Multicultural Chimpout at McDonald’s in London, UK

Multicultural Chimpout at McDonald's in London, UK

Multicultural Chimpout at McDonalds in London, UK

At a McDonald’s restaurant in the Edmonton area of London, UK, a group of multicultural finest showed up to culturally enrich the establishment with a performance of traditional customs.

Adorned with large blades and the etablishment’s furniture, the performers danced to the rhythm of the jungle and showed off their artistic jumps and moves.

Props to Best Gore member @mujula for the video:

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  1. London is a cesspit. I lived in that shit hole for ten years. Samuel Johnson famously said “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.” He wouldn’t say that now. If Islamic terrorists ever get hold of a nuclear weapon, I really hope they choose to blow up London.

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