Motorcycle Gangs Clash in Indonesia Leaves Beaten Man with Ear Cut Off

Motorcycle Gangs Clash in Indonesia Leaves Beaten Man with Ear Cut Off

A clash between teenage motorcycle gangs in the city of Bandung, West Java, Indonesia left a young man beaten to the brink of death. His fellow gang members apparently took off, leaving him behind at the mercy of the rivals.

The video shows the battered young man being slashed with a knife, and then a rival cuts off his ear. The attackers then move on, leaving him next to the curb for dead.

Props to Best Gore member @Menamuria for the video:

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33 thoughts on “Motorcycle Gangs Clash in Indonesia Leaves Beaten Man with Ear Cut Off”

  1. You’re so fuckin tough when a skin and bones waste is beaten to near death. I wish we’d see a clip where the cameraman, who’s laughing like a little pussy, gets whollaped, then filmed with his own lens, being gutted.

  2. We haven’t seen anyone’s nuts smashed in in a while. Remember that putz from the Brazil prison where they tied the strong around his limp noodle? Then lifted him off the ground with a stick. That was after they held spread eagle and smashed every bit of life from his scrotum.

        1. Certified OGRISH and GORE freak here. I have watched them all, Sir. But the “jellied arms CRUSH and CLUBBED to deATh!” was something new!

          Imagine, being in prison for stealing flip-flops, when all of sudden José and other subhuman scum holding you against your will and JELLIFYING your arms!!!

          No more jerking off to ChiChi Medina or Krystal Steal anymore!!! Not able to wipe your own MALE SCAT with your arms!!!

          Sick freaks!!

          1. I’m saying if he was untreated, a good likelihood, every bone in both arms destroyed, the nerve damage it caused, he wouldn’t die immediately, but you really live unable to move your arms indefinitely?

  3. Indonesia is now heading to a full blown out war between these Indonesians motorcycles gangs!

    The Chapter this Indonesian belonged to must be arming themselves to the teeth with uzis, rifles, granades, handguns, and Knifes to retaliate against this other gun that executed their member.

      1. We’re now on isis threat as they spread rumours they will target indonesia. In north sumatra a police guy got stabbed to death, while doin it they chant the famous allahu akbar. Too bad the stabber took a bullet and died. It’s heatin up in here dudee dangg

  4. Indonesia has motorcycle gangs, wow. Now that’s what’s called a danger to society while being an even bigger danger to themselves, seeing as though those people are unrivalled at being absolutely fucking gash at riding anything on wheels, especially two wheels.
    It takes all sorts.

    1. What makes it more savage is, the gang member are teenager man..15 – 20 years old. They hunt their rival for the rank up promotion in the an indonesian, that is just so so so f**cked up from my point of view hahaha

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