New Jersey Bishop Manuel Aurelio Cruz Punched During Mass

New Jersey Bishop Manuel Aurelio Cruz Punched During Mass

Monsignor Manuel Aurelio Cruz is an auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Newark in New Jersey, USA. On January 29, 2017, during a mass at the Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Bishop Cruz was approached by an apparent church goer and punched in the face.

The assailant has been identified as 48 year old Charles E. Miller, a resident of Newark. Miller had no prior criminal history. He was arrested on the spot by Essex County police, and charged with assault. His motives for the attack are unknown.

Bishop Cruz held the mass to pray for the soul of the Puerto Rican player Roberto Clemente, who died in an aviation accident on December 31, 1972. The bishop was taken to hospital, where doctors put 30 stitches on his mouth.

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98 thoughts on “New Jersey Bishop Manuel Aurelio Cruz Punched During Mass”

        1. All he needed was his pimp cup to complete that look. Now am I the only one wondering why the cop didn’t stop this pimp named slick back before he hit the prest. The rush of cops was crazy too…was the police warned that this was going to happen.

          1. Yahhhh………. I wondered why they would have so many police in a Cathedral in the first place. WTF? Were they there to prevent people from stealing from the offering baskets?

          2. I’ve been to the Cathedral countless times to cover events. I was there last a few months ago when a friend of mine was ordained a priest on that same spot where the priest was hit. (hold all pederast jokes please – or not – who gives a fuck). In fact next time I see him I’ll ask him what people in the diocese thinks happened. But I’m sure this was just a random attack by a crazy crack fiend (albeit in an impressive, shiny new red suit) mistaking the priest for one of his hoes mouthing off to him; cocaine is a helluva drug after all.

            The police presence is ORDINARY, they sit up front, stand on the sides, patrol in the back, stand outside, do traffic control on at least two sides for every event. It’s a prime soft target by NJ standards, and most of all, it has a County Sheriff’s office across the street. So, one call out on the radio and dozens of cops/sheriffs, will be there in seconds, literally, they don’t even need to drive. All they hear is, “attack at Cathedral” you better bet all hands will be on deck, and quick. The dudes leading the pimp away are Sheriff’s in fact, but it’s Newark’s finest that were the ones on patrol and the ones that subdued this credit to society.

            Why it was even allowed to happen probably is because there’s entrances all around the building and it’s normal for people to move forward toward the front exits and not raise any alarms during mass. And during masses and events you clearly see cops just on patrol all around the place, so that’s normal too. What’s abnormal is fucking guy in a red pimp suit going straight up the center aisle making a b-line for the priest conducting the mass. If I were a cop, I’d be dubious about his intentions too and begin to follow him (at the very least), and sadly we can all admit this is rare to see (in America at least) so maybe the first cop was not expecting that guy to cold cock the priest (are we still holding pederast jokes?), but he definitely sensed something was wrong and shadowed his ass appropriately. That’s what it looked like to me. Not to bring race into it, but if it were a white cop that tackled the pimp, I’m sure MSNBC would have people on right now crying “police brutality,” and “this was a clear case of interference of a pimp’s right to smack a hoe” and as is every minority’s right in America now “to make white people their bitches how dare a white cop interfere with the black man asserting his dominance on a white person.” And as you’d expect, this got very little coverage in the MSM.

  1. Maybe the black preacher was the pimp of the choir boys and Bishop Cruz soiled the black guy’s merchandise. Especially look closely at the tilt of the black man’s hat, it is standard pimp position. Knocked that motherfucker out. Respect the ESTABLISHMENT!

    1. I don’t know, man. What I see is overabundance of reports claiming pedophilia within the Catholic church, including Hollywood movies and shit, but never a word on the pedophilia epidemic perpetrated by the Jewish Rabbis. I tend to think the over-reporting on Catholic pedo cases aims to hide the more serious and plentiful cases of Judaism pedo abuse.

