Old Man Fights Off Robber to Defend His Store in Algeria

Old Man Fights Off Robber to Defend His Store in Algeria

In the city of Skikda in Algeria, an old man was filmed on CCTV bravely fighting off a robber despite age disadvantage. The old man is the owner of the small jewelry shop the robber was trying to rob.

This was a very courteous fight as neither the robber nor the old man wanted to cause any serious injury to the other with knives. In the end, sons of the old man caught the robber out on the street and turned him in.

Not much happens after the 3:15 minute mark (after the thief gives up and leaves the store).

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    1. Algeria is a country in north africa, they speak arabic and I think they are ethnically considered “berbers”. I think they are mostly caucasian semites maybe some black mixed in some of them i’m guessing.

  1. i love dat thief that dont even want to steal anything…
    its just like to imagine an heist where the thief just put his shotgun on floor and go kick the ass of the 80yo gran’ma that come here for take some small shitty money for buy her cigs or something… and the thief get his ass kicked by gran’ma..


  2. Here’s that store’s total inventory…. 2 Gold rings, Cigarettes, Glass pipes (for tobacco use, wink wink) Philly Blunts, lighters,50 different kinds of Bath Salts, 100 cases of Four Loco, 1 can of Mountain Dew, and a case of drinking straws…for the soda, and a variety of 2 year old low budget porn magazines. πŸ˜€

  3. “and stay out!” I’m a non-believer but I was praying that the old man didn’t get stabbed, I can hardly watch stabbings for some reason and I’m so glad there wasn’t any. What a mighty fight the old boy put up, I bet he wishes his sons got there quicker, he lucky his heart kept up.

  4. Fuck man, if that was my dad, or one of my family members, or friend, all they would need to call, would be the Coroners office, i swear to god!!! πŸ™ Poor old man held his own though, and this news will travel Quickly, in this small town. Criminal low-life-scum, will think twice before attempting stupid shit, like this again! KUDOS OLD DUDE,,, KUDOS! πŸ™‚

  5. Geeesh, great help those guys were… letting the old man fighting on his own… oh well, at least they were able to catch the fucker. The old man got a fight spirit on him, so very well done. πŸ˜€

    Is it me or that fucker didnt have a local algerian look on his face?

  6. I kept waiting for the old mans dentures to come flying out. Reminded me of the closed quarter fighting scene in Terminator 2 when Arnold had to battle it out with the T-1000 in the hallway at the mall.

  7. Grandpa is tough as fuck ! but it isn’t a surprise cuz Algerian people are known to be some tough motherfuckers who can back it up! He said ” The sons of the old man caught the robber out on the street and turned him in” Well, he left the essential part where the sons along with some other people beat the living fuck outta his ass and then turned him in but it didn’t end there ! once the police had heard what the robber did, they also kicked his face few times ! That’s how they do it back there !

  8. Lucky for the old fella at least at 3:15 minute mark the sons thought its time to turn the robber in ……… instead of turning each other , ” on”, feeling gay and horny.
    But if every skirmish in Algeria is this way then the country is gonna be forever at peace .
    Next you are gonna hear that the old man and the robber were gay fiends and were only putting up a show .

      1. oy vey !lemme tell ya , the one that reminded ya of me is a clone of mine but right after feeding that cut up gay fella to the pigs ;he was caught balls deep humping one of them !…………oink oink oink ………….

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