Naked Man Disrupting Traffic Gets Knocked Out by Meathead Driver

Naked Man Disrupting Traffic Gets Knocked Out by Meathead Driver

Naked Man Disrupting Traffic Gets Knocked Out by Meathead Driver

According to the backinfo I got, this happened in Ukraine.

The video shows a naked man disrupting traffic on a public road. As he tries to block passing vehicles by standing his exposed private parts in front of them, most drivers maneuver around him and continue on their way.

Eventually, he succeeds in blocking a car driven by a meathead. The meathead get off, appears to say a few words and then throws a punch, knocking the naked guy out.

I’m not sure if the naked guy was on drugs or had a mental health issue.

Props to Best Gore member @missprovacateur for the video:

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96 thoughts on “Naked Man Disrupting Traffic Gets Knocked Out by Meathead Driver”

    1. That’s why I never let hot heads within arms reach, they always want that sucker punch range where once they explode on you it’s extremely difficult to block. Always always always keep range when dealing with meatheads. I’m not saying the naked guy didn’t have it coming but-

      1. They were face to face. That’s not a sucker punch. That’s fair game. A sucker punch is one you don’t see coming from behind.

        I give the meathead a high score here actually. His speed was top notch. Also, great accuracy, right in the soft part of his jaw, so he probably didn’t break any knuckles. Clearly not his first rodeo

        1. @Cuatros
          Sorry kiddo but it is a sucker punch, there are different forms of trickery IE “Sucker punches” in fighting. (EXAMPLE) If I walk up to you in the grocery store with a smile on my face and suddenly CLOCK your ass , wouldn’t you consider that a sucker punch ? The basic definition of a sucker punch is attacking someone when they aren’t ready. PERIOD ! In this case you’ve got a nutter in the street naked, the driver gets out and is talking to him and suddenly explodes with a powerhouse punch ! THAT IS A SUCKER PUNCH DIMWIT !

    1. Or is it just things are much more evident and open these days with iPhones.. Years before they would lock people with character away to eerie mental institutes and perform insane experiments on them of coarse.

      Out of sight out of mind.

      1. The worse thing is trying to convince an Insane Asylum that you’re not Insane,
        Just satch Scary Mysteries on Jewtube and you’ll see “Five strange mysteries of people who were falsely imprisoned in an Asylum”. Shits terrible

      2. There was a case of a NYPD officer who was blowing the whistle on the departments Arrest Quota corruption scandal, for that subordination he was committed into an insane Asylum, good thing he had recorded tapes of their corruption and discrediting of his Character, he was able to get out and fight back. But one has the difficult task to convince the Nurse Ratchet that one’s not Insane.

    1. @Bringer of Sorrow.
      Correct. This is a TERMINATOR sent to kill John Connor….when they arrive here through time from 2029 (or whever), it’s usually in a bubble and without any clothes whatever. This time though, Skynet forgot that we are in the middle of a coronavirus lockdown in August 2020, all over the world.

      Terminator (standing in the driver’s way): I want your clothes, your boots, and your fancy car…NOW!
      Driver: You forgot to say “Please”
      Terminator: If you don’t give me your clothes, I will take them of you. Forcibly.
      Driver: Eat this (punches the Terminator to the ground)

  1. He’s the only one with the guts to tell the Emperor he has no clothes and the reintroduced him to reality with a solid hook to the jaw. It’s a shame he was only able to enjoy his newly found clarity for just a second.

  2. I expect the brief exchange went something like this,

    Driver – “Nice night for a walk, eh?. Wash day tomorrow, nothing clean, right?.”

    Naked man – “Your clothes. Give them to me, now.”

    Driver – “Fuck you asshole” (smack).

  3. Just his luck, he stops a bodybuilder with roid rage . It’s obvious the swinging dick has psychiatric problems and was not making any aggressive movements. The only problem was the inconvenience of having to back up 10 feet and going around him, yet he knocks him out possibly causing brain damage when his head hits the pavement.
    That’s why it’s a good idea to avoid confrontation while driving. You never know who you’re going to meet, and how they’re going to react.


      1. Please can we have naked WOMEN trying to stop traffic??
        Or at least walking the streets?
        And no landwhales, please. Must weigh less than 200lbs.

        Well I guess that that won’t happen. If a woman has mental health issues, she is most likely to be taken care of by her social/family group.

        If a man has mental health issues, well, he is a fucking dysfunctional dirty bastard, whom nobody likes. Fuck him! (It’s the reason for Suicide Gap, Punishment Gap, Death Gap, etc).

        1. If a naked woman stands in front of my car, I hit her chin and knock it out, then I leave it on the side of the road and continue on my way, since I can not tolerate anyone anymore, I do not feel like doing such a movement, I do not feel sorry or call the police

  4. I think the dude has mental probs, because it was so evident that guy was
    going to punch his head, but he didn’t even flinch
    Plus, he had nothing to gain, but alot to lose by doing this
    Fuck him

    Hit the road, Jack
    Don’t you come back
    NO more

  5. That was A Sucker Punch,,, if i ever saw one. The guy had his arms crossed in an Non-aggressive posture. So if you are a real tough guy,,, then you give the guy a chance to defend himself.

    And, you simply tell him to uncross his arms and get ready for a punch that will bring him into Wednesday,,, ask him to simply,,, Move Da-Fuck Outta the way man. But You Do Not Sucker-Punch Him Like A True Pussy. 🙁

  6. PERFECT! I would do the exact same! fuck that naked ugly cunt! being naked on public is illegal and very disgusting, and even more if you have a tiny dick with a jungle down there, 100% disgusting and well deserved, after he punched that faggot he should have kicked him on the ground

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