Man with Stick Kills One Repels Another During Village Fight

Man with Stick Kills One Repels Another During Village Fight

Man with Stick Kills One Repels Another During Village Fight

Video apparently from rural India shows an altercation in front of a house, whereby a turban wearing man appears to be throwing brick through a hole in the fence into a yard. A man with a stick then comes out of the yard, and takes out the brick thrower with a single blow, while hitting his sidekick a few times, but that guy manages to retain frame. According to the info I got, the first man down died from head trauma.

The video reminds me of the recent video in which a guy was also clubbed out with a single blow to the head.

Props to Best Gore member @carnage-2 for the video:

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          1. In India Itโ€™s illegal to carry weapons and court imposed a ban on civilians after the Number of weapons rised in civilian and police was lacking behind hence being outnumbered in terms of weapons! Hence we use WHACK A HINDU stick rather than just shooting and ending it soon!

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  1. anyone with a translation on this?
    what’s the dead dude throwing bricks about, anyway? maybe he hit stick-guys cow? or wife? or kid?
    who knew a stick can cause so much damage? and all this talk of stick wielding makes me wonder how masterfully he may have wielded his own “stick”. do these talents remain the same from one to the other? or is this guy a terrible lay, and thus so angry he masters the skills with actual sticks?
    \not enough information here.

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