          1. Their religion also says that the gentiles are cattle, that it’s OK for a Jew to kill a Gentile, that Jesus Christ swims in excrement, and it’s OK to fuck children, so long as they are at least 1 day older than 3 years.

        1. I will have to strongly disagree with everything you said in your comment.
          It makes absolutely no sense and the pool of shit is waaaay out there….

          In case people don’t know
          We as a nation and almost every other nation in the world have our judicial system based in great part to the backbone of the Judeo-Christian religion.
          So if something like killing gentiles (killing anybody) is against the law in America is because the Judeo religion first said that killing is against the law.
          If raping a person, doesn’t matter what age that person is, is against the law is because that law was first found in the Judeo religion. If stealing is against the law same thing all of this laws can be first traced to the laws that the Jewish state strictly adheres to…

          Me personally I wouldn’t take for a fact everything that I read or everything that I hear or what people tell me…

          One thing I’m certain is that wherever you’re getting your info or whoever is giving you your information is taking you for a looong ride!!

          Would like to see some evidence backing up your comment.

          1. “We as a nation and almost every other nation in the world have our judicial system based in great part to the backbone of the Judeo-Christian religion.” You are fundamentally and demonstrably incorrect.

          2. @xxtommydarkoxx
            I won’t take you on a long trip all I have to do to prove my point is point @ the 10 commandments and thats it. Nothing else.
            And to show you how Jews strictly adhere to those commandments I just have to point out that Jesus Christ was put on a cross supposedly because he broke a couple of those commandments

            Now you gonna tell me that in almost every nation on earth killing a person is not illegal?? And you gone tell me that that is not one of this 10 commandments? ??
            How about stealing uh??? Is theft considered a crime?? And is it not 1 out of 10 commandments? ??

            Please I would like to see that demonstrable fundamental point I may have missed that made me be incorrect.

  2. There are a few questions to be answered here. Why did the nigger look and dress like a pimp?, why were police officers instantly flanking him despite him having no prior criminal history and this supposedly being just an ordinary mass?.

    There is definitely more to this story. Either the priest is the deviant and they wish to cover it up or the nigger is the deviant and they wish to cover it, and all black on white crime up as usual. Both are very feasible conclusions in my opinion.

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    He’s probably just a typical criminally inclined self loathing, black woman hating, White/Asian woman chasing/loving nigger who has convinced himself that he is proud to be black despite all of his actions screaming “I hate my black self”.


    1. His god didn’t warned him,?? Actually based solely on the short video he did got warned only he didn’t listened.
      God is a God who never sleeps.
      Present moment awareness in action is the channel to tune in to listen to God.
      Priest got caught sleeping and thats it, plain and simple…
      I put myself in the priest’s shoes and since I’m tuned to that special channel. I would have heard God’s warning soon as I noticed the nigger approach me.
      And a quick look to his face would had been all the God’s warning I need.
      Priests wasn’t present in the moment, he was probably thinking bout mass being over and having a private conversation in the back room w. Altar boy when suddenly kabammmmm!!! Got punched the fuck out!!!
      So he learns not to fucking sleep during service. Bad fucking example if you ask me.
      Bet next time he does his mass service he’s gone be in a see through plexiglass bulletproof booth just like the pope when parading through the masses.

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  4. May almighty god have mercy on “us”
    and forgive us are “sins”

    the irony is off the charts, considering he’s p̶r̶o̶b̶a̶b̶l̶y̶ anally intruded countless kids.
    biggest crime syndicate on the planet, and that movie spotlight really did shine a light on just how prolific these dirty old bastards are.

  5. The clergyman was probably sodomizing the guy’s children.
    My friend’s young daughter told me she was sexually assaulted by a Catholic priest , I asked her did she tell her dad ? She said no because she knew what her dad would do to him.
    He was a Vietnam vet , I saw him and his buddy open fire one night in a ” holler” trying to hit a deer poacher next to their property in the middle of fuckin nowhere. The girl was smart , she knew if she told her dad , he would kill the priest and been locked up for years and she would essentially lose her already tormented father.

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