose gore is more appeasing than niggers and us colords. But aren’t gypsies basically Indians? A lot of them are whitish though. Where’s there origin and are they stateless or what?

    1. Gypsies interest me so i know a little about them .

      Gypsies come from India originally .They arrived in Europe around late 1300s and been there ever since. They traditionally are very clannish like Jews and will not mix with other people and even if they wanted to ,people now hate them so much they wont let them.
      They were very clever,when going through Greek areas they called themselves Egyptians ie Gypsies and when going through the rest of Europe ,Romany,Rom ie because they came through Byzantine Greek East Roman Empire. Why? Status! They knew if they used these names they would get under the radar.

      Britain especially ,as all of Europe have many of them in the entertainment industry .

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    It’s a little Like The Scruffy Clothed, Greasy Haired Bikers, Trying To Be The $2000.00 Dollar Italian Suit Wearing Mafia

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  5. I am from Romania and this story is part true. It goes like this: The PSD, the socialists are in power except the presidency. They own the government and the leader of it used to be Ion Iliescu that was the president two terms in the 90s, he did the coup against Ceauşescu in 1989. Anyway, the leader of this party ( the most corrupt of all ) is Liviu Dragnea and he is about to be prosecuted for evasion of his big pig farm and road construction firm. To get away he is pulling all kinds of levers by putting a very dumb prime minister lady that is a puppet or a very obedient justice minister that passed in June 2018 the compensatory justice law under pretext of overcrowded prisons and bribe imprisoned people can get away if caught and give back all the money they stole. So this thief saw the old man pulling 500 euros from a bank, probably sent by his children from abroad, like we all do and have, followed him in the block stair case and voila. The thief guy was given 5 years for cutting with a sword someone in a bar in 2015 but was released after 3 years due to the law mentioned above. Others were released and raped and even murdered a 25 yo guy. Out of 10 000 released, 1000 already broke the law like so. Thank you PSD ! Fuck you ! And yes, it’s trues, most old people are pro PSD, most likely the victim voted for PSD and old people voted with the socialists for freebies and for old times sake. Cos they are stupid ! Not that we, the youth are bright. But we were kids or born right after 1989 and couldn’t give a fuck about communism and old times when ” it was better” .Fuck you too, if you are down with that. And fuck capitalism as well if its all about the rich over the poor. It was the same under communism, some lived well, some sucked dick.

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