Mob Take Turns Beating Man with Sticks

Mob Take Turns Beating Man with Sticks

If I didn’t know better, this happens in a Dindu country.

Man is in between clear conscious and unconsciousness. A mob in an undisclosed location take turns trying to wake him up all the way or make him go back to sleep. Haven’t been able to decide which one, either way, the crowd beat the man with sticks.

My sincerest apologies if this has been posted already. The tides of gore have flushed my memory logs. Hope you understand. Either way, the glorious beating off with wood is awesome footage.

Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

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45 thoughts on “Mob Take Turns Beating Man with Sticks”

    1. Hai,
      ..hai ….blubbbbllebbllllbbblubbbb
      Hai, hai bbbbblubbabublee
      Dindu*z or capuchin Monkeys chattering??
      Similar simian dialect?
      Not sure !!
      More investigation *needed*
      maybe we could ask “MIKEY” ?
      4 THE *life* of me I can’t make it out !!

  1. I like the guys style of destruction here. Well played blows that will not knock the guy out just inflict a lot of damage externally as well as internally. Well done stick wielding mad man

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